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Broken Screen Prank 1.0
Broken Screen is just a prank/simulated app used for fun, itsimulates the broken screen effect to play with your friends. Itwill not harm your phone.Your friends and parents will absolutelybe freaked out when they see the cracked screen, it's so realisticthat they all think the phone is really broken. LOL. Ready to be afunny guy? Download our broken screen game and make your friendslaugh and laugh.Real Broken Screen Prank perfectly simulates a realcracked screen or broken screen with realistic sound effects! It isa fun app for those who love practical jokes! Make anyone guilty ofcracking and destroyed your phone screen! Get them to buy you a newphone! They will defiantly scare.Real Broken Screen Prank is easyto use! Just launch the app and you are ready to go!This brokenscreen application is only a prank app, you can have fun with yourfriends and family. It simulator the broken screen effect, and willnot really broken the screen. you can exit app and remove the crackimage. In spare time you scare your friends and family with thebroken screen prank app, they may be laughing out loud and canbelieve the screen is cracked. Realistic screen crack image andsound effect. Welcome your advice and email to me and lol to otherscrack screen app.App Feature:# Realistic crack wallpaper andbreaking glass sound.# Crack your screen by touching or shaking.#Destroy your phone screen by other effects such as fire screen andelectric screen.# Realistic broken screen wallpaper and sounds.#Touch to crack.# Set time to crack screen prank.# Auto repairs yourscreen when you return to the app.How to play By click theapplication icon the wonderful application will active and now youcan start fun by touching on the screen of your phone by finger orthumb and give the phone to one of your friends to show the amazingdisplay cracked and break into pieces of crystals.Fool your friendswith the broken screen prank, have fun!Please leave your reviews,we will be happy to hear your comments. If you have any bugreports, you can send us an email with specific details, so we willtry to address it as soon as possible.Disclaimer:This CrackedScreen is just a prank app used for fun and entertainment. It willnot really harm your phone screen, it just shows the realisticcracked screen image and breaking sound. Fool people and be happy.
Mehndi Design Latest 2018 1.0
This mehndi designs 2017/ 2018 app is specially design for weddingmehndi design image. Pakistani and Indian girls love these Hennamehndi designs free images. Mehndi designs new app contain easy andsimple designs of Arab Mehndi Artists for free download. Make yourvirtual mehndi wallpaper. Mehndi is typically applied duringspecial Hindu weddings and Hindu festivals like KarvaChauth, VatPurnima, Diwali(Deepavali), Bhai Dooj, Teej, Holi, Navratri,MakarSankranti, VasantPanchmi etc. In Hindu festivals, many womenhave Henna applied to their hands and feet. It is usually drawn onthe palms and feet, where the design will be clearest due tocontrast with the lighter skin on these surfaces, which naturallycontain less of the pigment melanin. Henna was originally used as aform of decoration mainly for Hindu brides. Muslims of Indiansubcontinent also apply Mendi during their festivals likeEid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha.All types of like Simple Mehendi HD,Arabic Mehendi, Easy Mehendi, Pakistani Mehendi, Bridal Mehendi arein our app.If you’re a girl and if you’re ready to go short,Looking for Best Eid Mehndi Designs then Check out Designs in ourapp now.Using this App We Present Free High-Definition BeautifulLatest Arabic Mehndi Designs For Attend Parties, Weddings andFestivals.The Important Features & Categories:• Arabian MehndiDesigns.Traditional Arabic Mehndi Design Collections IncludingArab, Irani, Arab Emirates (UAE) Cultures. • Indian MehndiDesigns.Mehndi Designs from different regions of India -Rajasthani, Gujrati, Tamil, Delhi.• Pakistani MehndiDesigns.Pakistani Traditional Designs for Eid, Marriage Ceremony.•Feet Mehndi Designs.Simple and Gorgeous Designs, Also forBridals. • Bridal's Mehndi Designs.Design to Beautify atMarriage Ceremony.• Hena Mehndi Collections.Hena Arts, Raw DesignCollections.• Alia Khans' Mehndi DesignsPopular Mehndi Beautician'sDesigns.• Turkey Mehndi DesignTraditional Turkey Designs.• MoroccanMehndi Design.• Indo-Arabic Mehndi Design.• Bengali Mehndi.• TribalTraditions Mehndi Design.• New Year Mehndi Design.• Thirty-FirstParty Mehndi Design.I hope You Guys enjoy a lots as our otherapp.Please dont forget to rate and share it will help us to sharebest serivce to all.
अब इंटरनेट के बिना टीवी देखना Prank 1.4
Watch offline TV now and your favorite TV channel without aninternet prank with the help of this amazing TV app withoutinternet.  हज़ार चैनल ऑनलाइन उपलब्ध हैं .. लेकिन टीवी ऑनलाइनदेखने के लिए इतने सारे मुद्दे हैं आपके इंटरनेट पैकेज का मुख्यमुद्दा ... आप इंटरनेट के बिना टीवी कैसे देख सकते हैं ? Entertainyourself and others through a fantastic app of watch free TVoffline prank TV app. Now watch TV offline free TV channels on yourmobile without any internet and wifi.  Offline TV prank app isone of the most entertain able app one should have a great fun withapplication and can fool his friends while showing this TV withoutinternet. This free mobile TV without internet is simple and easyway to make your boring and dull timing pleasant. This an interestoffline tv application that one makes himself full of joy, and alsothis Free TV without internet prank or even offline TV no internetor Wi-Fi free download application is a good time killer so that anindividual can spent his timing in happy mood. Offline TV nointernet or wifi make your time attention-grabbing. Further, watchTV without internet on free TV channels prank, free TV apps.Actually, TV offline free prank app does not show any live show orfull certain videos of anything regarding TV. Offline TV withoutinternet, free TV without internet just shows animation of certainTV channels free offline. By downloading this app, you get thefollowing advantages: > You can see tv on your mobile anywherewithout internet. > Access to every match on Tv Live. > Livestreaming allows you to keep the rhythm going even if you are notin front of your TV > Free access to every match > Multipleservers allows you to watch your favorite sports match. Mainfeatures of Without Internet TV Prank :  > No need to payany charges > No need of internet > No need to have “AdobeFlash Player” > No Sign-up Required > Easy to use interface> Just use your android device let it be your mobile phone,tablet e.t.c.  How to use this fake Without Internet TV Prankapp ? (1) Press start button (2) Select any fake server from list(3) Enjoy and joke via without Internet tv Prank with yourfriends  Free TV without internet prank is a prank applicationand cannot show the real channels of TV, this TV without internetapplication is just for fun and entertainment purpose, and don’ttake it seriously. NOTE: This is only a prank app Thank You…
Electric Screen Colorful Prank 1.0
Electric screen prank app is a super fun prank game. Prank yourfriends and family with this free game. Making jokes with this gameis so simple; for example, leave your mobile or tablet unlocked andwhen somebody touches the screen shall believe the screen createselectricity when is touched. The electricity effects and soundssimulate an electric shock.Electric screen, Beautiful coloredlightning strike in your phone. Touch the screen anywhere and youwill see bolt of lightning under your finger. You will hearelectrical crackling also. Electric screen prank in order toimprove the user experience, an increase of two kinds of specialeffects.Electric Screen prank fool your friends and family. Touchor move your finger on the screen to generate electric current andcan hear realistic electric shocking sound, which will make youhave electric shock feeling. This Electric Screen is only aprank, which will not really electric shock you and damage yourmobile phone.Electric Screen Highlights:★ Realistic Electricwallpapers and sounds.★ 4 Electric screen effects to choose.★ Touchto Electric.★ Shake to Electric.★ Set time to Electric.★ Autorepair your screen when you return to the app.Electric ScreenFeatures:✔ Realistic Electric wallpaper and breaking glass sound.✔Electric your screen by touching or shaking.✔ Destroy your phonescreen by other effects such as fire screen and electric screen.✔ 8kinds of random Electric screen image.✔ Touch the screen to theElectric screen.✔ Touch the screen with your finger, trigger theElectric screen.✔ Shake phone to Electric screen, shake again tofix the screenFool your friends with the electric screen prank,have fun!!We hope you enjoying the prank app and the game, and thatyou share good moments with your friends and family with this prankapp. You also can share with us your ideas and comments about theapp. It will help us improve next versions.Disclaimer: thiselectric shock simulator is a prank app which can be used forcreating fun and making prank other people. It doesn’t produce orcreate a real electric shock in any format.
