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One Punch Hero - Ring Out! 1.8
To be a supreme hero, you don’t need utility belts, tanks, orcapes. All you need is the most powerful and perfectly timed punch.Stay frosty though as the bad guys get tougher and tougher. Younever know who you’ll face with next.Let's bring the combat insidethe boxing ring! The supreme superhero is here, live and fighting!If you're into sports and sports games, One Punch Hero might justbe the perfect combat / fighting / sports games for you!Features:-Apunch hero that fights off baddies inside the ring -- it's likewatching sports specifically a live boxing match!-This mobile gamehas a nice ring and feel to it, sending off vibrations so playerscan feel the fighting action! Supreme!-Timing is the key to get theright hook! Become the champ when you land the Hero's punch!PlayOne Punch Hero everywhere -- at the gym, before doing some roundsof MMA, before the sports boxing, or even after watching a livefight!This awesome game is brought to you by Popsicle Games!Want usto make sports games? Check out our other games and we might justmake it happen!
Goodbye Galaxy 1.0.2
Good day Emperor! Which planet shall we conquer today?Conquer asmany planets as you can by spitting the required number ofminions.Hope you enjoy our little game as much as we've enjoyedcreating it! :)Created by @popsiclegames!
Solitaire Dash: Supreme Match! 1.0.2
Help King Sol match the falling cards with Solitaire rules! If youknow how to play Solitaire and want a quick game, Solitaire Dash isfor you! Keep your eyes out on the falling cards and match theappropriately! Features:- Fast paced Solitaire game! This ain'tyour granddad's windows solitaire game!- Unique gameplay wherecards fall per lane! Drag and match those solitaire cards! - Feelthe rush of the falling cards! Quick thinking matters!- Unlockspecial cards the more you play!- Beat the highscore of yourfriends! Created by Popsicle Games!
MRT Jam 1.4
The trains are coming... and so are the passengers!It's up to youreagle eyes and your quick reflexes to keep the flow of passengerssteady and accident-free. Usher them in when the doors open, andkeep them from slamming head-on into train windows and closingtrain doors! Timing is important!We hope you'll enjoy this latestrelease from Popsicle Games!
Vote Clicker: Halalan 2016 VP 1.4.3
You've led your president of choice to victory (or almost-victory)!Now it's time for their running mates to lead the charge!Six newcandidates await! Team up with your friends and guide yourcandidate of choice to the Vice President's office! Tap your way toa war chest that will support your campaign efforts and watch yourvotes skyrocket! Participate in risky publicity stunts, and takethe contest directly to your opponents in daring “black ops”initiatives!Make all the promises. Kiss all the babies. Earn allthe votes. Play Vote Clicker! Every vote counts.
Kong Want Banana: Gorilla game 1.0.4
Kong Want Banana: Gorilla GameTap and hold the screen to feed Kongthe gorilla! Release to reload banana. Kong wants as many bananasas you can feed him! Banana banana Kong! Feed more bananas to themightiest of them all, king Kong!Keep Kong, by nature the king ofApes, stuffed with Bananas!Set in a concrete jungle, this Kongmonkey game is addictive as it can get! Hope you enjoy playing ourlittle monkey game as much as we've enjoyed creatingit!Features:-Kong has escaped from the jungle and kong skull islandin search of food. He now sits on top of an iconic city tower, likebeing in an isolated island.Now he wants his bananas! Can you helpKong as he gets stuck in this concrete jungle?-Tap the screen tocontrol Kong the gorilla's arm! A classic monkey gamemechanic!-Feed the hungry Kong the monkey bananas and avoid thepesky humans driving jets and helicopters from taking away hischief source of food!-In this monkey game, go on an adventure anddefend in different places: the Empire State Building over at theconcrete jungle New York, go oriental over on China, see the EiffelTower in Paris, Italy, eat bananas on top of the Big Ben in London-- the action is everywhere!-This addictive gorilla game featurescute graphics and gorilla sounds when Kong the gorilla eats in theconcrete jungle!!-No internet connection required for Kong WantBanana: Gorilla Game!Kong Want Banana: Gorilla Game is created [email protected]!
