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Sniper Shooter Desert War 3D 1.6
Sniper Shooter Desert War 3D is an Action game.A remote enemy basecamp has been spotted at the south region of country. in this gameyou are an army soldier, you have the task to clear the fort fromthe Terrorist . Terrorists who are in army uniform have taken overthe city and the people have been made hostages. they havedangerous weapon and tank .Take up your gun and kill thoseterrorists!You need to be calm, cool-headed, and relentless .inthis game there are many levels. every level has its own mission.How to Play:- Touch & Drage the screen to rotate your gun left,right, up or down.- Aim and tap Fire button at bottom right tofire.- For clear aim view use the Telescope for sniper target shot-Try to shoot and kill enemy soldiers on first spot Features:1) FPS(First Person Shooter) Game2) Excellent real look 3D environment1)Gorgeous visual effects2) Smooth game control feelings3) Morepowerful weapons 4) Exciting game sound effect5) impressivegraphics6) Multiple Missions7) Multiple guns8) Intense battlesceneAnd much more!Note: This free game is supported byadvertisement Ads within the App only as per Google Policy.
Commando Camp Attack 1.2
It’s a first person shooting game. Where users have criticalmissions to complete.You are a Brave commando, given a specialmission from your country’s president to take the revenge ofbombing done on civilians by enemy forces. This is anti-terroristgame of war so your gunshots should be timed well and at target inthis battle of glory.Be Careful Some Enemy have hide on the topfloor of building so steer up and shoot there.Have to Shoot downall enemy commodes at each enemy’s army bases and move forward tonext base.You have limited ammunition so you need to use the bulletvery tactfully and wisely and at the same time you have to protectyourself from enemy bullets.*****Feature*****1. Outclass graphics2)Smooth game control feelings3. Excellent city environment5. Firstperson Shooting4. Enjoy realistic gun simulation and animation!6.Sniper scope view7. Trace your enemy from Radar*****How toPlay*****1. Touch & Drag the right half screen to rotate yourgun left, right, up or down2. Move forward, backward, left or rightwith joystick controls 3. Tap Fire button at bottom right to fire5.If the enemy is at far distance, use the Telescope for snipershoot6. Detect enemy using the radar7. The weapons will reloadautomatically but keep an eye on the number of bullets.Yourvaluable feedback and comments will surely help us to do the betterjob, so don’t forget to leave your comments.Note: This free game issupported by advertisement Ads within the App only as per GooglePolicy.
Defence Attack 1.0
Defence Attack is an ultimate shooting 3D game! Terrorists who arein army uniform have taken over the city. You are chosen for thismission as you are most talented and brave commando who can fightand destroy the enemy force. Aim your enemies, target them and killthem using minimum ammunition within the specified time to gainmaximum points. The game gets tougher as you progress as the numberof enemies increases and your available ammunition and timedecreases.How to Play:- Player is static - Touch the screen forlook anywhere left, right, up or down- Tap Fire button fire-Protect yourself from the bullets thrown at you from enemy._ Healthbar at top left will show your life line. Features:_ Automaticre-loaded gun with excellent game sounds - Fabulous sound effects-Easy GUI and controls- First person shooting- Multiple functionalWeapons- Try to complete all levels of difficulty- Powerful touchcontrols, classic game play make this war game more interestingYourratings and reviews are our motivation to make more enhancements init . Please do not forget to leave your valuable reviews. Thankyou.Note: This free game is supported by advertisement Ads withinthe App only as per Google Policy.
Dragon Fear Run 1.0
Dragon Fear Run is the best free 3D running game with a lot ofchallenge.Run, jump and slide over different obstacles in this newendless running game!Get past all the hurdles and other monsters onyour path and find a way.The path is full of suspense and unlimitedaction..HOW TO PLAY: . Swipe Left to move Left. Swipe Right to moveRight. Swipe Up to Jump. Swipe Down to DuckGame Features:.Excellent HD graphics. 3D fantasy game play. Amazing game control.Best 3D environment!. Exciting and Fun PLAY!. Compatible with alltabs and mobile devicesSo what are you waiting for..just go anddownload super duper addictive hit game
Flight Run 2D 1.0
One of the greatest adventures of all time re-mastered for mobiledevices! Play the most EXCITING RUNNER game on the Play Store. Thisgame is so fun and addictive if you are having a bad day you shouldplay thisHow To Play:• touch the screen to fly High • Leave theScreen to fly down Feature: • Free Run Game• Amazing 2D Graphics•Smooth Game play• Unique Power Ups• New obstacles• Rich backgroundand sound effects• More achievementsPLEASE NOTE:• This game is freeto download and free to play. • This game contains advertisements.
