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Russian Tanks War 1.2
Russian Tank war is a modern warfare FPS game.The war which is fought inside the city and all what you can hearis BOOM, BANG and never heard explosions.War has entered in your house, on the streets you play basketball,football, tennis and has threatened to consume humanity as a whole.Enemy is not afraid of using deadly modern warfare weapons on thecivilian and just want to gain every advantage against theirfoes.You're a tank commander whose mission is to push back the brutalenemy invasion and give the enemy no quarters in this chaotic tankwar. You have to survive the oncoming enemy blitz of tanks, gunshiphelicopters and light armored cars that are blowing up yourpositions. Dodge incessantly uninterrupted hail of gunfire todestroy your targets!You are provided with many upgrades that will help you on thebattlefield.HEALTH KITSDwindling health? Health Kits can be used to fill it up! Surroundedby enemies?AIRPOWERCall in the airpower to pound your enemies with unrelentingbombardment!ARMORTake on enemies by looking them in the eye by upgrading yourarmor!Features★ Enjoy realistic gun simulation and animation!★ Enemies attacking you with everything they've got; GunshipHelicopters, Humvees, Tanks, name it and they've got it!★ Optimized controls for a great FPS experience★ also optimized for android tablet devices.PS. We work hard to ensure that our games run properly on everymajor android phone and tablet. If however you encounter any issuewhich doesn't let you enjoy our games, please report it tomobiledev@karazo.comIf you love to play our games and would like more addictive gamesor would just like to say hi, please like our facebook pageathttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Gunning-Games/367867753407738?fref=tsDon’t forget to follow us on twitterhttps://twitter.com/Gunninggames
Gangster City:War Crimes 1.1
GANGSTER CITY WAR CRIMESThe city is under attack of the currupt Gangsters who just want toterrorise and take over. They are equipped with heavy duty machineguns, rpg,s, missiles and many weapons of modern era. The city isin need of a Hero who can shoot every single one of the criminalsdead. Those bad guys think that there is no such thing as Law thatcan stopthem. They are free roaming through the city in Tanks and highlyequipped with heavy weapons. Well they are not alone you too havebeen given machine guns and a big ass tank to take those criminals,tanks and helicopters Down!!!. This mission is a hell lot of crazybecause your the only one standing in the way of those criminalshaving a stronghold all over the city. Neutralize the no go areasand clear it for terrorized innocent public. Gangster city warcrimes is an amazing game which will give you the proper scenarioof a city war. Good Luck and start Dominating.**Modern Features***Unlimited challenging missions*Real Crime city 3d environment*Best sound effects*Drive the tank*Use the RPG to shot down helicopters*Cool animations
Wild Jungle Hunter 1.1
Wild Jungle Hunter a game for expert marksmen.Wanna be a Hunter well no worries this game will give you anopportunity to fulfill this desire. Get geared up and load that gunbecause you are about to enter the wild.Get in that jungle, start aiming and shooting.This game will allowyou to hunt the most dangerous animals of the world includingLions,Beers,Rihnos,Deers,Zebras,Cheetahs,Elephants and much muchmore. You are provided with the best shooting equipment of modernera so lock and load. You will have to chase your target to achievethose trophies.You must have played other hunting games, jungle games, snipershooting games, but Wild Jungle Hunter is unique in the sense thatit provides an all in one feature.★★★ Best Game Features ★★★1. Dangerous jungle environment.2. Wild animals to Hunt.3. Realistic sniper shooting hunt.4. Different animals to select as target.5. Best sniper shooting experience in jungle.6. Great animal sound effects.7. Different snipers and gun selection options.
Counter Shoot War 1.1
Counter Shoot War is a small sized 14mb FirstPerson Shooting Warfare game, Rage warfare against modern terrorismand as the only commando you have tokill and recapture your country's freedom. Play as a Special forceteam leader to counter strike the brutal armed terrorist commandoswho areengaged in blackout and warfare against your team fortress. As acommando, you need great courage to face the fierce enemies.The Mission seems impossible but you must give your all and shootevery single one of them dead.FEATURES* Small file size less than 14 MB!* Great graphics for a very small sized First Person Shooter!* 30 Great levels to finish which means hours of fungameplay!* Awsome and vivid sound effects.* Fast loading game, very low waiting times, as game is meant forpure enjoyment!
Game of Battlefield : Warzone 1.1
Game of Battlefield: Warzone is a first personshooting game. Your duty is to protect your base and hold yourenemy to not enter the city. The enemies attack is furious andtheir strategy is to crush everything that comes in their way.Being equipped with the latest machine guns and rocket launchers,you need to destroy their Tanks, Trains and Helicopters.Their military helicopter, war planes raid the public places.Invading your country with the heavy machines and making everyplace as a war zone.Enemy has made alliance with the opposition and paid heavy price tofew of gold diggers and traitors. The fire of ignorance is going toaffect all. In this clash of power everyone seems hopelessIt’s a call of modern warfare and it’s a monster strike. Thebattleships of enemies are on the shore and more troops are ontheir way.You are alone in this warzone protecting your countrymen from thebrutal army, attacking everyone.Loosing this battle is not acceptable; you need to win at any cost.Don’t be afraid, they are not made of steel. Whoever wins, will beremember as a LegendThe mission you have been assigned are surely meant to becompleted.Enjoy this amazing 3D shooter game "Game of Battlefield"! AndPlease do not forget to leave comments about the game, yourcomments are so valuable for us.Top game features-Multiple weapons-Variety of Armors to protect-Medical kit-Air strike-Enemies with Gunship helicopters, Humvees, Tanks-Challenging missions-Machine gun and upgraded RPG-Optimized controls-Amazing 3D environment
Land Driving 4x4 Legend Sim 1.0.2
Come and experience the thrill of highadrenaline rush when you ride a four wheeler. A real heavy monstervehicle right under you to be controlled and rolled. We know youare the racing champ but let’s see your land driving parking skillswith this 4X4 legendary land driving monster. Make it through theparking ways and do not hit it into other cars.You could change the oil, fix the car suspension, and tune theengine for better rolling on your favorite ride. Legends avoid thehurdles anyway as this is the challenge for you. This land drivingparking game let you have three stars in a level, so if you arereally ready to prove your skills, get in!!Now drive through a series of increasingly difficult parking tasksdesigned to challenge the best of drivers, ARE YOU READY?GAME FEATURES▶ Drive 5 totally different cars: Quick Hatchback, Luxury Sedan andDrifting Muscle Cars!▶ Challenging levels to push your Parking Skill to the limit!▶ 100% free-to-play Career Mode▶ Fun, challenging and mind capturing difficult modes available foran easier ride!* * * * *We know you love parking games and you will LOVE this game. Andeven If you HATE parking in ground car parks, take your anger outon this game and you will still Love it!
