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Clever Blocks 1.6
Pocket Storm
"A simple concept that presents enough of a challenge to stayengaging. Clever blocks is a great and fun puzzle game." --games4us."Clever Blocks" is a tetris-style block fitting game.Simple, yet challenging and addictive.The goal is very simple: movevarious blocks to fit them all in the gray background. Sounds easy?Not really.FEATURES:+ 850 Challenging puzzles+ 4 difficulty levels+In-game hints system + Timer+ HD graphics+ More...The puzzles getharder as you progress.
Tangram HD 3.6.5
Pocket Storm
The tangram is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes,called tans, which together can form various shapes. The objectiveis to form a specific shape using all seven pieces, which may notoverlap. FEATURES:+ More than 550 designs: people, animals,buildings, numbers, boats, stuff, geometry and so on.+ 2 playmodes: regular & masters. + Hints system for masters mode.+ HDgraphics.+ Timer.+ Support app2SD (Android2.2+)+ So muchmore..Note: later categories are more challenging. Note 2: Shapescan be flipped. Select any shape, then click the button on the topof the screen to flip it.
Jewels Pop 1.6
Pocket Storm
"Jewels Pop" brings brand new game experience to classic jewelgames.To achieve high scores, this game requires strategicthinking. You have to think ahead, and use the power-upswisely.******************How to play?- Tap on two or more jewels ofthe same kind to eliminate them;- Reach the target points of eachlevel to move on.******************Power-ups:- Bomb: to eliminate asingle jewel;- Lightning: To eliminate all jewels of the samecolumn.These power-ups are placed at right/top corner of the gamescreen. Click to select, click again tocancel.******************Scoring Tips:- The more jewels you pop atonce, the more points you will get. Score = jewels * jewels * 2E.g., 5 jewels = 50; 10 jewels = 200; - Try to clear all jewels, toget a lot of bonus. Bonus = 800 - jewels remaining * jewelsremaining * 8, E.g., 5 jewels left = 600; 0 jewels left =800.******************Features:+ Designed for both phone andtablets;+ Google Play global leaderboards(OS2.2+);+ Power-ups;+Auto save game progress;+ HD graphics;+ Awesome sound effects;+Save 10 high scores;+ Save app to SD(OS2.2+);+ Much more...
Clever Blocks 2 1.2
Pocket Storm
"Clever Blocks 2" is a tetris-style block fitting game. Simple indesign, yet challenging and addictive.The goal is very simple: movevarious blocks to fit them all in the gray background. Sounds easy?Not really.********"Clever Blocks 2" has more block types, morelevels, and even better puzzle experience than our original "CleverBlocks". Besides, all packs are unlocked.NOTE: All the levels in"Clever Blocks 2" are different from the ones in "Clever Blocks".They are new levels, and we are making more.********FEATURES:+ 1100challenging puzzles, more are coming.+ 4 difficulty levels+ In-gamehints system + Timer+ HD graphics+ More...The puzzles get harder asyou progress.