Master Traffic Racer 1.0.1
Master traffic racer is a free racing game for the entire carracing lovers. Master traffic rider in traffic is a free ridingtraffic game, allow you to drive with excellent features, smoothcontrolling with real car physics and true control of the heavycar.Master traffic racer allows you to drive a car on road to showa real traffic stunt while driving racing car among traffic rush.SOlet’s get the real racing challenge and become a real trafficchampion by driving your sports car on road with a crazy speedengine. Drive your car through road traffic, Collect Coins, upgradeyour car and buy new ones. Try to be one of the fastest racers inthe global traffic racer games.Traffic racing game is a challengingtraffic overtaking game you can play on your android device but itis dangerous and should never be practiced in reality but what ifyou can enjoy the overtaking fever at your fingertips?MasterTraffic Racer 3d is the new endless highway arcade racing game forspeed lovers.Let’s start your journey today by downloading thisfree car racing game.HOW TO PLAY:  Overtake traffic vehicles Tiltor touch buttons to steer Tap brake or screen to slow down Usecamera button for different view angles.Features: Beautiful 3Dgraphics Auto and Tap to accelerate Car Racer through TrafficRelease to slow down Auto speed ups Realistic road trafficCollect coins Unlock new bike by earning points. Real car sounds3 different cars Realistic car driving experience HD 3D racinglap physics with astonishing sound,TIPS: Stay on the road, avoidcollision with other vehicles! Show your driving skills be fastGet more coins to unlock new levels and cars. Overtake cars togain more score. The longer user survives on the road, more coinsuser will get by coins multiplier.Master traffic Racer is your bestchoice!
Brick Breaker 1.0.2
Brick Breaker is incredibly simple yet very addictive classicpuzzle game where the player needs to break all the colored brickson each level and battle your way through all 30 unique levels tobecome a best Brick breaker hero champion.Swipe Bricks Breaker isan addictive and interesting bouncing game. To start the brick gamejust touches and hold the paddle and then release your figure fromthe screen, the ball will go through the aim’s direction.Touches ofthe screen on any part to control your paddle. There are manycolored and types of Bricks on the screen like Red, Green, Yellow,Blue, and Purple. Initially, in first 5 levels, single hit bricks,after that double hit and then triple hit bricks are there to getmore score. Your objective is to break all the colored bricks oneach level. Move the paddle from side to side with your finger andbounce the ball around the screen to destroy the colored bricks.Aunique and amazing, Levels Selection menu, called snake laddergame, from ludo. Swipe your figure to roll a dice to get the value,then the level will select on the basis of next value showed on thedice. There are 30 different levels, try to get the maximum valueto complete the game in short time. There are snakes on differentlevels, try to avoid them otherwise, follow the tail. And also haveladders to get bonus values.In Game Play, if you lose all thelives, before bricks. Don’t worry; press on the play button on Gameover Menu to get a BONUS LIFE to complete your level. Brickbreaking is easy to play game, Super Brick Breaker is the breakoutfun game with a unique levels selection menu, you need to play!GameFeatures:- Easy to play. User-friendly interface. Totally freeamazing game. Colorful high-resolution graphics. Very smoothtouch control. Engaging music and sound effects Level selector.Extreme Challenge Mode makes brick breaking more fun. Optimizedfor both smartphones and tablet. Particle systems and animations.30+ cool Brick breaker challenging level to complete. If you likebrick breaker king games and break out style puzzle games you willdefinitely love this highly improved brick breaker classicgame!******Welcome to the Brick Breaker powered by Prime Gamesstudio.*****
Tank War 3D 1.0
Get ready for a tank war against the army tanks in this world warduty game. Tank War 3D is a tank war 3D game, Where you defend thecountry against the enemy war tanks. The city surrounded by themountains is in a state of war.You are the soldier of tank destinedto the grassy mountain of your country. The enemy are trying toclaim a small base south of the country. Your mission is to destroyall resistance you find in the area. How to Play:- Move the tankforward/backward/left/right using left most half screen of mobile.-You can adjust turret of Tank by using Right most half Screen ofmobile.- Press Fire button to Fire missile on Enemytanks.Features:- Different missions and locations: mountains.-intense levels of gameplay with increasing enemy difficulty thefurther you progress- You will many different enemies find in yourway that will make your task harder- Stunning 3D graphics- Goodquality sound effects.- User friendly GUI and controls.- Efficientweapon controls & movement.- Free Game Just Install and Enjoy
Space Shooter-Space battle 1.0.2
