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Goodbye Galaxy 1.0.2
Good day Emperor! Which planet shall weconquer today?Conquer as many planets as you can by spitting the required numberof minions.Hope you enjoy our little game as much as we've enjoyed creatingit! :)Created by @popsiclegames!
Solitaire Dash: Supreme Match! 1.0.2
Help King Sol match the falling cards withSolitaire rules! If you know how to play Solitaire and want a quickgame, Solitaire Dash is for you! Keep your eyes out on the fallingcards and match the appropriately!Features:- Fast paced Solitaire game! This ain't your granddad's windowssolitaire game!- Unique gameplay where cards fall per lane! Drag and match thosesolitaire cards!- Feel the rush of the falling cards! Quick thinking matters!- Unlock special cards the more you play!- Beat the highscore of your friends!Created by Popsicle Games!
MRT Jam 1.4
The trains are coming... and so arethepassengers!It's up to your eagle eyes and your quick reflexes to keeptheflow of passengers steady and accident-free. Usher them in whenthedoors open, and keep them from slamming head-on into trainwindowsand closing train doors! Timing is important!We hope you'll enjoy this latest release from PopsicleGames!
Vote Clicker: Halalan 2016 VP 1.4.3
You've led your president of choice tovictory(or almost-victory)! Now it's time for their running matesto leadthe charge!Six new candidates await! Team up with your friends andguideyour candidate of choice to the Vice President's office! Tapyourway to a war chest that will support your campaign effortsandwatch your votes skyrocket! Participate in risky publicitystunts,and take the contest directly to your opponents in daring“blackops” initiatives!Make all the promises. Kiss all the babies. Earn all thevotes.Play Vote Clicker! Every vote counts.
Scratch 2 Win: Lottery Tickets 1.2.4
Can you turn a measly $50 into $1,000,000?Find out in Scratch 2 Win: Lottery Tickets!You are given $50 which you can use to buy scratch tickets andcards. Can you turn that $50 into $1,000,000? How about$1,000,000,000? Find out in Scratch 2 Win and get that lottojackpot!Scratch 2 Win brings the excitement of winning the scratch lotterylike in Las Vegas! The more you scratch the cards, the more lotterycards that you can buy and win!Scratch 2 Win has a variety of cards that you can play, includingmatch 3, lucky number and a whole lot more! Try to collect morecards and scratch your way to lotto victory!Try and make your fortune by playing more scratch cards lottery!The more you play the more you win! Scratch those tickets for hugebucks!If you know how to play and like scratch lottery cards, you’lldefinitely love Scratch 2 Win!Be the high roller Las Vegas big shot that you dreamed of!Hope you enjoy playing our little game as much as we've enjoyedcreating it!Features:- Simulate real-life scratch off lottery tickets Las Vegas scratchstyle!- A variety of colorful scratch lotto ticket games- Feel the thrill of winning a scratch off lottery ticketgame!Developed by Popsicle Games!
Vote Clicker: US Democracy 1.2.0
It's time to exercise our freedom anddemocracy! Vote Clicker lets you choose to support Donald Trump,Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, or Ted Cruz and propel them to thetop of the presidential campaign!Features:- Run a US presidential election campaign with the big 4:DonaldTrump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz- Choose to earn votes for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, BernieSanders, or Ted Cruz- Upgrade election campaign assets to earn more votes per second.See democracy in action! Time to express your freedom and choseyour new leader!- View the in-game votes of the GOP and Democratic party candidatesin real-time- Team up with friends to earn votes for your presidentialcandidateWho will be the next American president? Are you a Republican or aDemocrat? Play Vote Clicker and shape the future of America! Willyou let the liberals win or let the GOP have their way? You get todecide the fate of America!*Disclaimer: all campaign actions, funds, and votes depictedin-game do not reflect any real-life events or poll results
Darkest Light: Survivor 1.2.0
A boy facing all his fears must survive in onenight! Thunder and lightning are his only weapons to fight hisfears! Ironically, too much of this could also cost him his senses.All the monsters are inspired from his fears while growing up andthey have been mutated into something creepy and deathinducing!Get ready and fight the things that go bump in the night!Features:- Fight off the monsters by tapping on the screen for thunder andlightning. Once they reach you, it's over.- Experience horror in different locales- All original hand drawn creepy monster art for your horrordelight!- Survive wave after wave and make sure to make it through thenight!