Laser 100 Beams Prank 1.1
Laser 100 Beams simulator is a super fun prank game. It simulates aLaser 100 Beams Prank on your mobile device. Prank your friends andfamily making them believe you have mega powerful laser pointerwhich can simulate cracking the screen of your phone or tabletafter storing energy for 20 seconds. In order to culminate the jokeelectric lightning shocks are simulated on your screen after thishas been cracked. Every time the user taps on the screen, severalelectric shocks are born from the place you touched.This app isintended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide trueLaser.100 Laser Beams Funny Joke - this is a game simulation of ajoke application where you can play on your phone like a laser.Love the beautiful laser? You small one beam and you want more ofthem? For realism used camera!Laser 100 Beams is a simulated appwhich simulates wonderful laser beam shooting with multicolors.Laser 100 Beams Discover each laser simulator, theirdifferent sound effects, colorful laser lights and their designpattern. One available laser is waiting for you as you run the appfor the first time. Other laser pointers and the strobe light itemare looking forward to be accessible. In order to do so, the userneeds to collect delta silver coins in the distinct mannersprovided for it.Tap on the button in the laser pointer and a laserbeam will shoot out! You can even select an image from the galleryto change the Laser Simulator background. Shoot laser beams over atransparent phone screen, tap on the camera icon totoggle.Features:- Laser Simulator.- Laser pointer available indifferent colors (yellow, green, blue, red,).- Realistic sound andvibration effects, with the possibility to disable both.- AwesomeFlashlight application.- Five different kind of laser to play.Withthis laser simulator you can play and make sure that someone doesnot do any harm! Fun to pretend that you have a real laser!Thesimulated laser pointer is just a game, it's not a real laserpointer, no laser light beam from your device will only create asimulation on the screen of your phone or tablet.Attention: Thisapp is not producing real laser beams; it’s only a simulator oflaser colorful laser lights. It’s safe for your healthcompletely.We hope you enjoy this Laser 100 Beams and itsaccompanying games.Thank You...
Hidden Device Detector Prank 1.0
Hidden device and non-hidden device finder prank is really a prankapplication which pretend you can find hidden device near you usingyour phone.With hidden device admin detector prank app, you canfool your friends and family. Hidden detector camera detects fakethings arround you and help you to prank friends. Hidden detectivecamera is just for fun app.Hidden Camera Detector protect yourprivacy from spy hidden camera lenses.this app works best detectingall metal cameras up to 15cm away from your device, and workingbest detecting ferromagnetic materials, such as camera and it can’tdetect non-ferromagnetic materials such as aluminum or othermateriel. How to use this app. How to find camera?Move appnear to any device that you have doubt. For example - shower,flowerpot, lens looking part or changing room mirror.This hiddencamera detector detects camera and will let you find any cameraspying on you. You just have to move the phone with app opened init. It will beep if there is any potential hidden cameraaround. Camera detector app protects your privacy from spyhidden camera lenses. Camera Detector app works best detecting allmetal cameras up to 15 cm away from your device, and working bestdetecting ferromagnetic materials, such as detect camera and itcan’t detect non-ferromagnetic materials such as aluminum or othermaterial.This Camera detector app has following features:- Feedbacksection- instantly shows any detected devices- hidden cam detector-camera detector detects cameras- Detect hidden electronic devicesby their magnetic field- Detectit Hidden Camera detector andlocator app for android- cameras detector- find cameras- specialcamera filter for detect- Magnetic field detection- detect spycamera- great hidden device finder app- easy to use &intuitive - detect cameras- camera hidden detect- detectmagnet- detect magnetic field- hidden microphone detector- discovercamera with magnetic field- Hidden Camera detector anti spy cam-Spy Camera Detector- Easy interfaceNote: If the app does not workas it should then the problem is in your magnetic sensor of yourdevice. Maybe your device does not have one. Or try to initializethe sensors by pointing your phone up and rotate it in a figure 8pattern.
Video Projector - Photo Video Projector Simulator 1.4
Choose different type of video to put projection simulation on it.Video Projector Simulator will help you to project and watch HD andhigh quality projected videos on the phone.Live HD Video ProjectorSimulator app is very simple to use, you can choose differentvideos and project on the phone screen wall using the videooption.Real Video Projector Prank application allows you to takephotograph or video with the help of both front and back camerasand gives an impression that everyone is paying attention to watchthe picture or video.3D Video Projector Simulator is a prankand fun app for entertainment to watch HD and high qualityprojected videos on the phone. This is a Simulator to VideoProjector.Look through the phone’s screen what it would look liketo have HD high quality video on the wall of your house! VideoProjector PrankCheck the phone’s screen what it might seem like toown HD top great video at the wall of your home! This videoProjector is sincerely a simulator app and it will feel like a realchallenge within the life and might display you the video on thedisplay.Face Projector video Simulator is future technologyprojection where you will have projector video / files / faces /hologram / photos from your mobiles. You can show other what youare seeing in your mobile. You can project video from your mobileon any surface. Share this informative master piece of technologywith friends and family members and do not forget to provide ratingto this application.Feature of HD Video ProjectorSimulator: ✔Video Projector Simulator simulates like workingof a video animation projector by using flash light phone.✔ A prankapplication to memorize lovely moment with your friends, family andcolleagues.✔ HD animation with high quality graphics and themes✔User Friendly and Easy to use✔ Simple and understandableLayouts✔control your video and movie.✔control projector likesimulation and animation.✔ Video Projector Simulator Prank iscompletely free download.✔ HD graphics and beautiful use ofprojector✔ FREE fun for allVideo Projector Simulator hasAnimation.=> Sexy girl moving and listening songs.=> YoungMan Dance view from projector.=> Kids or children playing moviein garden.=> Fish on Water view from projector.=> Cartooncharacters movie.=> Under sea water view from projector.=>Galaxy (Planet in Sky) view from projector.=> Kids or childrenplaying movie.=> Couple Dance view from projector.=> EarthRevolving movie.Live Video Projector is awesome projector simulatorapp, if you are looking for mobile phone video Projector and wantto project your videos on the wall to watch videos at big screen?Then download our new live Video Projector Simulator app. HDVideo Projector Simulator is just a prank app since there is no anyreal video projector available on the phone and no such way toproject videos from phone on the wall. Pretend that you’re watchingHD video projection from phone, make a photo of it and show it toyour friends.You can choose videos from your gallery or fromanimated video to project on the phone. Disclaimer: VideoProjector Simulator is a prank and fake application It is developedfor the sake of entertainment and joy.If you like this app thandon’t miss to give rate & review also good Feedback to thisapp.Thank you...
