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Secret Agent Robot City Battle 1.0.1
Secret Agent Robot City Battle is a next level spy and actionthriller with a great domination of Robots and Robotic fight withcontrasting automated mechanical enemy creatures. This game is atreat to play for those who have great instinct of enjoyingdetective roles. You are going to love the ammunition used in this,with the magical touch of laser fire arm gun. It's a rampage in avery active city between secret agent robot and mechanicalcreatures.Game Play:Game play of this Robotic Battle is verysimple. Some mechanical creatures from another world have attackedon a very fast moving city. Aliens want to transform the city withtheir mass destruction grand futuristic weapons. People of thiscity are being killed by these Robotic enemies. Robot battle hashit the floor now. Ohh, here is the most exciting role, where youhave to play as a detective Super robot to fight with enemy robotsin order to save the city from them. The next most thrilling partis that as a Robot you have super physical power of a Hack-a-ThonPunch to attack. Then you also have a electrifying laser assaultthat transmits radio electric shots to dispatch the aliens from thecity. You can switch between punch or an assault. So show no mercyand unleash hell on the robot battlefield and destroy all of thewar robots and protect the city.Secret Agent Robot City BattleFeatures:Amazing HD, 3D GraphicsFurturistic GameEnvironmentRealistic Sound Effects10 Most challengingLevelsMechanical Battle robots with different strengths
Super Hero Monster Incredible Bulk Battle Revenge 1.0
Get ready to test your brain & reflexes in a 3D stealth mutantopen world free roam incredible strange mutant monster city heroopen world action adventure simulation game. Superheroes andfuturistic robots are turning against each other and this time theincredible monster has decided to take a final revenge from superspiders, futuristic robots enemies. Environment of this game allowsyou to feel like a true monster super hero in the city full offighting robots, super spider villain. Nå skal du forsiktigplanlægge din kamp ved å slå alle fiender i byen kamp og overlevetil du får suksess i ditt oppdrag som å være en utrolig superheromonster transformasjon.Super Hero Monster Incredible Bulk BattleRevenge is especially for robot lovers and comic superhero fans whowant robot simulation and the incredible monster fighting games.InSuper Hero Monster Incredible Bulk Battle Revenge game you're heroand you should fight against evil futuristic robots to save yourcountry and whole universe. Game play of this Super Hero MonsterIncredible Bulk Battle Revenge is pretty simple, you will fightagainst other futuristic robots, super spider heroes and get rid ofenemy robots and you have to defeat them to get access to nextlevel. Whoever likes to be an amazing superhero, superhero spiderwill love this super hero monster vs futuristic robot fightinggame. As in superhero monster role, you will have superpowers likepunch, smash and kick which can be used as unlimited hittingmachine shots. Du kan slå enhver bil og plukke bilen med hender ogkaste bort.Super Hero Monster Incredible Bulk Battle RevengeFeatures:• Realistic 3D graphics.• Action packed multiplesmission.• Realistic Metropolitan City environment.• SmoothControls.• High quality Sounds.• Detailed environments withdifferent Views.• Highly Intelligent Robots.• Mortal superherorobots vs incredible superhero• Realistic Sound Effects.• Fullyequipped with realistic fighting animations and fantastic combatphysics unseen       In typicalrobotic simulator.• Stunning game play with variety of robots.•Futuristic HD 3D Graphics• Futuristic game Environment• PlayofflineIn this Monster Battle Revenge, which is a battle betweenmonster legends vs. robots unicorn attack, you will find yourselfsurrounded futuristic robots, superspiders, flying robots and othercomic superheros. Du vil bli engageret i en episk versuskamphandling som superhero superhero sammen med superhero minsterrobots. Super Hero Monster Incredible Bulk Battle Revenge is anadrenaline rush action based game with different variety of moderncrime city missions.In Super Hero Monster Incredible Bulk BattleRevenge, you need to get ready and move out as monster superhero orfearless hero and complete action packed adventure by defeatingenemies using your super soldier powers. This will allow you morefun besides other robot battle games because in this game you'recomic superhero to fight against evil.
Jango Pocket Fidget Spinner. 1.0
Try Jango Pocket Fidget Spinner Simulator game to sit back andrelax. Spinning a fidget, is the best practice to kill your timeand anger. While playing with Jango Pocket Fidget Spinner you cancure your excessive energy!If you ever had a habit of nail biting,spending a lot of money on buying expensive Superhero toys, RCRacing Car, Robots etc. you will leave all of them and will startplaying with Free Jango Pocket Fidget Spinner which Is all timeavailable in your pocket. In this fidget game, you have freedom tochoose your own. Jango spinner from a variety of new Pro levelfidgets.Game Features:• Realistic simulator with authentic spinningphysics.• Varity of fidget spinners to choose from.• You can alsochoose Superhero fidgets.• 10 super cool fidget spins.• Competewith your friends to break their high scores.Since it is a fidgetsimulation game so game play is very simple and realistic to giveyou a feel as you are spinning a fidget in real. You need to useyour fingers to swipe and rotate the fidget. The more faster youswipe, the more fastest rotation of fidget you will see.When youare tired of action games, robotic games, shooting games, the flooris making games or any other superhero games, Jango pocket fidgetspinner is the best utilization of your free time then. Try thisgame and you will feel that Jango Pocket Fidget spinner game willlift up you mood, help you relax, charge positive energy to relieveyour fatigue and anxiety.Get ready to excite yourself with perks orplaying with Pocket Fidget Spinner, also to feel better.
Super Hero RC Car Game: Secret Agent 1.0
Are you tired of radio-controlled racing games 2017 or rc carracing games 3d? Take control of 3d radio-controlled car in amassive busy city environment! Accomplish a lot of variety ofmissions to become a good driver by choosing your own super hero rccar.You are going to experience an ultimate rc car racing simulatorcombined with secret agent spy missions to destroy enemy cars.TakeControl of your rc car simulator 2017 and accomplish differentlevels of rc car games new and free rc car hot wheels games! Thisfuturistic rc drifting car game will give you the 3d worldexperience. In this stunning rc car simulator game, you’ll testyour driving and spying skills of both car simulator and secret spyagent too. This is a new kind of rc car stunt games where you willfeel like you are completely in a real world. In this rc car stuntgame you will have nitro rc cars in racing and secret missions toaccomplishin 3d environment. This is one of the brilliant rcdrifting car games will definitely give you the pro practice ofbest car driving simulator 2017. GamePlay:Are you ready to play thetoughest spy game as a secret agent and with the help of super herorc car? Are you expert enough to control a rc monster car in thisfuturistic era of technology? If yes, then you are at the righttrack to get your daily adventure doze with this fantastic rc cargame new and free rcmini games! Drive, drift, and spy on the enemycars. Carefully plant the bomb in the enemy cars with the help ofsuspect identified in the map of this rc car simulator. Downloadthis rc car stunt game and choose your super hero rc car of 2017 toget into the ULTIMATE rc racing car arena!Features:• New BigMetropolitan city 2017!• 10 Entertaining Levels of Racing Arena•Different Super HeroRC Car to Choose.• Real 3d Graphics andenvironment.• Smooth on screen controls• Amazing , Thrilling andStunning game play levels• Beware from time given for yourmissions• Brilliant Sound Effects you will definitely like•Fantastic and different Secret Agent Spy Missions• Earn Rewards onAchievements You will enjoy all other features of this rc carsimulator. You will definitely love this rc car racing game 3d 2017becauseof realistic 3d city environment and your role of secret spyagent using super hero cars and completing your missions. Mind youthis not rc car parking game but in this you are given a suspect tospy and destroy the enemy cars by planting bombs and successfullyescaping from there.Super Hero RC Car Game: Secret Agent is goingto beat all other rc car games new and free rc racing simulatorgames with its best super hero rc car simulator 2017.
The Floor is Lava: Impossible Army Car Parking 1.0
Have you ever like real 3d parking drive? If you like modern 3dparking drives then install this Impossible Army Car ParkingAdventure game as you are playing army training games to fight forsurvival when you have the floor is lava. If you were looking for aparking game in which you can enjoy car parking adventure then thiscar parking game is best game for you among other parking games.Experience the street car parking and traffic car parking stunts.If you fall down from hot lava impossible tracks your car will getburn out because the floor is lava. This lava challenge is hardparking game adventure of 2017. It's a New Edition of real carparking games where the extreme parking and driving skills will betested on twisted, zigzag, challenging and bumpy roads. Theimpossible tracks are made upon the lava floor so be careful whilecornering the luxury cars on impossible tracks like you see in armysurvival games so drive smart otherwise your luxury car will becrashed into hot lava.This is one of the best luxury car simulatorgames with a touch of car madness parking games. If you enjoyplaying the army survival games, you will definitely love this lavaon the floor impossible car parking adventure. The Floor is Lava,you will be racing high speed on the army boot camp. This UnblockCar Parking Adventure game is a great deal of luxury car simulator.Be the master of impossible track Car Parking Simulator by drivingon the volcano floor! This Lava floor real car parking Simulatorgame will train you to be a expert of free driving games. Challengein this 3D parking simulation game is to avoid crashing withhurdles. Want to improve your parking skills on luxury cars, sportscars or classic cars? Or do you want to enjoy city car parkingadventure? If yes then download this impossible track Parking Maniaand enjoy your car parking by driving modern cars or luxury cars onthe floor is lava in army base. In this luxury car simulator youwill experience hard car driver parking mania and car madnessparking games sort of feel. You will enjoy beautiful animations inthis 3D car parking games HD 2017. So install this car parking gameand enjoy street car parking on army base camp along with unblocktraffic car parking adventure. This is the only lava floor carparking game in which you can experience 3d car parking. Experiencethe real parking experience for all parking masters. The Floor isLava: Impossible Army Car Parking gives an experience of realparking adventure. The reason of seductiveness of this car parkinggame is that there are many sports cars, luxury cars, and classiccars. Hard car parking, hurdles in your track, obstructions of lavamake it impossible track to park your car safely which is anotherfeature of this parking master game. This is addictive andadventures because there is car hard parking and super easy carparking fun. This is one of a kind in revolt car racing games.Actually we should say a first game with both parking and extremecar driving simulator.Be the legend of 3D car parking game in thisride of a hell.• Easy to play.• Realistic sound effects.• Lots ofchallenging levels.• Smooth and realistic control.• Real carsounds.• Stunning 3D graphics.• Multiple camera views.• Coolweather condition.• High quality environment.• Variety of cars(Lamborghini, Helix Sports Car, American Muscle Car, MonsterTrucks).• Realistic Cars Physics.• Two types of controls Touch andsteering wheel.• Realistic driving and parking experience.•Addictive, easy to learn, hard to master, game play.Are you readyto survive the all challenges of this 2017 best game? Are youthinking that your army driver can fulfill all the skills to playthe revolt car racing games on Lava floor? If yes, then be ready toface the difficult challenges of this drive off road army menparking game.
Police Chase: Superhero 1.0.2
Get ready to hit the dirt in this ultimate racing and driftingadventure as police car chaser vs Incredible Bulk Superhero. PoliceChase: Superhero is a battle experience that takes you to the edgeof the action with its epic police chase of an incredible monstersuperhero in the middle of an island which is surrounded bymountains where this inhuman monster superhero is prisoned to savethe city from his evil super powers. The furious monster is on therun to break this mighty prison and disrupt the order and peace inworld. You need to catch or shoot him down in an extreme dirt roadtown with twists and turns in this police battle. Equipped with thecity attack fully charged super cars and customized cars, havingmachine gun and missile installed in environment. The Police vsSuper soldier bulk battle of hitting the furious monster on dirtroad & getting the incredible bulk superhero injured doesn'tget any more interesting war crime chase than this. You can callhim incredible hero, monster hero, incredible superhero and theincredible bulk monster is out there in the anger of beingpoisoned. He is ready to with the Police vs Super soldier bulkbattle so that he can go out and disturb the justice & peace ofthe city. Your duty is to fight the Superhero war prison forkeeping the world away and safe from this bulk monster who is fullof evil powers right now. You have plenty of monster trucks,offroad trucks for this police battle against war crime chase. Tomake this escape challenge more sensational, you have to play therole of being a real action hero in this the big fight & free3D action car battle endless shooting game, before the furiousmonster getaway and enters in crime city. Police Car Chase:Superhero is one of the top free racing games that consists ofsolid action packed 3D game play where you can transform from aracer to a killing machine. The mission is called “Police Chase:Superhero” You must have played many extreme racing getaway endlessshooting games but the excitement of Police Car Chase: Superherofree 3D action racing deathmatch destruction chase game is that youget a chance of testing your epic warfare driving overtaking andshooting skills all together in an explosive way to be a realaction hero in this police battle. Police Car Chase: Superhero isfree action racing game is for hardcore gamers who enjoy thesuperhero games, monster truck games, offroad truck games, policecar chase games, top latest Shooting games, racing games, monstersuperhero prison escape games or simulation games. You would havenot found yourself real super racing car shooter like this everbefore. Time to drive police monster trucks like a 3D action heroand shoot while driving monster trucks like a road warrior to chasedown prison breaking the incredible monster superhero before hegets away. Police Car Chase: Superhero you experience police carbattle destruction gameplay, amazing shooting on incredible superhero. Chance to earn the points to upgrade your super cars. Youwill be chasing superhero on your offroad monster truck to knockoff superhero escaping prison to be a real action police fastesthero. Count the Obstacles as difficult ! It’s not a public place.CAUTION "do not hit your colleagues". • Challenging tracks,including extreme dirt offroad tracks • Variety of Police MonsterTrucks, Police Offroad Trucks • Easy to Difficult missions. •Realistic city environment. • Cool physics of cars. • IncredibleBulk Superhero attacks. • Extreme racing and shooting adventure. •Real sound effects and music. Police Car Chase: Superhero is freeaction racing game is for hardcore gamers who enjoy the top latestShooting, Racing, FPS, superhero games, monster truck games,offroad truck games, police car chase games, police car racingbattle games and monster superhero prison escape games orsimulation games. Never before will you have found yourself being areal super racing shooter.