Rally Car Parking City 3D 1.0.2
You love Rally cars? And want to get yourselfa heavy fully loaded car to drive and test your driving skills?Alright so here is the game you always wanted to play as it gives achance to ride and roll your favorite car and get it all. This gamegives a chance to drive modified speedy cars and 4 wheelers!Speed it up or drive slow, you have to make it through till theend. Rally racing cars are dream for everyone who wants to enjoythe adrenaline rush. You are the king of roads and drive itcomplete the missions and grab the stars. Hurdle game is here andyou got to explore the routes on your fast rides.The greater the urge, the more you would love this game. You havedifferent cars here and you have to collect enough cash to buy yourfavorite car.This 3D Game let you experience immersive city environments andreal life physics involved in your driving. The sounds are ready toget you into reality.
Jet Ski Parking Simulator 3D 1.1
Jet ski Parking Simulator 3D is a fun game toplay with different jetski models and their colors. Thisinteresting game let you ride your Jet Ski on the blue waters nearthe Marina where there are a lot of people present to enjoy thebeach side. You have the jetski ride and what you would do is topick the passengers and drop them to the place you have been told.You have to be carefull as many people have been drowned in thewater because of flood.Complete the missions and get a chance to upgrade your fast jetski. Enjoy the fish swim and dive along with your jetski in theblue waters. It is different and also a bit challenging to controlthe jet ski while you are in the waters as there is a difference asyou are not on the hard road. Avoid the hurdles and reach thedestination point. So go on rider and have fun!!Jet Ski Driving features:• Complex and challenging levels with different stunts to performand complete• Fast Jet Skis to ride• Achieve additional points• Outstanding controls for steering and riding the Jet Ski
Modern City Taxi driver 2017 1.0.2
Get ready to become the most famous real worldpassenger transporter and help the people of your the modern cityby picking them up while following the arrow you see on your gamescreen to get you to them. It's 2017 so step up to drive multiplelatest models of cabs, park the cab near your passengers, makepassenger sit in and drop them to their destinations.Drive through the roads of beautifully designed 3D city environmentand then drop them on their desired points. As a taxi driver youshould know taxi driving is combination of driving, parking andracing that comes from the passion inside to drive the ride on theroads all the long like a free bird. You are your own Boss and justgot to think in a way to help the passengers on the way.Explore the big modern and beautiful city and drive on the lushroads. Once you perform the job well and collect a certain amount,get a privilege to choose an upgraded sports car and drive it as ataxi. It sounds wow yeah. So get ready to immerse yourself intothis great modern taxi driver game of the future. It is 2017 andeverything is calculated. Avoid the hurdles and drive your taxi wayto the passengers destination.Modern City Cab driver 2017 Features:* 3D Game environment* Future Taxi Cars* Immersive gameplay* Options to upgrade the cars* Real life sound effects* Great Music to enjoyHurdles to be avoided.
Cops Bus Driver: Crazy 3D Sim 1.1
Put a stop to crime in this crime city bytransporting criminals to Police jail. Crime rate has increased inthe town and more and more suspects are being arrested by thepolice. After taking the verdict from the court, they are sent tothe jail to enjoy there! Cops Bus crazy Driver 3D Sim is your gameto spend time with.A few of police bus drivers were short listed for this crucial taskbut the selection authority has given your name to carry on thisimportant mission as the transporter. In this mission you wouldtransport the criminals from one place to the Jail or policestation while maintaining the traffic rules on the off road.Actual game is of handling the pressure in this situation and youare a Police man trained to encounter any situation. The bad guysin your vehicle are of extreme nature and could take any risk toescape but this is your job too to get to the Jail as soon aspossible. The beautiful immersive city would let you play this timeand again. Go on, push them in and drive your ride. You are thedriver of this beast bus. This 3D city is full of criminals thatneed to go to jail prison and start getting their punishment. Copsare ready.Wish you good luck with your mission driver!Features:Beautiful 3D environmentDifferent bus modelsMissions to accomplishCritical job to performFeel like a Police Bus driverAddictive gameplay
Oil tanker Offroad Driver 3D 1.1
Drive a giant oil tanker between mountain andhill climb roads. It's not an easy game, only a skilled off-roaddriver can get this job done. It's a heavy duty tanker with highlyexplosive and flammable fuel so you have to drive carefully andtransport it to its required destination. As you progress you findgreater challenges on your way to the destination point.Your main objective is to maintain the oil supply. Transport oilfrom one place to another in off-road environment where the roadsare bumpy. In the toughest challenges you got to show your skillsand concentration.Fill your oil tanker from oil refinery and then you have totransport it to required destination. Avoid accidents, damages andcrashes.Features☆ Real Experience off-Road Oil Truck Driving☆ Smooth Steering & Brakes☆ Amazing high quality 3D Graphics & Off Road Environment☆ Challenging off road Oil transport levels.☆ One of the best Truck Driving simulator game☆ Two control options: buttons and steering option
Supermarket Robbery Escape 3D 1.1
After successfully robbing the supermarket,steeling the cash, gold and jewelry from the customers and staffyou have got all you wanted. Now someone has informed the crimecontrol police department and they have high alert on. It's time toescape from supermarket before getting caught.Police have arrived at the crime scene. They have orders to shootat sight. You have to survive at any cost and also take the cashbags with you. The cars you use have no numbers. You guys arerobbers and this feeling of being bad men is just wow.Shoot at guards, soldiers and policemen, do whatever it takes tosurvive. Kill the guards, grab their guns and other weapons. It'sone of the biggest super market and has maximum security. Use yourbrain before action, make strategy and escape the supermarket. Itis going to be a bloody close combat which you have to win anddefeat them. City is crowded and you there would be people aroundyou. Folks are terrified by the crime scene and you have to escapewhile you mix in them and run.FeaturesBeautiful 3D EnvironmentMission orientedChallenging game playReal life sound effectsWeapons to use in battleFeel like a Robber.