Don’t touch my phone 1.3
Application allows you to find out, who took your phone without apermission.The app detects motion when someone tries to touch ordisconnect the charger of your phone without your permission. Thisis the most reliable Mobile Safety Alarm for your device.Don'ttouch my phone will always protect your phone and will protect yourprivacy from crooks, burglars and thieves. Don't touch my phone isalarm based app which will alert you and will trigger an alarm ifsomeone touches your phone or picks your phone. Don't touch myphone have a variety of tones so you can select a tone of yourchoice.How to Capture Someone’s Picture Who Tries To Unlock YourPhone this app will capture a photo of the intruder each timehe/she tries to unlock your device.Use This app and catch all themobile snoopers with ease. Third Eye app will ease your task ofcatching your friends and family while they try to access yourmobile.Features:1. The app automatically takes a photo whilesomeone enters the wrong PIN, Pattern or Password.2. Last unlocktime feature will show you the previous lock screen unlock time.With that, you can easily find if someone used your mobile withoutyour knowledge.3. A detailed photo logs of the mobile snoopers.ThisAlarm keeps your phone save from curious people and burglars. Onceyou activate the alarm, no one could touch it, because the alarmwill be triggered if any one try to take the phone.Easy 2-stepsetup:• Step 1: Activate the alarm. • Step 2: Put the device on afixed place.Don't touch phonePhone AlarmAnti-theft mechanismMobileSecurityMotion alarmAnti theft alarmSecurity alarmBeing activated,it will take a photo of anybody, who unlock your phone.Discover whowas that — your friend, wife or curious baby? Nobody will beunnoticed!Images taken are not displayed in public Gallery.Thankyou
Dog Translator Simulator 1.0
Imagine that you can translate voice so that your dog canunderstand it. Dog translator is the best app when you want to makeproper communication with your dog. Do you want to communicatewith you pet, saying him woof and believe, that he will hear andunderstand you? Or want to know what he thinks about you, but donot know how to translate a bowwow? Communicate using DogTranslator Simulator app with dogs on head-to-head. Get DogTranslator Simulator for free and use it whenever you want. Makeyour dog your best buddy and communicate with him as you’ve alwayswished.Talking to your dogs and puppies. I created this app becauseI love dogs and puppies and want to talk and play with them.DogTranslator Simulator is a prank, works as a phrasebook-translatorfor dogs and puppies. Translator offers its version of words in doglanguage, phrasebook contains the most popular sounds andbarking.Translator for Dogs Simulator is a joke and a prank. Youcannot have a content conversation with dogs in reality. Dogs andpuppies will not follow any commands built in translator for dogssimulator. This app was created for fun.Of course this app is onlya simulator. You can use it to make a good joke. Just run the dogtranslator and say the message. Translator will pretend totranslate your words for dogs. It will play random audio files withdogs sounds.No matter the breed of your dog, be it a Boxer,Rottweiler, Bulldog, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Yorkshire,any kind of Terrier, Jack Russell, Greyhound, AmericanStaffordshire, Pit Bull, Beagle, Chihuahua, Poodle, Chow Chow,Collie, Dalmatian, Bulldog, Doberman, Great Dane, Husky,Bloodhound, Setter, or without race. Talk to your dog!Use Dogtranslator app and become an dogs expert. Choose an interestingphrase, and see how your pet reacts. Translate your voice in doglanguage and have a fun.NOTE: This is only an entertainmentapp only.Download and give us a review for Dog TranslatorSimulator.THANK YOU…
Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank 1.3
Get the best customizable fingerprint lock screen to lock yourAndroid phone and now this free app works like a fingerprint screenlocker. You can also fit this lock scanner with your own wallpaper!Your friends will never know the trick and leave them wondering.You can change the number of beeps to unlock the settingsscreen.Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank is a pretty customizablescreen locker that simulates the finger scan to unlock your phonescreen. When you press your finger on the fingerprint detectorpanel, the fingerprint scanner will start to scan your fingerprintand verify the authority. The phone will be unlocked if thevalidation passes, otherwise the phone screen will still belocked.Trick to Unlock this Fingerprint Lock Screen 1. Clickon the Button given on the Top Left Corner of the App and put yourFinger on the scanner to scan and Wait for 3-5 Seconds to Unlock.2.You can Show and Hide the Lock & Unlock button given on the`Top Left Corner` to Increase the phone Screen Locker security fromsetting.3. Once you Hide the Button from the setting, you can Tapon the "Hidden Button" or Blank area on `Top Left corner of theLock Screen` and can Scan your fingers to Unlock phone.3. In Caseyou Forget the trick then you can use Keypad Lock Screen Passwordas an Unlocker optionHow to use: 1. Install this fingerprint lockscreen and open it to set up the number of sweep.2. On the lockscreen page, press and hold the center lock icon and sweep for 3seconds (which you set in the first step), the fingerprint lockscanner will imitate the lock, Animation as already recognize yourfingerprints and your phone will unlock quickly. If you press moreor less than 3 seconds, your phone will always belocked.Characteristics: ★ professional consultant and works withall HD devices.★ custom theme support by changing the wallpaperscreen lock system.★ realistic fingerprint scanner that simulatesfingerprint reader to identify your identity.★ can be set as a binon the screen.★ Display the date and time of the iOS iPhone stylelock screen.★ Several settings like vibrate, sound, time training.★Support screen home widget! Long press on your home screen to addthe "Fingerprint Lock" widget that will unroll the locker when youclick it!Surprise everyone! Fingerprint Lock Prank is the perfectprank to play on friends and family!Real Fingerprint Lock Prankperfectly simulates the real fingerprint lock! It is a fun securitytool for those who love practical jokes!Note: This FingerprintLock screen Prank is designed for entertainment purposes only.This is prank application.Thank You…
Fingerprint Mood Scanner Prank 1.0
This mood scanner simulator is an entertaining app that will scanyour finger and try detect your mood via your android device'stouch screen.It acts as a mood sensor similar to mood rings.Justplace your finger on the scanner sensor and let this amazing mooddetector try tell what emotions your feeling!!With over 75different emoji’s and a description for each mood, now you willalways know exactly how you or your friends are feeling!!Play withthis app for fun with your friends and family whenever you get freetime.Feature of Face Mood Scanner Prank App: -- High quality ofCustom HD class designs.- Smooth interface to deal friendly.- Useof scanning animations and effects.- It will automatically startcounting your result.- It is compatible with almost android deviceso to install on Smartphone and tablets- It is totally free , itdoesn't required internet connection.How to use Face Mood Scanner?Step 1: Select your gender and tap on next,Step 2: Now put yourcamera to the person and wait for the analysis.Step 3: Result->Your Fake Face Mood Detail will be shown automatically aftercalculation.Keyword: -Mood Reader Features:- Mood Detector free-mood scanner free real- Mood Scanner free- Show my mood- Very easysteps to detect mood- Mood display- Face impressions- Show faceimpression- Share your mood with friends- real mood scanner freeactually real- Show my mood- Mood reader- real mood test- MoodScanner free- Mood Scanner free- Best Mood Reader app- mood scannerfree real- mood tester- Free mood detector- mood scanner with yourfingerprint- Easy mood reader- Scan mood with fingerprint- Scanmood with thumb- real mood scanner free actually real- Easy moodreaderDISCLAMIER:Fingerprint Face Mood Scanner is not determined byyour face. Electric Fingerprint Face Mood Scanner Prank App is aprank app - does not really detect if a person happy or angry orsad. Fingerprint Face Mood Scanner Prank App is only forentertainment purpose to play with your friends. Make your friendsfools with it. Result simply Turn On the Happy or Angry or Saddepend on the calculation of your finger scan.