Space Shooter is the completely advanced space battle, arcadeshooter game on Play store. A new galaxy space shooter game for allGalaxy War gamers.This is an action game with Space fighterAircraft that will explore different planets in the universe; eachplanet has a different enemy which acts differently. Fly throughspace and destroy enemies! Just touch and drag the plane of SpaceWar in any direction to avoid enemy bombs. Required skills are morethan fast reactions and memorizing enemy attack war patterns. Theplayer must also have strategy skills to equip proper upgrades anduse the appropriate skills during specific space missions. Whenfighting you can eat more items to upgrade your weapons to becomestronger in order to destroy all enemies.Space Shooter-Space battleis the cool & exciting space shooting game in all space gamesand has powerful barrage effect with diverse missions to complete,to be a hero pilot to save the world, fire and shoot missiles toprotect the galaxy in peace.If you love alien space war games orspace ship games and glory of the victory, this fast moving spaceshooter is for you. Warning! Alien attack! Take the space commandand begin the star battle of your life.FEATURES: Easy to PlaySpace shooter-space battle game. User-Friendly Interface. AmazingLighting and Special Effects. Memorable battles with PowerfulEnemies. Smooth and responsive controls. Charming sound andmusic, with HD graphics. Different missions in unlockable galaxieswith multiple difficulty levels 12 different weapons. 20different enemy types. Randomly generated endless play. UltimateChallenging GamePlay. Ability to use active skills during thespace battles. Chance to become a real galactic hero!Simple Spaceshooter 3D game rule but it's surprisingly challenging
Car Drag Race 3D 1.0.1
Do you love car drag racing games? Well then download Car Drag Race3D and get the unique experience of driving high-velocity carsthroughout the most mesmerizing scenes on the earth. It’s time tostart the engines and hit the road. A mixture of easy &challenging racing tracks and distances to cover and beat youropponent.Car Drag Race 3D includes virtually different cars for youto enjoy. Do you think racing in a straight line is easy? Try tofind the right balance between power and grip while staying in yourclass. Add gears for you, but don't push the button too early. Godeeper and adjust gear ratios to shave off precious milliseconds.Car Drag Race 3D is a fast paced car drag racing 3d game where youcontrol a car against other racers. Take your car and race againstother cars and win the race to unlock more cars.In this Extremedrag racing game, you have the best car dragster with highperformance and you have to drag race and the other cars areavailable in this drag racing game. Main Features: Smoothcontrols. Big Environment. Different Real Car sounds. FreeDrive. 3 Classes of cars including. Many Cars with all types ofupgrades. Realistic drag experience and feelings. BeautifulGraphics. Realistic sound environment. Shift the gears on time tomove fast than your Rival. Realistic physics. Realistic 3Dgraphics, car physics and performance. Multiple cameras includingin-car driver perspective. Real Drag Racing free.Amazing addictiveStreet Drag Racing Car game with HD graphics.
Fruit Splash - Fruit Blast 1.0.2
Fruit splash 2017 is a most addictive and interesting fruit puzzlegame with exceptionally well designed, challenging levels andexcellent graphics you may never get bored in this Fruits splashgame.Fruit splash 2017 is a classic lines game. Connect the 3 ormore same fruits to make them crush. Exercise your brain and enjoythe game as you splash fruit to get highest score. The game hasmagic fruit Crush combination of addictive game play, greatgraphics and music. The unique row-sliding game play makes thisgame different to any other fruit garden games.Easy to play, swipeFruits to match 3 or more Fruits by putting them on the sameline.Get point by crush Fruits. You can make longer chain of Fruitsto get more points. Complete current level to unlock newchallenging levels.How to play:1- Match 3 or more same type toclear them. 2-Swipe three or more same Fruits to score points.3-Win the levels before you run out of moves. It's so easy.4-Complete level targets to unlock more levels.Fruits Gardenfeatures: Easy to play, challenging to fully mater. Surprises foryou in each level. Over 100 levels for you to challenge. Popularand addictive match-3 game play. Lovely graphics and powerfulboosters. Lovely and cute fruit design. Swap and switch fruits tomatch 3 or more same fruits. The perfect gaming experience, funindex is very, very high. Wonderful game themes. Classic puzzlechallenges. Completely free to play.If you or your family are fansof puzzle games then Fruit splash 2017 is suitable for you.Ibelieve you will love it!
Hill Car Drift Racing 2017 1.0.2
Hill Car Drift Racing is the most popular game in the world hasfinally come for all android gamer. You can feel the thrill ofpassion, speed, and furious collision while driving drifting car.The Game has stunning HD graphics, Wide range of unique driftingcars specially designed to achieve a realistic driving experienceand challenging missions that require both real racing skills andextreme coordination.Hill Car Drift Racing has beautifulenvironments with new powerful cars and excellent functionalities.Our Car Drifting game is a very unique when you compared it withother Drift Racing games because it has Real drifting tracks to runyour Racing cars on it.Features: Easy to learn and drive.Realistic 3D graphics. Addictive drifting game play. The mostrealistic drift racing simulation on mobile devices; If you liketo drift, get ready to spend many hours playing this game. Bigtraining track to improve your drifting and racing skills.Realistic simulation of all aspect of the car. Participants canenjoy amazing musical tracks while racing. High-speed car racingwith tilt and button controls. Simple one-thumb controls.