Smash Cop Chase 1.2
Moto Police Car Chase Hill 3D puts you infuturistic speedy police cars which you then take to the streets topit your ultimate driving skills against each other. Outrun yourfellow policemen in easy to use and responsive controls.The game play revolves around a racing street scene where you haveto reach your desired destination in a given time before beingarrested. You are a Rebel police cop which has nothing to do withthe law now. Race harder to reach your the checkpoints; unlock newmissions and feel the need for the speed!Moto Police Car Chase Hill 3D Features:Amazing GameplayRealistic Graphics and Sound
Car Chase Driving Offroad 3D 1.2
Off-road chasing simulation is one of the mostrealistic 4x4 off-road simulator 3D game on android. It is designedto capture the senses and immerse the user in such an addictiveexperience that it won’t be just a game but a whole different worldfor you. Race ahead could boost your adrenaline and get you intothe next level.You have been selected as the pro police driver to roll your 4x4ride on tracks as well as muddy rough areas to complete the tasksgiven. In an awesome immersive 3D city you won’t stop until you winthe chase. With the help of the map, see your pending missions andthen get your 4 wheeler rolling on the roads. Collect the stars onthe way and be the winner.You have different missions to accomplish in a limited time andonce you complete it, a pop-up appears to congratulate you on yoursuccess. Be the one to challenge your friends on it. You can bet onthis 4x4 simulation 3d game. It is just like when Krishna run andfind its goal. You might also get to clear unique levels onhillclimb. It is not only an offroad racing game, but also a chasegame. Crazy wheels want a dedicated policeman driver. Amazingscenery would keep you amused too.FeaturesAmazing 3D environmentReal life sounds effectsMap facilityMissions to accomplishLimited time to completeStars to collect4x4 wheeler off-road carsChance to be a Police manAddictive and challenging gameplay
Crazy Driving Simulator 4x4 1.1
Improve your driving skills by driving a 4x4wheeler between mountain and hill climb roads. Not every driver canget this job done. As you progress you will find more challengingtracks and levels in this game. So ride and roll your favorite carand drive in a wonderful environment.Featuring different 4x4 vehicles and environment, hill climbs andmud paths make it one of the most incredible offroad drivinggame.You will have to drive offroad and collect maximum stars with highspeed, drive it to it's required destination and park there.You have to be fast and furious. But remember drive fast but drivesafe.Crazy Driving Simulator 4x4 FeaturesFree 3D GameImmersive city environmentDifferent 4x4 wheelersMissions to completeCollect cash upon successful missionInteractive and easy interface.
