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HVAC Buddy® 5.0.4
Make your job easier with our handy refrigerant charging anddiagnostic HVAC app - HVAC Buddy®. If you are servicing equipmentthe best way to begin diagnosis and determine the properrefrigerant charge is to use HVAC Buddy, a set of gauges, and athermometer. • Superheat for fixed capillary or Subcool forTXV/EXVsystems • Calculates targeted vs. actual Subcooling • 73refrigerants including R-22 (Freon), R-410A (Puron), R-404A, R-134A• Airflow / Delta-T / TEET Calculation • Diagnosis tab for leaks,overcharge, contaminants, etc. • Email System Status Report •Imperial (IP) or Metric (SI) • Use Target Superheat and Subcooltables or enter manually • Fast! Update values realtime with Tempand Press sliders • User friendly with several pages of step bystep instructions if the early outdoor temperature is 75F and youcharge the system to a “beer can cold” suction line your system islikely improperly charged. Later in the afternoon high temperatureswill increase head pressure and the resulting overcharge means alower than desired superheat and wasted energy. Not good! Features:Use HVAC Buddy to enter refrigerant, temperatures, and pressures.The math is done for you to display Superheat or SubcoolingTarget,Actual, and Difference. Use temperature and pressure sliders to seewhat happens in realtime when these values change. HVAC Buddycontains generic charts for target Superheat and Subcool as well aspressure-temperature tables for 71 Refrigerants. Temperature datafor your pressure is displayed on the refrigerant row and changescan easily be viewed by moving the pressure slider. Add or recoverrefrigerant to get the Actual value to within the displayed targetSuperheat or Subcool range. Diagnosis tab - shows common causes forhigh and low superheat, subcooling. Instructions - Several pages ofdetailed step by step instructions. Imperial/Metric - View units inFahrenheit/Celsius or psi/kPa. Airflow - For cooling, compares atargeted difference across the coil vs. actual. Also called Delta-Tor Target Evaporator Exit Temperature (TEET). Sliders change valuesin realtime. System Status Report - Use the email tab to createdefaults for email addresses, subject, and System Status Reportintroductory text. Tap the email button and these values areincorporated into a formatted page including all the parametersrecorded in HVAC Buddy. Edit the email and / or add contacts. Thenon each service call it's just a couple taps to send a personalizedreport. Note: To access Diagnostics, Email, and Instructions useyour phones menu button. This app does NOT have a traditional PTChart display. However, you can view temperatures in the upper lefthand corner given any vapor line pressure (Superheat tab) or Liquidleaving pressure (Subcooling tab). Accolades and Awards:---------------------------- HVAC Buddy ranked #2 inContractingBusiness.com readers choice of top 10 contracting apps.HVAC Buddy was featured by the California Association of HERSRaters and is CalHERS approved! http://calhers.org/ "Very cool app.I can see California really running with this as we have strictrequirements for verification." - John Richau, Executive Director,Calhers "an excellent programme" - Charlie Richards AboutPowertrade -------------------------- Powertrade is the number onedeveloper of mobile HVAC apps with professional looking, provenapps in the hands of over 20,000 users worldwide. Powertrade HVACBuddy® Applications: ------------------------- NEW! HVAC Buddy®Load Calc - Improve accuracy when sizing equipment, demonstrateprofessionalism on the job, and add substance to your proposals byusing our heat loss and heat gain calculation app. HVAC Buddy® LoadCalc (Apple) - Also available on iOS devices - iPhone, iPad HVACBuddy® Duct Calc - Powerful, real-time interface to help you chooseoptimal duct sizes. HVAC Buddy® Pressure Temperature - PT Chartwith 71 Refrigerants in Metric or Imperial units.
com.gridbuddy.pbuddy 3.0.1
Refrigerant PT Chart • 75 Refrigerants • Pressure Units psig/inHg,kPag, kPa, psig, psia, atm, inHg, MPa, barg, bara • Temp Units °F,°C, Kelvin Temperature Tab • 1 °F Temperature increments • Bubbleand Dew Pressures on same line Pressure Tab • 1 psi Pressureincrements • Bubble and Dew Temperatures on same line Settings Tab• Select Pressure Units • Select Temperature Units • SelectRefrigerants • Refrigerant Properties Thank you for looking at HVACBuddy products. We do our best to make the best products possibleto improve your productivity. If you feel there is any way we canimprove please use the contact email link or support link fromwithin the app. About Powertrade --------------------------Powertrade is the number one developer of mobile HVAC apps withprofessional looking, proven apps in the hands of over 20,000 usersworldwide. Powertrade HVAC Buddy® Applications:------------------------- NEW! HVAC Buddy® Load Calc - Improveaccuracy when sizing equipment, demonstrate professionalism on thejob, and add substance to your proposals by using our heat loss andheat gain calculation app. HVAC Buddy® Load Calc (Apple) - Alsoavailable on iOS devices - iPhone, iPad HVAC Buddy® - Refrigerantcharging and diagnostics HVAC Buddy® Duct Calc - Powerful tool witha simple to use real-time interface to help you choose optimal ductsizes.
