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Mobile Number Locator 1.0.33
New Feature > Live Mobile Number Location Tracking Added >Local Transport Search Available > Share Current Location withone click on Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook and other socialnetworks Personal Tracker GPS is a GPS location tracker applicationthrough which you can easily track all the locations you havevisited. It’s a simple GPS tracking app that helps you to trackyour mobile locations on maps date wise. Its help you to know thetrack you have come through to a new location via GPS. If you wantto keep a watch on your family members just install this GPStracker app in their mobile and you can easily see all the placesthey have visited just by checking the app history in their mobile.By using this GPS route finder you can easily delete your completephone location history just by clicking on the clear historyTab.You can Share your Live Location and Live Address with yourfriends and family easily. Personal Tracker GPS locator is faster,easy to use, and gets real-time locations point to highlight onMap. It uses GPS to track your mobile location that is veryaccurate and reliable then other sources of direction provider. NewFeature : GPS Navigation is new functionality added to our app.Which ma it more powerful and handy app. Now one can navigate toany place with just one click. GPS Navigation help to find theshortest route near by. Best route finder for navigation. Allowuser to find address, current location and nearby places. This appwork like GPS Route Finder .Travel around the world and navigateusing any method of is not offline map navigationbut your device should connect to 3G, 4G or WIFI. It is a GPS routeguide that you reach your desired location by using thisApplication.This App works as a Mobile Tracker MOBILE LOCATIONTRACKER let you access the history of all visited places with dateand time either by you or by your friends, you can also delete yourhistory just by single click. Features:  Easy to use like GPSNavigation app.  User-friendly interface.  Find easiest andfastest route for your destination.  Easily track all thelocations you have visited.  Find of any area in map.  Givingdirections to your location.  Sharing location to friends.  GPSLocation Base.  View your recorded tracks on the map in history. Easily delete your complete phone location history just by oneclicking.  You can Share your Live Location and Live Address withyour friends and family easily.  Highlight your Locations onGoogle Map, you have traveled through.  Personal Tracker GPS-GPSTracker show Duration, distance, average speed indication.  Helpsyou in new places, to find track you have traveled.  Locate yourfriends on a Map. GPS tracker is very helpful to find location onmap and Address.
WiFi Password Hacker Prank 1.1.6
If you want to be hacker in front of friends then install our WiFiPassword Hacker app, generate password for your selected WiFinetwork, show it to friends and make them fool, This is basically aprank app that makes a fake hacking process to make a fun withfriends and prank them. You can impress your friend by using WiFiPassword Hacker and can show off that you know hacking. This apphas a beautiful Graphical Interface, Easy and understandableLayouts, Impressive sequence in steps of process. This is just aPrank app for fun and entertainment to enjoy with your friends andfamily group.New Features:Now to make it more interesting we haveadded new functionality like Wifi Hotspot .Wifi HotSpot wll allowone to access near by free wifi .WiFI Hacker is Very Easy touse.One can search for free wifi and connect to it withoutpassword. Wifi Single detector is one other feature ,WIFI signaldetector show the strength of your wifi signals .Wifi Speeddetector detects the speed of Wifi in Mbs.Feature :1. Easy to use,simple and real graphics.2. Professional animations and real touchlooks awesome.3. Safe to wireless network4. Harm nothing.5.Beautiful Fun and Prank Friends.6.Free wifi 7.WIFI signaldetector8. WIFI speed detector9.wifi Hotspot Note: This App is forfun purpose and do not hack password in real.
Girl Voice Changer : Voice Changer Effects 1.0.21
Now hear your voice in various kinds of girls tone and Enjoy withyour friends and family.The Kids in your family will like it verymuch, And you can make the kids happy to use this app.Its a greatapp to have fun with a group of friends.Record your voice usingCrazy girl Voice Changer and listen for yourself how you sound in agirls voice. You can also save the recorded voice and can also hearit later on. Share is Also available for you guys .FEATURESChangeyour voice in multiple ages girlhear your voice in baby tone.change your voice to 10 year girl.change your voice to 16 yeargirl.change your voice to 18 year girl.change your voice to 25 yeargirl.change your voice to 35 year girl.hear your originalvoice.extra interesting features.prank voice and a scary voice.