Flying Car Rescue Simulator 3D 1.2
It is the 21st century and the technology isat its peak. Scientists are talking to live on other planets whilewe also invent new ways to discover new ways of living. Among suchinventions is an amazing invention for people who love flying andwant to fly a sports car and fly it high like a helicopter orairplane, this is the game for you. Weather if you are a kid or anold man or a lady, this game is great piece of fun. A 3D simulatorgame for future generation of 2016, 2017 and 2018.Do amazing stunts and drifts in the streets of the city and thenfly the car to explore the city from the sky, rescue the people andbecome a hero. You have been given this important task to rescuepeople on different points and as city is always a busy place, sothe Rescue department don’t want to take a risk of your driving onthe road stuck in the traffic jam. That is why you have a fastspeed flying car with blades on its roof.Take seat in your modified sports car drive through the streets orchange the mode and fly over the city.With great powers comes great responsibilities, you have one of thefastest car which is able to fly also, so help the people in need.Rescue people from different locations. Discover beautifullandscapes. Rescue as many as possible and as fast as possible. Youdon't have to worry about traffic when you fly over the city.Remember safety comes first so drive or fly fast but safe. Carefulabout the buildings make sure you do not crush into them. Tightenyour seat belt and stay in contact with ground trafficcontroller.FeaturesAmazing 3D environmentMissions to accomplishReal life sound effects to enjoyModified hi-tech flying carsDifferent colors of flying beastRewards upon completion on tasks
Flying Car Training Sim 3D 1.2
It is the 21st century and the technology isat its peak. Scientists are talking to live on other planets whilewe also invent new ways to discover new ways of living. Among suchinventions is an amazing invention for people who love flying andwant to fly a sports car and fly it high like a helicopter orairplane, this is the game for you. Weather if you are a kid or anold man or a lady, this game is great piece of fun. A 3D simulatorgame for future generation of 2016, 2017 and 2018.You will be trained to be a Hero, to do amazing stunts and driftsin the streets of the city and then to fly the car to explore thecity from the sky, after that you will get training to rescue thepeople. You will be given some different tasks to perform ondifferent points and as city is always a busy place, so the Rescuedepartment don’t want to take a risk of your driving on the roadstuck in the traffic jam. That is why you have been trained to flyfast speed flying car with blades on its roof so that in future youcan become a reliable asset for your country.Take seat in your modified sports car drive through the differentpoint or change the mode and fly over the city.Remember safety comes first so drive or fly fast but safe. Carefulabout the buildings make sure you do not crush into them. Tightenyour seat belt and stay in contact with ground trafficcontroller.FeaturesAmazing 3D environmentMissions to accomplishReal life sound effects to enjoyModified hi-tech flying carsDifferent colors of flying beastRewards upon completion on tasks
Quad Bike Endless Roadway 2017 1.1
Welcome to the real Quad Bike Endless Roadway2017. This is a 3D endless game of Quad bike for you to show yourmoto quad skills on the road. Undertake the heavy fast machine anddrive it the way you want to clear challenging levels. Undertakethe opportunity to show the world how to drive. Diversion should beavoided as it is boundless. It is not a bicycle, so be carefulwhile driving motorbike amusement filled for fun. Quad bike endlessroadway 2017 is the best game of the town as you got to win fromgigantic vehicles. Getaway and drive your quad bike fast, this isthe time to be careful and feel the speed. Be careful in the roadtraffic and focus. It is extreme racing mania 2017. You are thefuture driver. You have to prove that you are the expert racingdriver.It’s a spine roadway on which you have to rush like a giganticmonster and leave everyone behind. When a gigantic monster runs hesees no one but just the destination. And tracks are your spine sospeed up and be careful not to crash your quadbike into othervehicles, traffic and wreck. You are boundless and have to take adecision on a diversion to stay on the right track. Overtake othersfor the tribute. Bicycles are easy but quads are not. You are onthe way to experience off road ride race. Get into the race for theultimate joy and victory and be the winner for victory. Don’t missthe amusement waiting for you in Quad Bike Endless Roadway2017.Tribute is due for you after you complete this adventure game. Thisis would be the best game of 2017 as it gives an opportunity torace, crash, speed and win. Play the stunts as there is no police.Stunts are what you love and stunts could be played really well onoff road racing tracks.Features of Quad Bike Endless Roadway 2017:Endless gameplayAmazing beautiful 3D environmentsAddictive playingQuad bikes to choose in different colorsChance to collect the coinsSpeed boosters
Secret Police Car Parking Sim 1.1
Get ready to immerse yourself in the addictivepolice car parking simulation game to perform a challenging parkingtask like never before. If you love parking facility then try notto touch or crash into the other parked cars.If you want to experience something which you have not experiencedbefore then join the sim game and get in its frenzy. Speedy Policecars are expensive and they need to be parked carefully andprofessionally. You are the pro driver who has been given this taskto park the ride and earn rewards. Smooth transmission would letyou park it in perfect angle. You got to prove that you are thebest driver.FeaturesBeautiful 3D environmentReal life sound effectsChallenge your friendsAddictive parking game playRewards on successful parkingCars upgradeSmooth steering and gear transmission
Russian Army Helicopter Rescue 1.3
Fly the advanced apache helicopter to rescuethe civilians and military soldiers in the situation of war. Thecountry is in a position of war and fighting with a brutal enemy soconduct a helicopter rescue operation in hill station and reliefmilitary soldiers and civilians who have suffered alot in abattlefield.As an army soldier you have done this before. You have rescued yourpeople in earthquake and flood. You have drove army truck andmilitary boats it's time for you to fly army helicopter.Show your flying skills by flying helicopter and rescue as manypeople as you can. Flying helicopter ambulance wont be as easy asyou think. Pick up the injured people and take them to the nearesthospital with the help of an arrow. Extinguish the fire like a firefighter helicopter and rescue people from fire.Rescue the army soldiers who are fighting for the country in thebattlefield and be the hero your soldiers need. Pick up supplies,carry military cargo and drop off reinforcements.If you have played army truck parking games or army truck offroadgames you will surely enjoy this army helicopter game.Russian Army Helicopter Rescue Features:- Different Game Modes- Fly the Advanced Rescue Helicopters- Extinguish the fire and Conduct relief operations- Drop off supplies and reinforcement in the battlefield
Firefighter Helicopter Rescue 1.2
City is densely populated and due to someunforeseen reasons, important apartments and places are catchingfire one after another. Is it a planned fire attack or a hazard butit needs to be rescued. You have been chosen to ride on thefirefighter helicopter to conduct this crucial mission of helpingyour teams on the ground to extinguish the fire on the emergencypoints.You have the water tank control on your helicopter and you got torush on the place of fire and hover your helicopter and throw thewater to finish the fire. The fire must be extinguished in time toavoid any major injuries or deaths. Be careful rescuer! Do not hitthe helicopter into the buildings as you do it all by yourself. Getthe adrenaline pumping and fly fast.The victory of saving the innocent people from the fire feels sogood that you don’t wana leave your smartphone. You would just wantto play “Firefighter Helicopter Rescue” more and more.FeaturesImmersive city environmentReal life sound effects3D game for smartphonesLocations on fireHelicopter ride and hover.