PC Mouce Control - Mouse Remote Contol For PC 1.0
Transform your phone into a wireless mouse, keyboard and trackpadusing WiFi Mouse. it enables you to control your PC, MAC or HTPCeffortlessly through a local network connection.You can enjoy usingyour PC relaxing on the couch, bed, or even from another room. Wewant you to sit comfortably and enjoy your using PC rather thanBeing surrounded by keyboard and mouse.Wireless Mouse Keyboardmakes your mobile phone behave as wireless remote control for yourcomputer. It simulates your keyboard and mouse pad completely withgreat efficiency via local Wifi network.The Mouse and KeyboardRemote turns your Android phone into a wireless remote control foryour PC! You can control the mouse with a touchpad (like onlaptops), and type text with the Android software keyboard or abuilt-in hardware keyboard. You also have the ability to sendfrequently used shortcuts (show desktop, shutdown, etc.). Theremote control works via Wi-Fi but does not require an internetconnection.The Remote-Control Collection is a compilation ofremotes, which you can use to wirelessly control your Windows PC orMac. The unified remotes enable you to control the PC beyond mouseand keyboard!Main Features :【 PC remote 】 you can remote access toPC and control every thing in it .【 Remote mouse 】 Support wirelessmouse left/right click and scroll and use it as a computer mouse.【Computer keyboard 】 Mouse and Keyboard remote easily and ComputerKeyboard Simulator with complex keys combination.【 Computer Mousegesture 】 Support Wireless mouse for PC ,click, scroll and longpress for hold and release works as a wifi mouse.【 Remote Desktop 】Use it as remote desktop and control PC from your phone.【 PCcontroller 】 Remote access to media player, Web Browser, RemoteCamera, Task Manager , Power Point Remote .【 PC file explorer 】file explorer & PC file transfer between your phone and PC .【PC launcher 】 you can lunch any program from your PC and controlTask Manager .【 File sharing to Computer 】 you can easily selectany file on your phone and share it to your PC .【 PC monitor 】Screen sharing and watch what are you playing in your PC screen andsave shots on phone.【 Audio Mirroring 】 stream any music or audio("what you hear now") from your Windows to your mobile devices. Useit as:- Pc Speaker- Wireless headphone or Wifi speaker.Mousefeatures: ● PC Remote.● Remote Camera.● File transfer between phoneand your PC● Remote mouse as a computer mouse.● Media Playercontrol.● Mouse and Keyboard remote.● Remote Desktop.● PC monitor& Screen sharing.● PC file explorer.● Task Manager to Killunwanted Processes.● Web Browser control.● Power point control forData show.(power point remote).● Shut down, restart, and sleep yourPC.● Compatible with Windows till now.Thank You.
Hair Clipper Prank 1.0
Hair Clipper: Hair Trimmer Prank Hair clipper app is a falsehair clipper is not only an application of razor! This is the fakehair clipper that you will never regret it after you install! Setthe mood and joy in the lives of your friends by pretending toshave the hair really! Hair clipper prank is a free application,available and compatible with your Android devices.The simplestclipper to use, offering a realistic hair clipper and real shavingsound.An exciting electric hair clipper prank application will makefun of your friend. This razor application will work like electricshaver. If you wish to cut or make bald your friend so you can makefun of them by using this application.It is a must have prankapplication still in its initial stages. It is designed in such away that one who is not aware of android can never get whether itis a prank application or real. People would think as if it is area Hair Clipper.Features of Real Razor Prank# High-quality soundsrecorded from a real beard razors and beard trimming.# Vibration toimitate real razors or beard trimmer.# Simple turn on the razors.#Beard shave beard trimmer with only touching the beautifullydesigned toggle button.# Skins change the skin color of the razorsand trimmer hair.# Barber shop games with clippers cutting hair forboys and beard for adults.# Proximity sensor for a more realisticexperience.# Light indicator the light indicator turns green whenthe phone is charging for a more realistic hair-clipper machineexperience.How to use- Switch on this app and choose any onetrimmer among different trimmer- Click blue button to switch on thetrimmer, when trimmer gets On the button turns into red- whentrimmer is On the phone starts vibrating with amazing real shaversound- Now have fun while Hair clipper trimmer prank.This is one ofthe most realistic apps of its kind, perfect for jokes andentertaining children simulating a real hair trimmer, clipper orshaver.If you like this Real Hair Clipper Prank (Trimmer) app thandon’t forget to give rate & review also for furtherupdateDisclaimer: Hair Clipper Prank is for entertainmentpurposes only. It does not clip your hair.Thank you…
IPL 2018 Schedule 1.0
This is the most attended cricket league and ranks 6th among allsports leagues in the world.This application includes IPL (IndianPremier League) 2018 Schedule, complete teams squad list andAuction price list of all players.Schedule for IPL 2018 Cricket –IPL 2018 Schedule is an app gives the complete schedule for 2018IPL Cricket season, with the help of this IPL 2018 Schedule app youcan know about the Match details, Team details, Team squad, LiveScore Details entirely in one area.Schedule for IPL 2018 Cricketprovides you the team by team match details with full scheduledetails. IPL Schedule 2018 also covers the complete details of eachmatch day to go and venue details of each match with timings.IPLSchedule 2018 'Cricket' includes the complete team squad details,Owner of each teams, Coach of each team which gives the entiredetailed structure of this IPL 2018 matches.IPL 11 ScheduleIncludes the Following Features:IPL 2018 Schedule app Includes theFollowing Features:• IPL 2018 Fixtures• IPL 2018 Time Table• IPL2018 Results via notification• IPL 2018 Live Score• IPL 2018schedule• IPL 2018 All Team and Player• IPL 2018 player list• IPL2018 news• Offline schedule notification of each match to be playedon 1 hr before the each match starts• IPL 2018 Team Details• IPL2018 Team Squad details• IPL 2018 Latest news via notification• IPL2018 Score updates on a single click• IPL 2018 Tournament stats viapoints table• IPL 2018 Each Team Positions in the League via pointstable• History of IPL winners, Batting Stats, Bowling Stats ofconsolidated information in single area the IPL matches played sofor.• User friendly UI• IPL 2018 player complete listTeamsParticipating in IPL 2018 are:- Chennai Super Kings- RajasthanRoyals- Royal Challengers Bangalore- Sunrisers Hyderabad- Kings XIPunjab- Delhi Daredevils- Mumbai Indians- Kolkata Knight RidersForall IPL 2018 cricket fans, Our app will be loaded with latest IPLmatches along with IPL 2018 schedule This IPL 2018 T20 cricket gameapp will display all IPL match schedule 2018Download this ipl 2018app and don't forget to rate and share.This IPL 2018 prediction appis absolutely free