Satellite Internet Prank App 1.0.17
Now enjoy free internet any where every where, and chat with yourfriends and family, if you are in town or far away. You will alwaysconnect with internet by use our Satellite Internet Prank App. Itsa Prank app to make a fun with your friends. In this app we usedGPS that only show the Latitude and Longitude of your area to makefun with your friends. It use your WiFi connection to connect youwith Internet.Feature:1. Multiple Satellite Option are given.2. GPSis used.3. WiFi Internet.Disclaimer: Satellite Internet Prank Appis only for fun and its a Prank App, there is no satellite internetbut it use your WiFi connection.
Fake Call GirlFriend 1.0.13
This app allow you to make a fake incomingcall from a virtual girlfriend to avoid awkward situations likeMeetings, Party, Decisions, Fake Call GirlFriend appis really very helpful app. You can also pretend in fornt of yourfriends that you girlfriend is calling you. This app is just forfun, joke, and make fool yourfriends and family memmebers. This app allow you to set a callervoice, delay, contact number from own list or manual in last presssave and get incoming call. It has attractive graphics,easy to use. You can select and change caller picture by clickingCaller Icon in Settings Menu. Now install it for free and make funand prank your friends.Features:_* Set Caller Picture in given_* Set Caller Number_* Set Caller Name_* Set Call Time with Given Delays_* Set Caller Vocie_* Record Caller Voice_* Save Setting and Wait for call_* Get Incoming Fake CallDon't Forget: To rate us, we will appreciate your feedback.Note: This app is free and supported by Ads.
Flash alerts On Call SMS: Color Flashlight & Alarm 1.0.21
Are you worried about missing a call, sms, battery alert ornotification? This Flash call alert app is made to solve all theproblem of missing call sms alert.Flash on call and sms providesyou with call alerts and sms alerts with indicator led. Getnotified by the blinking flashlight alert notifications when phonerings with an incoming call or incoming SMS text message. Flashalerts notification will also blink when a call or SMS notificationarrives. Flashlight alert is a smart app to alert you when youreceive a phone call, text message & any other socialnotifications with the blink of your flashlight. Flash light callalert will help peoples in the night time when your android phonein the silent mode or mute. This flash light alert is very usefulapplication for any android user.This most brightest Flash blinkapp is a very useful application for those users who are mostlybusy in meetings or work in places where they have to keep theirmobile phones silent such as hospitals etc. Flashlight is Amazingapp to turn your device into a torch light.It will use yourdevice's camera LED.Easy-to-use, quick and reliable torch app free,that can instantly turn your phone into a super bright LEDflashlight source in one click. Use your led flash light app like alamp.The flash of your phone uses like a torch. It takes up littlespace and is completely free.Turn your phone into a colorflashlight, police light, disco light, candle and led banner.Oursmart Flash on call and SMS app also includes alarm clock featuresthat prevent excessive snoozing and get you out of bed.This is morethan a simple alarm clock; it’s highly customizable, allows you towake up in a way that works for you and even helps you sleep better. FEATURES: * Flash Light for SOS * Flash light on/ off with oneclick * Flash Blinks/Alerts On Incoming Calls. * FlashBlinks/Alerts On Incoming SMS. * Use camera LED as a torch (LEDTorch Light) * Have fun with different color Screen light ( Discolight, Candle, Blink) * Useful light effects (LED Electronic Sign): Text, Scroll, Slide, LED Sign Flashlight App is completely freeto download
Caller Name Announcer - Caller ID, SMS Speaker 1.0.24
Caller Name speaker Announce the Caller Name and SMS sender Name.Now you can know who is Calling/messaging you without looking atPhone Screen by using this app. It can even read the Message'scontent for you. "Caller Name Announcer" use the built-in Androidtext-to-speech engine to voice the caller or Message Sender ID. Nowwith more Features . Now not only it is Caller Name Announcer butalso Works as Flash Light Alert on Call and SMS . now you wont belost in dark because we Also have enhanced our App with SuperBright Flashlight Torch too. Caller Name Talker announces thecaller number, announce caller Id or announce caller name ofincoming caller name.Caller ID Announcer app also identifiesunknown numbers so you can know who called you even if the numberis not in your Contact list. Caller Name Announcer is highlyapplicable in a situation like if you are driving and the phone isin your pocket or some one sends you an SMS while your smart phoneis in other room. Caller ID Speaker Features: * Caller NameAnnouncer ON/OFF. * SMS Sender Speaker ON/OFF. * Speech RateControl. * Language Change Option. * Ring Volume Control. * SpeechVolume Control. * Repeat caller name announcement * Choose delaytime between announcement * Turn off Announce while silent optionis available. * Flash Light Alrets on Call and SMS. * SuperFlashLight Torch Brights the nights. Note: Its a free app supportedby Ads.
