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Matching Game for Kids 1.0
Kids Memory is actually puzzle game. The kids may improve theirmemory. The game contains many puzzle figures like foods, fruits,Halloween and sports. You can choose another one before playing.Your goal in the game should be match same figures. When all thefigures are found you will have completed the game. Features:- 4cute themes: Fruits, Halloween, Sports, Foods- Highscores table-Cute graphic- All the game modes could helps kids, learn to playpuzzle games.
Games For Kids 1.3
It is very difficult for a family to findgames suitable to their kids and babies among hundreds of stuffgames in the Android Market™. Our professional editors have testedthe games for you and picked the ones designed to educate andentertain kids. There are various categories, many lists helpful toparents. This app is used with internet connection and you shouldinstall the games to play.When entering into the app, you see News,Games, and App Lists.Let me explain them one by one:News: The most popular kid games, the most educational games,and unseen high quality games have been selected. Our editors writereviews to explain what makes them popular, in which way and whatthey teach to your children. Parents can read the news to decidewhich app or game is what their toddlers or kids need. Then, ifthey like, install the games from the Android Market™ easily andsafely.Games: There, parents can see the screenshots, video, anddescription of the games. Besides, we have written pros & consof each game to show you the negative features as well as positivefeatures. There are 5 game categories: Educational Games, CasualGames, Games for Families, Coloring Games, Puzzle MatchingGames.- Educational game category is prepared especially forpreschoolers. Parents need to know that they find edutainment gamesteaching alphabet, counting numbers, and spelling. There areflashcards for toddlers to teach them numbers 1-10 or farm animalsthey see around. Some of the games are multifuctional so that thepreschool or kindergarten kids can learn alphabet, then spelling,counting numbers, add up, subtract, complete patterns successivelyjust in one app.- Casual Games category is suitable to 7-11 year children. Theyare simple but amusing games to keep kids busy. Parents find gamesfor boys and girls. Today, children and babies like playing onlinegames instead of toys.- Family Games: In this category, there are games that parentsshould help their kids to play them. To play these games is niceway for family members to pass time with kids.- Coloring Games: Preschoolers and kids love coloring so much.It is important to learn and distinguished the colors. Instead offilling the home with coloring books and kid books, it is better togive online coloring books to kids. There are various coloringbooks like farm animals, sea animals teaching animals and theirhabitats.- Puzzle Matching Games: This category offers farm animalmatching games, simple puzzle games for kids, and memory cardsimproving kids' mind.App Lists: Our editors have listed the apps and games for kidsaccording to their features. So, you have a list of the familygames, baby games that you cannot find anywhere. There are socialand interactive games. You see the file size, whether the appincludes in-app purchase, and price of the game if it is notfree.Features:- A guide app for parents searching games for toddlers andkids- Daily update and access new released apps & games- Reviews of the baby games and kid games revealing pros &cons, short desc, video of the games- Game links directing you to the Android Market™ from which youcan easily install games- News of the popular and the most educative games- App lists including social interactive games- 5 game categories: Educational Games, Casual Games, Games forFamilies, Coloring Games, Puzzle Matching Games- Memory and brain training games- Coloring books- Family games and baby games- Alphabet and number flashcards for toddlers
Matching Game Farm Animals 1.1
Matching Game Farm Animal is a puzzle game integrating educationwith entertainment very well.Including pretty farm animals; goat,piggy, duck, cow, dove, horse, ponny, sheep, rooster, turkey,chicken, cat, donkey, canary,dog memory matching game helpschildren's memories improve and it enables children to know farmanimals better.Memory matching game that is educational for kidsand toddlers with pretty farm animals is a good option forpreschool kids' brain training. In the game, there are 24 boxes.Each animal is available on the game with its pair. Solve thepuzzle by matching the same animals. Try to find the matched cardsby making minimum moves, because each move decreases yourscoreFeatures:- Amusing game for toddlers and preschool children-Lovely farm animal images: goat, piggy, duck, cow, dove, horse,ponny, sheep,rooster,turkey, chicken, cat, donkey, canary,dog-Funny sounds- 24 memory cards to match