Quad Bike Endless Roadway VR 1.1
This is a Virtual Reality Game. Afterthesuccess of Quad Bike endless roadway we present you the VRversionof the game.Welcome to the real world of Quad Bike Endless Roadway 2017. Thisisa VR 3D endless game of Quad bike for you to show your motoquadskills on the road. Undertake the heavy fast machine and driveitthe way you want to clear challenging levels with thelightningspeed. Undertake the opportunity to show the world how todrive aquad moto bike. Diversion should be avoided as it isboundless. Itis not a bicycle, so be careful while drivingmotorbike amusementfilled for fun. Quad bike endless roadway 2017is the best game ofthe town as you got to win from giganticvehicles. Getaway anddrive your quad bike fast, this is the time tobe careful and feelthe speed. Be careful in the road traffic andfocus. It is extremeracing mania 2017. You are the future driver.You have to provethat you are the expert racing driver in virtualreality.It’s a spine roadway on which you have to rush like agiganticmonster and leave everyone behind. When a gigantic monsterruns hesees no one but just the destination. And tracks are yourspine sospeed up and be careful not to crash your quadbike intoothervehicles, traffic and wreck. You are boundless and have totake adecision on a diversion to stay on the right track. Overtakeothersfor the tribute. Bicycles are easy but quads are not. You areonthe way to experience off road ride race. Get into the race fortheultimate joy and victory and be the winner for victory. Don’tmissthe amusement waiting for you in Quad Bike EndlessRoadway2017.Tribute is due for you after you complete this adventure game.Thisis would be the best game of 2017 as it gives an opportunitytorace, crash, speed and win. Play the stunts VR as there isnopolice. Stunts are what would love in VR and stunts could beplayedreally well on off road racing tracks.Features of VR Quad Bike Endless Roadway 2017:Virtual RealityEndless VR gameplayAmazing beautiful 3D environmentsAddictive playingChance to collect the coinsSpeed boosters
US Army Hero Rescue Story 1.2
Play one of the most exciting army oftrucktransport and Rescue heroes story game.It's a dream of everyone to join army of heroes in battle andserveyour country for life. Here is your chance to rescue yourheroes.There is a war going on by the enemy at the border. Enemyhasattacked your country some soldiers got killed and heroes ofyourcountry are in bad condition and you have one of the mostdaringtasks to perform; to rescue the soldiers from the warzonetransport them to the nearest hospital from the battle zoneortransport more army soldiers to the war zone from militaryacademyor nearest army camp.Pick the soldiers from the military academy and transport themtovarious locations.Play as an offroad rescue military truck driver to transporttroops,cargo and weapons to the army camps.Drive heavy 4x4 army truck offroad pick the soldiers, drivingtruckthrough hill and mountain areas you have to drop them to armycampssafe and sound. Beware there is a heavy bombing going on andyouhave to drive truck carefully so your soldier heroes won'tgetkilled by the bombing. Serving your army heroes is a greatfeelingand your army considers you as one of them. Drive truckthrough themuddy and bumpy roads and drive fast because you gotlimited time.Transport the infantry from one point to another.Perform rescueoperations.Roads and bombing will make this challenge tough but you have tobefocused. There are hilly areas, mountains that need moreattentionso be aware while driving your one mistake could lead todangerousconsequences.It's a matter of life and death.Transport the weapons and ammunition to the war zone. Army isfacingone of the most brutal enemy of their life and they wouldneed allthe weapons and ammunition they can get.Drive the army soldiers truck from the military academytobattlefront, they got all the training required to provethemselvesin the battlefield and now they are just waiting to facethedeadliest enemy.Drive army truck carefully and rescue your soldier heroes andtakeyour heroes to hospital.
Bus Mechanic Workshop Garage 1.1
Grab your basic mechanic tool box, roll upyoursleeves and repair the broken parts of big transportbuses.Run the biggest auto garage shop of town and play themostexperienced mechanic. You will have to repair the engine,body,puncture tyre, fill up the oil and charge the battery. You arenotonly going to repair buses but you have to do some custombusmodifications as well. So pick up your screw and wrench andstartworking on real bus mechanic workshop simulator.Take out dents and do welding on broken bumper. Wash themuddy,messy, dusty buses which returned from a long route and is inacompletely messed up situation. Color the buses and make themlooknew.Open the nut and bolt of the bus to take the engine out todiagnose.Repair the engine of public transport bus. Change filtersand oil,charge batteries for better performance. Check and repairtheheadlights and backlights. Repair the puncture tyres or replacewithnew if fixing could not solve the problem.Your garage is one of the biggest garage of the city whereflyingbus, school bus, futuristic bus, army bus and other 4x4coachescame for the services. You have to provide services to alltomaintain your reputation. So repair the buses carefullyandquickly.