Scratch 2 Win: Lottery Tickets 1.2.4
Can you turn a measly $50 into $1,000,000? Find out in Scratch 2Win: Lottery Tickets!You are given $50 which you can use to buyscratch tickets and cards. Can you turn that $50 into $1,000,000?How about $1,000,000,000? Find out in Scratch 2 Win and get thatlotto jackpot!Scratch 2 Win brings the excitement of winning thescratch lottery like in Las Vegas! The more you scratch the cards,the more lottery cards that you can buy and win!Scratch 2 Win has avariety of cards that you can play, including match 3, lucky numberand a whole lot more! Try to collect more cards and scratch yourway to lotto victory! Try and make your fortune by playing morescratch cards lottery! The more you play the more you win! Scratchthose tickets for huge bucks! If you know how to play and likescratch lottery cards, you’ll definitely love Scratch 2 Win! Be thehigh roller Las Vegas big shot that you dreamed of! Hope you enjoyplaying our little game as much as we've enjoyed creatingit!Features: - Simulate real-life scratch off lottery tickets LasVegas scratch style!- A variety of colorful scratch lotto ticketgames- Feel the thrill of winning a scratch off lottery ticketgame! Developed by Popsicle Games!
Vote Clicker: US Democracy 1.2.0
It's time to exercise our freedom and democracy! Vote Clicker letsyou choose to support Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, BernieSanders, or Ted Cruz and propel them to the top of the presidentialcampaign! Features: - Run a US presidential election campaign withthe big 4:Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and TedCruz - Choose to earn votes for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton,Bernie Sanders, or Ted Cruz - Upgrade election campaign assets toearn more votes per second. See democracy in action! Time toexpress your freedom and chose your new leader! - View the in-gamevotes of the GOP and Democratic party candidates in real-time -Team up with friends to earn votes for your presidential candidateWho will be the next American president? Are you a Republican or aDemocrat? Play Vote Clicker and shape the future of America! Willyou let the liberals win or let the GOP have their way? You get todecide the fate of America! *Disclaimer: all campaign actions,funds, and votes depicted in-game do not reflect any real-lifeevents or poll results
Darkest Light: Survivor 1.2.0
A boy facing all his fears must survive in one night! Thunder andlightning are his only weapons to fight his fears! Ironically, toomuch of this could also cost him his senses. All the monsters areinspired from his fears while growing up and they have been mutatedinto something creepy and death inducing! Get ready and fight thethings that go bump in the night! Features: - Fight off themonsters by tapping on the screen for thunder and lightning. Oncethey reach you, it's over. - Experience horror in different locales- All original hand drawn creepy monster art for your horrordelight! - Survive wave after wave and make sure to make it throughthe night!
All Aboard the Ark! - Bible Family Game 1.0.6
Do you love classic games and interactive games? Look nofurther!Can you save all the animals before the big flood? HelpNoah save the animals! If you read the bible story, you know whatNoah is all about! We got birds, some chicken, dog, cat -- and allsorts of animals! Gather the pairs all before the great floodapocalypse comes.You don't want angry, a wet animal knocking onyour ark, especially the birds! Don't make them angry! If you readthe bible story, you know what Noah is all about!Just like in thebible in the book of Genesis, Noah needs to save all the animals toget inside his Ark! Bring hope and save the pairs of animalsquickly before the great flood apocalypse arrives!Save all thechicken, birds (yes even the angry ones!), cat, dog, all of them!The bible story said that Noah needs to save all the animals! Savethem quickly, before the apocalypse comes!Keep them dry and keepthem happy! Animals get angry when they get wet! It's easy to getaddicted to this biblical game!All Aboard the Ark by Popsicle Gamesfeatures:- Tap the screen to move the barrier and let the animalcross inside the Ark. Make sure the pairs of birds don't hit thebarriers! If they do: they get angry and it's game over!- Cuteanimals graphics! Take good care of them!- Unlock a wide variety ofsimple animals from birds, chicken, cat, dog and a whole lot more.Hope you can unlock all the animals until you get addicted!- What acool game! Inspired by one of the greatest stories in the bible,making All Aboard the Ark (Popsicle Games) among the family gamesgenre!Looking for simple family games, classic games, fast gamesand interactive games? Look no further -- All Aboard the Ark ishere!All Aboard the Ark is based on the book of Genesis in theBible. Genesis is the first book of the Bible.Hope you enjoyplaying our simple family games as much as we've enjoyed creatingit! Get addicted!Created by Popsicle Games!