Turtle Superhero Monster Warrior 1.1.2
Pocket App Studio is extremely delighted to present this Comicfiction Turtle Superhero Monster Warrior Action game. Are youlooking for an amazing teenage superheroes game with ninja swing?We are introducing an awesome piece of entertainment in this TurtleSuperhero Monster Warrior game. Yes, you are going to experiencemost wanted comic hero "Superhero Ninja Warrior Turtle shadow" withsword action. This ninja warrior shadow is teenage anthropomorphicturtle, who has turned into mutant Turtle Warrior Ninja to fightagainst evil Immortal Gods of superheroes, villains shadows. ▶ GAMEPLAY ◀Turtle Superhero Monster Warrior game is based on sciencefiction mutant immortal Gods of superhero games and very easy toplay. An ordinary human was walking in the streets of New York,when he saw people going through life threatening situationscreated by evil superheroes. That's the time when he felt changesin his body as superhero Mutant discovers his abilities likeultimate ninja. You (Turtle Superhero Monster Warrior ) will fightagainst World best comic superheroes like Immortal Gods ofSuperhero, Rope man, Incredible superhero, super spider mania,super girl & captain superhero and you have to defeat them toget access next level. They all have incredible super powers toconquer the world. you but you should use all your Ninja shadow,Taekwondo, Mauy Thai, Boxing and other fighter skills. You have theability to ride on any furious car, police cars & futuristicbikes.Turtle Superhero Monster Warrior Features:• Detailedenvironments with different Views.• Car Theft , Bike Theft , Busstheft, Drive thru ninja• Highly futuristic super power Mutant.•Realistic Sound Effects.• Stunning gameplay with variety ofsuperhero levels.• Futuristic HD 3D Graphics.• Futuristic gameEnvironment.You will be delighted to experience your favoritesuperhero as a Turtle Superhero Monster Warrior in this game. Youcan explore new missions, vehicles, characters. Don't give up, tillthe end! Brace yourself to start a new version of the superheroninja turtle adventure. There isn't a need special training to bepart of superhero champions league. Do you have the courage tocomplete all the missions on turtle skateboard? Killing, rubbing,stealing, destroying things. Drive theft cars in a wild manner,make sure you put your enemies to death using your incrediblesuperhero powers , kills policemen, steals different kinds ofvehicles. Prove yourself as a superhero and give a free rein to thevillains. This war of justice is nevertheless than war againstassassins, champions, hitman. Now it's your turn to save people,keep the city safe. Survival of innocent people is next toimpossible. Dare to be the brave Mutant superpower of big city andfight against terrorism with zeal and power. It's a time of Call!Are you ready to explore your superhero powers?If you love supermachines, mech games, hardcore ninja, superhero games, fun games,saviour games, spider games, futuristic mortal combo games,simulation games, challenging games, flying hero games, actiongames, vigilantly games, science fiction games, homecoming games,teleporting games then you will love this!In this Turtle SuperheroMonster Warrior game you play as flying ninja and expert expandingMMA grand champion. So strap in -- there’s no auto-pilot.! Masterthe art of using your incredible superhero abilities and become theunstoppable ninja star. Demolish enemy comic superheroes. Get readyfor the mortal combat and stay on the battlefield till your lastbreath. Were you always dreaming of superhero spirit? Or to fightagainst a super villain. Well, you deserve to be a teenage ninjaleader. By playing Immortal Turtle Superhero Monster Warrior onyour smart phone, you can become super star. Turtle SuperheroMonster Warrior is waiting for your suggestions and reviews.
Ninja Superhero : The Shadow Turtle 1.0
Are you looking for an amazing teenage superheroes game or turtleshadow ninja games? We are introducing an awesome piece ofentertainment in this Ninja Superhero : The Shadow Turtle game.Yes, you are going to experience most wanted comic hero " hardcoreninja shadow". This ninja warrior shadow is teenage anthropomorphicturtle, who has turned into mutant shadow ninja fighter to fightagainst evil superheroes, villains shadows. Play as action flyingninja warrior turtle & fight the monster apes who have enteredin USA new york city with your mutant ninja shadow boxing turtleand sword fighting skills, shuriken and flying Ninja tactics. Asshadow fighter flying ninja champ show your mutant ninja tactics inteenage mutant shadow ninja game to fight gorillas and dangerousmonster apes. Swing your teen fight ninja sword or turtle shadowninja shuriken to protect the people of simulation town andeliminate the angry ape hero fighters & incredible monster apeswith the edge of your blade. Apart from that, steal motor bikes andcars from the streets, and be a flying ninja moto rider as you raceacross the new york. So if you see a car you like, just stealit.Become a shadow ninja turtle warrior and fight bravely like areal hero ninja turtle flying warrior to control monster apes inthe city. Army is busy in war with terrorist and you have to playthe role of super hero ninja turtle to rescue the city. NinjaSuperhero : The Shadow Turtle is not only battle against dangerousmonster apes but also rescue mission to help injured peoplehomecoming from tours with your superhero flying skills. Fly highin the sky as real ninja turtle hero and fight bravely with thegangster apes to become a real ninja fighter against criminal apesmafia in grand city. Ninja Superhero : The Shadow Turtle rescuesurvival has many rescue and survival missions and as a braveshadow ninja hero turtle warrior you must be able to save peopleand injured citizens with super power rescue skills. There will becriminal attacks and a combat between you and gangsters apes. Bethe Super shadow ninja turtle in action simulator and help thepolice officers in fight against the terrorists apes squad. Useyour advanced shadow ninja master mind and advance shurikenaccurately and kill the gangster squad in city survival mission2017. Now get ready for ninja shadow survival rescue missions forcity people that are in need of extreme help. Show your extremeshadow flying nija action stunts for big city rescue survival inthis amazing Ninja Superhero : The Shadow Turtle Action game.If youlike superhero games, fun games, ninja turtle games, iron ninjagames, teenage mutant shadow ninja, epic ninja turtle warriorgames, turtle shadow ninja fighting games, simulation games, flyinghero games, action games, teleporting games then you will lovethis!Be a super ninja shadow master turtle and fight for your citybattle and slay down the vile plans of your devilish enemies andgive them a hard time do not let the monster apes escape. As anultimate mastermind ninja shadow turtle warrior you need to fightout the criminal apes. Be ready for surprising attacks from theside of monster apes enemy. Let’s assassinate hardcore monsterapes. The ninja shadow turtle super hero are always called theescorts. Take a revenge from the all the monster apes who aretrying to knock out you. Prove the apes that you are a ninjalegends turtles came back to trash the monster crime lords. Feelyourself as a master of all the hero ninja shadow turtle warriors.Play the most challenging survival gameplay with an exciting &thrilling adventure of ninja vs monster apes mission.NinjaSuperhero : The Shadow Turtle Features:• Detailed environments withdifferent Views.• Flying, Car Theft , Bike Theft , Buss theft.•Highly futuristic super power Mutant.• Realistic Sound Effects.•Stunning gameplay with variety of superhero levels.• Futuristic HD3D Graphics.• Futuristic game Environment.
Gangster Joker Villain: City Police Squad 1.1
Have you ever think to terrorize the city and civilians with yourpure devilish & evil ideas? Well, here is your chance tounleash the cruel animal inside you in this joker action simulationgame by following just your dream regardless of the consequences ofyour actions.Criminal Clown are very rare as clowns are usuallyfunny and entertaining. Criminal Clown concept is very terrifyingbecause people does not expect any criminal activity from theseclowns. This game gives you thrilling experience of terrifying thewhole town with this clown. In Gangster Joker Villain: City PoliceSquad criminal clown has extremely unique and creative yet evilideas to frightening the whole city. This Gangster Joker Villainclown is mafia criminal clown gangster and he has its own clownrobbery gangster squad. Be a grand robbery legend and now hauntingin the bank, supermarket parking areas, malls and supermarkets withhis evil plans. This is the best killer clown game of 2017.In thisGangster Joker Villain: City Police Squad you are a clown gangster,who don't need brilliance, you have greed for revenge. Protect yourboss from police surrounding his palace & be one of deadlycriminals, It's time to show everyone who’s boss by shooting rivalsand ruling the streets. You have the opportunity to become a superjoker villain. You were once the offence lord of Miami, Vegas andmany other crime cities. Loot the money of citizens, attack andescape from the spot without getting killed. You have to put upyour guiltiness empire within the City of Angels.In Gangster JokerVillain: City Police Squad you are creepy clown gangster whosemission is to assault the citizens of state at your boss orders whois deeply connected to city criminal mafia gangsters. Kill anycitizens in your way either they are hanging around in thesupermarket or withdrawing their money from the bank. Assault themfrom your deadly weapons you have like shuriken or an assaultrifle. The action in this Gangster Joker Villain: City Police Squadrevolves around shooting and killing your enemies as American mafiaguiltiness clown gang mobster. You just got out of San Andreascountry prison. You can either struggle to make living or you canstart playing like a criminal underworld gangster. Capture rivalturf, ruling the hood and expanding your American mafia territory.Shoot down real enemy gang members. Master in attacks to bring downopponents gangster city rivals and cops. Put your fear in dangerousmobsters in guiltiness town. This Game is only for real fun Not aReal crime. Clown Gangsters puts the dark, intriguing and ruthlessworld of the city’s street crimes on your phones. Stealing autocars, evading city cops, racing through city streets, and shootingdown other city gang members. Do you have enough guts to rise tothe top of the criminal piles?Attack, Shoot the police or therobbers it doesn’t matter because you have the support of yourcriminal mafia gangster boss who knows how to tackle any situation.Guard yourself as others can also kill you trying to protect themor retaliate to the situation. Do not get arrested for shooting andkilling gangster rivals. It is Combination of all games likefighting, running, racing, action, adventure, terrorist game, stuntreal, mission real gangster shooting game. In this Gangster JokerVillain: City Police Squad crime action game your mission is tosurvive different situations, attack chase police or the citizensand strike them when they expect least action.★★★ GAMEPLAY FEATURES★★★Play as the Criminal ClownThrill of Playing as a Gangster ClownHighly Additive & Immersive GameplayAim, Shoot and TakeHeadshotsMultiple Weapons like Pistols, AK and Assault GunsAmazingreal 3D environment.Criminal missions with each unique tasks.Smoothand intuitive controls.Car driving experience .Hardcore stuntsimulation games.Rush Grab & steal auto cars like a realmobster.
War of Apes: Kong City Survival 1.0
War of Apes: Kong City Survival is king Kong adventure games, whereyour role is fight out the evil monster apes who have attacked thecivilians in the modern city environment. You as hero ape will befighting in warzone against your own creature who have gone wildagainst humans, came out of Jungle and playing hard with heavyweapons to in this forces of war. In War of Apes: Kong CitySurvival will find the city full of apes in game. Survival herewill be not a simple task. Play epic battle simulator hero escapesafely in heroes survival from armed forces & use everythingyou find to survive the disasters. Make a tricky jungle fight planagainst monster apes and rescue your humanity from their brutaltargeted missions like in planet of the apes game. Use yourfighting skills with aggressive cops and wardens to escape mission.Kill the dangerous monster apes, steal their weapons find your waythrough forest.As a Heroes survival Apes find your sweet spot &hunt down wild animals, ruthless evil angry ape hero fighters forultimate Survival in this survival escape mission in the World ofapes. Be the angry ape hero fighter and kill the armed ape forcesthat may attack you. Kill & run fast in the city like you runin a jungle fight by making a super hit jungle adventure storygames. Armed gorillas, monkeys apes forces try to kill you, nowit's time to take your revenge in this forces of war and secure thehumanity from dangerous monster apes, angry ape hero fighters,chimpanzees, ruthless evil monkey king Kong, Monster Gorrilas andgorillas fighting in this epic scene like dawn of the planet of theapes. Think you have what it takes? Your War of Apes: Kong CitySurvival adventure is about to begin in this survival game &rise like angry ape hero fighter.If you like king kong adventuregames, king kong games 3d, Gorrila games, dawn of the planet of theapes games, monkey king kong games, gorillas monkeys apes games,king kong free games, monkey king fight games, gorillas fighting,king kong adventure fighting games, Monster Gorrilas games you aregoing to love your role of epic angry ape hero fighter in this Warof Apes: Kong City Survival.Control humans defending its territoryfrom strong apes. Sneak up on enemy soldiers king kong monster apesand kill them with your strong hits. In this War of Apes: Kong CitySurvival you have to control a huge gorilla male, who is infuriatedby the fact that there your fellow apes have entered in humansterritory feeling like they are here for a jungle fight in thissurvival escape mission. Penetrate the apes military camp, town,and other places where evil monster soldiers apes settled todestroy them all. Be careful, the soldiers apes are well-armed. Soyou need to use a variety of shelters, guide your hero alongrooftops, etc. Attack monster king Kong monkey enemies from behindlike you do in monkey king fight games.They are shooting, killingpeople, capture banks and stores. Monster Gorrilas are creatingchaos in the city.Features Of War of Apes: Kong City Survival : •Interesting Game Play• Smooth and intuitive controls• Eye-catching& High Quality 3D Graphics• Thrilling and challenging Missions•Horse Riding & Fighting• Amazing 3D Jungle Environment• Smoothand intuitive controls• Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics•Thrilling and challenging Missions• Shoot & Hunt deer for food•Amazing 3D Jungle Environment
Hero Ninja Police Sniper Warrior 1.1.1
Pocket App Studio is extremely delighted to present this Comicfiction Hero Ninja Police Sniper Warrior Action game. Are youlooking for an amazing teenage Sniper superheroes game? We areintroducing an awesome piece of entertainment in this Hero NinjaPolice Sniper Warrior game. Yes, you are going to experience mostwanted comic hero "Hero Ninja Police Sniper Warrior". This HeroNinja Police Sniper Warrior is teenage anthropomorphic City policeturtle, who has turned into mutant Sniper Ninja Warrior to fightagainst evil superheroes, villains shadows. GAME PLAY of Hero NinjaPolice Sniper Warrior game is based on science fiction mutantsniper superhero games and have sniper rifle to fight with citygangsters as a city police ninja warrior. Have you got what ittakes to eliminate shadow crime from city in the best sniper game2017? Criminals are back in crime city to spread evil. You werebusy in ninja sniper shooting missions where the terrorist invadedon US army base that led to a started deadly shooting battle.Gangsters found roam took advantage of mountain sniper battle anddestroyed city peace to take down the peace inside the city. Cityescape sniper was called for gangster assault but got killed insniper shooting battle against deadly city criminals. The city anticrime force has suggested to appoint an expert mutant ninja warrioras City Police Sniper. This is best FPS Shooter to eliminate deadlycriminals. Get ready to become the real US city Ninja sniperassassin headshot killer and hunt takeout down the terrorists ascity escape sniper in best sniper shooting game ? You should useall your Sniper Ninja shadow, Sniper rifle, Taekwondo, Sniperarena, Perfect Snipers skills, Mauy Thai, Boxing and other fighterskills. Hero Ninja Police Sniper Warrior Features:• Detailedenvironments with different Views.• Car Theft , Bike Theft , Busstheft.• Highly futuristic super power Mutant.• Realistic SoundEffects.• Variety of sniper shooting games levels with your ownsniper rifle.• Futuristic Sniper Shooting Games environment withFlying Ninja capability in HD 3D.You will be delighted toexperience your favorite superhero as a Hero Ninja Police SniperWarrior game. You can explore new missions, vehicles, characters.Brace yourself to start a new version of the superhero policesniper ninja warrior turtle adventure. There isn't a need specialtraining to be part of superhero champions league. Do you have thecourage to complete all the missions? Prove yourself as a snipersuperhero and give a free rein to the villains. This war of justiceis nevertheless than war against assassins, champions, hitman. Nowits your turn to save people, keep the city safe as city policeninja sniper shooter. Dare to be the brave Mutant superpower of bigcity and fight against terrorism with zeal and power. It's a timeof Call! Are you ready to explore your superhero powers?In thisHero Ninja Police Sniper Warrior game you play as an expanding MMAgrand champion. You can mobilize yourself with use of CRAZYVEHICLES including monster trucks, muscle cars, tanks & fighterjets to commute. So strap in -- there’s no auto-pilot for thesedogs of war! Master the art of using your sniper rifle withincredible superhero abilities and become the unstoppable ninjastar. Hot car chases with cops, confrontation with military forcesand street gangs outrage. Stealing auto cars, evading cops, racingthrough streets. Try out all the supercars and bikes. Make stuntson a bmx. Demolish enemy comic superheroes. Get ready for themortal combat and stay on the battlefield till your last breath.Were you always dreaming of superhero spirit? Or to fight against asuper villain. Well, you deserve to be a teenage ninja leader. Byplaying Hero Ninja Police Sniper Warrior on your smart phone, youcan become super star. Hero Ninja Police Sniper Warrior is waitingto your suggestions and reviews.