Classic Bubble Shooter 2017 1.0.0
This awesome bubble shooter is for all puzzle fans who want totrain your brain and solve the color ball challenges. Don’t waitany longer to enjoy this addictive, relaxing and fun bubble puzzlegame.In this bubble shooter game, you will be faced withincreasingly difficult levels as your progress, you will try tostrategically send the right bubble at the right spot and createthe right combinations to clear any given level. You will then moveon to the next level for more bubble shootingWe made the classicarcade game and added some new, awesome game features to thisbubble game that you’ll love.How to play: 1.Tap where you want toshoot the bubble.2. To group 2 or more bubbles to make themburst.3. Clear the current level to unlock the next one.Tips:Breaking the bubbles continuously can get points as bonus.MainFeatures: A lot of Challenging Puzzles. Cool Animation Effects.Applicable to Any Ages. Tap where you want to shoot the bubble.Any time at Any Place. High score table, Challengingachievements. Refreshing background music. Clear the currentlevel to unlock the next one.  Fluent bubble shooting experience.Bring relax and happy to you. All levels are being monitored andnew levels are being updated constantly.If you like other bubbleshooter games then you will definitely like this original arcadebubble shooter game.
Crazy Car Race-Save City 1.0
Get ready to enjoy everything you expect from Car racing games andCrazy Car driving games in this game. It is time to drive a carwith real physics effects in a crowded city through twisted turnsand breathtaking scenes.After playing taxi, cargo truck and cartransporting games now it is time for driving a bomb carrying car.Play this exciting time bomb carrying car game and dispose bomb toa safer place out of the city. This time bomb carrying crazy cardrive will make you feel like a hero like a city’s guardian who isfilled with thrill and spirit to deal with a triggered bomb.DrivingCrazy car is not an amateur driver’s job when it’s carrying a timebomb in it. Driving this Crazy Car with a triggered bomb is a realman job through sharp turns and in heavy traffic city. The bomb isactivated once you cross the threshold speed and you cannot slowdown the car through this threshold speed or the bomb will explode.Driving this car is a great responsibility as any minor collisionto any other vehicle can lead to a fatal accident and would costthe lives of hundreds of citizens and swear loss to the city. So bevery careful while driving this bomb triggered Car as you don’tknow the nature of bomb and expected damage. While driving Car Bombyou not only need to be a skillful driver but also you have to be agood observer as this Car Bomb is a great deal of risk. You musthave to drive a bomb Triggered car carefully and also you have totake care of the traffic because if you hit any vehicle the BombCar explodes.Main Game Features: Crazy Car Race-Save City game hasamazing gameplay with HD Graphics.  Realistic and Customizablegameplay. Great Risk, Great Adventure. Different Camera Angles toexplore the roads and 3D Environment. Amazing 3d City environmentwith a twist of car driving experience. Fascinating and a naturalsurrounding environment. Multiple challenging game levels.Multiple grand Cars. Different easy and realistic game control.Limited time and challenging drive. Follow the map to transport ontime. Excellent sound effects. 20 Exciting Levels to Enjoy.Like areal road king, play this amazing Car race game in a 3Denvironment, realistic graphics specially designed for those wholove real car driving and dealing with a time bomb at the sametime.
Bike Traffic Race : Bike Traffic Rider MultiPlayer 1.0.4
Welcome to Multiplayer Motor Bike 3D Racing Game, here we have agreat close to real life bike racing game that is a completepackage for Bike Traffic Riders and video game player, we hope thatit will be a great experience for you to use this game, and furthermore if you want to suggest anything or want to give us a feedbackthen rate this game we will try to improve it as per yoursuggestions. we will take your comments as an honor and support forus, and we will be thankful to you. Now play real multiplayer 3Dbike racing game for the first time in mobile games.Bike TrafficRace is a complete game with varies modes like Career, TrafficTime, Time Trial, Free Ride and much more like it has differenttracks such as Desert, Jungle, Snow, Hills and City. Bike TrafficRace has many heavy bikes that encourage game user and providedifferent environment to play game along with traffic that makesreal race feel for the Bike Traffic Riders. The Bike Traffic Ridersneed to overtake traffic as close as possible and get reward pointsso that player can buy other bikes and environment in this game.youhave to maitain high speed to collect coins and get bounce pointswhen you cross closer any vehicle in the game play. The gamedeveloper tried to proved a perfect bike game to its users to enjoythe game and get real race feeling by playing this game, the gamehas better graphics easy control attractive environment along withmulti mode tasks such as endless and limited racing.Features: :-play Online with others:- game sound is near to real :- endlessgame play and time/distance base levels :- bikes showroom :-different Environments :- live traffic :- better graphics :- betterbike control :- and much more Lets download for free and play Now