Airplane Mechanic Garage Sim 1.0.1
Get ready to be called the bestairplanemechanic! It won’t be easy but with dedication and themechanicrepairing skills you have you can easily make your workshopgaragethe best. Airplane Mechanic Garage Sim will help you be thebestairplane mechanic who is going to make his workshop garage thebestwith his mechanic skills. It sure has all the elements requiredfora great simulation but what makes Airplane Mechanic Garage Simevenbetter are the added features that you will not find inothersimulation games. There are plenty of exciting &interestingrepairing mechanic tasks to keep you entertained inthisentertaining and immersive workshop garage simulationgame.To prove that you are the most skilled airplane repair mechanicyouwill have to work on different parts of airplanes. Yourworkshopgarage is where you spend most of your time in order toenhanceyour repairing skills. As a mechanic you will have toperformvarious repairing tasks on airplane like applying paint,changingthe oil, repairing the lights & changing the tires etc.You canuse various tools to complete these repairs. What setsthisairplane mechanic workshop garage simulator game apart fromtherest of the lot is that you’ll be able to drive fork lifterwhichwill help you carry the tires of the airplane. You will alsobeable to drive the oil truck to the airplane in order to changetheoil & refill the fuel. So you see this this airplanemechanicworkshop garage simulator game allows you to drive twodifferentvehicles too unlike other simulation games. Drive &use yourepairing tools to prove that you are the best mechanic withthebest workshop garage.As a mechanic you will have to paint the airplane, spray thepartsthat need touch up, change the lights, tighten the screwsusingyour wrenches, refuel and oil the plane & change its tiresetcin different levels. Only by doing so you can be the bestmechanicand take your airplane mechanic workshop garage to thetop.Download now to experience the best mechanic workshopgaragesimulator game!Features of Airplane Mechanic Garage Sim:- A lot of levels to play.- Best mechanic workshop garage simulation experience.- Drive fork lift & oil truck.- Immersive 3D graphics.- Real life sound effect.- Addictive gameplay.
Car Rally Extreme Stunt Racing 1.0
Bring the fast driving experience to thewholenew level. Get yourself ready to experience the thrillandadventure of the 'Car Rally Extreme Stunt Racing' Game.Competewith time and become the ultra-high speed driver. Conquertheracing world with your furious racing skills. Drive highspeedracing car on off road tracks and speedy rally tracks and markyourname on the leaderboard. Show some epic car stunts on theroad.It's an endless race with time so choose your modifiedmonstervehicle wisely and race on the most difficult tracks of thegame.Drive the 4x4 wheelers on high traffic rally tracks. Be afuriousracing driver and take down other rival rally racing cars.Performvarious car stunts and avoid crashes with other cars,drivecarefully and complete your rally on time. Be careful withthetraffic because the roads you are driving on is full withtraffic.Show some drifts, jumps and perform some stunts whileracing withthe other heavy cars.Play in three different modes:Enjoy Car Rally Extreme Stunt Racing with three differentmodesSurvival Mode, Loop Mode and Arena Mode. Play all the modesandbeat your rivals on the leaderboard. Feel like a fastest driveranddrifts like a boss. Modify your car and make it the fastestandbecome the champion of the racing world.Survival Mode:In survival mode you will get limited time and to reach thepoint.Drive your heavy racing car to the specific point with in thegiventime on a muddy and bumpy track. Whenever you reach thepoints, youwill get another point and get some extra time. So savethe time bydriving fastest and reaching the point before time.Finish more andmore racing points and mark your name on theleaderboard.Arena Mode:Unlike survival mode you have to reach as many points as you canina limited time. You won't get extra time by reaching aspecifictime. So drive as fast as you can.Loop Mode:You will get levels to complete in this mode. Complete level 1andunlock level 2.Drive fast and drive safe and don't forget to wearyourseatbelts.Car Rally Extreme Stunt Racing features:Offroad, muddy and bumpy tracks with amazing twists andturns.Hilly and mountainous environmentExtreme high speed racing cars with n2oImmersive 3D environmentRealistic Racing Sound with amazing background musicRealistic car rally gameplay and game physicsThree different car controls
Crazy Traffic Bike Rider 2017 1.2
This is a free 3d game for all theracingfreaks who love bike stunts. No matter if you have ridden abikebefore or not this game will surely make you feel like aheavysports bike racer, everything has a first time, so why notgive ita shot. Confidence is what it takes to do it.The game is filled with turns and twists. The roads of the cityarefilled with hurdles and high jumps and you have to ride on itwithhigh tech heavy bike, trail bike with nitrous oxide to performsomecrazy bike stunts.So fuel up your bike and blast your way to victory. Off roadracingand city stunts have a great similarity, both have speed inthem.So just like an off road racer, perform the eye opening stuntstosurprise your passengers. Roads are yours and feel free to justdothe adventure on the roads. Less traffic makes it amazingtoperform the stunts.You got limited n2o so use insane nitrous oxide at right timetospeed up your high speed racing trail bike. Ride throughdangeroussharp edges, turns and hurdles and show your extreme heavybikeriding skills. The heavy bike and trail bike will give you thefeelof adventure and thrill of drift and extreme high speedadventurousrace. You are going to master the simulation and drivingskills.Complete different levels of terrifying loops and crazyjumps.Drive at full speed with high speed sports cars in dynamicracinglevels. Don't worry about traffic or police they won'tinterruptyou in showing pro stunt driving skills.Easy controls, Realistic hi tech bikes, long amazing roads withhighjumps and realistic physics and graphics with amazing sound ofbikeengine will make you feel like a realistic game.Multiple obstacles, twisted roads and awesome stunts will makeitmore difficult and addicted.Crazy Traffic Bike Rider Features:Multiple high speed racing heavy bikesAmazing 3D realistic graphicsEasy Controls of the heavy bikesRealistic Bike stunt physicsDifferent game levels and modes
Roller Coaster Simulation VR 1.1