Farm Animals Puzzle For Kids 1.3
Kids will learn farm animals and have fun with the lovely picturesof Farm Animals Puzzles for both boys and girls.For families, wehave designed animal puzzles to teach farm animals to kids andentertain them. Parents can install it to keep children busy. It iseasy and simple to play. Kids drag the mixed pieces to the correctplaces with their fingers to complete and to see the whole pictureof lovely animals in farm.When the puzzle is completed, kids hearthe sounds of cocks. This high quality kids puzzle is for familieshaving toddlers and preschool kids. Features:- Easy and simple toplay- Amusing cock sounds and lovely farm pictures for kids-Educational and amusing content for kids from ages 2 to 6- 9different farm themed pictures for boys and girls education- Thepictures of cows, pigs, horses, chickens
Counting Numbers for Toddlers 1.0.9
Teach preschool kids counting numbers 1 to 10 with this educationalapp having child-friendly interface and colorful images. CountingNumbers for Toddlers is an educational app including countingnumber games and basic math exercises. There are 6 differentactivities: Read, Write, Count, Pattern, Exercise, and Math. InRead part, kids hear the English vocalizations of the numbers andsee the images of them. We have selected teddy bear and candyimages to appeal to toddlers and preschool kids. In Write part,kids try to write numbers by tracing them with their fingers. TheCount part is to teach kids counting the images. Kindergarten kidstry to find the right number in patterns. Before school, kids willlearn four operations with math games. Moreover, there areexercises to find the largest or the smallest numbers.Each of thegames offers audible and visual pre-school education for toddlerswith funny graphics and sounds. Families can use this app for theirchildren to teach them counting numbers 1-10. It has an interactiveinterface can be used easily. This educational app is like a basicmath game appropriate to babies, nursery children. To learn tocount numbers is easy and amusing with this family game.Features:-Free educational games for preschool education- 6 different games:Read, Write, Count, Pattern, Exercise, and Math- Cute figures andteddy bear images appealing to kindergarten kids and toddlers-English vocalization of the numbers- Completing pattern games-Basic math games for kids to learn four operations like addition,subtraction, multiplication, and division- Preschool counting gamewith the numbers 1 to 10- Interactive interface can be used easily-Audible and visual education for toddlers
World of Car Games 1.4
World of Car Games is a platform app for gamegeeks and car racing games lovers. Our professional editors testthe games and select the elaborate ones. You can read their reviewsabout the most popular car games and news about the new releasedand upcoming car games.When you enter the World of Car Games, you see four lists:Reviews, News, App-list, and Videos. In reviews, there are pros& cons helping you see the negative and positive features ofthe game, a short description and features of the game. With thesereviews, you can evaluate the game and decide to install or not toinstall. In news, there are full details of the game-play anddesign of the game. You can follow the new released games,upgrades, new versions, and popular pc games adapted to mobile.Each of the news and reviews are unique.Car Games is very wide category covering car parking, cardriving, and car racing games. To help you find more easily, thisinnovative app includes the categories: 3D Car Racing, Car Drift,Drag Racing, Rally Racing, Off-road, Kart Racing, and 2D Platform.And also, there are lists of must have, top of the month games. Itis impossible not to find what you expected.Features:- Pros & Cons to indicate both positive and negativefeatures of the games- Official video trailers watchable in the app- Completely unique and elaborate- Scrolling terminal- Friendly user interface design- Daily updates by game experts- Just 1,4 MB file size
Math Game : Four Operations 1.2
This math game is suitable to all ages. Get your children play easymode to help them improve basic math skills or go to hard modewhere you subtract, add, multiply, and divide numbers more thantwo.With this mobile game, kids learn math in an amusing way. Theywill see math just as a puzzle game! We recommend parents toinstall this app for their preschool and primary school kids. Theytry to find out the correct sign to place between the numbers.Inhard mode, there are three numbers subtracted, added, multiplied,or divided. Read the question and choose the correct answer as soonas possible. Be sure that you calculate correctly before tap on theoptions.Features:- Math game for kids and adults- Two game modes:easy and hard- Four operations: addition, subtraction,multiplication and division- Brain training