All Aboard the Ark! - Bible Family Game 1.0.6
Do you love classic games and interactivegames? Look no further!Can you save all the animals before the big flood? Help Noah savethe animals! If you read the bible story, you know what Noah is allabout! We got birds, some chicken, dog, cat -- and all sorts ofanimals! Gather the pairs all before the great flood apocalypsecomes.You don't want angry, a wet animal knocking on your ark, especiallythe birds! Don't make them angry! If you read the bible story, youknow what Noah is all about!Just like in the bible in the book of Genesis, Noah needs to saveall the animals to get inside his Ark! Bring hope and save thepairs of animals quickly before the great flood apocalypsearrives!Save all the chicken, birds (yes even the angry ones!), cat, dog,all of them! The bible story said that Noah needs to save all theanimals! Save them quickly, before the apocalypse comes!Keep them dry and keep them happy! Animals get angry when they getwet! It's easy to get addicted to this biblical game!All Aboard the Ark by Popsicle Games features:- Tap the screen to move the barrier and let the animal crossinside the Ark. Make sure the pairs of birds don't hit thebarriers! If they do: they get angry and it's game over!- Cute animals graphics! Take good care of them!- Unlock a wide variety of simple animals from birds, chicken, cat,dog and a whole lot more. Hope you can unlock all the animals untilyou get addicted!- What a cool game! Inspired by one of the greatest stories in thebible, making All Aboard the Ark (Popsicle Games) among the familygames genre!Looking for simple family games, classic games, fast games andinteractive games? Look no further -- All Aboard the Ark ishere!All Aboard the Ark is based on the book of Genesis in the Bible.Genesis is the first book of the Bible.Hope you enjoy playing our simple family games as much as we'veenjoyed creating it! Get addicted!Created by Popsicle Games!
Vote Clicker: Halalan 2016 1.43
"Let’s all take a break and make theupcomingMay 2016 elections more fun by trying out a new gamedesigned justfor the national polls."- Manila Bulletin"It’s smart, insightful, funny, timely and relevant to mycountrywhich is the Philippines; and its free! What more can youaskfor?"- TFGamer.com"The game features a lot of items and upgrades to be unlockedaswell as gives you the opportunity to run your ownpropagandamachine."- Ungeek“Go download this now, it’s a great time-waster and believe itornot you can also practice your economics skills here plus itwouldbe fun to see your candidate win something despite him/herlosingIRL.”-The Fanboy SEOWho will be the next president of the Philippines?Youdecide!Work with your friends to help the candidate of your choicewinthe presidential elections in this addictive clicker game! Tapyourway to a war chest that will support your campaign effortsandwatch your votes skyrocket! Participate in risky publicitystunts,and take the contest directly to your opponents in daring“blackops” initiatives!Make all the promises. Kiss all the babies. Earn all thevotes.Play Vote Clicker! Every vote counts.
Mighty Alpha Droid - Action Word Game 1.16i
Can you help the Mighty Alpha Droid save theplanet from the evil robots with your spelling skills?Form words using random letter tiles to blast your opponent tosmithereens. Bigger enemies require longer words. Do you have whatit takes to save the planet from these evil robots?- Dozens of enemy bosses- Tons of power-ups to use- Blast your way through hundreds of levels- Guaranteed fun for everyone!Created by Popsicle Games!
