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Crossy Cops vs Robber Roads 1.0.2
Crossy Cops vs Robber RoadsWhy did the robber cross the road? To escape the police, of course!Ready to delve into an addicting world of endless cross-y fun?!Collect, characters, dodge traffic and avoid uncertain death in aseries of fun and exciting levels. Enjoy tons of obstacles in yourmission to cross the road. This super fun pixel crafted game isdynamically engineered for a great challenge. Avoid car smashes,drowning, pummeling and all other manner of funny characterdemises. This great arcade comedy boasts vibrant graphics, majorlycool variety of characters and easy to play, but challenging tomaster amusements.Log Entry:8:00AM - Cross traffic on a busy highway8:01AM - Avoid the high-speed crossing bullet train8:02AM - Hop across the fast-moving waters of the river using lilypads and logs8:03AM - SPLAT!!8:04AM - Start againIn Crossy Cops vs Robber Roads you can unlock a series ofcharacters and play as the thieving robber, the smug thug, or thecool pimp as they try and outrun the law. Alternately, play as thedetermined cop, the heroic firefighter or the rioting bad cop andgo after the bad guy in order to jail them once and for all. A funand diverse time can be had by all! Download for free today and getstarted crossing levels and earning points to survive the harshcruelties of the road. Simple touch screen controls allow fluidityof movement as you hop and dodge everything from cars to trains tomoving logs and lily pads in order to get to the other side andmove on to the next level!Game Features:- Unlock cool characters- Dodge traffic and moving obstacles- Avoid comical character demises and finish levels- Vibrant pixel game graphics- Challenge yourself- Simple touch screen controlsCollect Cool Characters:- Robber- Thug- Cop- Firefighter- Riot Cop- The Pimp
New World Mini Games C1
New World Mini GamesGet ready for an extreme battle filled with deadly foes and dynamiccombatsWelcome to New World Mini Games! Challenge the mighty andconquer the realms. See and feel the action of this retro-styledpixel-art first person shooter experience. This game boastsimmersive mobile play with user-friendly, pad-based controls andintuitive interface. Fans of free online action games will love theamazing selection of modern weapons available to collect andutilize. Survive with ammo and health packs and always keep a closeeye on your entity map so you are prepared for when enemies attack.The aim of the game is to survive... at all costs. Every adventuremap featured challenges you with a diverse range of enemies andweapons. You might be outnumbered, but by the end, you must be thesole survivor!**** PLEASE NOTE THE LEVEL SIZE *****In order to bring you the most epically awesome immersive game playever, New World Mini Games boasts levels that are HUGE! Because ofthis, load time can often take awhile…Rate kindly! Please don't penalize us with a one-star review,after all, this is a FREE game and we just wanted to ensure yourexperience was fully loaded with as much action packed shooting funas we could fit into it.MAP #1The houses rose like a solitary island in the ocean of societythat lashed angrily around it. It was a town quite out of step withthe rest of the world. Chimney's smoking their piped. Somber, meanlittle dwellings that seemed to glare as you when you walked by,suspicious and affronted that you dare enter their wicked woodedrealm. The steaming heat encloses you in damp discomfort, a starkreminder of your deadly mission. No one stays here, but no oneleaves. The town was a riddle, and one you must decode in order tosurvive.MAP #2Amongst the stone shoulders of the of the city, you stalk theghostly streets where deadly gangs haunt the highways as surely asspirits haunt afterlife. Skyscrapers, like ancient stalagmites,reached into the smoggy darkness to the clouds that scudded infront of the quarter moon, a smudge of pale yellow in the nightsky. One could easily feel trapped by this ugly, crime-ridden city.Including you. The only way out of this hell is through the heartof this crooked town and it's treacherous streets and deviantmarauders.MAP #3The stone walls of the underground chamber were cold and dank. Amaze area for the most brutal, terror-ridden warzone known to blockkind. Here you will fight against deadly waves of legendary enemieswho will challenge you in a diverse range of ways, so be ever onguard. This extreme survival map will hold you hostage to the veryend. Don't let the terrain be your downfall. The landscape is asdangerous as the enemies that appear from its depths.***FEATURES***✔ Explosive weapon variety✔Dynamic running and shooting action✔ Increasingly difficult survival challenges✔Traverse sprawling landscapes✔High quality pixel graphics✔Virtual pad-based controls✔Intense effects✔User-friendly play style✔Perks: Ammo and health packs**** DISCLAIMER ****This amazing world craft style game isn't associated withMinecraft, nor does it use any textures or skins associated withthe Minecraft games. New World Mini Games an epic creation of itsown rights and features awesome immersive game play that allows youto see and feel all the pixilated, 3D action of these beloved basicgeometric pixel shapes!
Ultimate Block Avengers C4.1
Enter the dark sci-fi fantasy world ofUltimate Block Avengers where you will need to strike fast and hardto defend the realm you once knew. It is up to you to protect theworld from the threats of the survivors. Your challenge is toconquer amidst severe enemy attacks in and eliminate this newthreat to the nations. Enjoy advanced modern weaponry and specialperks that will aid you in your quest. This epic action game isfilled with non-stop shooting and running action, stunningpixilated graphics, tons of enemies and a vast array of weapons fora most amazing FPS experience.***Mayhem rings paramount***A sudden and deadly virus hits a highly populated metropolitanarea, killing off thousands of people in its brutal claiming. Inthe aftermath of this riotous disease, those who survived begin torealize they have acquired bizarre and impossible new abilities.Thankfully spared this gruesome infection, you were exempt from thestrange aftereffects. Although these abnormalities are interestingenough, life eventually goes on. The survivors bury their dead andthe months stretch into years, when a mystifying man appears andbegins his recruitment. At first no one paid this newcomer anyheed, but as his commands rang out through the vast city and one byone people abandoned posts at jobs, left homes filled with lovedones, and even discarded vehicles in the city center to heed thissummons, the dark force surrounding this stranger grew instrength.As the multitude of his followers seek out his will, it becomesincreasingly evident that the ones subjected to his commands arethose who suffered the debilitating effects of the virus and stillmanaged to survive. All you can do is watch the people you onceknew as they are turned into virtual drones right before your eyes,then are ordered to attack the city and lay siege to thecapitol.***Become the hero. Eradicate the enemy.***Finding yourself a victim in the invasion lead by this superevolved races bent on destroying anyone, it is either kill or bekilled. Grabbing any weapon you can get your hands on, you strikeout against every oncoming attack, but to fend off the worst of it,you must seek out the source of this attack. Your journey will takeyou through the dangerous map of the deadly space craft carrier, alabyrinthine scheme of rooms and halls of a vast mansion to thedeath defying battle to end all battles in the savage orbit ofdeath.**** PLEASE NOTE LEVEL SIZE AND LOAD TIME*****In order to create the best gaming experience possible, UltimateBlock Avengers is loaded to the max with maps that are amazinglyMASSIVE. Every landscape is brimming with tons of enemy variety,epic weapons and challenging obstacles. Because of this, load timecan often take awhile…Rate kindly! Please don't penalize us with a one-star review. Keepin mind, this is a FREE game, and we just wanted to ensure youenjoyed one-of-a-kind action-packed thrill ride when you downloadthis epic survival first person shooter game.Features for Ultimate Block Avengers*Stunning 3D pixel environments*Melee and firearm weapon variety*Brutal hand-to-hand combat*Speed, health, and ammo pickups*Precision shooting*Entity map offers aerial views of oncoming enemies*Tight controls*User-friendly interface
Cube Legends: Warriors Vs Orcs C6
Welcome to Cube Legends: Warriors Vs Orcswhere you will face unimaginable forces which will aim to stop youat every turn. You must overcome these obstacles and dominate theland as the ultimate warrior. Face brutal orcs as you navigateunforgiving lands that can either help or hinder your mission. Armyourself with a devastating selection of weapons or go all out andtake down the enemy hand-to -hand for the ultimate fightingexperience. However you lay waste to these barbaric foes, do itwith both skill and speed, lest they overcome your defenses. Thisworld is all about survival. Live, and win.PLEASE NOTE THE LEVEL SIZE: In order to bring you the bestexperience possible, Cube Legends: Warriors Vs Orcs has levels thatare extensively large and loaded with extreme challenges. We jampacked each map with endless enemy clans, fast-paced shooteraction, and extensive weaponry to locate and utilize. Because ofthis, load time can often take awhile…Rate kindly! Please don't penalize us with a one-star review,after all, this is a FREE game, and we just wanted every level tobe an adrenaline filled battle. We've pushed past the boundaries ofmobile gaming and invite you to join us.✱DESTROY THE ENEMY✱The gods are angry with the people. They want to destroy theworld of the mortals. They gather all their army of orcs and losetheir might into the realm.A shrill cry echoed in the mist. A plea for mercy or the screechof death no doubt. Death was everywhere, the earth overrun with thearmy of the gods. All around villages were being plundered, theirinhabitants murdered, their villages burned to the ground. Thekingdom that was once a virile land, was crumbling before the worldlike the broken spine of a thoroughbred horse. The king was forcedto pull his soldiers from many of the distant lands, focusing hispower closer to home in an effort to target his remaining strengthon defeating this enemy, even if it wreaked havoc on his mainholdings. Without the protection of the king, the outer realmsperished quickly. Now, as the ground shakes with the veritableforce of these great beings, the war has moved with defining forceto the kingdom. As the clock runs out, the king realizes he mustrequest the help of a superior being once banished from the landsfor his power. To fight fire with fire, you need a sorcerer.Without much time, the king dispatched his most fierce warrior toenlist the aid of this magician.You have braved many battle with numerous enemies, but none suchas these barbaric beasts who stop at nothing and destroy everythingin their path. In your journey to the sorcerer's castle, you willconfront these foes and in order to survive, you will need to takethem out before they take you down. This quest will demand youwield a selection of powerful weapons and collect essential perkssuch as health packs and ammo. Annihilate these orcs withdevastating effects when you utilize a exploding powder kegs foundthroughout the map. The race is on. Battle orcs on the castlegrounds, then blast through them in a terrain blanketed in winter'sicy grip. Finally deal the ultimate damage at the sorcerer's castlewhere the true test of your strength will be proven.Features:-Health packs and ammo-Entity map-Health meter-Hand-to-hand combat-Exploding barrels-Night and day game play-Touch screen controls-Pixel graphicsWeapons:Knife,Katana,M1911,M4,MP5,Shotgun,Sniper,AK-47