FlashLight Torch 1.0.7
Flash Light Torch is a powerful app. It has great professionalgraphical user interface, this application use camera flashlight astorch light.Blinking mode is available with best control.The mostimportant app for you and you smartphone.Feature:1. Powerful ON/OFFControl.2. Blinking LED/Flash Light.3. Work in background when appis on Pause.Note: Its a free app supported by Ads
Lie Detector Prank 1.0.8
Now you can know, Is your friend telling you truth or lie. LieDetector Prank app will tell you, Is he/she is telling you right orwrong. Please note it, that this Lie Detector is a Prank, funny andan entertainment app. Its use is very simple and easy just placeyour finger on scanner panel, a scanning process will start and asthis process goes to end, True/ False will come on Top of Screen,and you can make a fun with your friend that he/she is saying trueor false.Feature:1. Scanner Panel.2. Scanning Process.3. SoundEffects.4. Random True/ False.Note: IT IS PRANK APP AND ONLY USE ITFOR FUN.
Automatic Call Recorder 1.0.4
Auto Call Recorder provides an easy, advanced Call Recorder andmany more functionalities which make are difference from other CallRecorder Apps for Android.Auto Call Recorder 2016 offers the uniqueset of features which will allow you to record all Incoming andOutgoing calls automatically. One can choose which calls you wantto save. You can set which calls are recorded and which are ignoredwith our Whitelist Feature. In this you can use Free call recorderfeature for your personal and commercial call. Auto calls recorderapp Supports 3GPP, MPEG4 & VOICE to record.Call Recorder appfor your phone android automatically records your phone calls withhigh quality. When you cannot remember what was said on a call thaninstall this app. In this app, you can also share your recordingcall with friends. Recorded calls are stored in the SD Card or Cellphone device memory. The number of saved recorded calls is limitedonly by your device memory. If you think that a conversation isimportant, save it and it will be stored in the Calls folder. Ifnot, delete old recordings. You can delete your old call record byenbleing “Delete Recordings after 30 Days” in SettingsYou can asloselect to record incoming calls or outgoing call and getnotification by recording of incoming or outgoing call in settingsmenu.This is a powerful Automatic call recording app to record allyour important voice calls easily.Features: Easy Call Recording.Fast and elegant user Interface. Smooth & Fast Performance No time limit for recording  auto recording options  RecordIncoming & Outgoing Calls. Enable or disable recordingsanytime. Share or delete any unwanted recording. Setting providesyou multiple options to choose. Easily manages all yourrecordings. Playback, or Share your phone recordings Deletesingle items Delete all History Less battery consumption. Apptakes less memory.
Electric Screen Prank 1.0.13
Electric Screen is a prank app, SimulateElectric effect with colored lines on transparent screen withvibration and sound, its make fun and entertain users with itseffective and wonderful functionality. This app is really anawesome gift for your dearest friend and family member if you shareit with them.Feature:1. Beautiful Sound Effect.2. Vibration like electric shock.3. Real Colors.Note: It’s a free app supported by Ads.