Dr. Ninja 1.0
Are you looking for an amazing teenage superheroes game or turtleshadow ninja games? We are introducing an awesome piece ofentertainment in this Dr. Ninja. Yes, you are going to experiencemost wanted comic hero " hardcore ninja shadow" in rescue gamesmode. This ninja warrior shadow is teenage anthropomorphic turtle,who has turned into mutant shadow ninja fighter to fight againstevil superheroes, villains shadows and to rescue the civilians ofhis city. Play as action flying ninja warrior turtle & fightthe gangsters mafia who have entered in USA new york city with yourmutant ninja shadow boxing turtle and sword fighting skills,shuriken and flying Ninja tactics. As Dr. Ninja you play role ofshadow fighter flying ninja champ show your mutant ninja tactics inteenage mutant shadow ninja game to fight the gangsters, terroristsin this rescuing ambulance games. Swing your teen fight ninja swordor turtle shadow ninja shuriken to protect the people and eliminatethe gangsters & incredible monster with the edge of your bladein this rescue games. Apart from that, steal motor bikes and carsfrom the streets, and be a flying ninja moto rider as you raceacross the newyork. So if you see a car you like, just steal it. Orfly as high as you can in order to disrupt the Gangsters mafianetwork as a Flying ninja Shadow turtle doctor.Become a shadowninja turtle warrior and fight bravely like a real hero ninjaturtle flying warrior to control gangsters in the city. Army isbusy in war with terrorists and you have to play the role of superhero ninja turtle to rescue the city as being a professionalDoctor. Dr. Ninja is not only battle against dangerous gangstersand terrorists but also rescue mission to help injured people withyour superhero flying skills. Fly high in the sky as real ninjaturtle hero and fight bravely with the gangsters mafia to become areal ninja fighter in grand city. Dr. Ninja rescue survival hasmany rescue and survival missions and as a brave shadow ninja heroturtle warrior you must be able to save people and injured citizenswith super power rescue skills. Be the Super shadow ninja turtle inaction simulator to fight against the terrorists squad. Use youradvanced shadow ninja master mind and advance shuriken accuratelyand kill the gangster squad in city survival mission 2017. Now getready for ninja shadow survival rescue missions for city people.Show your extreme shadow flying nija action stunts for big cityrescue survival in this amazing Dr. Ninja Action game.If you likesuperhero games, fun games, ninja turtle games, iron ninja games,teenage mutant shadow ninja, epic ninja turtle warrior games,turtle shadow ninja fighting games, simulation games, flying herogames, action games, teleporting games then you will love this!Be asuper ninja shadow master turtle and fight for your city battle andslay down the vile plans of your devilish enemies and give them ahard time do not let the monster terrorists mafia escape from thecity.
Spider City Fighter Rope Hero: Rescue Games 1.1.1
Pocket App Studio is delighted to present Spider City Fighter RopeHero: Rescue Games. Imagine, if your city had been attack bygangsters? Be a flying spider super hero and use all your cityfighter fantastic power and super power to protect the people ofyour city. The gangster are active once again in this survival citydoing criminal activities around and situation is out of controlfor city police and rangers army. Nobody knows your super powersspider web and flying hero skill. Time to convert in to real flyinghero spider boy and go for the rescue mission for save the survivalcity. Transform your human body in to super hero spider boy withthe super spider powers. Spider City Fighter Rope Hero: RescueGames playing is as friendly neighbor super spider web hero inCrime City, and take down in heroic battles all the Newyork Citygangsters, vice thug open car, Newyork City mafia and terrorist ofthe extreme crime city with your super powers in this endlessfighting spider game. Whether its a vice thug open car or a villainor a criminal, just throw your shuricane and kick your way out inheroic battles and save the day as a fearless fighter in thisbattle of heroes and villains. You are the in league of justice inthe crime city, you are the law, and you are the brave hero thatthe city needs in the times of war on terrorism. So play as thesavior of human kind in this endless fighting game.Spider CityFighter Rope Hero: Rescue Games is a free action fearless fighter3D hero spider game with addictive game play and challenging rescuemissions and super power mutant chase missions to accomplish. Beinga shadow mutant spider superhero it's your duty to track and chasedown the Newyork mafia criminals, supernatural super power robotvillains, thieves and terrorists. Ever thought what would you do ifyou have all the super powers of a amazing spiderboy? Well it'stime to stop thinking and enjoy this amazing super naturalsuperhero strange mutant game like a rope and fly. In this superaction games for kids you will face different survival situation.As a flying spider superhero you need to be high alert. There mightbe car accident on the crime city road, vice city rooftop incident,Bomb blast or building on fire. In all these emergency situationflying spider hero is only hope for them. Star a mortal battleagainst extreme terrorist. Follow the story and accomplish all thesuperhero guest in this super hero games. The criminals and superpower supernatural mutant spiders are roaming around the city. Theyneed a vigilante flying spider, amazing spider boy in this nonstopaction heroes battle and you mutant brave rope hero is the onlyhope for them in this battle against crime. Being Super powerspider, mutant villains has attacked your beautiful city so now isthe time for heroes battle. The true battle heroes never die orgive up so show them your super powers and strange super hero ropeabilities. Use your super.io powerful webs, ninja tactics andamazing spiderboy rope in this brutal war of crime with enemy. Thisis the time you rescue army war heroes who are injured in thismessy war with strange super power mutant spiders in this endlessfighting game. It's your chance to become the strange hero. Policeofficers and army soldiers need urgent war rescue and medicaltreatment, you pick them up from the battle zone and fly back tothe rescue center which is not very far away. Your goal is to savea life & war rescue. In times of war the army heroes need yourspectacular spider powers in this close combat war game. You haveto overcome this situation by using ninja tactics. Fly to the pointwhere you see a soldier shouting for help and rescue as flyingspider. You are the super hero and super hero has to do some greatjob. Weapons like snipers have done a big damage. We have to healit. Sniper hits to kill but you fly to save lives. Best of luck inthis Spider City Fighter Rope Hero: Rescue Games !
Super Flying Man: City Rescue Mission 1.0.3
Get ready for rescue game that is Super Flying Man: City RescueMission. It is an amazing action simulator where you willexperience real flying adventure around the battlefield as a flyingrobot steel hero legend. It has many rescue missions and as a truemilitary superhero, you have to save your war heroes injured duringthe battle with terrorists and criminals. Be a true Military Armyhero by flying over gun shooting action filled war zone to rescueyour fellow injured military army soldier commandos in thisthrilling iron or steel mech army rescue game. In the futuristicbattle of machines, the rescue mission is assigned to the flyingrobots and to restore peace. Be the flying hero and fight againstthe terrorist agencies, capture the bank robbers performing heistand put the prisoners in Jail. Superhero animal rescue game is anexclusive blend of US Army superhero rescue games, flying herogames, superhero adventure & super power games. You are one ofthe best grand city heroes from action hero legend squad, go to thegrand city and complete your challenging US Army superhero rescuemission and enjoy the superhero adventure.Superhero with amazingsuper powers and great abilities everyone looks up to you. You canfly in air and you can move superfast between the buildings. Useall your super power and marvelous strategy to protect and save thepeople in the city. It is a new superhero game while you areplaying this game and enjoy the missions when you are solved.Superhero saves people from accident and gangster problems.Gangster involves the street crime and other unpleasant activitiesin city. Superhero crime battle provides platform where people knowthe power of superheroes.This is a Super Flying Man: City RescueMission Game is a no task for ordinary super robots. Life of asuper robot flying from one building to another at supersonicspeed, rescue civilians and steel robot fighting crime; is a trueMayday thriller. Action game will let you the know differencebetween steel and flesh. Super Flying Man: City Rescue Mission as aflying robot steel hero legend, you must be able to save people andinjured citizens in amazing action simulation. There may be asecurity alert, criminal attack and a combat between policeofficers and gangsters where your help would be needed. Be thefuturistic warrior flying robot hero steel legend in actionsimulator and to help the police officers in fighting with againstthe criminal terrorist squad. Use your advanced super heroic gunand missile accurately and kill the gangster squad where needed.Show off your super combat skills, attack the criminals and savethis grand the city from all sort of threats and terror.Do you likeSuperhero battle games or Superhero fighting games? This is newepisode of superhero battle game where you enjoy flying and savingcity from criminals. This game is completely free for you justbegin to download and playReal flying adventure with the flyingsuper robot over the grand city in action simulator game. Fly overhuge skyscrapers and fly low to help the people in need. Fly highabove sky with metal wings. Be the flying cyborg and save thepeople from all evil to restore peace. Rise as an iron hero superrobot fighting game! An exciting role as futuristic flying robotsuper steel hero job will let you exhibit your super robot flyingskills to rescue and fight. Fly over the grand city to the ultimateheight for searching and rescuing people in the emergency situationand take them to the ambulance. Give a hard time to criminalsescaping from the grand city jail combating police officers. SniperShoot them away with your advanced robotic steel gun and robotmissile in action simulator. Be the futuristic warrior steel robotand fight bravely with the criminals to save the city and dismissmafia groups causing terror in the city town. Enjoy the real thrillin criminal chase missions and be the super flying steel warriorlegend in action simulator.
Hurricane Survival: Scifi Car Rescue Mission 1.0.1
Looking for a lifeguard rescue games with a scifi hover car extremedriving simulator in hit of real thunderstorms? Here is a rescuewater flood game in tornado weather with a Rescue scifi hoverflying car in water and rescuing the trapped civilians from waterstorm. Hurricane Survival: Scifi Car Rescue Mission is the bestRescue Mission Game for Scifi hover Car Rescue Mission.Enter thefrontline of the Hurricane Survival: Scifi Car Rescue Mission inreal thunderstorm and drive ahead it for a specific time! Extremehover car driving game, which is for hurricane lightning stormfighters only in heavy rain, and you can become one of rescue teammemebers in this hover car extreme driving simulator in one of thebest hurricane survival tornado hunter games for Rescue missiongames lover !Your job is to rescue the affected in the first placeand make sure you carefully drive the extreme car simulator in formof hover car while rescuing the civilians from the top of buildingsand save their life and be the lifeguard rescue by getting awayfrom tornadoes in Hurricane Survival: Scifi Car Rescue Mission.Lightning storm fighters are not easy to be, they need to be intime to perform in tornado chaser games like this. Experience oneof the best extreme driving simulator to play and drive yourvehicle to the Hurricane thunderstorm before it gets toostrong.Hover flying car games are interesting but this HurricaneSurvival: Scifi Car Rescue Mission game is actually in the leagueof the best flying games and rescuing people games in a heavy rainthe scary drive as a tornado chasers in Hurricane Survival: ScifiCar Rescue Mission. Heard of hover flying simulator car rescuegames before? If no then just know that this flying scifi carsimulator game is all about a brave soldier on a rescue missionwith lightning thunderstorm. You are on extreme scifi hover car andlooking to visit different checkpoints to pick up the trappedcivilians or safely drop the rescued on the defined checkpoints byhiding yourself from the monster tornado in water flood game. Ifyes then you will surely know that the flying simulator HurricaneSurvival: Scifi Car Rescue Mission games are all about visitingdifferent checkpoints in tornado weather as like rescue boatsimulator.One of the best survival games or rescue games will notget this amazing extreme driving simulator on a scifi hover carwhen it is not super cool. Why this one?- Become one of thelightning real thunderstorms fighters in the frontline- Experiencethe most extreme car driving ever- On Screen steering wheel andaccelerate/brake controls- Drive ahead and rush through everythunderstorm- Beat the tornado storm and be in the rescue team.-Choose different level to drive in this extreme thunderstormdriving simulatorStormy weather after Hurricane tornadoes that formby winds to study climate change scientists in hover offroadvehicle that launches a prosecution with tornado Storms Huntersenter a racing game against the most dangerous bad weather as arescue team to save trapped civilians. Facing winds that may exceedthe sound barrier with Hurricane Survival: Scifi Car Rescue Missionliterally a rescue game in flood lifeguard rescue by drivingextreme scifi hover car weather approaching closer to the danger towin.Rescuers spares no threat to evolved Hurricane Survival: ScifiCar Rescue Mission in this hover car game back with dust designedto prevent the danger and save lives in the emergency departmentwith real-time 3D quality weather simulation follow the evolutionof hurricanes.
Flying Panther Superhero VS Gangster City Mafia 1.0
Prepare for Flying Panther Superhero VS Gangster City Mafia Rescueadventure, where the futuristic city has been attacked by gang citymafia & thug’s mafia using instant killing gangster snipershooting, which have increased the crime rate in survival city.Police and US Army are unable to control mad city mafia &normal street fighting criminal activities in the futuristic cityof New York. Flying Panther Superhero VS Gangster City Mafia letsyou play as eminent panther superhero or well-known flying pantherhaving well developed strange hero or Iron hero and deadly streetfighting abilities which are needed to engage in highly intensehero city battle and rescue the people of survival city fromvicious gang city mafia. Get engaged in epic versus strange hero orstreet fighting war in highly intense hero city battle or highlydangerous crime city rescue and eradicate all the mad city mafiaalong with real street fighters using panther superhero or highlyskilled flying panther and well-known bat hero skills utilized incity wars from different location of Vice City. Be ready for realsuperhero fighting and shooting game! You have tried many otherflying superhero games but this Super Panther Flying Hero CitySurvival game unlike other is full of thrill, action and adventure.The incredible hero takes you on next level. Become a New Yorksuperhero and fly around for saving people lives. The panther canfly around the futuristic city and has to rescue city people frombad time. The terrorist, city mafia, robbers and gangster willdevice different ways to sabotage the panther superhero move. Toadd to trouble, terrorists can plant bomb in cars, attack the shopsor banks. Panther super hero has been called many time incrediblehero warrior in New York city because of his flying rescue, instantkill and fighting skills. In this Flying Panther Superhero VSGangster City Mafia the eminent panther superhero or well-knownflying panther has to rise up against mad city mafia along withstreet fighters and accomplish crime city rescue mission forfuturistic city of New York. Eradicate evil from city street withintense fighting and shooting. The city mafia plunder the citycivilians and take away their belongings. The warrior has toeradicate and instant kill the crime now. A good solider alwaysrequire fighting skills to make a critical strike.Take a flightaround the city and get ready for survival duty. The vicious gangcity mafia with deadly street fighting and superhero streetfighters skills have taken control of the different locations ofthe city. As a real Flying Panther Superhero VS Gangster City Mafiayou have decided to answer innocent people call and join citysurvival rescue mission. The fighting warrior has to combat crimeand eradicate it out of roots. Help out people in all situationwhether it be bomb blast, building on fire, car accident, drugdealing or an innocent in trouble. So do you think you are ready tosave the city from destruction? Be that super hero warrior andfight to eliminate the crime out of city. Be the real flyingpanther hero in any emergency situation that arises in the city andprove to the criminals who’s the super hero here!In Flying PantherSuperhero VS Gangster City Mafia game you will engage with varioussituations where you have to defeat gang city mafia and thug’smafia as an eminent panther superhero or vigilant flying pantherchosen from superheroes. In this adventurous game you have toexpertly utilize your instant killing gangster sniper shootingskills and highly skilled super spider hero or well-known flyingspider exceptional abilities of Iron hero to eradicate all citylords and successfully accomplish crime city rescuemission.GAMEPLAY• Exceptional HD graphics with City environment!•Rescue city people as the real super panther hero!• High qualitysounds with superb animations!• Multiple missions of flying &fighting with city mafia!• Ten amazing game levels!
Crazy Bicycle Thief vs Police Car Chase 1.0.1
Are you ready for 2017 adventurous bicycle run in the streets ofNew York by riding a super cycle on twisted roads as thief, whilerunning away from NY police car chase? In this bicycle gamesadventure ride your mission is to escape from police car chase. Asa pick pocket, you have to challenge the NY police and show yourreal skills as crazy freestyle cyclist. Get control of your extrememountain bike and steer with pedals to get real life sensation ofriding cycle. Satisfy your passion for cycle racing with the blendof adventurous cycle racing game. Crazy Bicycle Thief vs Police CarChase is the one of the best addictive new age cycle games andThief VS police games. During your bicycle ride and escape missionfrom police chase avoid to get caught by the police or busted!Cycling is best for maintaining fitness. So become a crazyfreestyle cyclist and ride with full speed by controlling the BMXhandlebars with strong wrist grip. Race the 2 wheeler monsterbicycle by kicking fast paddle to perform stunts in freestylejumping. This bicycle wheelie game offers adventurous off-roaddriving experience with perfect cycle simulation. Driving on witheasy trails the riding on hills become challenging with time.Bicycling doesn’t need gas or fuel its just need focus and cyclingskills. This offroad cycle game is also for Kids. Bicycle racing issports cycle racing game, which testing your cycling skills. Inthis racing simulator you will ride your mountain cycle on cityroads against your opponents. Win all the challenges as aprofessional racer in this race and show the world you are masterin cycling race.It finest game has lots of BMX cycles and stages tocomplete. Your task is riding your cycle against the NY policecar's, they are all after you to hunt you down and your mission isto escape. This is a police Vs thief race, which has no fuel andgas restriction but the countdown is major part of the game meanstime is not on your side, so ride your cycle as fast as possibleand reach at destination. Win all extreme races of this cycle gameand complete all missions. Crazy Bicycle Thief vs Police Car Chaseis racing game, where speed is not only way to win. You need tofocus on your riding and avoid to falling down and crash withothers things. If you collider with anything there are chances thatPolice car chase might come down to caught you. So if you arecaught by police, game is over. It has challenging levels, completefirst levels and unlocks next challenges. The next levels are morechallenging and tough.You will definitely enjoy this game and itsgorgeous environment of city. Its cutting edge 3D graphics andpleasant sound effects will certainly entertain you and gives youreal sensation of riding cycle in real life. Download free formplay store and enjoy this game with riding of mountain cycle forseveral hours and have fun!Play free extreme off road bicyclesimulator game of 2017 and enjoy the fun of drivingexperience.Crazy Bicycle Thief vs Police Car Chase Features:-Challenging Bicycle levels- A real Life Cycle Simulation - Perfect& Realistic Bicycle Controls- Free ride and level Mode -Obstacles to avoid- Realistic & Stunning Hill MountainEnvironment- Free Play Game no internet connection requiredIn thisCrazy Bicycle Thief vs Police Car Chase you must get ready to takeanother journey and enjoy a reviving bicycle ride around thebeautiful city. Satisfy your passion for cycle racing with theblend of adventurous cycle racing game. Extreme cycle racing is theone of the best addictive new age cycle games. Let’s take excitingand action packed riding, that gives you real life ridingsensation. Ride on cycle navigates through beautiful city roads;and fast paddle not for only fitness, for win cycle race againstprofessionals. It cycle drag racing simulator has professionalcycle gear and bicycle like never before. Exciting cycle race isfilled with challenges and lots of fun.
High School Halloween Breakup Ride 1.0
High School Halloween Breakup Ride is about a teenage High schoolboy ‘Matt’ who has the crush on a high school girl "Stacy". Theyhook up in the high school Halloween Party, and a went to romanticdate with the crush. High School Halloween Breakup Ride is a roleplaying game. Where you will be playing a high school boy "Matt's"role. You were excited about the school Halloween Party and theromantic date, but unfortunately you end up breaking up with yourbeautiful girlfriend in that meeting. Now you have all youraggression to be served on your car as a crazy driver, who is up totake the revenge of from everything around him like traffic, lightlamps etc by doing extreme car drifting, crazy car driving, endlessdriver, crazy city racing or like a crazy taxi driver in themidnight city. In this High School Halloween Breakup Ride game youare hurt and angry. You have no clue what you are up to. But allwant to do is destructive events, which means as teen high schoollad you need to show your crazy driver skills as you make your waythrough the city. High School Halloween Breakup Rideis a drivingsimulator that offers you an endless amount of missions. Earn yourmoney through these missions and smash your ride in everything yousee, smash your car into poles, water pumps in the streets. Destroythe traffic, break the signals, your extreme driving skills withcrazy mindset. You are free to drive any vehicle, you have theability to get into any car you want and start driving it throughthe grand city in rush driving mode with the touch off-road tracksand make yourself satisfied after making a lot of destruction incity, while you have City Police chasing you and your car. In HighSchool Break up Ride, the cop detector and radar are on, theirchecking on town streets. The police patrol have random routes. Aslong as there are no cops on the horizon, you can be the car driverthat can go at crazy high speeds for game credits. The police canpull you over if you exceed the allowed speed or if you'll crashinginto any cop car; then, you'll be the most wanted of the nation andthey'll go hunting to you. While police chasing you, you must bedriving fast as lightning of heat. When you reach good distance ofthem, the hot pursuit has finished and your job is done. But, ifthe cop forces arrested you, you failed to done the felons worksand must pay a furious traffic ticket.In this High School HalloweenBreakup Ride game improvise your driving skills on the difficultand dangerous mountains roads filled with mud and dirt. Acceptevery challenge; complete the task within time, while driving yourcar with no limit on the speed. Feel like a real driver when he sitinto his crazy ride and when he wants to take on the mighty skies.Tackle the dirt roads, obstacles and the rocks with your drivingexperience. Take your ride out on long drive and checkout thesurroundings. Keep up the pace with highly tuned physics and showyour offroad skills.Blaze your car on the steep and very dangeroushilly roads and show your extreme skills.Show your wild drivingskills to be the extreme off-road legend.If you smash into othercars then don’t worry you! You are teenage High School heartbrokenlad.HOW TO DRIVE:Tap Left to turn left.Tap right to turn right.Hitbrake to stop.Tap throttle to accelerate.FEATURES:Real car soundeffects.Drive the Off road monster Cars.Endless realistic 3DenvironmentRealistic 3D graphics and tuned car driving physics.Ridetuning.Free to Download The High School Halloween Breakup Ride gameis completely free to play, This Halloween Party game bringsendless possibilities of adventure with lots of fun. Brightvisuals, interesting story line, and interactive sound are allamazing features of this high school life game. Come on ! Downloadthis high school game and enjoy interesting activities and takeyour Halloween breakup love story to the next level!
Call Of Warrior: Combat Commando Battlefield 1.0
Call Of Warrior: Combat Commando Battlefield is action packed realfrontline battle shoot game for tps fans. As a best commando youhave to combat with your powerful shooting equipment to defeat theterrorists. You as a frontline commando, are the last hope toprotect your people from this counter terrorism strike. Other thanthe riffles and guns you are carrying, you are also have anamerican police dog to attack on enemies. This super dog hero isequally well trained as you are as an american commando.This is anintense modern frontline battle like you see in guerilla war gamesin which you have to aim & target accurately at the terroristgangster mafia for survival. Be ready as an American huntercommando to shoot fire the deadly terrorist gangster to assassinthem in battlefield. Show & prove the world that you are thecommando special warrior by using your modern gun weapons likesniper rifle, pistol, smg & ak47 to strike at hidden deadlyenemies. Face the challenges & dangers as a warrior in thisgrand royale as a universe defender since the counter gangsterterrorist are continuously shooting. You are a trained militaryshooter in tps shoot assassin 2017 so it is your duty to destroytargets with assault guns & explosive materials like grenades& bombs. Also you can instruct the american police dog toattack on terrorists as we see in police dog games. Let’s prepareyourself as soldier for this tps war to experience the intenseshooting strike to defeat the terrorism. Your last companion isyour american police dog commando warrior. In this battle ofcounter strike terrorism, K9 (canine) will help you as pet dogsimulator. K9 will play its role as a frontline commando with youto eradicate gangster strike action shooting battle. In thisshooting assassin 2017, K9 will fight as an army soldier or like wesee frontline commando fighting in army games. On your instructionsyour american police dog will attack terrorists like a real superdog hero or a real warrior like in warrior games.In Call OfWarrior: Combat Commando Battlefield, the terrorists haveruthlessly attacked at your territory. So get ready to shoot fireat terrorist attack by equipping yourself with modern guns likesniper, pistols, ak47 & smg in combat frontline battlefield asin terrorist games. Being a commando special warrior it is yourduty to protect & save the innocent people from terroristshooting strike. As an experienced combat fighter you will gothrough many hurdles each step of the way and come out victoriousfrom every critical fight. You or your super dog hero must not letcounter gangster enemy escape from your sight so aim & targetthem accurately by using sniper shooting skills in battle arena.This tps terrorist battle game will let you compete in shootingmissions as you have what it takes to eradicate all the terroristsgangsters & mafia lords to defend your city. In thischallenging and thriller filled 3D free tps short dust game, Youand your american police dog are the last commando with standingbetween peace and war from breaking out. You must circle around thegangsters & enemy shooters to assess their position to shoot sostrike them down with your sniper, short gun & riffles withunlimited bullet fires. Call Of Warrior: Combat CommandoBattlefield is one of the best action games for free. Be ready tohold your sniper shooting guns to strike in this 3d action classtps game. This eventful royale battle against evil terroristgangster mafia lords will let you enhance the shooting skills &tactics.
Saiyan Battle: Dragon Goku Superhero Warrior 1.0.1
Son Goku (Japanese: 孫 悟空? Hepburn: Son Gokū)is a fictional character and main protagonist of the Dragon Ballmanga series created by Akira Toriyama. He is based on Sun Wukong,a main character in the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West.Goku is introduced in Dragon Ball chapter #1 Bulma and Son Goku(ブルマと孫悟空? Buruma to Son Gokū)Takes most of what I like about the anime and role-playing gamesand combines them into a single, great-looking package. It’sstrange, then, that it mostly neglects the single most importantthing that makes Saiyan Battle: Dragon Goku Superhero Warriorgreat: the fighting. You would have fun building a hero all of yourown, but his journey through the Goku Battle lore is deflated byone-sided fights and combat that boils down to what feels likeglorified button-mashing. It is ultimately left wanting more thanthe shallow, frustrating, and repetitive combat.As Goku grows up, he becomes the Earth's mightiest warrior andprotects his adopted home planet from those who seek to harm it.Goku is depicted as carefree, cheerful and friendly when at ease,but quickly serious and strategic-minded when in battle. He is ableto concentrate his Ki and use it for devastatingly powerfulenergy-based attacks; the most prominent being his signatureKamehameha (かめはめ波, lit. "Turtle Destruction Wave"), in which Gokulaunches a blue energy blast from his palms. Also pure of heart,Goku has frequently granted mercy to his enemies, which has oftenearned him additional allies in the process (though has alsoresulted in others taking advantage of his kindness), and he is oneof the few who can ride the magic cloud called Kinto'un (筋斗雲,lit.Hero Goku is one of a kind Third Person game available thatsimulates the Goku Character from Dragon Ball cartoon series withall of his powers. In the series Hero Goku is fond of training injungle, facing and surviving all the dangers present in the jungle.This game would gave you the exact feeling, in fact even morepowerful, because you get to control the Goku and make him performmoves the way you want.As much as one wanted to love the combat, one couldn’t. Everydifferent combination of face buttons and resulting varyinganimations led to the same outcome: punching your opponent andmaking them fly far away from you. The strategy behind these fightsnever gets very deep, and settled into a repetitive but effectivepattern of punching and kicking a villain across the map, thencharging up to get enough Ki to use an ultimate attack.(Annoyingly, those miss half the time—even when an enemy standsdirectly in front of you as your worthless beams pass through theirbody).Defense is in the same boat: when an enemy starts to get a combogoing, dodging isn’t worth the stamina cost and blocking requiresalmost psychic-like reflexes to pull off, meaning you had neverreally used them. Instead, you helplessly took the assaults, thenreturned the favor until someone’s health invariably ran out.With combat a lackluster affair, the most enticing part of GokuSaiyan is the ability to create your own fighter. From Saiyans toNamekians, there’s a wide range of races to choose from, each withunique stats and fighting styles. Everything from their gender,size, shape, and voice is customizable. You could settle on Muu, amute female Majin known for her high defensive capabilities, fastspeed, and slow stamina recovery. The story she starred in isstraightforward but at least somewhat original;After playing Saiyan Battle: Dragon Goku Superhero Warrior you mustfeel happy that it was more than a shameless rehash of the anime(though it felt like one at first). It was awkward to hearcharacters like Trunks and Goku refer to Muu as the gender-neutral“they” or, bafflingly, even as “he” during the in-game scenes, andthe cheesy dialogue and terrible voice acting certainly didn’t helpmatters – but I’ll take that over playing as the series’ overusedprotagonists any day.
Impossible Chained Cars Stunt Game 1.0
Welcome to new super duper chained car or Impossible Chained CarsStunt Game in which one has to be aware of the physics implementedon both cars, speed fast your crazy chained cars, cross hurdles,perform bumpy stunts in the air on jumps and reach the finish pointto complete the adventurous mission. Driving fast nissan car onasphalt city roads is very easy but driving classic chained cars onthe asphalt roads is very difficult and more like impossible task.You have to lead both joined cars without chained broken till thelast stunt. After having last stunt you don't need to care aboutthe rope or chain, make massive stunt so that your main crazy carcould reach the finish point. In this Impossible Chained Cars StuntGame the pairs of new brand luxury city cars for racing areavailable you have to select any joined cars pair start driving oncity roads. It is not an offroad game but simple chained cars gamewith strategy and realistic physics has been implemented on thisImpossible Chained Cars Stunt Game. Avoid hitting any real car withblocks and barriers in the way. Be safe, protect chain frombreaking, make massive stunt and enjoy the awesome split cameraviews on making stunt. Collision in the luxury cars is not allowedchain may broken while collision.New Brand Luxury 4x4 carsincluding nissan, limo, turbo, suv Prado, jeep, taxi, nitro areavailable. To control both cars is in your hand just avoid chainfrom broken till last car stunt and become the best or master cardriver. You might have played different car racing or jeep racinggames e.g. stunt car race, 4x4 offroad car race, asphalt race,extreme chained bike, chained jeep, multi car race and many othersthey all are old there is no different idea. In this super duperchained car game there is a unique and different idea with multiplecars different in color and shape. In this Impossible Chained CarsStunt Game, beautiful 3D environment has been designed so that youcould enjoy it while making stunts. Don't go offroad while joinedcar racing or while making stunt. Finish line is a little far fromthe stunt. Both cars will out of your controls after stunt. Toreach your main car on the finish line will depend on both carsspeed. Finish line has been made focused by fireworks on it. It isnot a boring car game like other boring car racing games. It isvery interesting and addictive super duper impossible chained carsstunt game. This is a multiplayer frenzy cars game. Drive throughthe huge city highway traffic rush carefully. after completing allthe levels successfully you will become expert car driver. Featuresof Chained Cars Stunt Game: Multiple new brand different 4x4luxury cars including limo, suv jeep, prado, nitro, nissan etc...Pairs of different chained cars for driving and racing Hurdles inthe way before the finish line Massive stunts on jumps to reachthe finish line Split camera views to watch chain clearly totallyfree to play and enjoy super duper chained car game realistic andflexible chain AI Vehicles traffic rush on asphalt city roadsCollision in cars is not allowed chain may brokenImpossible ChainedCars Stunt Game is Chained breaker driver adventure is one of thebest chained cars games of 2018 which is absolute free. It's notany of Car parking new 3d games 2018 latest is here so deliver maxthis time and get ready to enjoy multi car parking in a differentway. Multi story game 2018 is like chained breaker on rampage likea joint car racing in which both cars will be demolishing indifferent camera views and angles.Drive on biggest tricky stunt andtricky car drive in chained cars games free. Come to grand showchained school bus driving 2018 new games in this crazy car racingstunt challenge. The world best drivers will drive chained cars2018 in the mad and crazy city to do a tricky stunt and trickyrace.Just install this super duper chained cars stunt game andenjoy its different features.
