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Naij News And Naija Music 1.0
Naija News and Music is a Free App and stayupdated with current news and music happenings in and aroundNaija.
Nigerian CookBook 1.0
Nigerian CookBook mobile app gives you totalsatisfaction with step by step guidance on your favorite foodpreparation( Soups, Stews, Rice, Drinks, Snacks etc...), Mealplanner, healthy living tips, DIY drinks you never thought youcould achieve in your kitchen and lots more. Dont miss this.
Ghana Fashion Gallery 1.0
Ghana Fashion Provides the latest Fashion trends in Ghana, WestAfrica and Foreign countries. dont miss this amazing App. GET ITFREE HERE!
Nigerian Fashion 1.0
Nigerian Fashion App is the best APP for All fashion lovers. getthelatest and most trendy styles. Get this App for free.
Tanzania Magazeti 1.0
Tanzania NewspapersEnjoy reading Tanzania news in just oneintuitive and easy app.Tanzania sports news, entertainment news,political news and much more.All the best news from Tanzania is foryou to enjoy now.Read and share local and international newsstories with your family, friends and the world.Key Features:-Share several news headlines at once. easily accessible.-Categorized news.- Swipe to read next article.- Optimized fortablets.- Read news inside or outside the app.- Tanzania andinternational news.- Offline reading.- Edit sources.- Shareinteresting stories on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, SMS,e-mail and lots more.Tanzania news sources and content ownersinclude:- Arusha Times- Daily News- IPP Media- Citizen- Mwananchi-Vijimambo- VOA Swahili- Business Times- Habarileo- Mzalendo- RaiaMwema- Wavuti- Global Publishers- Bongo Movies- Michuzi- MillardAyo- Missie Popular- The habariKnown issues and fixes:- If the appfails to launch (for some type of phones), go to your phoneSettings -> Applications -> Manage applications ->Tanzania Newspapers -> Clear data/cache.- Please send an e-mailabout other issues.Disclaimer:- This app does not own the newsfeeds/content. We do not make any warranty, expressed or implied,assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy,completeness, copyright, social appropriateness or usefulness ofany information/feed/headline.- Each news headline will thuscontain a link to the original content owners as named at thebeginning or end of the headline.Enjoy:Enjoy, share and rate thisapp. Thank you all for your continued support.
African Ankara Asoebi 1.0
Step out with Class everyday. Get AfricanAnkara and Asoebi Styles Free! and never have another bad day. Itcontains Latest hairstyles, Clothes, dresses, Make-up, bags andshoes.
African Hairstyles & MakeUp 1.0
With this App you will never have a badHairday or wrongly applied make Up.This App contains:-Bop Hairstyles-Braids-Weave-ons-curlsand many more
Naija Online TV 2.0
Get all your favorite TV and Radio stations by just a click. Thisapp contains
Rwanda News 1.0
Rwanda news mobile app delivers news fromyourfavorite Rwanda Newspapers right into your mobile device.- THE NEW TIMES-BAHONEZA-NEWS OF RWANDA-BUSINESS WEEK-IRIN NEWSPAPER-ALL AFRICA.COM-NEWS TIME AFRICA-RWANDA EYE-KIGALI-RWANDA FOCUS
Naija Easy Shoping 1.0
Naija Easy Shoping gives you an avenue toshopwith ease using tested Nigerian online shops. Also gethomedeliveries. START SHOPING!
Health and Fitness 1.0
This APP gives you all you need to liveahealthy and happy life plus it's FREE. Use this app daily andlive,stay and enjoy a healthy and happy life.
Kenyan Food Recipes 1.0
Learn how to prepare various Kenyanmealsranging from breakfast, lunch and dinner.this app contains-Kenyan Pumpkin Soup-Tomatoe Sauce-Fish in Coconut Cury- Kidney Bean/Coconut Sauce-Grains-pulao-Pulao-Corn and Beans-Corn Meal Mush-Mashed beans,Potatoe&Greens-Kenyan Sponge Cake-Food blog-Chicken roastand many moreENJOY!