All Medicine Inquiry 1.2
In this app you will get all information about medicines andtablets.You can use search bar and type your medicine name selectyour language and get right information about medicine andtablets.App Features:- Auto complete search feature to lookup thedrugs.- Drugs with complete information regarding their use andabuse, side effects and pill identification.- Very friendly andbeautiful interface which can be customized.- Good coverage ofdrugs for general health & biomedical sciences. - Drugclassifications, computations and calculations.HOW this appworks;Step 1 : FIRST OPEN THIS APP Step 2 : TYPE YOUR MEDICINE NAMEIN SERCH BAARStep 3 : THEN SELECT YOUR LANGUAGE.कोन सी दवा किस कामआती हे कोन सी दवा किस काम आती हेअब आप भी जानिए दवा का नाम डाले औरजानियें वो कितने की हे. दवा का उपयोग और दवा के बारे में जानकारीदवाका नाम डाले और जानियें वो काम आती हेAll medical enquiry, Allreminder of medicine will awake your exact time of taking medicine.In medical science you can learn any information from here.Anatomy( शारीरिक रचना )Physiology (शरीर विज्ञानं )Body Parts ( शरीर के अंग)First Aid ( चिकित्सा उपकरण )Medical Instruments (मेडिकल तथ्य)Disease and ayurvedic treatmentHealthy lifeAyurvedicmedicineNatural beauty therapyAyurved Living and stay healthyDrugInteractionsNursing implicationsNew drugsPatienteducationIndicationsPresentationDurationRemarksnurse drugs medicineprescription nursing jobs nursing books nursing school pediatricnurse prescription drugs nursing schools medicine online druginformation forensic nursing physicians desk reference drug indexdrug guide online prescriptions emergency nursing psychiatricnursing surgical nurse rx list prescription medication medicineinformation drug book nursing textbooks drug information handbookprescription medicineAnd tablet medicine information.Thanks!
Full Battery & Theft Alarm 1.0
Full Battery Alarm prevents your mobile phone battery from beingovercharged. In today's busy schedule it is very hard to check thebattery status again and again. Full battery alarm is an unique appwhich notifies the mobile phone user when their mobile phone'sbattery is fully charged. Full Battery Alarm has threedifferent type of notification settings. You can select yourfavorite ringtone or can choose vibration or light blink alert ifyou are in a meeting. Install the app in your mobile phone andlaunch the application. No need to re-arm the app again. It willautomatically sound an alert once the battery will be fullycharged.Protect your phone and Android Wear Smartwatch battery fromovercharging with THEFT alarm. How To Use:Once installed, openthe app and click on 'Settings' icon and select ringtone. Adjustthe volume of the ringtone from the app main screen.Features:-BATTERY PERCENTAGE- Charge history- Charge time.- Remaining time to100%- Sound and vibration alarm when charger is unplugged. (Antitheft alarm)- Password security for theft alarm.- Easy to use userinterface- Status message about application- Choose custom alarm.You can also choose silent.- Alarm volume control.- Vibrationoption.- Full battery alarm.- Start automatically option.- Enableautomatically option.- Notification bar option.- Different thiefalarm sound option.- When alert full battery alarm, you can unplugyour cable to stop alarm.- "Do not stop alarm until unplug cable"option.- Turn off theft alarm if all you need is battery fullalarm.- Extra time feature after fully charged.- Start auto afterreboot.- Theme option.- FREEHighlights:• Battery Percentage WidgetAdded• No need to re-arm the app again• Ringtone Alert• VibrationAlert• Light Blink Alert• Adjustable Volume of ringtone• UserFriendly Interface• Notification if app is closed by task killer•Multiple language support (Any language can be added on request)•Remaining Charge time • Automatic start on rebootKeywords:FullBattery Alarm, Battery Full Alarm, Battery Saver, BatteryProtector, Battery Alarm, Battery Full Alarm, Battery Statusand Save Battery App, Battery Information. Battery NotificationAlert. Battery Saver.Battery Full Alarm & Battery Monitor isthe simplest and easiest way to keep your Android phone BatteryHealth Better and Protect from Overcharging.In some mobile phonesdue to improper settings in Phone the app sometimes doesn't workproperly sometime. So, in that case we are not reliable for anyimproper cause.If you face any issues or need any kind of helpregarding this app then feel free to contact usThank You…
Fake Chat with Bhabhi – Fake Chat 1.4
Fake Chat with Bhabhi - an App for simulating chatconversations. Have fun with your friends making them believe youare actually chatting, and changing past conversations at yourplease This is new fake chat conversations like Social Media.Have fun with your friends making them believe you are actuallychatting, and changing past conversations at your please. You canset messages to receive at some point in the near future as well.You can Design a fake conversation with anyone you would like. Youcan easily design fake chats and edit every detail on the screen.After you finish editing the conversation just capture the screenand share it. Fake Chat Conversations is an application used tocreate fake conversations. Fake video Caller helps you toselect a caller from your contact list or enter new contact. Onecan also select time for calling and set up multiple fake calls fordifferent timings. The most professional and beautiful fake callerid application for your phone. Get out the trouble, give yourself afake call id. You can change the background, profile name, profilepicture, and also edit the lenght of your fake audio, thenjust have a screenshot to amaze anyone! There is full support forall the new emoji and you can even simulatea call or a video call! Copyright Disclaimer: Allimages/app layout are copyright of their respective owners. Allimages in the app are available on public domains. This image isnot endorsed by any of the respective owners, and the images areused only for informative and entertainment purpose. In case if youhave any issues regarding your intellectual information found onour application, Let us know Download Fake Chat with Bhabhi andenjoy chat with bhabhi. Give Good review and rating Thank You.