Apes Combat Counter Terrorist: Frontline Mission 1.0
Welcome to the battle of Apes on the store. The battle is a combatCombat Counter Terrorist attack by dangerous monster apes and theruthless evil humans. You have to protect your Army Base from angryape who are fighting the battle with the human forces and becomethe saviour of your special. Play the most challenging survivalmissions as a commando to fight with an angry ape hero fighter.With an exciting gameplay and thrilling adventures, this actiongame “Apes Combat Counter Terrorist : Frontline Mission” is an epicplay. Enter the world of ultimate survival games. Survive theescape missions in a army base where the wildest angry apes haveattacked on frontline commandos to take the apes revenge. Anultimate survival adventure in the Arm Base! Plan a strategy to thehuman race, escape from the warriors apes and survive the mission.It’s going to be a hard time to escape this island. Now its time tostart your stealth operations to get free from this evil enemy. Inthis Grand Apes Real Revenge, you have to control huge gorillamale, who is infuriated by the fact that humans killed his youngboy ape. Apes are penetrating the military camp, village, and otherplaces where soldiers settled to destroy them all. Apes CombatCounter Terrorist : Frontline Mission is a action packed realfrontline battle shoot game for fps fans is ready to be play. As abest commando you have to combat with your powerful shootingequipment to defeat the guerillas fighting terrorists. You are thelast hope to protect your people from this dawn of the planet ofthe apes counter terrorism strike. This is an intense modernfrontline battle in which you have to aim & target accuratelyat the angry ape hero fighter terrorist gangster mafia forsurvival. Be ready as an American hunter commando to shoot fire thedeadly terrorist, ruthless evil gangster to assassin them inbattlefield in this Frontline Mission. Show & prove the worldthat you are the commando special warrior by using your modern gunweapons like sniper rifle, pistol, smg & ak47 to strike athidden deadly enemies. Face the challenges & dangers in thisgrand royale as a universe defender since the dangerous monsterapes counter gangster terrorist are continuously shooting. You area trained military shooter in fps shoot assassin 2017 so it is yourduty to destroy targets with assault guns & explosive materialslike grenades & bombs. Let’s prepare yourself for this fps warto experience the intense shooting strike to defeat the enemies. Asa Heroes survival, these terrorists Apes families find cave &hunt down animals for food cutting trees build shelter and kill thedangerous monster apes armed forces that may attack you. Kill &run fast in the army base by making a super hit in ruthless evilgorillas fighting games. It`s not a an earth last day, fight hardwith monster apes, help the apes counter terrorism mission asfrontline commando to protect and stop their revenge by destroyingall mortal apes and brutal cowboy rivals. Now you are facingatrocious opponents and powerful apes jungle monkeys. Smash up allof them to prevent apes deadly melee attacks. Rise up to challengedeadly monster apes and fight your way to become the greatestshooting battle with powerful equipment in this apes counterterrorist!! Smash up all apes & frontline commando rivals to bethe greatest champion shooter showdown this fast-paced apes game.Many deadly apes battles are waiting for you now in age of apeslife game.Features Of Apes Combat Counter Terrorist : FrontlineMission Revenge:Realistic Environment of the Grand Apes.AmazingWild West shooting simulator.Outstanding 3D graphics on life ofapes.Free apes games have never been this deep or fun!Ultimatewestern third person shooter gameFast-paced Combat &adventurous apes mission.
Flash Hero Super Speed Rescue Survival 1.0.1
Are you ready to play the ultimate survival of incredible superspeed hero games 2018 and multi monster speed light superhero gamesof the decade! In this contemporary fictional light speed herogames, experience the thrill with electric speed powers offictional speed hero simulator in speed flash hero city like neverbefore. This outlandish blend of superhero games and super speedhero games and flash super army will definitely make you Pro playerin this monster rescue survival of superhero, speed light superherogames having speedster light superhero simulator within super lightman city rescue mission. You are the strange super light hero withamazing fighting, lightning and flying power that your enemyterrorists, bad evils, and criminals have never imagined. It’sstrange that multi flash hero or light hero is against them andsomeone tries to fight with laser lights to become light heromodern crime city combat hero. This is role playing of a massivespeedster light man superhero, as flash super army have to takedown your enemies like bat hero, especially Immortal Gods hero andshow those petite antagonists who is the Light superhero in thisblend of light superhero games ! In the most intense fastest manalive mutant warrior, control speedster light superhero speedstersimulator, move fast to finish off the malicious robotic force andace superhero city battle in this transforming and fictional lightsuperhero games. This fictional light superhero games has beenspecially designed for the crazy Lovers of multi super hero gamesand super light superhero fighting games; so that they can roamaround in this heroic superhero speed hero city arena and test profighting skills of speed flash hero simulator. Feel like yourfavorite future hero with the mutant flash Hero warrior City rescuegame. Try this super light modern hero crime city combat game as agreen hero and become a superhero champion of 2018 super heroleague. Fictional multi flash hero, speed light superhero gameswill definitely become a benchmark for the admirers of multi flashhero, speed hero games those desire utter exhibition of multi robotand monster light hero games. Knock punches with rapid intensityand prove to be a super speed hero simulator amidst this speed herocity rescue survival in this fast-paced fictional flash hero gameshaving fight with the city problems. Show off your speedingabilities like in speed superhero games and win this muddled war innone other than FLASH HERO SUPER SPEED RESCUE SURVIVAL like a flashspeed hero. FEATURES:- IMMERSIVE GRAND CITY ENVIRONMENT- FIGHT ANDSURVIVE LIKE A TRUE SUPER SPEED FLASH HERO!- ACTION FILLED MISSIONSwith different SUPERHEROES - ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY with superheroes.-REAL LIFE SOUND EFFECTS AND ANIMATIONSSo, have you finally become afan of light speed superhero games or mutant flash Hero warrior?Control your light speed hero games simulator and loud your extremerescue survival features in this light superhero games superherocity rescue survival. Become an expert of Super speed lightsuperhero games and dig into this mindboggling complex of Monsterhero city rescue survival games and superhero robot fighting games3d 2017 like never seen before in superhero games. Get ready forone-on-one action packed missions to destroy your evil enemies bymaking the best ever fighting strategy in the most addictive lightspeed hero game of the era. We aim to bring you the best ofsuperhero games with an exhilarating speedy and furious fightingexperience. Fight for victory in FLASH HERO SUPER SPEED RESCUESURVIVAL games, the boss of all light superhero games and robotgames out there!You’re inborn to rule the world then play anddefeat your rivals, rescue the people of your city with super speedhero where victory is the intention for independence in future. Getready to test your action packed fighting & rescue skills inthis futuristic FLASH HERO SUPER SPEED RESCUE SURVIVAL.
Call of SuperHeroes WAR : WW2 Justice Shooting 1.0
You might have seen many war on terror action packed thrillergames, but Call of SuperHeroes WAR : WW2 Justice Shooting is uniquein all aspects of gun war - shooting games. The story starts fromthe attack of evil and negative forces on the league of superheroesof our nation in this WW2 Justice Shooting. The evil attack wasthat strong, that the superheroes have been tamed to fight from thenegative side as an enemy force against the nation's army. Theyhave finally settled in abandon army base, and have won thecontrol. Final Call of War has been announced from these mutantsuper heroes, against the human race. They have all their superpowers to fight with in this superheroes terrorist attack Justiceshooting game.The most epic world war II scenario is about to startin an all new warfare scene where you gear up to be the warriorsoldier in this Call of ww2 Sniper shooting of evil Superheroes.Superheroes of all time have gathered to inflict critical strikes.Call for ww2 Justice Shooting duty awaits at the survivalbattleground fps shooter. Confront the extreme superhero shootingmission and inflict critical strikes on enemy hideouts with massiveshooting skills. Be the warrior and accomplish variety of shootingmissions. Unleash the domination on your enemies in this call forworld war 2 battleground. Defend your legacy as the pride of thenation is in your hands during the super heroes terrorist attackww2. Be the real marksman & strike sniper in this gun combatsniper mission game. WW2 Justice Shooting warfare is about to testyour sniper warrior and assassin skills in this ultimatebattleground against the mutant superheroes of all times forsurvival of a real war hero. World War Games are legacy for theshooting games lovers. Feel honor in Call of SuperHeroes WAR : WW2Justice Shooting as you would be awarded medals for your epicsurvival in this world war shooting arena. Lead the world war squadfrom frontline to win the ww2 Justice Shooting challenge. As amutant shadow fighter you have to answer the call of ww2 makingsure the enemy’s concerns were momentary. Show no mercy to thesemutant superheroes who have gone negative against the human racewhen you use pistols, sniper rifles, shotgun and sub machine gun toinflict war. Be the tactical shooter and let’s win the war for thepride of all humanity. Call of SuperHeroes WAR duty will begin oncethe Super Heroes forces rage attack on your army base to capturethe city. This is the time for call of new york superhero. Come forthe rescue of the nation in this modern world war duty againstterrorism. Prepare yourself to win the survival battleground inthis WW2 Justice Shooting. Legends depart as real army heroes. Thiscounter SuperHeroes terrorist game is the best challenging actionbased call of ww2 justice shooting game. Survival is just a bulletaway. The real fps challenge where you need to by the best sniperto take your best shot to take down these evil super heroes. Yoursurroundings are terrific with world war battleground. Ensure yoursafety and don’t let the enemy escape. You know the rules of war,don’t expect anything less than dismantling enemy armed forces.Make eradication the fate of your enemy. Your path won’t be easybut that’s what makes you a bigger sniper during this World War II.If you like superhero games, fun games, ninja games, iron ninjagames, teenage mutant shadow warrior games, epic spider the herogames, bat hero games, simulation games, flying hero games, actiongames, teleporting games then you will love this piece of art builton imagination of superheroes going wild in world war.FEATURES:-Counter SuperHeroes WAR Terrorist Battle against armed forces-Defend the legacy of your nation. - Survival the battlegroundmodern war.- Best FPS shooting adventure.- Challenge yourself towin the counter superheroes terrorist gun war - Immersiveenvironment & gameplay scenarios.
Super Flash Hero - Speed Light Running Simulator 1.0.1
The modern city is full of gems and coins, the futuristic city hasa temple surrounded with flash lights all over. To ensure thesafety of the city, you need to bring all the diamonds back. Thegameplay starts as streetball endless runner in this flash hero runsimulator game. You have to break into the city of templessurrounded with flash lights and find diamond and coins. Theultimate flash run begins when you the super speed run to escape asa rush runner but a ghost monster is awaken and the chase begins tosee, who's the superhero. There is no way to go but to run likesuperheroes or super human in this ultimate flash hero 3d endlessrun away flash run simulator. Your flash speed has gone wild asbolt and running over hurdles. You are showing your running skillsas streetball hero in this retro adventure sonic runners games.Theghost is also a futuristic spider villan and is chasing like a runrobot in this speed flash hero run simulation game and sonicrunner. This is never ending retro adventure with the path filledwith jewels, diamonds, power-ups, obstacles and hurdles. Keepcollecting the coins along the flash running path. Be the band heroto survive the ghost attack while performing the tricky stunts inthis superhero jumper endless run, flying adventure. Rush onto thegrump path and escape the flash city in speed of light like a realfastest man alive as a warrior of light in this fastest flash herosimulator. Extreame running experience in this superhero onlinegames like in flash games. Challenging gameplay won’t be an easytask for you. A futuristic superhero robot spider chasing you withhis heavy flash run nets is a scary scene. The path is full of thehedgehog like hurdles while tracing you in danger zone. Amazingboost ups, coins, diamonds & jewels will help your survivealong. Interactivity of the environment, sound effect and gameplayis even more interesting to witness. The perfect skills of new yorksuperhero as ultimate flash hero or ultimate speed hero in arcadestyle run will help you flash run your ultra fast flash hero tosurvive against the spider run as a hero killer in this top ratedbest hero game. FEATURES Of Super Flash Hero - Speed Light RunningSimulator :Run, Jump and PlaySwipe to Move & JumpPower ups,Coins, Score Multipliers etc3D Environment, Interactive Sounds& HD Graphics Hurdle & stunts endless racing modEndlessrunning gameplay in Flash City final RunMagnets can help youcollect more coins Intense and exciting game rhythmFace the unknowndangers and fear! !
Captain Lucky vs Mutant Witches 1.0
Pocket App Studio is extremely delighted to present one of the bestaction game based on superhero comic character called CaptainLucky. Who is a very strong and powerful superhero with someamazing built in super powers in him, have to fight against theevil mutant witches, in order to get the very haunted residentialarea released from mutant witches near a graveyard. In CaptainLucky vs Mutant Witches game you’re superhero and you should fightagainst evil mutant witches and demons to save your country andwhole Universe. Game play of this Captain Lucky vs Mutant Witchesis pretty simple, you will fight against evil demons super witches,mutant witches & get rid of demonic influence and you have todefeat them to get access to next level. Whoever likes to be anincredible superhero, superhero spider will love this super heromonster vs futuristic robot fighting game. As in superhero monsterrole, you will have superpowers like punch, smash, kick and flywhich can be used as a unlimited hitting machine shots. In thiscomic plus fiction based game called Captain Lucky vs MutantWitches you have the super abilities and superpowers to save theworld from evil super powers. Be the flying superhero and demonhunter to take this adventure to next level. As in Captain Luckyrole you can enjoy the super powers of having a savior shield inyour one metal hand which can protect you from evil super demonattacks of mutant witches. You have the ability to fly like aflying robot to hunt down your enemies in 3D full of adventure andfull of evil spirits as mutant witches in environment.As "CaptainLucky Barnes" you are a master of hand-to-hand combat and martialarts, as well as being skilled in the use of military weapons suchas firearms and grenades. Lucky the superhero also used throwingknives on occasion and was a gifted advance scout. Captain LuckyBarnes known as the Winter Soldier and the super soldier whichhelped to further hone his skills, making him the equal to hispredecessor in combat skills, and an expert assassin and spy.Winter Soldier's left arm is a cybernetic prosthetic withsuperhuman strength and enhanced reaction time. The arm canfunction when not in contact with Lucky and can discharge bolts ofelectrical energy from its palm. The arm has a holographic functionto disguise it as a flesh and blood arm. An epic game of Pocket AppStudio, Captain Lucky vs Mutant Witches gives you the opportunityto be a flying super hero taking quest after quest and using hissuper powers in a land of dark arcane magic, blood and glory. Facethe horror of shadow after shadow, fight a war against darkmonsters, explore every dungeon, and break the curse that hasfallen over the Universe! Save your super strength and soul,protect humanity and clear the lands to keep from losing the waragainst the shadow demonic kingdom! Be the winter soldier everyoneis waiting for. The real superhero to kill every monster, clearevery dungeon, and fight every epic dark knight, in your quest forglory! Captain Lucky vs Mutant Witches a game for those born withbattle in their blood. Every soul awaits a hero... The God hasgrant you super powers and epic treasure if you fight and kill themonster witches that created the arcane curse that created fear ofevil demonic monster witches in the universe. Take on fight yourway through a game set in the epic halls of the adventurous 3Dhaunted environment. Don't give up till your last breath.. As youadvance towards the dark recesses of the dungeon and the epic fightagainst the negative soul shadow, stay true to your quest andbecome the Super flying hero you've always dreamed of. Kill all theevil spirits struck by the curse, master the game and leave no evilbehind. Take this chance to become real super soldier and rule theworld as a true hero.