Vote Clicker: Halalan 2016 1.43
"Let’s all take a break and make the upcoming May 2016 electionsmore fun by trying out a new game designed just for the nationalpolls."- Manila Bulletin"It’s smart, insightful, funny, timely andrelevant to my country which is the Philippines; and its free! Whatmore can you ask for?"- TFGamer.com"The game features a lot ofitems and upgrades to be unlocked as well as gives you theopportunity to run your own propaganda machine."- Ungeek“Godownload this now, it’s a great time-waster and believe it or notyou can also practice your economics skills here plus it would befun to see your candidate win something despite him/her losingIRL.” -The Fanboy SEOWho will be the next president of thePhilippines? You decide!Work with your friends to help thecandidate of your choice win the presidential elections in thisaddictive clicker game! Tap your way to a war chest that willsupport your campaign efforts and watch your votes skyrocket!Participate in risky publicity stunts, and take the contestdirectly to your opponents in daring “black ops” initiatives!Makeall the promises. Kiss all the babies. Earn all the votes. PlayVote Clicker! Every vote counts.
Mighty Alpha Droid - Action Word Game 1.16i
Can you help the Mighty Alpha Droid save the planet from the evilrobots with your spelling skills?Form words using random lettertiles to blast your opponent to smithereens. Bigger enemies requirelonger words. Do you have what it takes to save the planet fromthese evil robots?- Dozens of enemy bosses- Tons of power-ups touse- Blast your way through hundreds of levels- Guaranteed fun foreveryone!Created by Popsicle Games!
Word Treats - Fun Offline Games for Word Addict 1.1.7
Have a thing for sweet treats? Let out your inner sweet tooth andindulge in Popsicle Games' newest word game, Word Treats!Guess thehidden words inside the treat -- you'll never know what words youwill discover!THE ULTIMATE SPELLING BEESwipe the letters around thetreat to enter a valid word. Invalid words will be rejected (andwill be turned into a nasty toothache). Words can only be submittedonce. Play through all the levels and become the ultimate spellingbee!Features:-TREAT-REFFIC! Create words on different treats!Unleash the word addict in you.-SWEET! Let your brain go on a wordhunt and improve your vocabulary. Hundreds of word puzzles ready tobe solved (and eaten). Go on a spelling bee!-SUGA-MAZING! Findbonus words for Floofie the hamster to get additional coins! Letthese be your word of the day, word addict!-DELISH! Differenttreats, sweets, and desserts are ready for solving! We have someshakes, ice cream, tarts, sundaes -- you name it, we got it. Amongall offline games in the store, this is the one you shouldn'tmiss!-CHERRY-FIC! Word Treats is available on most devices. It canalso be played without internet connection. Offline games for theword addict are the best!Hope you enjoy playing our offline gamesas much as we've enjoyed creating it!Created by Popsicle Games!Likeour Facebook Pagefacebook.com/popsiclegamesFollow us [email protected] complaints or suggestions?E-mail yourconcerns at [email protected]
Darkest Nightmare - Discord of the Dying Light 0.7.46
It's going to be a long and dark night for Gerde, the onlyremaining survivor from a group of magicians. Join her in her questto fight off the monsters and avoid the dying light. The missionisn't going to be that easy, however, as intoxicating monsters havetaken over the dreadful paths she need to traverse. It will takemore than just five nights to defeat everything.It's not over yet.Gerde's darkest nightmare is just about to begin.Darkest Nightmareis now in freeform!Features: -TAKE PART IN THE QUEST! Enter Gerde'sworld in her mission. Will she prevent the light from dying?-CREATEMAGIC SPELLS! Wield runic gestures in freeform to cast sorcery toyour enemy. The magic circle is now replace with freeformgestures!-CLASH WITH MONSTERS! Face kill-hungry beasts one afteranother. Can you survive for at least five nights?-BATTLE THE BOSS!End the discord once and for all by engaging in a battle withunknown entities! Five nights is not enough to clear themall!-ENTER A WORLD OF DYING LIGHT! Clear up levels to unlock morepuzzling areas in the map.Created by Popsicle Games!Like ourFacebook Pagefacebook.com/popsiclegamesFollow us [email protected] complaints or suggestions?E-mail yourconcerns at [email protected]