Mobile Number Location Tracker 1.4
मोबाइल नंबर लोकेशन के साथ आसानी से नंबर के द्वारा अपने फोन और अपनेपरिवार के फोन को ट्रैक करें। Mobile Caller Location Tracker helpsyou to Search and Track Mobile Number, STD code and ISD codewithout internet connection, it will display location of callerwith service providers name, with City, State information on everyincoming and outgoing calls. Phone number Tracker: Our applicationhelps you to track any phone number from India. You can search forany mobile number to find the contact name and the location. Thecity area, state, country and service operator of the phone numberwill be displayed and the geographic location will be shown on themaps. True Caller ID and Location: You can easily see who iscalling and identify unknown incoming calls via the caller id withname and location information (country, State, city area and evenservice operator). Live Mobile Location application is the bestMobile Number location application helps to find STD codes and ISDcodes also. Live Mobile Location tracks the name and location ofthe caller at the time of incoming call. Live Mobile Location is avery simple and unique application that helps you to track your ownlive locations on GPS Map. Key FEATURES -- ✔ Track any Mobilenumber from overall INDIA,USA,CANADA ,PAKISTAN and view Location onMap. ✔ Block Calls from unwanted mobile phone numbers &Callers. ✔ Find STD Code, ISD Code. ✔ No Internet connectionrequired for Caller ID ✔ internet connection required for showlocation on Google map. ✔ Locate mobile phone number, operatordetails, area and state. ✔ Shows Caller Information during incomingand outgoing calls. ✔ View list of your Contacts with Area andoperator name. ✔ Caller Location Tracker app is completely offline.✔ View list of your Call Logs with Area and operator name. ✔ CallerID - Helps you identify who’s calling before answering. ✔ Simpleand Best Caller Location app for your Android mobile phone. ✔Easily Track Caller Location with this app. ✔ Free Mobile CallerLocation Tracker app for your Android mobile phone. ✔ Find STDCode, ISD Code. ✔ Internet connection required for show location onGoogle map. ✔ Locate phone number, operator details , area andstate. ✔ Shows Caller Information during incoming call. Keyword: -Mobile Number se pata kijye kaha hai abhi Mobile Live LocationMobile Operator Mobile number se pata kijiye malik kon hai Mobilenumber Detail Mobile Number Tracker Phone number locator Phonenumber lookup exact location true location caller id & gps mapsMobile number tracker will not show the actual physicallocation/GPS location of the caller.All location information isgrouped and shown at State/City level only based on area code.Phone Number Tracker behaves as a Mobile Number Locator / MobileNumber Tracker because, it helps to locate the Incoming callermobile number location such as State/City. Mobile Number Locator isabsolutely free to download since beginning. Its Really AmazingMobile Number Tracker !!
Torrent Search - Torrent Downloader 2018 1.0
Torrent Search - Torrent Downloader 2018 app is Completely freeapplication that helps users to download (torrent) your phone ortablet in hassle free way. This app is Completely free for Androidusers and comes with most of Advanced features which is availablein premium mobile App.Enjoy awesome torrent downloading experiencewith no download speed or size limits.Torrent Search Engine is thebest tool to search and download torrents directly from yourdevice!We take pride in our torrent downloader because it offerssome of the most fantastic features a torrent downloader can offer.We included a Torrent Search option, so your navigating through theapp is easier and faster. We know that no one has time to endlesslyscroll up and down in search for something, and we know how thatcan be frustrating.FEATURES★ Search torrents choosing your favoritesearch provider from settings★ Concurrent mode available to searchacross all providers concurrently★ Download files directly onyour device (you need a torrent client app on your device. If youdon’t have it, you will be asked to download one for free)★ Copy orshare torrent and magnet links. Use magnet as favorite, it’s morereliable and doesn’t require .torrent file download★ Filtertorrents by categories★ Remove torrents without seeders option insettings★ You can choose the following sort criteria for torrentresults:• speed• peers• seeders• leechers• oldest• latest• size(ascending and descending)★ Search suggestions based on yoursearch history★ Forward magnet links and download from yourcomputer using a torrent remote app ( when you tap "download withtorrent client” you can choose a torrent remote app if available onyour device)★ Voice Search IntegrationYou can open the app andshow search results using your voice! For example, “Search onTorrent Search Engine app” and the app will be automatically openedwith your results.How to Use it?* Go to the Page/Website from whereyou have to Download Torrent.* Tap to Download Torrent, then youwill be asked to Choose app.* Choose My Torrent App and Make itDefault.* Download will be start shortly.It's 100% free, try itnow!Thank You..
Face Projector Simulator 1.0
Face Projector EditorSurprise everyone! Face Projector machinePrank may be a fun joke application! See the face projection of youor your cherished ones, anyplace you want! Face Projectorvideo Simulator is future technology projection where you will haveprojector video / files / faces / hologram / photos from yourmobiles. Face Projector Photo Editor : Create beautiful Faceprojector photo Frames with amazing Face Projector Photo EditorApp.Create beautiful Face projector photo Frames with this "FaceProjector" app and get amazing photos. Everyone get surprised withthis awesome look.Bring the photo from gallery and fit it in toface projector prank frame. Apply some colorful filters andeffects. customize with text and some stickers. You have more than30 face projector simulation frames for your decorations. You cansave and share the created images in online platforms.Features inFace Projector:◎ Select Projection backgrounds from the collectionof images in Face Projector Frames.◎ Select photos and Video fromyour phone gallery.◎ Rotate your image Freely.◎ You can add Effectsto your image to effective look.◎ Save your creations and Sharewith social networking apps◎ Choose your favorite live animationand Set as Wallpaper◎ Easy user Interface.◎ andmore..Functionality► Totally Free App► Real Projection► 3D HologramMaker► Easily See the Face projection of you or your loved one►Amazing Visual Stunning Effect► Surprise Everyone► View a FaceProjection on Table, Wall or even the sky…► Friendly UI► EasilyUSE.Face Projector Simulator Prank will allow user to take apicture from front and back cameras and project it on any surfaceso you will get a feeling that whole world is looking at yourpicture.Face Projector Simulator Prank will allow user to take apicture from front and back cameras and project it on any surfaceso you will get a feeling that whole world is looking at yourpicture.Thank You…
Unseen Hide Last Seen Time - No Blue Check 1.0
