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My Local Places: Around Me 4.5
My Local Places, Around Me is a Simple Fun App that helps you finda local place near by your current location. eg. local parks,restaurants, cafes, pubs and many more!* Perform Searches around meto find a fun new Place* Uses your current GPS/Network Location(Highly Optimized)* Provides the Shortest route to a Place* ClearPlace listings around me* Simple and Easy to use* Fully Integratedwith Google Maps and Phone DiallingA Major update has just takenplace!If your saying to yourself, i need to find some fun placesaround me, then you have come to the right place. We have everyplace type you can think of, including: parks, restaurants, cafes,pubs, night clubs, movie theaters, ATMs, taxis, gyms and many more.You can now save your favourite place types to make it much easierto browse the app. You can still search for your favourite placetypes, but now with a more powerful and accurate search feature.Find out your current address address by simply pressing on the GPSbutton in the menu bar, this is really helpful when your on thephone and your trying to tell someone exactly where you are. Sortyour place results by rating, relevance, distance or name. Findyour places on an easy to use map which now provides multipleroutes to each location - just simply touch any place marker andchange a route by swiping at the bottom of the map. The placesscreen now has a list view and map view - so you can view all yourlocal places around me on a highly advanced map. See photos,reviews, ratings and other detailed information about a placebefore spending your time travelling there. You can also easilyview the place's website or call them up straight from theapp!Customise the app to suite you by heading over to the settingsscreen, you can change the metrics to km or miles, change yoursearching distance, sort your search results, avoid certain typesof travel types (tolls, ferries, highways) and specify how you wantto get to your location (by car, foot, bike or transit).We hope youlike the update - expect many more features in the near future.KW:my local, around me, places near me, places, place nearby, local,place, near me, near by
Finger Painting: Write ABC 123 3.4
A fun app that lets you finger paint and learn how to write lettersor numbers. We also provide guided drawings and pictures for yourkids to trace and color in.* Trace and Color letters, numbers andpictures.* Fun finger painting activities.* Handy Save Feature,which lets you show off to your friends!* Wide selection of Colorsand brush sizes.* Join the Dot drawings for kids to fill in.* AllAlphabets includes letters A to Z (& a to z) and isfully-featured.* All Numbers / Digits 1 - 100.* Practise writingabc and 123Your kids will have fun for hours finger painting,coloring and drawing there favourite pictures.This app is supportedthrough ads.
Brain Training - Brain Games 1.14
Find out your actual brain age by playing some fun and challengingbrain games.Our Brain Games include:- Math Quiz, Solve equationsquickly within a tight time limit.- Letter Swap, Unscramble theword to find which two letters have been swapped.- Memory Games,Match the shapes memory game, find two of the same shapesconsecutively, until all the shapes disappear. (you only have alimited number of lives!) - Color Match, Tricky game where you haveto pick the correct color within a few seconds.- Brain Age Test,Calculate your brain age by playing all the brain games in onego.*** More brain games are being added soon! ****Brain games areknown to help improve your memory, math, grammar, attention,reaction speed, multitasking and problem solving skills. So give ita try, and find a smarter you by training your brain today.KW:brain games, brain training, brain age test, brain trainer, mathquiz, color quiz, grammar english learning games, reaction timetraining, games to help brain, free grammar games, ages 4 learninggames, kids grammar games free, grammar games free
Finger Painting: Trace ABC 123 13
Finger Painting: Trace ABC 123 is a fun wayforyour kids to learn how to write and understand their ABC'sand123's.Your Kids will Learn and Trace Over:* Finger Painting and Trace All Letters in the EnglishAlphabet(Lower and Upper Case).* Finger Painting and Trace All the Numbers from 1 to 100.* Finger Painting and Trace Join the Dot Drawings of AnimalsandObjects.Other Cool Features of Finger Painting: Trace ABC123include:* Unlimited blank pages for your kids to draw and color in totheirhearts content.* Save feature so you can view and print your Finger PaintingsorTracing later on.* Eraser to fix your mistakes.Hope your kids enjoy!KW: Finger Painting, trace abc 123, trace letters, tracenumbers,trace abc, trace 123, finger paint.