Music Equalizer - Bass Booster & Music Player 1.0.21
Music Equalizer improve your device sound quality, It has fivebands with Bass Boost and Visualizer effects, there are NinePresets that improve your phone/tablet sound. It allows you tocustomize and adjust sound effect levels so that you get the bestsound. There is an music player that allow you to play music infront and in background, you can also control music volume. In thisapp you can play audio files from you mobile SD card.Music Playerwith powerful equalizer, Quick search all music files, custombackground skin, free to get this perfect audio player and mediaplayer.The best music player and audio player! Feature:1. Bassboost effect2. Five band equalizer3. 9 equalizer presets4. Mediavolume control5. Visualizer effectNote: Its a free app supported byAds.
Calorie Counter - Step Counter 1.0.3
Calorie Counter- Step Counter allows you to track different fitnessactivities such as walks or runs, count your burned calories orheart rate, and get tips to make your daily life healthy andfit.Walking and step tracking with a pedometer is the perfectstarting point for a fitness beginner and a great addition to thetraining of the most advanced. The app (Run Keeper) also motivatesyou to walk more and collect more steps. The positive side effect,More steps, and longer walking distance equals more caloriesburned. The App (Calorie Counter- Step Counter) is an Androidapplication (Pedometer, Step Counter), which help you record yoursteps every day every minute. It can work all the time no matterthe screen is on/off, and developers try best to reduce the batteryusage.Everyone should walk around about ten thousand steps per dayto improve your health and body fitness just like pedometer app.You can view a graph with the number of steps you have walked andall other information anytime.The Walk Counter is the bestCompanion in your daily routine walking, hiking, jogging orbackpacking. A lifetime tracker of your calories burns and Stepsrecord.Features:1-The easiest to use step tracker for anyphone.2-Accurate activity tracking and step counting.3- Measureyour steps automatically during your walk or exercise. 4-Absolutelyfree application.5-Charts and graphs statistics supported. 6- Youcan pause counting from start activity.7- Enable or disable stepcounting in a background.8- Running in a background, measuring yoursteps. 9- Update its statistics every minute in its database.How touse:1- Touch on the number of steps, burned calories, distance,walking time, or speed to display the graph with thatinformation.2- Touch the graph to highlight information data for aspecific time or date.3-Swipe to the left to see the data recordeduntil the previous day, week, and month.4-In order to display thecorrect number of burned calories, please enter your age, gender,weight and step length accurately.5-In order to display the correctdistance and speed, please enter your step length accurately.Thisstep counter app works entirely from your phone. No Fitbit or otherwearable fitness trackers are required for step tracking
Flash On Call And SMS 1.0.7
Flash notification for all Flash On call Flash On SMS Flash OnOther Notification (Whatsapp , Facebook , Messanger, etc CustomNotification(User select application on which to get notify) FlashNotification for All will blink Flashlight on call ,sms and otherNotification. Flash on call helpful when your mobile phone is onsilent. The feature Flash alert on call and SMS help you to findyou cell phone in dark night, when you forget where you havedropped your phone just call or SMS to your phone its flashlightalert feature will help you. It’s an amazing app that containsFlashlight on clap, when you need torch in dark night and you havemisplaced your phone just clap and torch will turn ON. Now forgetabout searching for a torch and forget about turning on yourflashlight, just clap to find phone and see your flashlightglowing. Flash Notification for all is another feature of this appthat is used when at work (in quiet areas like hospitals, schools,offices) or at night time without disturbing others. Flash lightalerts lets you know any messages, calls, SMS by contacts andnotifications by apps. So you can stop worrying about the annoyingpush notifications during specific times of the day or night. FlashNotification for All is a free android app easy to use. Userfriendly options like flash blinking on Call and SMS, flash onclap, flash on notifications and ultimate flash alert. MainFeature: 1- Flash on Call and sms.  Flash on call helpful whenyour mobile phone is on silent.  Flash blinking on call.  Ringingflashlight when phone have incoming Call and Notification.  Youcan set up blinking with ON/OFF in detail. 2- Flash on SMS.  Flashon call helpful when your mobile phone is on silent.  Blink flashalerts when have SMS.  Ringing flashlight when phone have incomingSMS and Notification.  You can set up blinking with ON/OFF indetail. 3- Flash on Clap.  Flash light on clap.  Flash light onclap tool is very useful when you are in dark, just clap to turn onflash light, again clap to turn off flash light. 4- Flash onNotification.  You can select app to enable flash alerts for allapp.  Flash on Notification, Flashlight Alert on Notificationswhere you can manage all notification in one place. Just like aflash alerts activator.  All app is supported. I wish app (FlashNotification for All) will make your life better and moreconvenient. Permission: #android.permission.BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE : we need theAccessibility service only to flash on the Notifications, by yourApps, We have totally no other use of this Service, and also wetotally ensure you 100% that we wont use this service, for anyother purpose.. This is used to Flash on the Notification by yourApps and without it this feature can not work properly. Flashnotification for all will NEVER collect your private information.NOT NOW. NOT EVER.
