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Jay Fonseca 1.0.0
Este es el app oficial del analista político Jay Fonseca.Aquípodrás encontrar los podcasts producidos por su compañíaJagualMedia. Entre estos podcasts se encuentran Noticias conCalle,Economía con Calle, Recursos Humanos con Calle, EmpresarismoconCalle y Abogados con Calle. También podrás encontrar otrospodcastsen español de alta calidad.
EH The Line 1.0.3
This is The Line, the internal podcast for Encompass Health.
BIIBcast 1.0.0
The latest Biogen Podcast episodes anytime, anywhere.
Macmillan 1.0.6
Listen to company podcasts from authors, editors, co-workersandmany more! Podcasts are a great way to help with your companyandcontent knowledge.
SMC Podcast 1.0.1
Podcasting useful communications on three specific channels -(1)Solutions (2) Sales Skills (3) Strategy. All designed to addvalueand legacy to company training, skills development, andstrategyunderstanding. You will hear contributions from peopleexternal toSMC and from some more familiar names within SMC. Thecontributionswill include interviews with customers, role plays,product expertviewpoints, key points for new products, trainingsupport materialand much more. All designed to help develop yourknowledge andskills.
Podcasting Smarter 1.0.0
Podcasting Smarter gives you tips to podcast more intelligentlyandeffectively. The Podcasting Smarter podcast interviewsindependentpodcasters in all niches, to find out about theirpodcastingjourney and insights. Learn from the experiences ofotherpodcasters, find out about useful tools to improve yourpodcast andgrow your audience, and have lots of fun too! This is agreatpodcast for anyone who want to go “behind the scenes”ofpodcasting, whether as a podcast fan, current oraspiringpodcaster. Get the Podcasting Smarter app to always beconnected tothe latest episodes anytime anywhere! With this app,you can easilyenjoy the following great features: - Instantstreaming ordownloading for offline listening - Automatic updates&downloading of latest episodes - Playback resume (wheninterruptedby a call or other distraction) - Favorites and playhistory -Reach the podcaster with quick access to podcastcontactinformation - Advanced playback features like speedadjustment,sleep timer, playback forward and backward - Supportbluetooth,Chromecast and Android Auto