Power Webbing Development Apps

Japanese for Beginner 1.0.5
Having tough time recognizing and remembering Hiragana and Katakanacharacters? This app is designed to help you memorize all thesecharacters. READING ========== The list of characters, both inHiragana and Katakana. LISTENING ========== Cycling through thecharacters, engaging your sight and hearing to drill them into yourmemory. TESTING ========== Tests to gauge how well you have done,and statistic to track your progression. NOTE: This app do notguide you on the linguistic aspects of the language, but more ofcrossing the first hurdle of recognizing the basic characters, soas to quickly move on to higher levels of the language.
Nano WatchFace 1.2
Inspired from the Google analogue watch face sample, this watchface was designed on it's original simplicity with a dose of extrainfo on date and battery level info.1) Option to hide and setposition of app logo.2) Option to hide and set position of dateinfo.3) Option to hide and set position of battery level.4)Displays in digital format with battery status detail while dockedto USB or AC power source.If the watch face does not show up onyour Android watch, please run Android Wear app on your smart phoneto synchronize apps under Settings.