Iron Robot Hero Transformation 1.0
Welcome to the futuristic robot earth. Rise as a fly bot in modernera of robot transformation to fight the evil robots future battle.Iron Robot Hero Transformation takes you on adrenaline filled robotplane experience and offers an interesting adventure with Cartransformation of iron superhero robot in grand city. Show theworld you are true hero and no rust can stop the true steelmuscles.Are you ready to play such type of iron robot hero intoshooting car transformation against the boxeo robots, war machines,mech war, world of warships and shooting F16 robotic airplanes? Getready to become to an incredible iron hero against the boxeo robotsand shooting airplanes of mech warriors like war games for free.It’s actually an incredible iron robot hero vs shooting boxeorobots and deadly criminals 3D game. You have to show that you arethe savior of your futuristic vice city in such a mech warrior.Actually you work as an agent moto robot for your nation and youwander in the hostile nation as a mech war against the gamemachines.Game Play:This Iron Robot Hero Transformation & RobotUltimate Fighting Champion provides you an interesting gameplay offlying robots with transforming jets and thrill robots fighting incity. The open map, critical missions of destructive rival robotsand airplane robot transformation cannot be found in other robottransformation games. Transform your car into futuristic robot toshoot and blast evil robots and become part of hero robots leagueas a jet bot. Defeat all enemies mech steel robots and save thehumanity to be the hero of the world. If you like flying, combataction and robot rescue games and excited to futuristic airplane orcar games you will definitely enjoy playing Grand City Flying IronRobot.Features of Iron Robot Hero Transformation:Detailedinnovative city world environmentRealistic HD graphics andexcellent artX ray weapon with unlimited ammoRealistic robottransformationsDynamic robot combatLoads of physics added to give areal feel while playingLots of thrilling game missionsRealistic,Fun driving and flying controlsTime to exciting fun and fly highabove the war citiesPeople of the whole hero city looking for helpand they think that an incredible iron hero can become a defenderand savior of the whole futuristic city same as other robot wargames.This happened in the futuristic city mech battle becausethose boxeo robots, futuristic robots and alien airplanes belong toyour hostile nation. They are in mission against your hero city andas futuristic agents they would not leave your crime city withoutdestroying heavy no. of buildings like game machine, robot wars,mech wars, futuristic robot battle, and other city robot battles.Doyou like transforming robot games? This is the best game for you toenjoy the double fun of Iron Robot Warrior in city and cartransforming to future robot for an epic battle. You are pilot ofcity fighter robot, get ready for amazing and highly future flyingadventure. Be a famous car transforming iron hero robot which is onmission to protect the city against other mech robots loaded withhighly destructive weapons in intense war. The wicked robots tryingto destroy the human race from this earth. The city innocent peoplelooking for real trained robot with killing machine weapons andtransformation skills for fight. You are the only air robot withjet transform powers who can fly like airplane or jet robots andchallenge enemies attack to save the world.Car Transform SteelRobot does not require any internet connection, you can have fun inthe car, during services in a temple and in the subway.WE VALUEYOUR FEEDBACK:Iron Robot Hero Transformation will be updatedaccording to your suggestions. Don't forget to leave a review withyour feedback.
Grand Police Car Chase: Death Racing 1.0
Grand Police Car Chase: Death Racing is the newly designed offroadracing car shooting game where you would have multiple choices tobe a police car driver and chase death racers or be a combat racedriver on death racing specialized offroad track. Take any policecar you like, squad car, muscle car, 4x4 police offroad car, warcars, race cars, blaze car, cop car and escalade or Luxury PolicePrado car and chase drift master on muddy tracks. When getawayracer go offroad there must be a courageous driver who can chasethe robbers or cops pursuing thieves on rugged terrains and bumpyroads as the user would drive the car in open world. Either it isPolice car chase or racing car battle shooting, both the fullyindestructible and risky in deadly mountains. Up and down roads inmountains and sharp turns make police car driving risky and play asa road warrior. Basically it's a death racing shooting arena whereyou have the both option either you can play as a death racing carshooting driver to race in battlegrounds on roads against other HotPursuit full throttle applied shooting cars in car speed simulatorwhile cop car is in action as police pursuits or police chasinggames.Get yourself ready to experience the realistic version offurious death racing with advanced features and action gameplay.Wild and furious death racing 2018 – shoot with heavy guns toopponent racers bring you the most dynamic version of excitingdeath racing rivals 3d with the variety of shooting and attackinginstruments and vehicles. Brace yourself with 3D car racing feverand shoot the rival’s traffic. Action and shooting experience withwild, even more hard-core opponents' around you midst on thehighway roads full of destruction and action environment. Be thebest driver and attacker of the car death race after destroy theopponent vehicles in crazy action environment of city, snow anddesert roads. Dominate the tracks and opponent racers in anintense, fast-paced 3D racing adventure. Experience the heavy andfast racer fire as a best dangerous driver and shooter while racingagainst the opponent. Gear up for the most thrilling and realisticdeath race shooting simulation and be the best among the races ofworld. Let’s show best racing and shooting skills because vehiclesare loaded with lethal weapons like rocket launchers and bullets inyour arsenal and also there are multiple vehicles to play. Getready to play the race and to shoot the other racer in the mostthrilling of all death race games in the modern combat rush rivals.With extreme and fast paced race it is challenge for you to shootand destroy the all enemy racing rivals with heavy lethalweapons.Grand Police Car Chase: Death Racing is the most realistic3D police pursuit racing game that lets you test your drivingskills. Be undercover, Take down desperate San Andreas streetracers trying to outrun you. Drive police 4wd monster truck, police4x4 jeep, luxury 4x4 cars and monster truck with precision and earnthe respect as professional army 4wd jeep driver and help policeoffroad chase a successful one. Following are some amazingfeatures:• Realistic graphics.• Real off road tracks to chase deathracers.• Multiple controller with both tilt and tappy buttons.•Amazing sound effects (SFX).• Dynamic and challenging cop chasinglevels.• Nitro tanks for turbo speed boosts.• Various innovative 3Dcamera view.• Ride on the dirt surface ramp.• Easy to drive andeasy to handle.• Detailed instrument cluster with speedometer andfuel gauge.• Drift & Drive as long as you can.• Smooth controlwith efficient response.• Efficient processing with maximum Framesper second.• Realistic 3D camera angles.• Various visual effects(VFX).• Improve your drifting and racing skills.• Full real HUDincluding revs, gear and speed.
Ultimate Immortal Iron Robot Ninja Fight 2018 1.0.2
Get ready to play Ultimate Flying IronImmortal ninja Fighting free game 2018 to fight in the crime cityas a Immortal iron fighter incredible superhero and monster spiderrobot will play face to face in Vice city. Flying iron legend issimilar to the actual situation start your super kicks and checksyour level of skills. Flying super hero is now ready to fight withother but in this game witness punching kicking blocking and superhero kicks to take down the opponents by the hero rescue missionwith different combat style like kick boxsambo martial arts,muaythai, BJJ, ninja fight and many others dodging rage cutsknockouts technical knockouts start a real fighter in real fightfinal city battle in this game you have to save from mafia gangsand people who hates you and try to make it memorable.Be a Immortal flying iron hero use street fighting techniques whereyou can compete with masters of kung fu, mma, karate, wrestling,boxing and more fight modalities, all battles will be epic. Willyou be the best superhero? This adventure free game have realisticcity environment. Training free mode for training superhero andteach about latest martial arts, so you'll learn how to use punchor kick or shoot during fight, remember that survival is notguaranteed train and do justice with the dark souls, create yourbest league of fighters team to conquer the universe. Choose FlyingGrand Superhero Fighter in real Fight Final City Battle. Rememberthat you will have to save yourself from amazing Mafia Spidergangster attacks.Ultimate Immortal Flying Iron hero have to fly high and use bestfighting skills like in grand superhero games which performs todefend their team by opponent remarkable fighting styles which wantto defeat. Kung Fu Ninja Superheroes street Battle is a real fightbetween spider robots and mutant shadow ninja fighter Iron robot.Enjoy the latest immortal superhero in karate styles and show ironflying kicking, super kick and martial arts skills. These stylesshow realistic free fighting enjoyment. You will face mutant spiderrobots. Show your bravery and super power to knockdown an opponentin ninja hero deadly battle in street like a real hardcore ninja.Superhero counter fighting round with harissa vs otaku, canfual vssuperhero, spider vs meodea. Flying iron free fighting action wellknown in this game. Start super smash adventure attack is veryimportant to winning champion world battleship.You need to improve your adventure skills for street fightingagainst mafia gangster in Ultimate steel combat which have superkick, super punch and fight using all the common daily life skillsfor getting clash of the enemy. You may have played many wrestlingand boxing fighting free games but I am sure you will never playflying robot iron fighter free game in your life and have fantasticenjoyment for you with advanced features of the game. Now it’s timeto get special expertise in the world class battle rescue games.Make a Flip Kick punch and win the immortal superhero game 2018with the title of king of Iron Ninja superhero boxing championship.Download and give review about flying Iron fly Ninja streetfighting game.Ultimate Immortal Iron Robot Ninja Fight 2018 Features:• Realistic City Environment• Superb Robot Icon Hero Flying Action Fight Challenges• Smooth & easy real Robot Controls• Realistic Sound Effects• Interesting Challenging level & Scenarios
Multi Panther SuperHero City Crime Battle 1.0.1
Multi Panther SuperHero City Crime Battle is the most exciting andstimulating Hero Adventure Fight 2018. It’s time for Super hero Vssuper villains battle. Your beloved city is under act of violenceby the Super villain and his clan. The gangster mafia has spreadeverywhere causing upheaval and conducting smart bank robbery inthe city so the people are praying for a Kung Fu fighter, armoreddark hero or a legendary Panther Super Black Hero for their rescue.Villanos syndicate has converted the city of peace into a crimecity battle.GAME PLAY:Multi Panther SuperHero City Crime Battle isa saga of Fighting simulation games where your city is on the viceTown Crime list. The Grand Immortal villainous Gods have destroyedthe peace of your city, they have committed every crime you canthink of, and either it be Plane hijack, bank heist, bank robberykidnappings, murders, criminal robbery or spreading evilness aroundthe city in order to smash the city. A professional daring streetcrime fighter is required to set the rules of deadly fight andattacking crazy villain criminal crown. The mechant criminal mafiavillains is using their favorite heroes powers to destroy the city,it’s no longer a safe place for the people. This ring smashersurvival battleground was once a home to these people but now onlydreadfulness and fear is left. Normal street crime fighter areusing heroes tactics and are trying their best to fight off thesecriminals hero cameras but in vain. Only a panther hero with supernatural powers can come to smash cops heat and aid of city now inthis panther simulator.A True Super hero is not always in spotlightand is not too fat to fly, at times his role is of a Cipher hero orspeed hero who is constantly spying as gate of heroes at enemy hideout locations and evil activities. He has to carry out dangerousmissions under the enemy’s furious wings. It’s going to be SuperHero Time in vice city. You as the fearless fighter and the fighterhave to keep on fighting off the dark forces till the last daybattleground with your fighting skills & tactics. This heroeclan is not going to be some comic rival’s battle or gangsterparadise but serious super hero vs super villain’s city crimebattle where real heroes never die. Wild black panther SuperHeroCity Crime thrill of battle brings a deep combat mission for thesuperhero fighting squad led by the flying super hero.Multi PantherSuperHero City Crime Battle has thrilling mission and deadly levelsin store to keep you motivated. You being a legendary fighterflying mutant having brave heart can win this survival missioneffortlessly. Flying superhero city rescue operation awaits yourexpertise of combo heroes and experience of fighting off thesebeasts in this furious battle. As a panther online Kill bar hero itis your duty to train superhero for battle so that you are a teamof New York City Superhero to eliminate the city night crime inthis shadow battle. The Terrorist team has created an amazing webof super villain evil which is spreading day by day and is gettingout of control and successfully making robbery escape. People aregetting trapped in the web, it’s your responsibility as black heroto save hostages life from the web shadow heist escape in thistactical battle simulator. This Superhero Arena Ring Battle is notparadise bay but better than any Kungfu fighting games.FEATURES:•Super natural powers hero simulator• Exciting Missions and Levels•Modern Gadgets and Equipment• HD quality video and audio• SmoothControls• Realistic 3D environments
Superhero Battlegrounds: Flash Vs Multi Ant Hero 1.0.2
Superhero Battlegrounds: Flash Vs Multi Ant Hero is entertainingand action game with strange Flying Ant hero powers and thecombination of different kungfu fighting skills of multi flashhero.Flash hero fights with dangerous Multi Ant Heroes and cityvillains like bat villain, spider villain, evil robots and angrygangsters in the grand city. Save the innocent civilians from theseevil hero mashers and clean the vice city from them. You cantransform into flash hero warrior and beat the brutal Multi cityvillains in this micro battles with ant man concept superhero.Superhero Battlegrounds: Flash Vs Multi Ant Hero is thrilling gamefor all Multi ant hero lovers and fighting games fans of flashsuper army. Speedster hero can fly and chase the Multi Ant hero inthe vice city. Be the immortal mutant flash shadow warrior to chaseyour enemies and stop the evil ant hero beasts robots like mini antman who are trying to destroy the beautiful city. Evil ant mancharacter are wandering in the city and try to kill innocentcivilians with the help of strange evil powers in this actionsimulator. As a mutant flash hero, Wild Ant can bite you as thesuper villains like monster villain and fantastic villain in thisthrilling simulation.GAMEPLAY:Superhero Battlegrounds: Flash VsMulti Ant Hero is incredible heroes clash game with fantasticgameplay where you play as speed hero to destroy hero mashersstrange Multi Ant arrow warrior who transform into wild Antmancreatures. Multi Villains try to destroy the beautiful city andcontrol the civilians with the help evil powers. Evil robots likeantman trying to destroy city and super villains wandering in thecity in search of super flash Ant hero. You can stop them with thehelp of your Kung fu 2018 fighting skills and ultimate powers andfighting combos in this battleground combat games.Fastest flashhero has mutant powers and save the grand city from these strongpowers. Transform your uncontrollable kungfu 2018 skills asimmortal superhero to knockouts the Multi Ant pet and save thecivilians with the help of your incredible flash fighter coursehero battleship skills like in Super mutant power games or flashgames. Thrilling missions are ready to boom the game in gamingworld.Superhero Battlegrounds: Flash Vs Multi Ant Hero Features:•Play as courageous action Flash gladiator and save civilians fromMulti Ant man Villains• Choose your mysterious Flying warrior oflight to knockout wild ant man figures to survive in flash games.•Fight with super villains like spider villain & monstervillain.• Drive car and use flying power in battle environment •Interesting gameplay and amazing panther powersSuperheroBattlegrounds: Flash Vs Multi Ant Hero is specially designed forall force warrior followers, hero lab fans, devotees of fastest manalive and Action games lovers. Be a Flash hero shadow warrior andchase the monster ant hero with the help chasing techniques. Useyour flying power, mutant shadow fighter Kungfu immortal skills towin the fight of warriors with Multi villains like evil robots,dangerous super villains in this fight 3D action game.
