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Love Match 1.5
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Love Match Detector is a prank game simulatorto find your true love and lift up your mood.Discover something new during Spring relationship in addition tochocolate, flowers and movies.Download Game Apk. Put your index finger on the screen and askyour buddy to do the same for the love test.No matter if it's your partner or neighbor, girlfriend orboyfriend, this app will work anyway.Check if you match with your sweetheart and friends.Have fun playing with your cute pet, as there is build-inrecognition of human fingerprints ;-)This is the best app to find your love and date. Seeing for agirlfriend or boyfriend and don't know how to start conversation?This app is for you. It is a great tool to start chat in reallife.If you like a person and want to be sure to get a positive result,you can choose a cheat option. Just use the volume button tocontrol the response and you will go out on a date really soon!Some tips:- Get one more reason to laugh with your friends- Try to start conversation to the person you like- Use if you are seeking for a girl or a boy to date as a reason totalk.- Marvel your life with happy moments.- Burst out laughing with this great prank app- Child friendly, good for boys and girls to have fun andsocialize- Cheat using a volume button in a game if you want to show yourgirlfriend the wanted result- Get unpredictable results or set up according to your wish (seeinstructions in the game)- Get some useful tips to bring your relationship to a newlevel...and slowly unlocking all of its content and special effects forfree. This application is free.This detector simulation game may be simple but the humor andimagination should keep a smile on your face for theduration.Enjoy a great mixture of advanced mobile technologies, descentgraphics, cool sounds and good funny jokes.Disclaimer:The developer of this app is not responsible for the personaldecision you make about dating with your partners.Trust your own feelings not digital devices.Be aware that this app is a prank and for fun and entertainmentpurposes only. You can use it as a help tool while datingseeking.We would love to hear feedback from our loyal fans. We wouldappreciate your reviews and rates.Play and post your most romantic stories on our FacebookPage.Like, Share and follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and Google +Follow us on Facebook: us and send you comments!Download in Web: