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Super Speed Cleaner & Booster 1.4.2
🚀Super Speed Cleaner & Booster - a powerful Android mobileclean master app. Optimize your Android phone overall with junkcleaner, speed booster, battery saver, CPU cooler and antivirusprotection. Super Speed Cleaner & Booster's most popularfeatures: ★ Junk Clean Master Speed up the phone and improveperformance by removing junk files including system and app cache,useless apk files, residual files, App cache. With read/writeexternal storage permission, to clean the junk files of your sd orinternal storage. ★ One Tap Booster Stop background apps in one tapto free up storage space on the mobile phone. Speed up the phoneand optimize phone performance. ★ Antivirus Protection Certificatedvirus-scan engine. Accurately find and kill viruses to keep yourmobile phone safe all the time. ★ CPU Cooler Dynamically analysesCPU usage, detects overheating apps, and closes them to cool downyour phone immediately. ★ Battery Saver Analyze battery usageautomatically and kill the battery-draining process to save batterylife. ★ Notification Organizer Your personal notification manager.Intelligently block unwanted notifications and remove redundantones. ★ App Locker Lock sensitive apps and snap intruders withcamera permission to protect your privacy. ★ Call Blocker &Assistant Customize the numbers on your blacklist and block spamcalls & unwanted calls. With Call, Contact and Read Phone Statepermissions, Super Speed Cleaner & Booster can block allannoying spam calls and provide powerful call assistance. ★ BetterUser Experience For better user experience, location & coarselocation permission will be used to recommend the most suitable andlocalized content for you. We will never upload any of yourlocation information. Super Speed Cleaner & Booster also needsget accounts permission to keep functions work better. We willnever upload any of your accounts information. …… Optimise yourphone with Super Speed Cleaner & Booster now!
Flashlight Locker Pro 1.1.1
Smart Lock Screen– the best free android lock screen to protectyour phone privacy and makes your phone more beautiful &efficient! Smart Lock Screen is a smart, efficient and ads-freelock screen app. Thousands of free beautiful wallpapers and themesare available for you to personalize your phone! Powerful intrudershot ensure privacy protection! Download Smart Locker andexperience its security and efficiency NOW! Smart Lock ScreenHighlights: ▪ Security – Enhance your phone security with powerfulintruder shot, prevents your phone from being unlocked by others. ▪Efficiency – Unlock your phone quickly with quick access to yourapps! ▪ Personalization – Customize your phone with thousands offree beautiful wallpapers and themes. ▪ Small size, powerfulfunctions - Less than 5MB, Smart Locker is smaller than most lockscreen apps, but it provides your better protections and smootherexperience! Smart Lock Screen Key Features: 1. Stylish Themes ▪Free well-designed themes make your phone stylish and unique. 2.Daily Wallpaper ▪ Personalize your lock screen with thousands ofhigh-quality wallpapers. ▪ Provide you a daily new wallpaper andbring you surprise every day! 3. Intruder Selfie ▪ Snap photos ofintruders who tries to unlock in your phone. Privacy is protected!4. Lock Screen ▪PIN code and pattern are supported to protect yourphone. 5. Notification Center ▪ Quick access to new messages onlock screen. ▪ Select apps that you want to show on lock screen. 6.Weather Forecasts ▪ Weather forecast information for 24 hourly& future 10 days. ▪ Choose any location as you like. 7. QuickAccess ▪ Quick access to camera and dialer from the lock screen.Never miss the beautiful moments or important calls! ▪ Quick accessto your favorite apps from the lock screen. Save tons of time. ▪Quickly turn ON/OFF frequently-used toggles (Wi-Fi, flashlight,brightness…) on a panel. Contact Us: Please feel free to let usknow if you have encountered any problems or if you have any adviceover Smart Locker at feedback.lockerstudio@gmail.com.Thanks foryour support!
Flash Locker Pro
Flashlight Locker - the smartest screen locker provides you withprivacy protection, beautiful free wallpapers & themes andweather info on the lock screen! 👉 Less than 5MB, Flashlight Screenlocker is smaller than most lock screen apps, but it provides yourbetter protections and smoother experience! 👉 Download FlashlightLocker and experience its security and efficiency NOW! FlashlightScreen Locker Highlights: ✨ Security – Enhance your phone securitywith powerful intruder shot, prevents your phone from beingunlocked by others. ✨ Efficiency – Unlock your phone quickly withquick access to your apps! ✨ Personalization – Customize your phonewith thousands of free beautiful wallpapers and themes. ✨Smallsize, powerful functions - Less than 5MB, Flashlight locker issmaller than most lock screen apps, but it provides your betterprotections and smoother experience! Flashlight Screen Locker mainFEATURES: 💥️ Stylish Themes: Free well-designed themes make yourphone stylish and unique. 💥 Daily Wallpaper: Personalize your lockscreen with thousands of high-quality DAILY wallpapers. 💥 IntruderSelfie: Snap photos of intruders who tries to unlock in your phone.💥 Lock Screen: PIN code and pattern are supported to protect yourphone. 💥 Weather Forecasts: Weather forecast information for 24hourly & future 10 days. 💥 Quick Access: Quick access to anyapps from the lock screen. Save tons of time.
Speed Locker Free 1.0.7
Speed Locker is a simple, elegant and efficient lock screen app.With thousands of free beautiful wallpapers and themes, you candesign your phone and make it like a new one. Notification Center,Weather Forecasts services can make your phone more easy to use.Download Speed Lock and experience its magic NOW! Speed LockHighlights: ▪ Personalized - Thousands of free beautifulwallpapers and themes offered to personalize your phone. ▪Efficient- Quick access to your apps, cutting down the amount of time youwaste unlocking your phone. ▪Small but powerful - With less than5MB, Speed Locker is smaller than most lock screen apps. ▪No ads -Clean and ad-free. Key Features: 1. Themes ▪Make your lock screenstylish with free & well-designed themes. Not boring anymore. 2. Daily Wallpaper ▪Personalize your lock screen withthousands of high-quality wallpapers. ▪Daily wallpaper willprovide you a new wallpaper and make your phone more fresheveryday. 3. Lock Screen ▪Speed Locker protects your phone with pincode or pattern. 4. Notification Center ▪Quick access to newmessages on lock screen.  ▪Select apps that you want to showon lock screen. 5. Weather Forecasts ▪Conveniently see weatherforecast information for 24 hourly & future 10 days,and add any location you choose. 7. Quick Access ▪ Access toyour camera and dialer from the lock screen. Never miss thebeautiful moments or important calls again! ▪ Access to yourfavorite apps from your lock screen, saving tons of time. ▪ Turnfrequently-used toggles (Wi-Fi, flashlight, brightness…) ON/OFF ona panel and set your phone quicker. Contact Us: ✮ Help us improvethe product: lockerfeedback@gmail.com
It’s Me – Fun Avatar Call Screen 1.0.2
Congrats! You’ve found the FIRST interactive call screenapplication on Google Play! It’s Me-Fun Avatar Call Screen,personal avatar animations for call screen with unique ringtones,exclusive to special contacts only! 3 simple steps to enjoy It’sMe: ⭐Make sure both you and your friend have It’s Me on yourphones. ⭐Choose your favorite effect and create an hilariousanimation with your face on it. ⭐Set the animation you just made toyour friend. Bang! The next time you call, the funny animation willappear on your friend’s call screen! ! Amazing Features: 😂Plenty ofhilarious animations - add laughter to your life 👫Uniqueinteractive mode - show your funny side by a surprise call🎨Customizable for specific contacts - have more fun with bestfriends 🎵Unique and funny ringtones - stand out with a differentringtone Contact us: feedback.avatarcall@outlook.com
Blue Light Filter: Night Mode, Screen dimmer 1.0.2
Have trouble falling asleep? Want to reduce eye strain when usingsmartphones in the dark? Blue Light Filter may be the solution foryou! Blue light is a range of the high-energy visible lightspectrum, defined as having a wavelength between 400-495 nm, has anegative impact on sleep as it disturbs the production ofmelatonin, an essential sleep hormone. Other harmful effects ofusing the smartphone without blue light filter are: eye strain,headache, insomnia or sleeplessness, lack of quality sleep, etc.Night mode adjusts the colors of your display to the warmer end ofthe spectrum—making the display easier on your eyes. Also here areeven more options - selecting the filter color according to colortemperature, shortcuts on the home screen, a notification widgetand an activation time schedule. Main features are: Night Mode -Activate night mode with a simple tap. Filter Intensity - Allowmanually set the intensity of the filter for your preference.Screen Dimmer - Choose a comfortable brightness level of thescreen. Auto Timer - Automatically turn on/off the filter at thesetting time. Pause 60s - Pause the effect of the filter in caseyou are doing something important. Easy to use - Very light app,necessary handy controls. And more features coming soon! Note: dueto new security rules in Android 8.1+, some parts of the screencannot be covered by filters, like notification bar or status bar.Appreciate for your understanding.