Racing Games 2.6.10
We have distinguished the most visceral and aggressive racing gamescovering multiplayer, head-to-head, against time competitions.Mostpopular and new released racing games are available in thismiscellany. Our editors expert in games have distinguished the highquality games from stuff games of the Android Market™ to create analternative way. YOU CANNOT PLAY THE GAMES ON THE GAME LIST. With'install' button, you will be directed to the android market if youhave internet connection.Our editors follow the latest racing gamesand subcategory games like draft racing, drift racing, 4x4 racinggames. Then, they categorize them as free, paid and star so thatyou can find the free racing games easily and fast. On one app, youcan access the best car racing games allowing you to live intensedriving experience powered by brand-new physics engines. Get readyto endless entertainment in different race tracks and vehicles fromheavy trucks to motorbikes. We have selected specially the oneswhere you can change your car color, rims, and increase maneuver,acceleration and brake capabilities.Features:- Subcategories: 2DPlatform, 3D Car Racing Games, Rally Racing Games, Truck RacingGames, Offroad Racing Games, Karting Games, Parking Games, DragRacing Games, Car Drift Games, and finally, Bike Racing Games- Aprivate collection of the choicest racing games- Free and paidcategories enabling you to access free games- Star categoryincluding the eximious games chosen by the editor- Most popular andnew released racing games- All kinds of racing games in one app
My Crazy Dentist 1.2
You have little patients complaining about black teeth and toothpain. Show them there is nothing to fear in a crazy dentist room.Use the medical tools like mouth spray, dental pliers, tooth brushand braces. Take the four crazy patients successively, listen thecomplaints, and begin to treat!The doctor tools are different foreach patient. If she/he complains about black teeth, you treather/him with some dentifrice. These kids eat a lot of chocolate!Clean their teeth from bad crazy germs to prevent tooth decay. Usemouth spray to treat bad breath. On the screen, you will see whichtools will be used. Follow instructions to treat the kids and tomake them happy.Features:- Amusing dentist game for kids- 4patients waiting their crazy dentist- Complaints like black teeth,tooth decay, and tooth pain- Crazy tools like mouth spray,toothbrush, dental pliers- Germs to clean from the mouth- Dentalcaries to remove
Popular Biology 1.3
Biology pop is a popular and fully interactivebiology app. You have the chance to access all the details ofliving creatures in this journey into the depths of the science ofbiology.Contents:- Elaboration of data, combined with the visual information ofbiological organisms.- The latest news on Biology- The most recent developments in the field of Biotechnology- Expression of biological structures with video, graphics, andvisuals What do we offer? -The opportunity to move popular biologyculture to social media -Friendly user design- Practically presentation of video, pictures, information,graphics, social media and news to visitors. What is the differenceof the popular biology? Popular biology contains the most updatedand social developments in the current World. For example; we willbriefly mention about the present species adaptation to theconditions of nature, species which don't exist now, globalwarming, the final point that the genetics have reached, the placein the scientific environment of the biotechnology that is the mostbeautiful synthesis of the biology and technology. Moreover, weinclude games based on medicine and biology in order to beeducative. As well as biology games, doctor, medicine, or surgerygames will be included. We include deeper biological structures, inaddition to all of these alternative developments.Briefly:- Molecular Biology and genetics- Cell Biology- Ecology- Cytology- "Systematic Biology" and "Taxonomy"- Biological Structures- Physiology- Botany- Zoology- Single-celled multi-celled- Viruses and Bacteria.- Contents of the video of all the working mechanisms of DNA andRNA - Organelles, and many more.What's new?- Game reviews are added so you can gain insight into thegames.- You can write your comments about the app and games in speechbubbles.- Game trailers and walkthroughs are added to indicate how toplay.