Stickman Crime City Battle : Online Shooter 3D 1.0
Stickman Crime City Battle : Online Shooter 3D is the greatestaction game. Jump out from twin stick shooting Battle Bus on deadisland, Grab pixel gun battle ground and start fort nite Free Fireshooting. Be ready for the stick war, fire super storm of FPSmodern shooter in a boss battle of great warship. The main heroiccharacter in this game is fascinating stickman rope hero and he hasto fight with the enemies in this fortnite stickman shooting royalebattlefield. The city has been attacked by the gangster aliens& stickman hammer has to fight & shoot them all to save thecity. You are the stickman dismounting super warrior hero in stickman war games, who is on a grand battle stickman simulator mission.In 2020 the evil aliens from Jupiter has decided to destroy theworld with evil powers, so they gathered all the wild aliens totheir space ship to make a plan to conquered the world. At thattime Black stickman arrows were in power & was very helpful tothe people of the city. The day has come when the space ship of theevil aliens start roaming around the city. It was a hottest daywhen they attacked the city. As they attacked city, the blackstickman shooter ordered his army to save the city from gangstersin love but aliens robots had vage evil powers. So they turned theclean & peaceful city into the destroyed barren. When thestickman army couldn't help there people then the stick man herocame into the stickman battlefield. As he has got some great powerin his wingsuit to display in skag stick fight that one may getfascination from, he can fly and can glide away with airflow, hehave stickman knife, he can shoot, stickman turbo dismount so hestarted shooting aliens & started rescuing his people. The timehas came when he killed all the aliens with gun battle but the headof evil aliens was still alive & wants to kill the stickman sohe came out of his base jumper space ship & entered the cityafterwards there was real adventures fight between the gangsterrckbot alien & stickman wizard.Stickman Archers Crime CityBattle Features:- 3D game from the third person in the style ofStick man- Unique gameplay based on stickman 3d- Realistic graphicsof stickamn 3d- Dynamically generated trace in this stickman gamesonline- Realistic effects: airflow and clouds- Special modes ofStick war, Stickbot, Stick dismount, Stickman gun, Stickman fight,Stickman parkour, Stickman Ninja, Stickman Gun, Stickman shooting,Stickman fight.In this real stickman tri force heroes battle game,you have a big opportunity to show your FPS modern shooter skillsin stickman crime spawn warriors battlefield as to be in world warII battleground. This stickman warriors 3 vs alien fighting game isa league of stickman or a combination of thrilling action onlineshooting . The battleground fire super storm of rifleman comingtoward you, defend the battle with tactical gameplay of superwarship as an American soldier. This stickman war game has multipleonline shooting mission so now you can enjoy the naval game everytime with militant gun duel weapons in this stickman shooting game.
Virtual Goku Superhero Revenge: Prison Escape 1.0.1
Welcome to the new prison survival game and escape mission’sstrategy where you play as Saiyan Dragon Goku in this Virtual GokuSuperhero Revenge: Prison Escape. Saiyan fighters or Goku Herofight with cops in the jail and try to escape from the policecustody. You love prisoner in horrible city jail packed with brutaljail criminals. For successful prison escape or jail break, youhave to make a smart strategy that will allow you to survive tillthe end in this Saiyan fighters Goku survival game. In Virtual GokuSuperhero Revenge: Prison Escape you will find yourself in highsecurity based vice city jail having cruel prisoners and streetfighters with strange street fighting skills. Beware from cops andescape from the jail like shadow. Defeat all jail police officersin the grand city jail. Fight and Kill your enemies by variousdifferent ways with the help of different weapons like swordsfighting skills. GAMEPLAY: VIRTUAL GOKU SUPERHERO REVENGE: PRISONESCAPE is exciting game with interesting gameplay where you play asSaiyan Dragon Goku hero and escape from the jail with the help ofdifferent super powers & amazing super dragon fighting skills.Jail warden has assigned all the officers only one job & thatis to keep an eye on you. You are being watched by police snipershooters, prison security guards equipped with guns. Escape fromhigh security prison with the help of powerful weapons like classicknife and swords skills. You are incredible Saiyan fighters Gokuhero with strange powers, the savior of the grand city. Don’tafraid from dark prison which is full of rats & poison snakes.You are a Saiyan fighters Goku hero & you never give up so getready to play this prison escape missions in this action simulator.Fight with cops and run for your freedom. Exciting missions areready to blast the game in gaming world. VIRTUAL GOKU SUPERHEROREVENGE: PRISON ESCAPE FEATURES: • Play as Saiyan fighters Gokuhero and survive in the city jail • Beware from cops and move likea shadow in the prison • HD Graphics with jail environment •Thrilling levels with different weapons like sword, shield andother • Addictive gameplay and smooth controls Virtual GokuSuperhero Revenge: Prison Escape is specially designed for allSaiyan Dragon Goku lovers and jail escape missions fans. Use yoursurvival skill to escape this cruel deadly prison and get yourfreedom. Take down police guards to take their classic guns. Policesnipers are going to shoot to kill you but you beware from themwith the help of your escape techniques. Break the jail and fightwith guards in the jail.
Immortal Gods: Grand Superhero Ring Fighting Arena 1.0
Are you found of fighting games, superhero fights contests andfighting simulation games? Do you love fighting like a superhero inthis comic rivals’ battle? Do you like superhero robot war,Realistic steel robots, predator and aliens’ games? Do you want totry something different from traditional fighting games like MMA,Ninja Fighting, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Boxing, Chinesemartial arts and Japanese assassin? Do you want to see wrestling offuturistic heroes’ ring fight? Do you like survival games andmonster hero futuristic iron hero robot war games? So, get ready tofight face to face as a super fighter because this is a marvelousplace for your super power fighting skills. Are you Ready to amuseyourself with fighting simulator – the super monster hero fightinggame. Take pleasure in this monster hero game of futuristic monsterbattle and experience the fight of monster hero in the ring. Thisis for the fans of comic super heroes and fans of monster herowrestling in the ring and monster hero city battle games. Enter tothe fight club and start robot warfare with monster hero boxing andtaken fight skills. Show off your quickness ability and win thechaos war in immortal beast, summation of monster battle games andmonster war games. Inheriting an above-average combat system fromthe Wrestling Revolution series, this game supercharges the actionwith new powers, technology, costumes and locations!The monstersuperhero immortal gods battle not only gives you the pleasure ofwinning but also provides you universe rivals take down challenge.Fight like incredible bulk, Bat hero legend, Iron hero, Spiderhero, Wolverine hero, Dead hero and featuring the alien Predator tokeep the glory of superhero power. Keep in mind that this is realsuperhero vs superhero contest you will have to defense yourselffrom superhero power attacks. Knockout your competitor with yoursuper power punch on the face and super kick in the battlefield inthis monster super hero combat. So, accept the challenge of themonster heroes and get ready for the robot ring fighting battle inthis marvelous immortal beast monster clash.Be the monster fighterto begin the robo war in the future fight game. join the ring fightwar and defeat all comic superhero. Every super monster hero hasits own powers and inimitable capabilities of jump, punch and kick.Get control your real monster hero and defeat the other dcsuperheroes badly in this monster boxing ring fight game with anaroma of super spider games and super robot games. Watch yourfavorite incredible monster hero in the one to one superhero vssuperhero combat contest. In this futuristic superhero monsterincredible bulk game - the big man game become a true incredible.Knock punches with rapid intensity and prove yourself to be asuperhero robot in this monster superhero robot fighting gameagainst the robot transformer. Enjoy the blend of boxing game fightand battle game with the extreme simulator of monster robottransformation. Get ready to test your fighting skills in thissingle invincible combo of Monster hero fighting games and immortalcombats.Immortal Gods: Grand Superhero Ring Fighting ArenaFeatures:• Realistic superhero sounds• Realistic superhero fightinganimation, flying kicks, punches and combo attacks• Realistic Ironrobots of robot battle games• Indoor robot Fighting & WrestlingEnvironment• Fight and survive like a true super hero ImmortalGod!• Transform to iron robot, bat hero legend, superhero man,spider hero or any of your favorite heroes• Robots Fighting in thering• Amazing HD, 3D Graphics• Select your favorite hero for fight•Marvelous player strengths and superb wrestling capabilities
Luxury Cars Drift City Traffic Racing 1.0
"Luxury Cars Drift City Traffic Racing" is a real simulationracingscenarios and the development of a superior quality limitparkourracing stand-alone mobile games. This is a very passionateracinggame, where you can drift in the city, destroyed traffic.Cops highspeed pursuit that this is your best choice if you likefast racingand furious drift games. It is free to play but in-gamecurrency,buy item such as cars, will require payment with realmoney."LuxuryCars Drift City Traffic Racing" is a Super fast racinggame withhigh quality engine, ride on professional racing rivals.Run asfast as you can, upgrading your car so that keep the bestpower,speed and durability. Only you have the skills, honor iswaitingfor you in racing events. Luxury Cars Drift City TrafficRacing isthe fastest racing game on the modern asphalt track. Therearesuperb car racing players, through the realistic interfacetocontrol the car race.Dare to challenge a professional racingdriveron a thrilling track? In this fast-paced racing game, controlyourcar to show your driving skills on endless paths.Perform arealracing game, burn the heat wheel in a modern orbit, and enjoythespeed of the actual simulation of the racing game to bring youtheexperience. Enjoy a thrilling game. With the speed andsuperbracing skills beyond the opponent, become a professionalracingdriver.This is a perfect racing game, in the real racingtrack onthe race, advancing with the times, to defeat themselves togetmore to enhance. Play anytime, anywhere like a real sportscardriver.Luxury Cars Drift City TrafficRacingfeatures:-High-definition 3D images-Super sense ofspeed-Realisticsimulation engine-Create your favorite models-Freecar racinggameplay.-Police chase-A variety of vehicles to chooseany ofyou-Drive fast & collect power-ups to boost yourspeed.-Smoothcontrol with percise steeringHave you ever thought ofyourself as atop highway racer of all the time? If not then this isthe time tobecome a heaviest racing champion. This endless carracing game isan extreme race along with highway traffic race andcity trafficrace on your This endless race racing cars and topspeed racingcars. This endless car racing game is great opportunityfor allextreme race lovers and highway traffic race lovers. Thisextremerace or highway traffic race is basically a cusp of fastrace andspeed race. If you are fast race or speed race lovers youwill endup playing this extreme race games or this highway trafficracegame. In this extreme racer 2018 there is huge opportunityofendless race in the shape of extreme race and highway trafficrace,these two extreme race or If you were a lover of fast race,speedrace or endless race and could not find any game with allthesefast race, speed race and endless race all in one then thisextremerac er 2018 game is the game for you.Drive your car withbest skillin the highway and racing with your rivals, experiencethe racinglife!You compete with a lot of professional racingdrivers, each ofyou have a unique driving style and differentracing strategies tocomplete this extremely real racing game. Youcan unlock and buyyour favorite racing cars, upgrade and modify,and enjoy the speedexperience that the racing car brings to you.Howto play:- Chooseyour mode of operation, gravity sensing or buttoncontrol- Clickthe nitrogen button to lift your speed limit- Use abrake to drift
Deep Blue Shark Hero: Aqua Robot Sea Shooting 1.0
Deep Blue Shark Hero: Aqua Robot Sea Shooting is an actionpackUnderwater angry aquatic animals creature hunting Game. Playitlike your underwater sea animal shooting dream have come true&make shooting strategy. You don't have any option other thanbeingtooth hero and shooting these wild sea sharks or othersupervillain ocean animal or under water creatures like octopus,orca,turtles & wild blue whales. Imagine you have entered backin9th Century when the tsunami had came from Arabian sea andenteredand all the waves of the seawater came in your city &destroyedit. The pressure of the waves were so high that all theunderwaterdeep blue sea animal heros and wild creatures like seashark,hungry blue shark, blue whale sea have entered into your city&they start roaming around. Now as you are brave enough &youhave to takecharge as you have got the weapons too likePistol,Riffle, machine gun & sniper so you can kill thesedangerous& wild sharks to save your city, otherwise humanitywill see ageneration kill in this deep sea blue whale sim.You havea chanceto be the whale sniper and feel the life of worldunderwater. Sharkfight can be dangerous & can be harmful asthese deadliest seaanimals or teeth wield Killer Shark can attackyou too. Also youmay find blue whale sea swim but with your athletescuba divingtechniques you shouldn't be afraid of sea kill deadlycreatureswith the help of mini sea map on screen. These bewildsharks willtry to destroy the routine of human activity in thewater but youcan shoot these deep blue sharks in sea hunt. Fightthe possibletransformations of Tsunami, eaten by shark or die inthis sharksaction game.This new game is a fantastic underwater seagame playwith the most amazing environment. This Deep Blue SharkHero: AquaRobot Sea Shooting designed for all Super Aqua Hero fanssurroundedwith so many wild beast sharks, octopus, turtles, orka,wild blueWhales with no shark cage. If you can't make it you cantryshooting robo shark or shark ham it as much as you want tountilyou make it in war shark. You don't have to worry about hamsharkor shark jaws as its part of the game to fight the sharkrobot& will learn it after few attempts in shark simulator.It'stime to win the battle from fish with attitude and proveyourselfin deepblue that you are a sharp shark shooter, can fightagainstonline enemy robots of sea world.Deep Blue Shark Hero: AquaRobotSea Shooting Game features:• Man VS Villainous deep seaspecies•Shooting house to unleash the angry shark titans or seacreatures•Exciting user experience of shark adventure• Hunting seaanimalsfor kids in this supervillain blue whale simulator•Diversity ofmonsters with ultimate jaws attack• Realisticunderwater deadliestanimals in deep sea experience• All weapons areunlocked• Addictivegame play for every age person• Stunninggraphics with rationalenvironment and sounds• Endless epic survivalmode with evil angrysharks
Women Superhero Kungfu Fighting Arena MMA Revenge 1.0
Let us play amazing Women boxing championship of SuperheroKungfuFighting Arena as in MMA Revenge where you play as amazingfemalesuperheroes, fight with different fearless fighter superheroes andshow fighting skills like Cipher Hero, Saiyan Hero, bathero,infinity hero and other Beast super heroes in thisboxingsimulator. Amazing superhero girl fight with each other inarenaand show their fighting techniques, martial arts skills topublicor superheroes fighting fans. The wonderful HD graphics makethemas good as actual women fighting games. Super hero fighting isoneof the best immortal fighting games where you play asImmortalBeast Gods fighter.Women Superhero Kungfu Fighting ArenaMMARevenge is amazing game for all world boxing championssuperheroeslovers. Taking the fight games skills and incrediblepowerstechniques move you to the next level. Entertaining andstimulatingenvironment are waiting. Dead hero, super light hero,monster girland thing hero are wonderful with unique fightinganimations,realistic punch and powerful kicks andkickflip.GAMEPLAY:WomenSuperhero Kungfu Fighting Arena MMA Revengeis a monster superleague combat game with interesting gameplay likein girls boxinggames where you play as your favorite beast hero andfight withother super heroes in air beam of this combat arenasimulation.Women Superhero Kungfu Fighting Arena MMA Revenge Battleis startwith astonishing and charming fights between differentsuper heroesas in women boxer game like grand Cipher hero, boxinghero girl,grand monster girl and infinity hero in this action game.You canchoose any super hero fighters girl when you clear thepreviousmissions and gain points the next world heroes are unlock.Thisthrilling combat game depends on three rounds if you fail orlosetwo round out of3 then you start your game from first levelyoumust be win both fighting round in this boxer game then youqualifynext levels. Game is great for all peoples even younggenerationswho like punch and kick combat games, with the carefulavoidance ofmore lust. Exciting and thrilling missions are waitingand ready tobash in the gaming world.Women Superhero KungfuFighting Arena MMARevenge Features:• Play as Immortal Beast likeGrand Infinity heroand many more.• Fight with dangerous beasts likebat hero girl,cipher hero girl in arena battle of superhero blast.•Charmingenvironment and smooth controls to play boxingchampionship.• Win 2rounds to qualify to the next level.• Realisticgaming sounds andHD graphics.• Simple Hit, Block, Punch and amazingcombofunctionalities.You will definitely love this legacyboxingchampion of the beast superhero online games in GrandImmortalbeast Gods Ring Fighting because we have added the featuresof bothmartial arts games fight skills with having excitingfightingsimulator of world heroes in superhero fighters girlwarrior. Thisis superhero memory Grand Beast Gods Fighter fightwith other beastsuper hero girls opponents like fantastic hero,grand monster heroGirl, wild dead hero and super Saiyan hero Soknock down at thestart of boxing games to get perfect success! Coolfighting
