Pose-Pro Apps

Posing App- Model Poses 1.6
Finally, an all inclusive app for both modelsand photographers, that is more than just a posing guide:-Access the Posing Galleries of over 400 poses.-Use any of our five, PDF contracts including: General ReleaseForm, Photo Release Form, Event Contract and more. Plus, you canEmail them to clients or others directly from the app!-Exclusive tips for Models, Photographers, and CreatingPortfolios-Plan for upcoming shoots by saving the best poses in aneasy-access Favorites folderPLUS OUR EXCLUSIVE TOOL BOX!-Photo Shoot Checklists including Weddings (3 lists: before,during, after), Facial Expressions (50 expressions) and ShootLocations (over 40 locations that you can find in yourtown/city)-A 31-Day Photo Challenge with images to use as inspiration andchallenge yourself-Access to all of the online resources that every photographer MUSTknow about...and more!