Tanzania News 1.0
Tanzania NewspapersEnjoy reading Tanzania news in just one intuitive andeasyapp.Tanzania sports news, entertainment news, political news andmuchmore.All the best news from Tanzania is for you to enjoy now.Read and share local and international news stories withyourfamily, friends and the world.Key Features:- Share several news headlines at once. easily accessible.- Categorized news.- Swipe to read next article.- Optimized for tablets.- Read news inside or outside the app.- Tanzania and international news.- Offline reading.- Edit sources.- Share interesting stories on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook,Google+,SMS, e-mail and lots more.Tanzania news sources and content owners include:- Arusha Times- Daily News- Citizen- Mwananchi- Vijimambo- VOA Swahili- Business Times- Habarileo- Mzalendo- Raia Mwema- Wavuti- Global Publishers- Bongo Movies- Michuzi- Millard Ayo- Missie Popular- The habariKnown issues and fixes:- If the app fails to launch (for some type of phones), go toyourphone Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications->Tanzania Newspapers -> Clear data/cache.- Please send an e-mail about other issues.Disclaimer:- This app does not own the news feeds/content. We do not makeanywarranty, expressed or implied, assume any legal liabilityorresponsibility for the accuracy, completeness, copyright,socialappropriateness or usefulness ofanyinformation/feed/headline.- Each news headline will thus contain a link to theoriginalcontent owners as named at the beginning or end oftheheadline.Enjoy:Enjoy, share and rate this app. Thank you all for yourcontinuedsupport.
Rhapsody 2017 1.0
this app contains Daily devotion from the anointed man of God, Pst.Chris Oyakhilomen and his wife. The app translates daily devotionin more than ten languagesincluding:-ENGLISH-FRENCH-GERMAN-ITALIAN-ARABIC-MANDARIN-XHOSA-SPANISHand many more
Christain TV 1.0
Christain TV is your best mobile App foryourbest christian videos.It contains Live messages from your favorite Men of GodinNigeria & beyound-TB JOSHUA-PST E. ADEBOYE-BISHOP OYEDEPO-REV CHRIS OYAKHILOMEN-TD JAKES-APOSTLE JOHNSON SULEIMAN-REV FELIX OMOBUDE-JOSEPH PRINCE- TRINITY BROADCASTING NETWORKand more
Nigeria News Mobile 1.0
Little or no need to buy newspapersanymorewhen you can access all the top Nigerian News online throughthisapp and with ease and convenience.this app contains:-The guardian-Punch Newspaper-The Nation-Complete Sports-Naij news
Tanzania Fashion 1.0
We Bring to you Make up and hairstylessuitablefor the African Woman.this app besides keeping you up to date on trending styles, italsokeeps you informed on events happening in Tanzania. it's easytouse. We guaranty you will miss nothing
Ankara & Asoebi 1.0
This App contains all latest Asoebi andAnkaraStyles. You can always pick from a long list and variety ofstylesranging from- Short Ankara Dresses- Long Ankara dresses-Danshiki Styles-Agbada Styles- Latest HairStyles- Make-up Tipsand more...
Ovulation & Child Care 1.0
Ovulation and Child care app is a must haveonthe mobile devices of every female, teenagers,single ladiesandmothers. It contains:PERIOD CALCULATOROVULATION PREDICTORCHILD CAREHEALTHY PREGNANCYFERTILITYINTERCOURSE TIMINGand lots more......
MakeUp Tutorials 1.0
Become a makeup expert with Makeup Tutorial app.Avoid Sillymistakeslearn new tricksthis app contains:Lip colouringEye makeupBlush EmphasisNail artand more
Eye Makeup 1.0
As we always want to look beautiful. our eyes are most important inthis logic. so now by this app we can do anything as we want forour eyes. keep learning Eye makeup. Eye makeup can define hownatural or dramatic your look is. Whether you want to learn aprocess you can use every day or look stunning for a specialoccasion, proper application of eye makeup is a useful skill thatcan both impress your peers and help you look and feel your best.
Naija Food Recipes 1.0
This App, Naija Cookbook has everything every home needs for ahappy and healthy feeding everyday. it contains recipes for Soup,Stew, Rice, Drinks( Kunu, Zobo, Chapman etc..), cakes, isi-ewu,peper-soup, jollof rice, Fried rice etc
Christ Embassy, BLW 2.0
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's Ministry is geared to give your life awhole new meaning. get Daily devotional from Rhapsody of Realities,watch live messages online, tune in to Loveworld Radio to staylifted, Get Campus fellowship update and lots more
TB Joshua Ministries 1.0
This app is designed specially to keep you closer to the mightymove of God through Prophet TB Joshua's various ministriesincluding:-Emmanuel TV-T.B joshua Blog-Distance is not a Barrier (Testimony)-Prophecies- Daily Devotionals and many moreStay Blessed.
Daystar Church 1.0
Daystar Church, Rev. Sam Adeyemi ministries, Rev(Mrs) Nike Adeyemi,will lift you up till you become a role model to the world. Followclosely and be blessed.This app contains-Daystar Church-Successpower-The REAL woman-Sam Adeyemi quotes-and more
TB Joshua Live TV 3.0
Stay close to messages and sermons by Prophet TB Joshua andministry even when you cannot make it to Sunday service you canstay in touch and receive your blesings