Geo Area Calculator 1.0.2
Geo Area Calculator is best free tool for you, when you want topurchase some property, and want to calculate area of thatproperty. GPS area calculator will help you like your best friendsand will give you exact calculated area. App Geo Area measurementis useful to calculate GPS area or distance with great accuracy.Geoarea Calculator is very accurate on Field area Measure and its verysmart tool for measuring areas on the map. Once you place yourpoints on the map and then calculate area between all points. Youcan also calculate total Area of any GPS Route.GPS Area alsocontains the different type of Map View. Normal.Satellite.Terrainmaps and Search map.Our App Area Measurement is useful to calculateGPS area or distance with great accuracy. There two way to measurearea or distance.Main Features:  Fast area marking Add markers onMAP for area which you want to measure.  Undo for all measuringactions. Smart Marker Mode for super accurate pin placement.Measures saving and editing Measures grouping and naming Distancemarking.  Save again any calculate area so doesn’t need to do samejob again. Select diff type of MAP view.  Calculate Distance andArea both. Load / Delete already measured / calculated area.GEOAREA Calculator is best for: Asset mapping Construction surveys.Landscape design. Construction surveyor. Health, Education andfacilities mapping Farm fencing Sports track or groundmeasurement Construction sites Area.  Building sites area Landbased surveys Landscape artists Farmers, for farm management.Land record management. Real state and Town plannersI wish “GeoArea Calculator " will make your life better and more convenient.
GPS Speedometer-Odometer : Trip Meter HUD Display 1.1.5
GPS Digital HUD Speedometer on Map Live * GPS Speedometer for Cars, Bikes, Bicycle,Trucks * Show Accurate Speed In Digital SpeedMeter * Show Accurate Speed In Analog Speed Meter * Show SpeedAlarm if driving too Fast * Car Tracking on Earth Map Live *Maximum Speed , Average Speed, Total Distance CoverSpeed GPS is anadvanced speedometer application that uses the phone's built-in GPSsystem to show your current and maximum speed. Suitable for cardriving and biking.The speed is display in both analog and adigital value. It acts as a normal digital and analog Speedometer,which you may find in any car that showing the velocity of thevehicle in kph and mph. Its best application for broken Speedometerof car or not working then download this app and enjoy yourspeedometer .Our Developer tries best to make all readings asaccurate as possible, but the accuracy also depends on yourdevice's GPS sensor and should only be treated asapproximations.You can use this app as GPS Odometer with bikeSmartphone holder and anything else, especially HUD (Head UpDisplay) with your car. You can track your GPS speed with one ofthe best GPS Speedometer App.Features:i. Easy to Use HUDSpeedometer GPS.ii. Simple interface and smooth functionalitiesodometer.iii. Precise speed and attractive display.iv. No internetaccess necessaryv. Digital and Analog Multipleprofiles: for every car, bike cycle.vii. The speed can be displayedin one of three different units: kilometers per hour (km/h), milesper hour (mph) or knot (nautical miles per hour).viii. Speed isdisplayed both with an analog gauge and as a digital valueix. Youcan change this scale any time on the move.x. Simple and quick inaction Speedometer. If you are looking for an odometer andspeedometer for Car or Bike cycle, then download our GPSSpeedometer-Odometer app.
