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New World: Castaway Paradise 2.3.2
Explore the mysteries of a fabled New World! After a thunderstormwrecks your ship, you and your castaways band together to surviveand thrive!Note: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A NEW WORLD TO DISCOVER!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Explore a bold New World full of excitingadventures, fabled treasures and even notorious pirates! Discoverits hidden secrets and build a thriving township! Things to do inthis adventure: ● Explore a vast uncharted wilderness as youventure into unknown territory! ● Expand and grow your smallencampment into a thriving town! ● Uncover hidden mysteries andmeet new and interesting characters! ● Recover long lost cargo tofind hidden treasures! Now with Team Challenge Seasons! ● Buildyour team, compete together and earn valuable rewards! ● Newchallenges every weekend! ● Reach the top of the Team rankings!EXCITING ADDITIONS - ● New quest! ● Clear 3 new types of debris toget better rewards! ● Special Team Challenges!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SHOW COLUMBUS HOW IT'S DONE!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IN-APP PAYMENTS: Shipwrecked:New World is free to play but you can buy special items to use inthe game. NOTE TO PARENTS: This game may include direct links tosocial networking sites that are intended for an audience that isat least 13 years of age; direct links to the internet with thepotential to browse any web page; and advertising of PopReachproducts and products from select partners.
Kitchen Scramble 2: World Cook 1.8.1
Cook and serve scrumptious dishes in this new sequel tothecritically acclaimed game Kitchen Scramble! Join chef Pepperandembark on a culinary journey that spans the globe. Dishupmouthwatering entrées, desserts, and sides and serve them toquirkycustomers in the ever-changing food truck. Earn tons of tipsforquick service, then upgrade ingredients and appliances to buildtheultimate kitchen! Just like a real kitchen, time-managementiseverything! Dash around kitchen environments craftedspecificallyfor each cuisine, and relish in an endless cook fest asyouadventure through crazy and challenging levels. Feel like afoodtruck tycoon and master the delicious dishes ordered bythecustomers that stop by! The Rundown • Cook dozens ofdelectabledishes from simple street food to haute cuisine!😋 •Upgrade yourfood truck and unlock new ingredients and appliances! •Serve tonsof quirky customers — but don’t make them wait! • Combineitems innew and unexpected ways to make even crazier recipes❗️ •Prepareand serve local delicacies from all over the world! • Winhugerewards and cook your way to the top!🎉 Serve FantasticFoodAnywhere, Anytime • ⭐️ Free to download and play⭐️DiscoverInteresting Foods From Around The World • Cook up realrecipes withthe proper ingredients and methods • Upgrade youringredients andappliances to make your dishes even tastier! •Thousands of upgradecombinations for deep customization • Expertlysimplified foreveryone to enjoy! Cook & Travel • Take your foodtruck on aroad trip across numerous locations🌎 • Each locationfeatures itsown unique cuisine • Master each local specialty as youprogress! •Hundreds of levels and counting 💯 Fun & ImpactfulPower-Ups •⚡️Cook at lightning speeds⚡️ • 🌟Double your earningsfrom satisfiedcustomers🌟 • ❄️Never burn your food again with ahandy fireextinguisher❄️ Cook Amazing Food • 🍗 Chick'N'Stuff 🍗Fried ChickenSandwich, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Fries, MozzarellaSticks,Stuffed Peppers, Salad, Grilled Corn • 🍜 Bun Noodles 🍜 MisoSoup,Green Tea, Pork Belly Udon, Torched Eel, Vegan Yakiudon,FriedGyoza • Gyro Hero: Greek Salad, Tapenade, Souvlaki,Pilaf,Dolmades, Spanakopita, Moussaka, Baklava, Tahini Bonus Levels•Unlock bonus levels in each location by completing the levelsinChick'N'Stuff location • A challenging, additional levelisunlocked with every locked gate cleared! • Chance to play tothesedifficult levels is refreshed every 12 hours • Complete thechefworthy levels to earn more rewards! Look Forward To •Gettingsubstantial rewards from checking in daily🎉 • Regularfreeupdates!🔨 Coming Soon • More Events • Exotic cuisine themedlevelsand locations • Game improvements
Zombie Beach Party 1.1.6
Party like there's no tomorrow! Get down with the undead inZombieBeach Party, the game that takes frantic arcade fun, adds adash ofzombie magic, and serves it all up party-style! The end oftheworld has never been more fun: • BE THE UNDEATH OF THE PARTY–Gobble up beachgoers to add them to your ever-growing zombiecongaline! • DEADLY DANCING – Bust a move as you swervearoundobstacles, collect treasure, and limbo under danger! • BEATTHEHEAT – Dodge bullets and airstrikes as you fend offunwantedattention from the police and army alike! • GROW THE HORDE–Infect, collect, and upgrade 30+ different zombies and mastertheirspecial abilities to keep the party going! • OVER 200CHALLENGES –Complete hundreds of heart-stopping challenges to rulethe beachand earn big rewards!
Smash Bots 0.0.1
Unlock and upgrade dozens of Smashbots with powerful SuperSmashAbilities, Smash Powers, and Legendary Items! Collect uniqueskinsto stand out and show off. Battle in a variety ofmysteriouslocations within the Smashbots Universe!
Smurfette's Magic Match 1.5.0
A mysterious power has descended upon the happy Smurfvillage,stealing the memories of all our blue friends save for theinnocentSmurfette. Help sweet, little Smurfette uncover the mysterythatlooms over Smurf village as you traverse 160 smurftacularpuzzlefilled levels. Unleash magical potions to blast away therubblethat stands in the way. Earn coins to dress up Smurfette insweetnew clothes and accessories, a girl can look good AND save thedayif she likes! FEATURES SWEET SMURFETTE - Help Smurfette uncoverthesource of the puzzling mystery that has stolen the Smurfs'memoriesand save the village! GEM FILLED PUZZLES - Mix, match, andswapsmurfy objects that sparkle to match three or more at a timetoclear those objects and complete levels. BLAST AWAY - Line upfouror more Smurfy objects in a row to unlock and unleash power-upsandmagic potions that blast away rubble that's standing in yourway.CHALLENGING LEVELS - Make your way through 160 Smurftacularlevels.GIRL POWER - Use powerful boosters featuring yourfavouritefriendly Smurfs like: Greedy, Brainy, Jokey and more tobreezethrough levels. SMURF STYLE - Make a heroine look fashionableasshe saves the day by earning coins and buying new clothes todressup Smurfette. Who says a girl can't sparkle while saving theday?SHARE & COMPETE WITH FRIENDS - Sync with Facebook to trackyourprogress against your friends. ------------------------PLEASENOTE: Smurfette's Magic Match is free to play, but chargesrealmoney for additional in-app content. You may lock out theabilityto purchase in-app content by adjusting your device’ssettings.