Selfie Me 1.1.3
Selfie Me is a camera app using yourtelephone's front camera. It is very easy to take selfie with thisapp. Just open it, pose, and take a perfect photo. Then, you canedit photo by using the filters in the app. Use differentsaturations at the same time to create perfect styles.This app is not only for who likes taking photos and sharingthem in social media, but also, for who is interested in mobilephotography. Developed filter and light options give a chance totake great photos. Shoot the photos with your friends or alone andsave them as memory in your phone. You can easily share the selfieon Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms.Selfie Me functions as a photo editor where you can make colourand shape changes on photos. After taking photo, you can adjustfilters and set saturation levels. By changing the balance of red,blue and green on your photo, you have retro and vintage styles.Besides, there is a contrast black and white effect for nostalgiaphoto lovers, and cartoon effect to get extraordinary photos.Set saturation level of blue to have photo effects like WinterSpirit, Cool Wind, Dark Night; of red for Indian summer, Asteroid,Autumn, The Last Warm Day affects.Features:- Very easy to use- Share button to show your photos to the friends on socialmedia- Tonality and saturation level to set as you like- Color levels to create vintage, retro, grunge and more differenteffects- Contrast black and white effect for nostalgia photos- Cartoon and blurred effects
Witch's Magic Marbles 1.0
Let's start a legendary journey! A witch swore to do an evil magicover all humankind. Do something to prevent the scarry witch. Enterinto the magic tower of wizards and witches and stop the magicalmarbles from entering the hole in which they will be used to domagic. Throw the marbles to bring together same color marbles. Youcan break them by matching 3 or more of them. This simple butamusing puzzle game is suitable for kids and adults. There arethree stages each of which includes 20 puzzle levels for lovers ofmarble games.We recommend this matching game to parents who searchamusing puzzle games for kids. Both boys and girls can play. Theaim is to crush magic marbles by throwing and matching 3 or moreidentical marbles. Prevent them before magical marbles enter intothe witch's cauldron. Become a legend in this mysterious temple bymatching marbles swiftly.Kids and adults will love this brilliantpuzzle game with sparkling magic marbles. It is completely free.Unlock new stages by completing the previous stagessuccessfully.Features:- A new marble blast game- Mysteryatmosphere- Three stages- 60 puzzle matching 3 levels in total-Suitable puzzle game for kids and adults
Game Geek 1.8.3
The distinguished games above standardarecollected and evaluated in this app.Games Geek is a unique app including interactive newsplatform,app lists, and game reviews. This app is a long-awaitedapp forgame players, game publishers, and anyone interested in themarketof the games. Our editors follow all the games and bring toyou.Not only the most popular games, but also the games aredesignedelaborately are available.To use this app, you need internet connection. By the way,youcannot play games directly on the list, we introduce andevaluatethem with pros and cons.You can choose game categories like Racing Games, RPG,ActionGames, Puzzle & Brain Training Games, Casual Games,MysteriousAdventure Games on the menu. On home page, there aregames variousgames belonging to different categories like farm,girl, zombie,simulation etc.In News, you will view the game screenshots selectedmeticulouslyand the titles of the news. Each new is elaboratelywritten by oureditors who are expert in the game market. There arecomparisonsbetween the most popular games, personal interviewswith apppublishers, news about latest versions and new releasedgamesgaining popularity in recent times.In Game Reviews, you see the games labelled as Must Have,TopPick, Free Now, Game of Month, Exclusive Design, Top FeaturedGame.Touch on the games to read the reviews. We have readthedescriptions of the each game and taken the abstractsentencesgiving information about the game. Also, the featuresarehand-picked. We wrote cons and pros for each app to offerthemobjectively.There is a ‘Free’ list for who want to see just free games.You can watch game trailers and walkthroughs of themostsophisticated and difficult games in the video list.From screenshots to reviews, everything in this appishand-picked. Each game is included with pros and cons whichyoucanoıt find anywhere.Features:- Interactive news platform- Pros and cons of the games to evaluate them in anobjectiveway- Descriptions written and selected carefully- Spectacular and topflight screenshots in high resolution- Supporting news and reviews for game and app publishershavingentered into mobile market- Comparisons between the trend games- Personal interviews with app publishers designingpopulargames- News about latest versions and latest games gaining popularityinrecent times- Racing Game category- RPG category- Action Game category- Puzzle & Brain Training Game category- Casual Games category- Mysterious Adventure Game category- Reviews, Games, Videos and Free lists
Pets Puzzle Games For Kids 1.0
Boys and girls love 9 beautiful pet animal pictures of PetsPuzzle.For families, we have designed animal puzzles to teach petanimals to kids and entertain them. Parents can install it to keepchildren busy. It is easy and simple to play. Kids drag the mixedpieces to the correct places with their fingers to complete and tosee the whole picture of lovely animals.When the puzzle iscompleted, kids hear miaowing of a cat . This high quality kidspuzzle is for families having toddlers and preschool kids.Features:- Easy and simple to play- Amusing sounds and pictures forkids- Educational and amusing content for kids from ages 2 to 6- 9different pictures for boys and girls education- The pictures ofpets like lovely dog, cat
Human Anatomy 2.0.2
Human Anatomy application is a kind of educational quiz game thatcan easily played every ages.In biology, an organ is collection oftissues joined in a structural unit to serve a common function. Twoor more organs working together in the execution of a specific bodyfunction form an organ system, also called biological system orbody system. The functions of body systems often share significantoverlap.Click the organs to find out more about them. If you arethink that you are ready, click the start to play.