US Police ATV Quad bike: Prado Plane Transporter 1.0
Who wants to play the US Police role of a cargo plane transporterinfree airplane games who takes off for an airplane Pradotransporter?The best formula car cargo flight simulation game ishere to play inairplane parking. US Police ATV Quad bike: PradoPlane Transporterwhere city airplane take off in Prado transportergames 2018. Tryour new limo car transporter games, us police atvquad biketransporter games & flight simulator game, we promisethatyou'll enjoy your new us police atv quad bike role adventures.Youwill start your Us cop atv agent career as a beginnerpilottransport, so you better start to accumulate flight hours withoneof the best limousine car simulation games available! Thiswillgrant you money that you can use to unlock new routes andplanetransporter.It’s time to drive the limo car transporter truckinthe city environment. This multistory limousine cars cargotrailergame is one of the best car multi transporter games. Becomeaformula car transporter driver to transport the urban racingcarsand Prado car in this racer car delivery game 3d. In thispolicebike rider simulation cargo truck transporter game you feelthatyou are driving police transporter trailer in real life. DriveUSpolice atv quad bike cargo trailer carrying huge loads of uscopmuscle cars, limousine cars is very difficult task. You willenjoythe features of all other muscle car transporter gameslikeshipment truck games, heavy truck load driving games all in oneinthis drive euro car transportation wonderful brand new carcarriertruck driving games.Your duty of domestic andinternationallimousine car transporter, muscle car transporter andus police atvquad bike transporter in plane transport games wherepolice Atvquad bike transport challenges and limo car transporterin freeairplane transporter games will make you best limo driver.The bestof car transporter games, plane transporter, multi trailertruckdriving and best limo car driving games is here to play. Ifyouwant to be us cop airplane pilot multi car transporter andUSPolice ATV quad bike airplane pilot transporter all at thesametime, then this free limousine car transporter airplane pilotgameis for you. Best limo transport games for city airplane pilotlimocar transporter and city airplane pilot atv quad biketransporterfull of flight simulators challenge in your cargo planegame.Transporting atv quad bike and limousine cars and muscle carsasairplane pilot in free airplane games is the contractoftransporting company that can be accomplished by the realairplanepilot in airport simulator 2018 and us police carsimulatorgame.You should load and unload heavy shipment ofheavyweight Atvquad bikes, muscle cars and limo cars from thefreight carriagetransporter truck. Take each Prado car on at a timeand load itinto the us cop airplane transporter and then fly thepoliceaircraft securely to the next city of San Andreas and landthe UsPolice airplane transporter at the stunning uptown airportandunload the vehicles from Aircraft plane, then load us policequadbike, limo cars into the semi-trailer truck transporter withthehelp of Car driving, Truck Driving, Aircraft driving andskills.Who want to be the part of addictive prado transportergames,limousine car transporter, Us cop atv quad bike games playandmultistory transport trucks to transport Prado cars and Atvquadbikes.FEATURES OF US Police ATV Quad bike: Prado PlaneTransportergame:• Challenging airplane pilot car transportermissions for realpolice airplane transporter• Transport differentmodern vehicles onyour transporter truck.• Trailers trucks drivingexperience.•Multiple transport vehicles: trucks, helicopters andairplanes
Water Surfer Car Floating Simulator 1.0
Water Surfer Car Floating Simulator race in the real 3D wateronimpossible tracks. Are you all set to fulfill the water carracingchallenges?Get ready to drive the water car and enjoy thebeach andsea, ocean ride. Are you ready to play this game, in thisbeachwater car rider simulation your mission is select a favoritecardrive on beautiful beach track and collect all check pointsinspecific limited time. You can drive a car in road then jumpintosea your car tire is floating like a boat and you also rideboat inwater. Drive car boat driving simulator have best perfectionformost challenging 10 amazing levels. Enjoy underwater floatingcarsin this water surfer car floating race. In the history ofsuperwater surfer car driving 3d games this Water Surfer CarFloatingSimulator 2018 game is most popular. Surfing high powermonstertruck on water surface on impossible tracks will really be agreatchallenge for you. Your mission is just to race run andcontrolsurface bike by using smooth realistic controls. Drivingwater buson beach will be adventurous for you. Drive carefully onthe beachand also in the real 3D ocean water. You will not enjoysuchimpossible beach car stunt ever in your life. Making driftsinwater is totally different of making desert drifts orstreetdrifts. You have not played such type of car racing game. Youcanalso enjoy desert drifting on the beach in this game butwaterracing drifts is comparatively more enjoyable than streetanddesert drifting. Different types of cars like sports cars,turbocars are available to have best beach sand rally and floatsintothe ocean. This water car impossible race 2018 game will givesyoua chance to play something else than the other boring typewaterfloating games.Get ready to race car and bike on watersurface.This water surfing impossible stunt car game is differentfrom theother car games. Water surfer car floating race game ishere inwhich you have to race your water car or water monster truckonwater surface and amuse impossible beach car stunts inrealchallenging environment. This american water car beach racergameis best than the other normal water games. Racing car jeepandmaking crazy stunts on impossible tracks in water will beveryadventurous. This water floating surfer car racing game is oneofthe best water park games. Here is the best car race challengegamein which you will get real time jet boats driving, waterjeepdriving and monster truck driving experience. Run your watersurferbike on the beach and race on the impossible tracks. WaterSurferCar Floating Simulator Features:- Different water cars andwaterbikes to float or drift - Impossible tracks into the water- 3Drealwater and desert realistic environment- Music in the cars tomakemore amuse to your sports water car riding- Smooth andrealisticwater car jeep controls - Free to ride, race, float andmaking bikestunts in the water- Simple and easy water surfer carfloating racegame playGive your valuable feedback after playingthis WaterSurfer Car Floating Simulator game.
US Army Robot Car Plane Transporter Truck 1.0
The futuristic US Army Robot Car Plane Transporter TruckDrivingGames of the Army Truck Driver Simulator and Army truckgames isfinally here. This is by far, the best army driving games3d withUS Navy, NY Police and US Army cargo Transporter truckdrivingwhich is a brand new in its genre of US Army TransportAirplanegames along with US Army Flight and Truck Driver Simulator.Here isthe best US Army truck driving simulator 3d of the ArmyTruckDriver Simulator where you can enjoy US Army truck driving andbe apro US Armed Forces truck driver.Transform your multi robot ofthemech warrior genre into different muscle cars and showingyourdriving skills and craft in drift car racing. Fight theenemyrobots in hilly environment and enjoy offroad car drivingandmuscle cars and your army offroad cruiser. Get to the evil bossandfight to the death using your combat skills and your heavydutyweapons.Transport the mech warrior Army Robot Transformers ofthecar driving games in the gigantic army truck of the truckdrivinggames. Enjoy driving the transporter truck in the crime cityor inthe offroad truck driving adventure to help the spy robotarmycartransformer complete the transportation mission.Get in your USArmytruck drive to transport Commando Robot Soldiers to theirdesireddestinations. The Army Transform Superhero is ready to havea fistfight or even a fight to the finish to stop the evilGorillaRobots, Lion Bots, Robot Tigers and Robot Dog to stoptheirrampage. Enjoy robot car drifting which transforms into robotgiantmonster in new and free super hero robot battle games! Inthisamazing army and commando mission game of army games free 3drealmission category, you will experience amazing army trainingwithcombat strike and weapon games.With so many US army transporterandcargo transport games in the market, it’s time toexperiencesomething different with US Army Robot Car PlaneTransporter TruckDriving Game. Experience driving Modern US ArmyTruck, multi robotand car drifting drive. You can control yourrobotic car drivingsimulator 2018 and transform it to a multirobot. Have fun in armytruck driving in a transporter truck andalso get to play doublerole of Crime City military policetransporter or truck driver,differently from other offroad armygames and army truck drivinggames. Be the giant robot transformer,mucle car drift driver andarmy truck driver, all at the same time,making this US ArmyTransform Robot transport simulator part of besttransport games.Think about a taxi game and you transportingpeople, in this gameof best transport games, you can do the samefor robots.Get readyfor battle royale in the crime citybattleground and fight off theevil mafia robots using your weaponsof destruction. In addition tothe battles in your city war zone,play this stunning lion robotransform game of the gorilla robotrampage game as a trucktransport car driver and army bustransporter truck to test yourcraft by showing your driving skillsalong with the ultimate multirobot bigfoot simulator and US armyrobot car drift transform ofmech warrior.US Army Robot Car PlaneTransporter Truck DrivingGames Innovative Features:• ExtremeChallenging Army Robot fightingand Transport tasks• US ArmyTransport Car Drifting Games with lifelike graphics • Engagingsounds and animations not seen in any armycar transport gamesThisis the most thrilling offroad transportadventure on hill cityoffroad terrain. Load the muscle cars,robots, jeeps, cargo goodsand relief on the US army truck andtransport them safely tomilitary base.
USA Wrestling Revolution - Rumble Fight Game 1.0.1
Get ready for the freestyle wrestling fever; the exclusivedeathmatch in fighting 2k18 games. USA Wrestling Revolution -Rumble Fight Game is the most exciting royal rumble wrestling whichwill indulge you into world wrestling heavyweight universalchampion. It is the best 3D real wrestling game, the world widefamous combat sports. Involve yourself as amazing pro wrestler andexecute boxers grappling techniques for ultimate wrestling action.Use wrestling jumps and moves such as leg slam, choke slam, clinchfighting, takedowns, joint locks, pins and much more. Game isespecially designed for wrestle mania fighting lovers. Game has twofree modes. A wrestling superstar career challenges will drive youto take risky shots in the ring. Upgrade your wrestler to enjoy theprofessional experience with no limits of time.USA WrestlingRevolution - Rumble Fight Game Features: Various wrestling jumpsWrestling and fighting stunts (Pile Driver,Leg Slam, Suplex)Heavyweight boxers world wrestling championship Rumble revolutionring fight Face off freestyle wrestling deathmatch ProfessionalWrestler fighters world wrestling ring wrestlers matches Ultimatewrestling tournamentDrag the rope and jump into wrestling ring formiserable rumble fight tournament. Opponents pro wrestlers arefurious and have built their stamina to its full to give tough timein the ring. Combat in world wrestling sports game by fighting withdifferent styles, like boxing, kung fu, mma martial arts. Smackwrestlers down with punches, kicks, boxing, leg slam, pins, chairshot, suplex, pile driver, choke slam, drop kick and takedown alongwith mma martial arts and kung fu skills and become the worldfamous wrestler of hell cell cage fight. With 4 pages of rules tomix & match - including up to 20 wrestlers in rings of anyshape or size - the only limit is your imagination. Excite thecrowd in USA Wrestling Revolution - Rumble Fight Game with theburning fire, by defeating world superstar wrestlers. wrestlingcareer challenges you to take shots in the ring, whereas a"booking" career allows you to call the shots backstage - promotingentertaining matches every week for ratings. Destroy the ring, matand even the referee! Upgrade your wrestlers strength to increasethe power of wrestling, fighting and knockout your opponents sothat they never fight with you in this sports game of freewrestling.Download USA Wrestling Revolution - Rumble Fight Game nowand give tough time to pro wrestlers. Smack that down wrestlingchamps with bad blood and show off your super wrestler fightingskills in this latest rumble revolution fight to win wrestlerschampionship and master in world wrestling ring.
Subway Santa Endless Xmas Runner 1.0
Subway Santa Endless Xmas Runner is a subway themed endlessSantarun game. Slide the screen to surf in subway, escape fromhurdles,muddy balls etc. Subway Santa Endless Xmas Runner is Supercrazyrunning game, Subway Santa Endless Xmas, run as fast as youcan inthis Winter! Subway Santa Surf Run is an amazing SantaClausrunning game on subway in endless runner mode. Run along thechaoscomplex traffic subway and escape from the hurdles. ThisSubwaySanta Endless Xmas Runner is really a crazy & addictivegame.Swipe to turn to surfers, jump and slide to avoidhittingobstacles, barrier and subway trains. Have exciting runsurfers onsubway, collect coins and buy power up. Unlock newcharacters, andsee how far you can run! Underground city adventuretravel alongthe snowy subway tracks start now, surf with yourfriends. Run likea superhero Santa and challenge your limit on thesnow in winterseason. Run Surfers must be a very fun run game.Download it nowand start your subway run as most exciting Christmasgames andforest surfers, join the most thrilling dash. There mightbe manySubway endless runner games in market but this one of thebestsanta games, with endless running experience. FEATURES:SuperSubway Santa Endless Xmas Runner Main Features at a Glance:Cleanand neat design with fresh and intuitive interfaceHigh-quality 3Dgraphics, amazing environments and wonderful soundeffects Supereasy to learn Subway Santa Endless Xmas RunnerDifferentchallenges, obstacles, hurdles and even trains to passthroughAddictive endless runner game Different power-ups andboosters tocollect Collect coins to purchase in-app items andcharacters Funfor everyone More Features in Subway Santa EndlessXmas Runner :New subway scene of winters, wonderful undergroundcity and forest.Thrilling moment, death speed. A variety of roleselection, avariety of unique skills Easy and smooth operation Howto playSubway Santa Endless Xmas Runner : When you are pursued byasecurity guard / ranger, you must run and stay away fromthesecurity guard, when you run, you will find many challengesthatcan make you fail to succeed in playing the 2017 SubwaySantaEndless Xmas Runner game. In the game there will be manyusefulitems for you, such as: rocket to fly, skateboard, jumpingboots,and others. When you run, you must collect gold coins, thecoin isuseful to buy characters and items in the subway rush game2017. Ifyou love runner games or Santa games and want to try a newone,Subway Santa Endless Xmas Runner is the best choice of thiswinterseason. Come experience the best endless running game. Be theSantaclause of this Xmas season and enjoy run and jump games inthisinfinity runner surfing games. Don't Wait and download SubwaySantaEndless Xmas Runner now, it will not let you down! That's howtoplay this Subway Santa Surf game, hopefully be entertained.Thankyou for playing and have a wonderful gaming experience!