Unseen Hide Last Seen Time - No Blue CheckUnseen:hide Last SeenHidden Chat For WhatsApp makes it possible to read whatsappmessages without no blue tick knowing people that you have read orseen their messages. Hidden chat for whatsapp will hide blue doubletick or last seen for you.This app lets you hide your whatsapp lastseen time . It stores all your whatsapp notification in one app.You can open the app to read the entire chat message without goingonline and updating your last seen time.Hide your last seen timeand be unvisible in whatsapp status ! Read incoming whatsappmessages in INCOGNITO mode, which makes you hide the ticks to turninto blue ticks! You can read the messages without your friendsknowing!1. step : Grant app access to receive notifications ofdevice: That will make the app read your incoming messages in theapp itself, no need to go to Whatsapp messenger to readmessages. 2. Step : When you got a message from Whatsappmessenger, app will notify you showing that you have an unreadmessage. You will read the message in this app as incognito mode,not in Whatsapp messenger app. So, your friends can not know thatyou read their messages !Salient features of this app:->Supported apps Whatsapp (hide Blue double check and no last seen),Telegram (hide blue tick), Facebook messenger (no message readtick), Viber (no message read).-> Saves list of messages forreading it any time, and identifier for unread messages.->Includes both Single and Group chats, for whatsapp, telegram andfacebook.-> Reply feature for WhatsApp-> List of Images,Videos, Audios and Voice notes for supporting apps like Whatsapp,Telegram. (Media Auto download should be on for that app)-> Appwise grouping of chats.-> Options to enable/disable chats forrequired chat apps.-> Fluent UI and material design.-> Noneed of any hack like turning off internet connection.->Localization support for major languages.So, now enjoy reading thismessages in advance and get prepared for the reply. The appprovides you an interface, for the list of messages for eachchat.DISCLAIMER:Hide Last Seen is not affiliated with or endorsedin any way by WhatsApp.All trademarks displayed on thisapplications are the property of their respective owners.Thecompany logo is not displayed on the app. unseen app . whatsapplast seen. whatsapp status last seen . last seen status . hidewhatsapp status . last seen hider for whatsapp . Offline Chat forWhatsAppThank You…
How to Know SIM Owner Details 1.1
Sim Enquiry Numbers application helps the Indian prepaidtelecomusers to find the numbers for specific operations likeRecharge,Main, Message, Net Balance enquiry, Finding own number andCustomercare number. As of now app supports telecom operators likeAirtel,Aircel, Idea, Vodafone, Uninor, Tat Docome, BSNLandReliance.Mobile Number Owner name Janiye app providesinformationabout how to know Mobile Number Owner Name for all allsimoperators’ mobile numbers.If you got a call from unknownnumberthen you can easily find the name of caller by using thisapp. Thisapp guide you how to Know SIM Owner Name by simpleprocess.sim carddetail name and addressHow to know sim ownernamesim owner namesimowner detailssim owner name idsim ownerinformationsim owner nameappGet sim owner information of simoperator like-Vodafone,-Airtel,- Idea,- Reliance,- Aircel,- Tatadocomo,-Uninor/telenor.- Joi Etc..SIM Details: Operator name,SIMStatus, SIM IMSI, Roaming Information, Mobile Data Status,CountryISO.Thank You………!!
Multi Window 1.2
Multiple Window on Screen is now possible with this app ,Performmultiple Task like Exploring File Manager , Gallery , Camera,Calculator etc while doing any work on full screen.Open moreappsat the same time in floating windows and enjoy realmultitasking!Don't leave current app for a small task..Multi WindowIs the appby which we can An App By Which You Can Create ShortcutsOf YourInstalled Apps Icon Into Multiple Window Tray. And ByClicking OnThese Shortcuts, You Can Easily Switch From One Task ToAnotherDuring Your Current Task.Multi Window Is the app by which wecan AnApp By Which You Can Create Shortcuts Of Your Installed AppsIconInto Multiple Window Tray. And By Clicking On These Shortcuts,YouCan Easily Switch From One Task To Another During YourCurrentTask.Multi Window : Split Screen Is the app by which we canAn AppBy Which You Can Create Shortcuts Of Your Installed Apps IconIntoMultiple Window Tray. And By Clicking On These Shortcuts, YouCanEasily Switch From One Task To Another During Your CurrentTask.Itallows you to use your mobile device where you previouslydefaultedback to a laptop or desktop PC. Comfortably write longemails,browse on a larger screen, or do some heavy work, or dowhateveryou like to do.You Can Also Create Shortcuts of YourInstalledSystem Apps Icon into Multi Window Tray. And byClicking onThese Shortcuts Icons, You Can Easily Switch from OneTask toAnother During. Sidebar Multiwindow, You Can Also CreateShortcutsof Your Installed System Apps Icon into MultiwindowTray.AppFeatures:- No root required- You Can Select Many DifferentDefaultThemes.- Long press and Drag Drop Icons On Screen For OpenApp.-You Can Increase And Decrease Speed Of Multi Window Tray.- YouCanArrange Icons.- Customize color, animation speed, orderandopacity.- You can hide and unhide on long pressing multiwindowSidebar icon. (Follow Help)- Multi Tasking: Use two or morethanapps in a single screen- You can change transparency of slidebar.-Service start automatically when phone restart Fix.KeyWord--MultiTasking-Multi Window-Window Multi-Multi Screen-SplitScreen-ScreenSplit-WindowThank You…
3G To 4G Converter 2018 Simulator 1.0
3G to 4G Converter Simulator - Smart tool app with manyUtilityfeatures.3G to 4G Converter is 1-In-All App to getmultipleinformation regarding your Android Phone. It’s a Free appwith Noin App purchases which supports almost all the Androiddevices. So,get it now if you wish to know hidden fact about yourAndroid.Mostof the competing 4G conversion software require you todo hardwaremodifications but 3G to 4G ChangerSimulator will let youreach the top of what your mobile can doby unlocking hiddenfeatures. This app will update 3G to 4G withouttouching nothing inyour phone because most of the competing 4Gconversion softwarerequire you to do hardware modifications asgiven in 3G to 4GChanger Simulator.3G 4G Converter does not changesyour deviceHardware or Software configuration it simply a prank appthoughwhich you can make you friends fool by showing your 3G Phoneworksas 4G Speed.3G to 4G Convert Mobile App prank give animpressionthat it will boost up your 3g network signals.If yourfriend has a2g, 3g or 4g internet and you want to make fun of him,then installthisapplication in your friends mobile and give him animpressionthat it boost up your 3g signal.Prank your friends andtell themthis is a new effective application will help to improveGSM, 3G,4G and LTE signals on your mobile.KEY FEATURESInternetSpeedTest - Speed Check makes it easy to test your internetupload& download speed. This is your best tool for internetspeedtest.Unknown Caller Details - Through this option youcancheck the details of any unknown Mobile Number by simply typingitsnumber in the given textbox.★County★Location★NetworkProvider★Mobile No.SIM Details –SIM details is simple way todisplay some information about your simcard.★Operator name★SIMNumber★Country ISO★SIM Operator CodeDevice(Phone) Details –One tap to get the all information about yourmobile handset.★IMEINumber★Device OS Name★Phone Resolution★ModelName★APILevel★Manufacturer★Brand★Hardware Info★Country ISOWhy 3G4GConverter☞ Small APK Size.☞ Free App with No In Apps!☞ NoExtraPermission requiredDownload and give us areview.Disclaimer:-Please Note: This app is made for Entertainmentand Just for Fun.It will not going to convert your mobile networkfrom 3G to 4G.Take it as fun and for entertainment there is no suchapplicationin world that can convert your network from 3G to 4Gwithout makingchanges in hardware.