Daivolter Z: Anime Clicker 2.0.0
Are you on the side of justice or evil?Nomatter what side you are on, make sure to build up the towerofyour chosen faction! Super Daivolter Z is the latest idlegamewhere you can chose between the Daivolter team or theinvadingZidorian empire!Build up your tower base by upgrading and putting your loyalworkersto work!Features:- Retro Anime style inspired by your favorite super robotmechashows!- Each team member gives a specific bonus! Chose wisely!- idle and a clicker game that will keep you building up yourbasefor your chosen faction- We will also be including an online component where the 2factionswill battle it out (Coming Soon!)
Chibi Bandidos 1.0.0
Is that a gong we hear? The little bandidoishere!Introducing Chibi Bandido, the cutest thief in town! ChibiBandidosgives you plenty of distinct objects to add to yourcollection. Theitems he steal varies in every room he visits! Earnbags of coinsand open up new spaces and buy different ninjas foryour liking.Hit the GO! button to summon your bandido now!Key Features:- Choose among multiple rooms! A new room means new things tostealstuff!- Steal over a hundred different objects -- from an egg to acamera!Each room offers several items with varying sizes that youcan playwith.- Pick your own bandido! Unlock new characters to add to yourpoolof bandidos!- Whistle now! Use the whistle feature to immediately callyourbandido!- Secret summon! Can't decide? Get a random ninja in exchange foranumber of coins!Happy stealing! :)
Word Treats - Fun Offline Games for Word Addict 1.0.7
Have a thing for sweet treats? Let out yourinner sweet tooth and indulge in Popsicle Games' newest word game,Word Treats!Guess the hidden words inside the treat -- you'll never know whatwords you will discover!THE ULTIMATE SPELLING BEESwipe the letters around the treat to enter a valid word. Invalidwords will be rejected (and will be turned into a nasty toothache).Words can only be submitted once. Play through all the levels andbecome the ultimate spelling bee!Features:-TREAT-REFFIC! Create words on different treats! Unleash the wordaddict in you.-SWEET! Let your brain go on a word hunt and improve yourvocabulary. Hundreds of word puzzles ready to be solved (andeaten). Go on a spelling bee!-SUGA-MAZING! Find bonus words for Floofie the hamster to getadditional coins! Let these be your word of the day, wordaddict!-DELISH! Different treats, sweets, and desserts are ready forsolving! We have some shakes, ice cream, tarts, sundaes -- you nameit, we got it. Among all offline games in the store, this is theone you shouldn't miss!-CHERRY-FIC! Word Treats is available on most devices. It can alsobe played without internet connection. Offline games for the wordaddict are the best!Hope you enjoy playing our offline games as much as we've enjoyedcreating it!Created by Popsicle Games!Like our Facebook Pagefacebook.com/popsiclegamesFollow us on Twitter@popsiclegamesGot complaints or suggestions?E-mail your concerns at hello@popsiclegames.com
Darkest Nightmare - Discord of the Dying Light 0.7.46
It's going to be a long and dark nightforGerde, the only remaining survivor from a group of magicians.Joinher in her quest to fight off the monsters and avoid thedyinglight. The mission isn't going to be that easy, however,asintoxicating monsters have taken over the dreadful paths sheneedto traverse. It will take more than just five nights todefeateverything.It's not over yet. Gerde's darkest nightmare is just abouttobegin.Darkest Nightmare is now in freeform!Features:-TAKE PART IN THE QUEST! Enter Gerde's world in her mission.Willshe prevent the light from dying?-CREATE MAGIC SPELLS! Wield runic gestures in freeform tocastsorcery to your enemy. The magic circle is now replacewithfreeform gestures!-CLASH WITH MONSTERS! Face kill-hungry beasts one after another.Canyou survive for at least five nights?-BATTLE THE BOSS! End the discord once and for all by engaging inabattle with unknown entities! Five nights is not enough toclearthem all!-ENTER A WORLD OF DYING LIGHT! Clear up levels to unlockmorepuzzling areas in the map.Created by Popsicle Games!Like our Facebook Pagefacebook.com/popsiclegamesFollow us on Twitter@popsiclegamesGot complaints or suggestions?E-mail your concerns at hello@popsiclegames.com