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This app made for over beloved MIUI ROM youcan get updates on new posts, news, technical articles at yourAndroid™ device. By bringing all updates from MIUI Offical Site ,Facebook page, Xiaomi Shop , MIUI YouTube Channel and other too ,this app make your life easy on the go.Features:- Stay Connected with MIUI Official Site- Stay Connected with MIUI Official Forum- Download MIUI ROMs- Stay Connected with MIUI Official Facebook Page- Stay Connected with MIUI Official YouTube Channel- In-built download / download manger- Display several languages- Notification SettingsAnd What Not !Download Premium app from here:-
Screen Lock v4.4f
Screen Lock, app for Android™ with screen off animation. SmartScreen Off and Lock. Easy to use. Saves power button usage. Thisapp uses the Device Administrator permission. Necessary for lockingthe device upon user action. Animation speed is adjusted with“Transition animation scale” and “Animator duration scale”. Ouradvice, use 1x for best screen off experience as often default formany devices. On some devices the change take affect after lockunlock. To screen off and lock the device you can: • Createshortcut. • Use Screen Lock widget 1x1 • Access from notification.• Shake to lock. • Access Screen Lock by long pressing searchbutton, if your device has it. Features include: • One touch lockusing shortcut or widget. • Screen off animation. • Support for“Smart Lock”, "Nexus Imprint" or "Fingerprint sensor”, and IRISscanner. • Vibrate upon lock and vibration strength adjustment. •Lock unlock sound, with volume adjustment. Additional features: •Enable lock service strict to only when you are at Home screen.Usability features: • Delay activation for Shake lock. • Pause onLandscape mode. Note 1: Deactivate Device Administration for ScreenLock before uninstalling. Note 2: While using service drivenfeatures, make sure Screen Lock security is not set to none. Thisapp stops itself when device is locked, and start itself when youunlock. Doing so it saves battery power. Note 3: Disable defaultdevice lock and unlock sound, if using it from this app.Improvement suggestions are most welcome, let us know what you needand we will provide updates as and when ready. Please rate andreview your experience. User satisfaction is important. Encourageus to work harder and better to make it best for you.
Screen Lock Pro - The Power button saver v4.5p
Screen Lock Pro, is created to extend the life of hardware powerbutton by using the feature within the app. Support for both Adminlock and Smart lock system. Easy to Screen off and lock the devicedepending on your selected preferences. This app uses the Deviceadministrator permission. Necessary for the app to lock with Adminlock. Read write system settings permission to enable Smart locksystem if needed. One tap to off and lock the device using: ☞ Adminlock (Shortcut) ☞ Smart lock (Shortcut) ☞ Screen lock widget ☞Admin lock and Smart lock from notification ☞ Floating widgetScreen lock using available device sensors for both lock and wakeupfeature: ☞ Flip cover ☞ Air swipe ☞ Desk option ☞ Awesome shakeUsability enhancements: ☞ ‘Movement listener’ option fordestruction-free reading experience. ☞ ‘On home screen’ for easygoing. ☞ ‘Pause on landscape’ to play games effortlessly. ☞ ‘Pauseon call’ to let the device follow its default course of action.Personalisation features: Animations to pick for Phone lockexperience. Vibration feedback upon Phone locked. Lock and unlocksound at varied points to play the tone you love to hear. Soundvolume is picked from notification sound as volume and can befurther adjusted with ease, also respects DND mode. Highlycustomisable lock icon with easy to use interface. Option to useMetallic and Material icon as choice for both Admin lock and Smartlock. Animation speed is adjusted with “Transition animationscale," and “Animator duration scale”. Our advice, use 1x for best‘Screen Off’ experience. The changes may take place after lock andunlock. Note 1: Device administration must be disabled beforeuninstalling. Note 2: Disable default device lock and unlock sound,if applying from this app. Any suggestions for improving Screenlock app are most welcome. We’ll do our best to present you desiredusage experience.
SXDevelopers 4.5
Get updates on new posts, news, technical articles at your Android™device. By bringing all updates from SXDevelopers Blog, Facebookpage, Facebook group and from SXDevelopers Twitter account, thisapp make your life easy on the go.Note: SXDevelopers a community ofdevelopers, for Sony Xperia™ Devices. We are not associated,supported or affiliated by Facebook, Twitter, Sony or Xperia in anymeans. This app is created for better user experience and being inconstant touch with SXDevelopers community updates.Credits:NoelMacwan (Developer/Drawables/Phone Screenshots)Nikunj Kubadia(Drawables)Psychorelic Artwork (Logo/ App Graphic Banner) Prahallad(Supporter)BraDer Pailang (7" Tab Screnshots)lowtraxx (10" TabScreenshots)