QR & Barcode Scanner (Beta) 1.0
QR & Barcode Scanner / QR code reader is extremely easy touse;simply point to QR or barcode you want to scan and appwillautomatically detect and scan it. No need to press anybuttons,take photos or adjust zoom. QR code Reader is abeautifulapplication, optimized for encrypting and decryptinginformation(create QR code and scan code).QRcode Reader free isoptimized forQR code / Barcode decoding . QRcode Reader is anultimate barcodereader app for any Android device. Enjoy all thebenefit byscanning QRcode / barcode from everywhere to accesspromotion andcoupon .The QR Code Reader app can scan and read allQRcode typesincluding text, URL, ISBN, contact, calendar, email,location,Wi-Fi and many other formats.QR reader is the bestand fastestQR code/ bar code creator & scanner app free forAndroid. Byusing your phone's camera, this scan app willautomatically scanand recognize the information of QR code or barcode. And supportsall major barcode and QR code formats. With QRReader app, you canalso create & share unlimited QR codeanytime as youwant. Scan all types of Barcodes and QR codeswith simplyopening the app and pointing it in the direction ofQRcode orBarcode you wish to scan. QR Code Reader willautomaticallyrecognize any Barcode or QR code.QR Code Readeroffers:- QRscanner- Barcode scanner- Instant scanning and decoding-Simple touse- Professional design- Flashlight for low-lightenvironments-Scan history- Works offline, no internet connectionrequiredQR CodeReader has: ● Beautiful minimalist materialdesign ●Scans instantly● Simple to use● Flashlight for scansin lowvisibility● Scan history● No internet connectionrequiredQRCreator:- Generate QR codes from multiple options- QRcode for: Phone number, URL, Email Address, Location, PostAddress,Free Texts, Bookmark & Calendar Event.- Save GeneratedQR codein SD card.- Share QR image on social network.QR Codescanner canscan all 1D and 2D barcodes / QR code types includingUPC, EAN8,EAN13, QRCode, Data Matrix, Quick Code, ISBN, EQS,CODE39, Code128and recognize text, URL, contact, calendar, email,location, Wi-Fiand many other QR formats. QR Code Reader canscan and readall 1D and 2D barcode / QRcode types including text,url, ISBN,product, contact, calendar, email, location, Wi-Fi andmany otherformats. After scan user is provided with only therelevant optionsfor individual QR or Barcode type and can takeappropriate actionWeare also looking for your feedback, suggestionor recommendation.Please, feel free to let us hear from your Emailus. so, we cancontinue to bring you the best experiences andupdates. QRCode Reader app is the only QR code reader /barcode scanner youwill ever need.Thank You…
Janam Tarikh Or Name Se Jane Apna Bhavishya 1.0
This Hindi story app is based on सामुद्रिक अंग लक्षण विज्ञानanAncient Indian astrology Science which helps you to findyourfuture prediction by using your name’s initial latter. Italsoprovides many ways to predict anyone’s future, Future incidentsandtheir behavior by just using their name, birthday, month or dayofbirth.यदि आप ज्योतिष के अनुसार अपने आसपास रहने वाले मित्रोंयासहकर्मियों के आंतरिक गुण या दोष जानना चाहते हैं तो यहांआपकीजिज्ञासाओं को शांत करने के लिए एक विधि बताई जा रही है।इस appमेंज्योतिष की ऐसी विधि बताई गयी है जिसके आप किसी भी स्त्री या पुरुषकीजन्म तारीख से भी काफी कुछ जान सकते हैं। एक वर्ष में 12 माह होतेहैंऔर हर माह में दिनों की संख्या अलग-अलग है ज्योतिष के अनुसार हरदिनका व्यक्तित्व और भविष्य पर अलग अलग प्रभाव होता है जो की आप इसappके द्वारा जान सकते होThis is one of the intersting app whichtellsabout your future just by your name.Janiye Apna Bhavishya,apna dinshubh banaye, rashi aur naam ka akshar kya kehta aapkebhavishye kebaare mein, Name Se Jane Apna Bhavishay 2018, Name SeJane ApniRashi, Name Se Jane Rashifal, Name Se Jane apni kundli,rashifal,rashifal 2018 in hindi free, rashifal in hindi, rashifalhindi me,rashifal hindi me daily, bhavishay app, rashibhavishay,bhavishayvani by date of birth, bhavishayvani inhindi,bhavishayvani, future from date of birth, future face, rashianusarpyar, janmdin se jane apna bhavishay, hast rekha gyaninhindi,Features* Vedic Astrology - TraditionalFeatures*Predictions/ Personalized Horoscope- Life Predictions,Monthly& Annual Predictions, Daily Predictions, Mangal Dosh /KujaDosham, Shani Sade Sati, Kaal Sarp Dosha, Lal KitabRemedies,Debts, Planetary Predictions etc.* Download PDF to PrintKundli*Moon sign horoscopes - daily horoscope, weekly horoscope,weeklylove horoscope, monthly horoscope and yearly horoscope* KPSystem /Krishnamurti Paddhati with Significators, Ruling Planets,KPAyanamsa, Nakshatra Nadi Coordinates and Sub-Sub Positionsetc.*Stellar: KP, Cuspal Interlinks (Sub & Sub-Sub),4-Step*Shodashvarga - All 16 divisional charts* Shadbala,Ashtakvarga& Prastarashtakvarga, Western aspects, Bhava Chalitchart*Vimshottari Dasha / Udu Dasha upto five levels, and YoginiDasha*Panchang: Daily Panchang & Muhurat, Hora, RahuKaal,Choghadiya, Hindu Calendar with Festivals, Do GhatiMuhurat(Abhijit Muhurat, Vijay Muhurta etc.)* Horoscope Matching:KundaliMatching (Ashtakoota Guna Milap or 36 Points Match)*Horoscope 2018& Calendar 2018* Daily rashifal, monthlyrashiphal, rashifal2018, daily rasi palan and rasi palangal 2018*Learn astrology -text and video tutorials and astrology lessons*Large city atlaswith thousands of cities, and Google Maps Supportfor finding citylatitude and longitude* GPS support for PrashnaKundli (HoraryCharts) and Time Charts* Store thousands ofhoroscopes that can beviewed at anytime, anywhere.* North and SouthIndian chart style*Automatic DST correction* Choice of Lahiri(Chitrapaksha), Raman,KP, and Sayan ayanamsa. * HINDI,English, Tamil & Bengalilanguages* Support for AstroSage Cloudso that chart saved onMobile can be opened from andvice versa* Doubletouch to show planet degrees on the chart (showsdegree insidechart in case of tablets)* Chart rotation: click on ahouse innorth Indian chart and it will show new chart with thathouse asascendant* Tajik Varshfal (Solar Return with Muntha)*JaiminiAstrology: Char Dasha, Karakamsha & Swamsha* Lal Kitab:chart,varshfal, prediction for planet in each house, remedies,kundlitype like dharmi teva, andha teva, ratandh teva etc. andmuchmore. * Colored chart If you find this app usefulthenplease don’t forget rate us and leave your valuable feedbackandcomment. Your suggestion regarding improvement of the app isalwayswelcome.Thank you.
Hologram Piano Simulator Prank 1.1
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