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One Click Pickup 1.0
Don't you just hate it when you areleftspeechless in front of the person you liked on theInternet?Now you can change everything with a single click!This app gives you a great variety of simple and catchy linessothat you'll have anybody's attention and be able to keeptheconversation going!P.S. All the phrases were tried out on real people - nobodywasharmed or offended ;)P.P.S. The list will be updated often, so always make sure youhavethe latest version!Good luck in love affairs!
Mister Skeltal 1.0
So you're thinking he's done? Hell no!Now you can play the Mister Skeltal's immortal and catchytunepersonally!Having a sense of rhythm and deft hands, you will always be inthespotlight and brighten up your routine with a familiarmelody:)
Technique Fever 1.0
Здорова, здесь Паша Техник изгруппыKunteynir!Твоя задача - не дать сорваться моему выступлению.Для этого лови ноты, уворачивайся от бутылок хейтеров иподкрепляйсяшаурмой!Набравшим 1000 очей полагается бонус от короля андерграунда!Следите за обновлениями, усачи, всех обнял!Health, herePashatechnician from the group Kunteynir!- Your task is not to break my speech.To do this, catch the notes, dodge from bottles Hayterandreinforces shawarma!Dial 1 000 eyes assumed a bonus from the king oftheunderground!Stay tuned, long-horned beetles, all embraced!