GPS Route Guide - Live Earth Map ,Live Street view 1.0.5
GPS Route Guide- Live Earth Map provide worldwide map informationwith live street view and satellite map view near your currentlocation. provide Maps, Navigation & Directions which lets youplan your trips, find route to travel and find restaurantsnearby.Search for an address and navigate using google maps or OpenStreet Map to your destination. GPS Route Guide - Earth Map app hasall required features of navigation, you can find the location ofyour friends, family and also track you smart phone. Voicenavigation route finder app just requires the internet connection,turn on your location and take the tour of beautiful and historicalplaces around the world through this Route Guide application. GPSRoute Finder City Guide provides a lot of features. you cansearches all the places in city you live. It has the facility offinding shortest Route.offline GPS navigation app with real-timetraffic for Android is free. Navigation maps with GPS for city,traffic and public transport routes. distance route and easy routeaccording to your transportation, your current location, get easypath between two given destinations etc.This application usessatellite and street view for GPS Route Tracking. Features: *Unique 2D route tracking feature * Automatic re-route feature ifyou forget any turn for transport vehicle drivers * Make correctand shortest driving route worldwide * Updated GPS Route Guide:Earth Map * Draw Route between two different locations * Four typeof maps i-e Terrain, Normal, Hybrid and satellite. * Best fornavigation and exploring map of the world. * Provide Real-Timetraffic which helps you avoid traffic jams. * Voice guidednavigation with spoken street names. * Travel around the world andnavigate using any method of transportation. * Navigation withlocal traffic help you find the fastest trip route. * Route plannerfor cars, bikes and walking to any global address. GPS Route Guide:Support all Countries including * Europe, Russia * North &South America * Africa * Asia & Middle East * Australia, NewZealand Note: * It is Not Google Maps Official Guide! We wish thisapp will make your life better and more convenient.
GPS Night Navigation & Direction : Map Night Mode 1.0.3
Provides Free GPS Navigation to your Destination Turn by TurnNavigation in Night Mode Available Free Easy Location Sharer FriendFinderGPS Location Tracker, keeps tracking record GPS NightNavigation is a simple Turn by Turn GPS navigation app fordrivers.GPS Route Finder takes advantage of GPS & Network toget your position on Earth, Helps you Navigate Freely on Maps &get you required directions. With Variety of Features such as GPSshortest Route finder, Driving route , Current Location, SharingLocation with Friends etc.Route Finder:Allow user to find route todestination with one click. Route Finder Helps you to Finddistanceand traveling time between start and ending location with shortestand easiest path available.Perfect GPS Route Finder maps navigationapp - navigate using GPS route finder app. GPS route locationtracker having the different type of travel mode.My Location:helpsyou if you lost your way or forgot the address then you can seeyour current position and also allow to share your current locationwith anyone, GPS Route Finder allow user to Share His Address` viaany Social App, It will help them to find you easily. GPS RouteFinder - Maps Navigation & Location Tracker :allows user tofind Restaurants, ATMS, Hotels, Bank, Schools, Bus Station, Postoffice, Cafe & Police station etc nearby.Get accurate drivingroute for wherever you want to go. You can get very accurate speedby using GPS route finder.Night Navigation:see route and navigateto address, map location, GPS coordinates or turn by turnnavigation.Voice :drive with voice in your language. Hear preciseturn by turn instruction with clear voice. Navigation was never soeasy before.Shortcut:with navigation shortcut you can navigate tohome / work / anywhere with just one click.Features: GPS NightNavigation Make it Easy for Driver to Navigate during Night. Findeasiest and fastest route for your destination. Get accuratedriving route for your destination. Easily track all the locationsyou have visited. Share your current location. Supports differentmaps : Normal maps, Satellite maps, Terrain maps. Find real timeDriving Route. Find real time Walking Route. Finding ShortestDriving Route. Get accurate driving route and real-time navigation.Finding Shortest GPS route. GPS location tracker having thedifferent type of travel modes.