VR Roller Coaster Simulator 2017 is anamazingVR 3D game for those who love to spend time on swings, ridesandcoasters and get amused. It is a great deal to be on the VRrollercoaster and come back safe. Feel and live through thegreatexcitement that comes from the adrenaline rush in your bodyandhave fun.Enjoy the 180 degree view, control the speed of roller coasterwithVR gear.You have been assigned the controller of the amazing rollercoasteras a challenge and you have to control the ride all the wayon thedangerous track. Be careful to slow down the speed whilemakingsharp turns and intersections on the track. It is all physicsthatmatters. You should be cautious. You would be able to help tofeelcrazy while in your favorite ride. The lives of several ridersarein your hands and you have to keep them all save and sound tillyouget back to the platform.You would be showed two meters that would show you theexcitementlevel, so if you are travelling upwards vertical on yourvirtualreality roller coaster, and the speed is high you get pointsforthat and same way while coming down wards if your speed ishigh,your points would be deducted. So while driving your fastride,maintain the required speed and earn points. Once you earnpoints,you can change the cart paint of your choice.Feel free to contact us If you face any problems whileinstallationor while playing this game.We will resolve it at the earliest.FeaturesAmazing 3D environmentImmersive scenesReal life sound effectsChallenging missionsTime oriented levelsEarn pointsFeel like in real amazing roller coasterSave the lives
City Car Stunt Offroad 2017 1.1
Fasten your seatbelts, accelerate theengineand get yourself ready to show some craziest car stunts onthe topAmerican muscle cars.The game is filled with twists and turns, high jumps, hurdles,speedracing, different high speed racing cars and nitrous oxide(n2o)technology. Perform different stunts on different car trackswithdifferent high speed racing cars. So fuel up your car andblast yourway to victory to be the road champ. This is animmersive City carstunt game which would make you play it time andagain. Show yourextreme car driving skills and rock it.You got limited n2o so use insane nitrous oxide at right timetospeed up your car. Drive through dangerous sharp edges, turnsandhurdles and show your extreme car driving skills. The assaultcarsand 4*4 off road driving cars will give you the feel ofadventureand thrill of drift and extreme high speed race. You aregoing tomaster the simulation and driving skills. Completedifferent levelsof terrifying loops and crazy jumps. Drive at fullspeed with highspeed sports cars in dynamic racing levels. Don'tworry abouttraffic or police they won't interrupt you in showingpro stuntdriving skills.Easy controls, realistic car racing physics and graphicswithamazing engine and sound will make you feel like you areperformingin real life. Multiple obstacles, twisted roads andawesome stuntswill make it more difficult and addicted.Feature:Multiple high speed racing carsAmazing 3D realistic graphicsTilt, Steering and buttons to control the carRealistic car stunt physicsDifferent game levels and modesReal life sound effectsAddictive game play
Water Surfing Race Car Driver 1.0
Get in your super fast modified race cartorace for glory in this fast paced super car racing game.WaterSurfing Race Car Driver is not your ordinary car racing game.It’sa car racing game with a twist. Water Surfing Race CarDriverallows the user to drive, race, drift, drag & performstunts ontheir super fast modified sports cars on land as well aswater!Just like surfing you can drive, race, perform stunts &driftyour car on the water. It’s surfing on the water with yourfavoritesuper fast modified sports cars. Water Surfing Race CarDriver is aone of a kind car racing game that beautifully blendsmotor sports& water sports together. Enjoy surfing & supercar racingat the same time in this fast paced car racinggame.Drift on the beach, perform stunts or drag race on water insuperfast modified cars in this speed filled adrenalinesatisfyingracing game. Choose from a variety of super fast modifiedrace carsto compete in this challenging car racing game. Completethe levelsto unlock all the modified super fast racing cars tobuild your owncollection of super fast modified racing cars. Raceagainst theclock in the heart pounding fast paced car racing game.Yourbiggest rival in this car racing game is the time! Beat thetimebefore the time beats you. Drive, race, drag & drift onland aswell as water to beat the clock & survive. It’s not justa carracing game, it’s the survival of the fittest. Drive &racefast to survive for as long as you can. Compete with time inWaterSurfing Race Car Driver to prove that you are the fastest& thebest super car driver. Dominate the leaderboard bypunching in thefastest lap times!To be the best you have to drive your super fast racing modifiedcarin a furious way using your reflexes in the best possible way.Beingfurious helps you drive fast & satisfy your adrenaline.Beingfurious will make you reach you checkpoints in time. Say notolimits & go limitless in this fast paced thrilling supercarsracing game. The checkpoints will be on the beach and also ontheocean. So drive as fast as you can and reach themaximumcheckpoints. Explore the sea environment, take a look atwhat’sunder and over the sea. You will see people swimming, speedboatsand amazing fishes. Beach is also part of the game so you willseeamazing hotels and restaurants. You have limited time toreachmaximum checkpoints so drive your surface car fast anddrivesafe.Features of Water Surfing Race Car DriverDrive the sports car on waterImmersive 3D environment of beachRealistic water surfing car soundRealistic car physicsMulti car controls
Mountain Modern Rickshaw Auto 1.0