Coloring Book Sea Animals 1.1
Exotic pictures and tropical sea animals are waiting for kids to becolored.Kids like drawing and coloring games very much and thesegames develop their imaginations, hand skills, and visualintelligence. Parents can download this Coloring Book Sea Animalsfor their kids. This app includes two coloring books: Tropical SeaAnimals and Sea Life. In Tropical Sea Animals, there are 15coloring pages on which kids color the pictures of angel fish,clown fish, dolphin, lobster, octopus, oyster, pelican, platypus,puffer-fish, sea lion, sea-turtle, seagull, seahorse, shark,starfish. Sea Life book has 15 pages having more detailedpictures.Plentiful bright colors and coloring pens, crayons,brushesare available to paint the coloring sheets in an amusing way. Thesize of the coloring pen can be selected. Also, there are threedifferent sized erasers to rub out. Families and preschool kidswill love it!Features:- Finger painting to improve child’s handskills- Coloring pages for both girls and boys- Plentiful brushesand pens- Various colors and tones like pink, yellow, blue, greenand their darks and lights- Simple to use, colorful interface-Various pretty tropical sea animals: angel fish, clown fish,dolphin, lobster, octopus, oyster, pelican, platypus, puffer-fish,sea lion, sea-turtle, seagull, seahorse, shark, starfish.- Moredetailed pictures in the second book- Amusing sounds for kids
Wild Animals Puzzle For Kids 1.1
Wild Animals Puzzle is designed for kids with 9 beautiful wildanimal pictures which both boys and girls love.For families, wehave designed animal puzzles to teach wild animals to kids andentertain them. Parents can install it to keep children busy. It iseasy and simple to play. Kids drag the mixed pieces to the correctplaces with their fingers to complete and to see the whole pictureof lovely animals in forest.When the puzzle is completed, kids hearthe voices of the wild animals. This high quality kids puzzle isfor families having toddlers and preschool kids. Features:- Easyand simple to play- Amusing sounds and pictures for kids-Educational and amusing content for kids from ages 2 to 6- 9different wildlife themed pictures for boys and girls education-The pictures of wild animals like zebra, lion, hippopotamus, tiger,elephant, giraffe
Doctor Games & Apps 1.8
Doctor Apps is a new androidapplicationincluding a comprehensive collection of the anatomy andsurgerygames and apps. We intend to enable everyone who isinterested inmedicine and health from medical students to kids toaccess visualand informative contents about medicine.Users of Doctor Apps will find all the doctor, surgery,anatomy,health, workout, fitness and medical applications. You canwatchthe interactive videos of the operations like nose surgery,hipsurgery. In apps category, you see the subcategories likemedical,anatomy, health, fitness, and glossary. We include humananatomyatlases helping you view all human anatomy systems indetails,glossary of medical terms, medical apps like theradiologyassistant, articles and videos about health, fitness appslikecalorie tracker and more helpful applications.Games category consists of anatomy games, doctor games,surgerygames and dental games. Thanks to these games, you willlearn humananatomy and places of organs, medical terms, how adentist ordoctor performs surgeries, and which tools are used in anoperationrooms when enjoying.We have also categorized the apps as free and paid so youcaneasily access what you seek.Features:-A comprehensive collection of doctor games and apps-Contents for both kids and adults-Free and paid options-Ease of access and installing-Human anatomy atlases with descriptions-Operation videos-Surgery games-Medical glossary-Fitness apps-Health tips and articles-Latest newsWhat's new?- Game reviews are added so you can gain insight intothegames.- You can write your comments about the app and games inspeechbubbles.- Game trailers and walkthroughs are added to indicate howtoplay.