HVAC Buddy® Duct Calc 1.3
The best and number one selling duct sizing tool for Androiddevices with thousands of happy users. For less than the cost of acardboard wheel ductulator always have a fast, accurate way toanalyze ducts for design (by Airflow) or existing installations (bySize).Airflow Tab• Calc decimal & rounded sizes for any aspectratio• Solve for Volume, Aspect Ratio, Friction, or VelocitySizeTab• Calc Friction and Velocity given duct sizeSettings Tab:• Entervarious units - Airflow (cfm, m3/s, l/s, m3/hr) Friction (in/100',Pa/30m), Duct Sizing (in, cm), Velocity (ft/min, m/s)• Definestandard air - Altitude (ft, meter), Temperature (Fahrenheit,Celsius), Relative Humidity (pct)• Displays calculated KinematicViscosity (ft2/s) and Specific Volume (ft3/lb)Material Types:• PVC•Aluminum• Galvanized Steel• Spiral Steel• Smooth Liner• FiberLiner• Flex DuctDuct Shapes:• Round• Rectangular• OvalDuct Sizing•Round to Even Units• Round to Odd UnitsCalculations are based onfriction loss equations in the ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals2009.Review Notes-----------------------------------------A 12x12duct matches FPM and CFM when friction is ignored which does nothappen in real life. This relationship changes based on theproperties of air (see kinematic viscosity on the settings tab) andon the friction value determined via the type of duct selected.Also, for the times when you want to get friction given CFM andDuct use the "Airflow" tab, select the "ft/min" checkbox and movethe slider accordingly. There are many ways to drive the openvariable.Accuracy:-----------------------------------------Calculationshave been verified against ASHRAE fundamentals and several otherreferences. There are more input criteria (such as duct material)than velocity, friction, and size mentioned in the review which thereviewer may not have taken into consideration. Use the Supportemail link for any questions or concerns.AboutPowertrade--------------------------Powertrade is the number onedeveloper of mobile HVAC apps with professional looking, provenapps in the hands of over 20,000 users worldwide.Powertrade HVACBuddy® Applications:-------------------------NEW!HVAC Buddy® LoadCalc - Improve accuracy when sizing equipment, demonstrateprofessionalism on the job, and add substance to your proposals byusing our heat loss and heat gain calculation app.HVAC Buddy® LoadCalc (Apple) - Also available on iOS devices - iPhone, iPadHVACBuddy® - Refrigerant charging and diagnostics.HVAC Buddy® PressureTemperature - Traditional PT Chart with 71 Refrigerants in Metricor Imperial units
HVAC Buddy® Load Calc 1.3
Improve accuracy when sizing equipment, demonstrate professionalismon the job, and add substance to your proposals by using our heatloss and heat gain calculation app - HVAC Buddy® Load Calc. •Database of Company, Customer, and Project information on yourdevice • Multiple Projects for one Customer • Project and customerSorting and Filtering capability • Establish Project Templates,Copy Projects, utilize Default Project • Quickly View total Heatingand Cooling Loads • Computes Duct Gains and Losses based on designtype, duct insulation, tightness • Allows simultaneous Infiltrationand Ventilation • Multiple Units of Measure, easily switch back andforth • Heating, Cooling, and Combined charts at Project and Roomlevels six charts in all • Allows Heating only, Cooling only, orboth at Project level as well as individual item overrides • EmailCharts and Project Values • Outdoor Design Weather Database over1800 cities included with provision for custom valuesFeatures:HVACBuddy Load Calc allows you to enter all the constructioncharacteristics relating to heat gains and losses for the purposeof calculating the total building loads for heating and cooling.This app simplifies the process of collecting and recordinginformation for presentation in a meaningful context. For this orany app of this nature you must be familiar with and have knowledgeof construction materials and measuring skills to do a loadcalculation. In other words, the data entered must be good andaccurate for meaningful results.Comes with a "Default" projectcontaining all the construction types. Whenever new loads arecreated they may be copied from the Default project or any otherload within the project. Create new Projects by copying from theDefault project or create your own template projects to improveefficiency. Project may be filtered by staus - New, Template,Scheduled, or Complete.Comes with one Example Project in threestages. The first stage "Ex 1 Block" is a simple block loadanalysis with inefficent ducting. The second stage "Ex 1 Blockw/Improved Ducts" shows the improved lower loads resulting fromimprovements in duct sealing as well as moving to R8 material inthe ducts. The third stage "Ex 1 Block w/Rooms" is the same housewith room by room loads.Loads: Above Grade Walls, Basement Walls,Ceilings, Floors, Partition Ceilings, Partition Walls, Doors,Windows, Skylights, Blower Heat, Infiltration, Ventilation, andInternal Gains.Opening Area Calculation: Calculates andautomatically subtracts opening area for walls with attached doorsand windows. In addition, if you elect to specify a wallorientation windows associated with the wall can optionally inheritthe wall orientation.Note: Many features are accessed using yourdevice (phone) Menu key.For more screenshots and information visitthe website at the link provided.Documentation covers creating,copying a new project. Please feel free to use the support link toask any questions on how to use, etc. Your question helps improvefuture documentation updates.If you have any problems with the appplease email support with information describing the issue so thatwe may reproduce the problem and correct.For the fastest responseto questions or support there is a support link from within theapplication or use the support email link from this page.AboutPowertrade--------------------------Powertrade is the number onedeveloper of mobile HVAC apps with professional looking, provenapps in the hands of over 20,000 users worldwide.Powertrade HVACBuddy® Applications:-------------------------HVAC Buddy® Load Calc(Apple) - This app is also available on iOS devices - iPhone,iPadHVAC Buddy® - Refrigerant charging and diagnosticsHVAC Buddy®Duct Calc - Powerful, simple to use real-time interface to help youchoose optimal duct sizesHVAC Buddy® Pressure Temperature -Traditional PT Chart with 71 Refrigerants in Metric or Imperialunits
test2 3.0.4
this is a test2 app for test purposes. this is a test2 app fortestpurposes. this is a test2 app for test purposes.