Transport your passangers in the mostamazingway. If you have played other army truck transport, taxisimulator,ambulance and firebrigade rescue games then this tuk tuckautorickshaw game will blow you away. Transport the passengers fromoneplace to another in style. Drive a tuk tuck auto rickshaw andgivethe ride to celebrities and famous people of the city.Pickdifferent passengers, bargain about price and take them totheirdestination. Traditional asian transport vehicle is in townandpeople have never been this happy before. Drive the autorickshawin mountainious and hilly environment.Mountain modern Rickshaw Auto puts you in the driving seat of atuktuk chingchi rickshaw. Drive your very own tuk tukchingchirickshaw away from the busy city life in a beautiful 3Dimmersiveenvironment full out moutains, hills, trees, water falls&lakes. Drive & race your tuk tuk chingchi auto rickshaw topick& drop passengers on time. Drive around enjoy thebeautifulenvironment & provide service to the people inMountain modernRickshaw Auto. Mountain modern Rickshaw Auto willmake you fall inlove with tuk tuk chingchi rickshaw driving &simulationgames.Transport your passangers in your tuk tuk chingchi auto rickshawtovarious locations in this 3D tuk tuk auto chingchi rickshawdrivingsimulator game. Pick & drop your passengers on time toprovethat you are the best tuk tuk auto rickshaw chingchi driver.Provethat no one can drive & transport like you in the wholecity& it’s surroundings. Tuk tuk chingchi auto rickshawhasrealistic rickshaw physics making it the best tuk tuk chingchiautorickshaw simulator. Transport the passengers from one placetoanother in time to complete the levels. Your mission istotransport all the passengers in time. Mountain modern RickshawAutohas plenty of levels to keep you entertained for hours. Drive&race ur tuk tuck auto chingchi rickshaw and provide yourservice tothe people of the city. Pick up different passengers inyour tuktuk chingchi auto rickshaw & drop them on theirdestinationsfor a fare. Traditional Asian public transport vehiclethe famoustuk tuk auto chingchi rickshaw is in town and all thecity peopleare excited to ride it so hop into your tuk tuk chingchiautorickshaw & take the whole city for a ride one passenger atatime. Drive & race your auto rickshaw in mountainious andhillyenvironment, up & down the hilly roads.Find the passengers from every corner of the hilly andmountainiouscity. Drive on the offroad tracks. You can not driveeasily onthese roads so drive carefully and avoid any accident withcars,trucks, ambulances. It's a day time so there will be hightrafficon the roads. Handle your three wheeler vehicle carefully.It willgive you a perfect taste of public transport. Even crazierthantaxis and london cabs. Drive your tuk tuk auto rickshaw fastandtransport your passengers on time. Not only you but yourpassengerswill enjoy this ride too.So get yourself ready to drive on rough offroad environmentandenjoy the best modern rickshaw to transport the passengers ofyourtown.Features of Mountain modern Rickshaw Auto:Imersive 3D offroad environmentRealistic Tuk tuk auto rickshaw sound and ambiance sound ofhillyenvironmentEasy rickshaw controlsAmazing gameplay and game physics
Limo Simulator Luxury Race 1.0
Limo Simulator Luxury Drive is asimulationlimousine driving 3D game. In this limo driving simulatorgame youwill drive off the celebrities in the luxury limo. Pick anddroppoliticians and other famous people of the city. Pickyourpassengers to start the level and drive them to the clubstheatersand stadiums in style. Drive the luxury limousine in styledrive itfast and drive it safe and get your chance to know thefamouscelebrities daily routine. Remember as you are driving forthe richpeople of the town, you are going to earn more by drivingsafe andtaking them to their destination on time. Don't spend toomuch timeon roads so drive your limousine v8 fast because thesecelebritiesare always in hurry. The game aint that easy, the roadsare bumpyand traffic is heavy so drive them carefully. Try not tohit andcrash with other cars.Drive the v8 and upgrade your limousine with in apppurchases.Experience the ultimate luxury limousine drivingexperience andfeel like a celebrity. The feel of driving the luxurycar andhaving the famous people with you is insane. Enjoy the cityand offroad environment and take on difficult game missions on thisluxurylimo transfer simulation and parking simulation game. Drivethefamous and rich people to their destinations. Roads are bigandnarrow both. Tracks are smooth. Tracks are perfect for longlengthycars like limo.-Stunning city and off road environment with immersive3Dgraphics-Realistic sound effects-Addictive game play and Levels to complete.-Realistic game physics-Different car controls
Cargo Truck Transport 3D 2017 1.0.1
Cargo Truck Transport 3D 2017 is a 3D gamemadeamazingly for those of you who love to drive heavy duty trucksonthe highway. This 3d game of truck is for those of you who arereadyto show their driving skills and prove that they are one ofthe bestdrivers in the city. Heavy Trucks carrying goods and cargofrom oneplace to another. Different trucks in various colors forall theheavy duty transporters. Powered by heavy engines thesebeasts areused to take the valuable goods to the destinationplaces.You are sent to this mission of transferring heavy valuablecargofrom their place of manufacturing to the destination place. Ontheway you find different sort of tracks and roads havingunevensurface, stones on the way, offroad tracks and what not. But,youhave been hired for this purpose of delivering the cargo fromwarehouse to the buyer on the awesome truck. You know howtrucksoperate right? As they have heavy engines made to supporttons ofcargo having special brakes to stop when the driver wants,you needspecial skills to drive these trucks on the offroad andtransportthe cargo safely. Safety and security of the valuablecargo is themost important. You want to be the pro diver, then grabthe keysand get into your favorite truck now! Roads are narrow,roads arewide, have speed breakers, jumpers, Traffic on the way,immaturedrivers, bikes, cycles and what now but got to make sureyou hitnothing and crash the truck in nowhere, your job is to enjoyyourdriving and show your skills to the owner that you can do it.Getthe job done and win the rewards and bonuses.As you have the best trucks of the world, you have to followthetraffic rules and see how do you handle the offroad traffic,youhave the short cut routes too, so use the short cut routes andgetto the destination. Keep the speed of the truck at theguidelineson the sign boards. Never back down and stay confident.You are thebest driver in the town and know how to complete thejob. Trucksare big beasts not everyone can handle them well. Youwould berewarded. In Cargo Truck Transport 3D 2017 you have bonusesandrewards for completing the transportation job without damagesandon time. Complete the missions and challenge friends to do thesameto win. Let’s get the ball rolling and be the bestcargodriver.Features of “Cargo Truck Transport 3D 2017”Immersive 3d environmentReal life sound effectsAddictive gameplayVarious missions to completeRewards and bonuses upon successful transportationBest trucks to drive