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Fake Friends 1.7
FIND OUT WHO REMOVED AND ADDED YOU ONFACEBOOK!The Fake Friends app allows you to find who deleted you onFacebook, as well as your new friends! So with this app you will beable to trace people that removed you with no mercy!You will also receive notifications whenever someone adds orremoves it from your friends list.DISCLAIMER: You need to keep this app installed in order to it workproperly, it will just show friends that you added/removed AFTERthe installation!
Saraha - Questions and Answers 2.8.7
With AskMe you can ask to someone in anonymousor public.Create now your profile and share it so you will get even moremessages!
AskMe - Questions and Answers 2.8.9
With AskMe you can send and receive questions openly oranonymouslyto other people, create your account and start sendingmessagesnow!