Ninja Neko X Samurai Doge 1.3.7
Cats or dogs, who will win?The never-ending conflict between catsand dogs now comes to your mobile phones! Introducing Ninja Neko xSamurai Doge! Protect the Japanese shrine from enemy invaders.Guard the huge torii (temple gate) by bouncing the daggers back tothe opposing division. Hoards of ninja nekos and samurai doges, allready to cook up a clash! Who will emergevictorious?Features:-CHOOSE YOUR FACTION! Are you a cat-lover or adog-lover? Pick only one group to battle with.-ADORABLE ANIMATIONS!Ever seen a cat laughing at your misses? -FORMIDABLE POWER-UPS! Usedifferent skills at your team's advantage.-PICK YOUR BREED! Choosefrom different dog and cat breeds to aid you in your battle.-AWESOME ARCADE! Bounce the projectiles back to the enemy toprotect the shrine from crumbling down.It's not about being a ninjaor a samurai, it's all about being a cat lover or a dog lover.Choose a faction and protect your kind!Made by @popsiclegames!
Word Cuisine - Fun Offline Cooking Frenzy 1.0.6
Fooducate yourself with Word Cuisine, a game that's sure to get youexcited for food!If you're looking for food games for girls, thenWord Cuisine is the answer!What words will you come up with? Solvethese word puzzles with just a swipe!Features:✔FOODUCATE! 🥧 Learnto cook different dishes while solving word puzzles. Education plusfood, equals FOODUCATE!✔EXQUISITE! 🍝 Get into the cooking mania, asspecial meals await you. In Word Cuisine, you are your ownchef!✔FRESH! 🍛 Word Cuisine is the newest app among food games forgirls -- foodies will surely have a good time with Word Cuisine!✔ONFIRE! 🔥 Raise your cooking skills to the highest temperature withexciting puzzles that will satisfy your palate.✔YUMMY! 🍲 Discoverfood on a whole new level -- spaghetti, gyudon, xiao long bao --we've got it all! The search for 'food games for girls' isover!PLAY WITHOUT INTERNET CONNECTIONWord Cuisine doesn't requireonline connection, which means it is an offline word game!EASYACCESS ANYWHERE, ANYTIMEWord Cuisine offers support on multipledevices!Created by Popsicle Games!Like our FacebookPagefacebook.com/popsiclegamesFollow us on [email protected] or suggestions?E-mail your concerns [email protected]
Word Odyssey 1.0.3
Pack your bags and get ready to go on a trip around the world!Popsicle Games presents a word game made for travelers and travelbloggers -- Word Odyssey!Forget about all the travel hassles ofbooking, applying for a visa, or creating an itinerary -- WordOdyssey is the only game that will let you travel the world and seethe globe through your devices.Features:-BUILD WORDS TO PROGRESS!You won't be needing airplane tickets for this one -- just createvalid words from the given tile set and you're all set to go.-GOAND VISIT DIFFERENT PLACES! From New York, to London, to Caracas toHavana! Book a trip to your favorite countries without the hassle.Cheap flights through a hot air balloon is the best way to go on atour!-IMPROVE YOUR VOCABULARY! Who says travelling is all leisure?With Word Odyssey, you can go sightseeing while learning new wordson the way!-TRAVEL AND SEE THE WORLD! Go on a voyage to visit about40 different countries and cities. Each trip is filled withexciting sights and challenging word puzzles!-COLLECT ALL THESTAMPS! As you visit different countries and destinations, you willreceive stamps as travel souvenirs. Collect and keep all 46 stampsfrom all over the world!Created by Popsicle Games!Like our FacebookPagefacebook.com/popsiclegamesFollow us on [email protected] or suggestions?E-mail your concerns [email protected]