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Princess Juliet : Kids Escape Adventure 1.1
Kids Escape Adventure with Princess Juliet is the newest brain gamefor kids with ages between 4 and 10 years old. Princess Juliet wasso scared that the Troll will follow her, that she run in theforest to make sure she escaped him for good. The good news is thatthe Troll does not follow her, but the bad news is that she islost. Help Juliet find her way to her castle in this kids escapeadventure.The magical forest is full of hidden signs and you needto discover all of them, in order to get Juliet out of there. Watchcarefully for each clue in this find objects game, complete eachtask and Juliet is almost home. Feed the bear with some sweethoney, water a thorny bush so Princess Juliet can cross it withoutgetting injured. Here nice voice will help you find items and solvethe kids game. Don't get fooled by the cute and fuzzy scenery, moreadventures are yet to come. Juliet reaches the river, but she findsa boat without the paddle. Help Juliet find the paddle so she cancross the river; find the golden coins for the Goblin in exchangefor the paddle. Watch carefully and search each rock, tree and bushto find the items that will lead you to the coins. Keep in mindthat you can always use the hints to ease your search in this Kidsescape adventure.Juliet is almost home, she has another tricky taskthat she needs to complete. She needs to go through a brain gamefor kids in order to reach her castle. Use the arrows to guideJuliet on the right path out of the great maze game.Complete thisadventure and there will be more to come! Enjoy playing this superKids escape adventure with Princess Juliet!
Ghost escape - Princess Games 0.6
Princess Juliet is back with a new escape game. You will have tohelp the princess escape from a haunted castle. This is not simplyan escape game but a ghost game also, and you need to use yourghost radar to help Juliet escape the ghost hunt.After escaping thesewer, Princess Juliet got inside a haunted castle full of ghosts.Immediately Juliet s ghost detector activated. You do not have toghost hunting but just hide from them. Juliet is locked in thebasement, so she needs you to escape and find the hidden key thatwill open the door. Play fun games, solve exciting puzzles andJuliet is closer to freedom. It may sound easy, but you need to bereally careful and use your ghost detector to hide from the ghosts.If Juliet is seen by the evil ghosts you will have to start thegame again, so be great at this fun hide and seek game. When youalmost think it is over, the real hide and seek game begins. Julietmust find all the colored keys in this room without getting caughtby the ghosts. Make sure she hides every time the ghosts arelooking her way. Right after you find the keys, Juliet can open thelocks and escape the haunted castle.Princess Juliet is free oncemore thanks to your great skills. Join us again for anotherexciting adventure with Princess Juliet!
Underwater Escape - Girl Game 1.0
We present you one of the most amazing princess game : Juliet andkoobs adventures! This princess game is fun,exciting and can beplayed by anyone. Let yourself guided by Juliet's voice and help usin our escape game. Join Princess Juliet in this fantasticunderwater adventure and help her to run from the gyant octopus.You must find something to cut the bars, so make sure you find allthe hidden objects in this girl escape game. Use the saw to cut thebars, but be careful not to get caught by the balloon fish in ourfun slacking games or you will start all over again. PrincessUnderwater is a great escape game, with an amazing gameplayespecially created for little girls. Enter the magical underwaterworld where Juliet has to escape incredible creatures like thehammer shark, octopus, balloon fish, whales and complete cuteanimal games such as find the differences and escape game. Puttogether all the clues, complete the puzzle and Princess Juliet issaved from the underwater prison. Join her in the perfect princessgame where you will find cute sounds and a lovely voice, colorfulgraphics and a challenging gameplay.
Piano for kids - girl games 0.7
Join Princess Juliet at her first piano lesson and use the keyboardto practice some awesome songs in this free piano app. Practiceyour skills and at the end you will have the chance to record your3 best songs!This princess game is full of surprises and it willchallenge and entertain you like no other music game! This pianogame has 3 levels with 3 difficulty stages. You must choose wiselyyour level so that you can end your tasks!This princess piano gamehas all the characteristics of a great app, you get the chance toplay the piano, find hidden objects and record songs. Well done!You have found all the strings and now you will be able to playyour top 3 songs in this fun piano simulator game. Press the recordbuttons, one by one and at the end listen to your masterpiece! Thisis for sure one of the best piano app for little kids and willguarantee instant fun and an unforgettable experience! Enjoyplaying this princess piano lesson game and share the joy of goodmusic with your friends!
Princess Juliet Castle Escape 1.4
This game is one of the most amazing and fun adventures of PrincessJuliet! Juliet was a normal little girl, until she found a magicaltiara and her entire world changed! Now, she has to face someprincess challenges and this is the part where you have to help herfulfill her princess destiny.Join Princess Juliet in this cutejourney and help her escape the castle. You must get her out of thecastle, where she is a prisoner of the evil troll. Princess JulietCastle Escape is a find the object game, with an amazing twist,specially designed for little girls, so that they will adoreplaying this escape game. Think out of the box in order to find theexit from this princess escape game, collect and combine all hiddenitems and solve the puzzle. It has all the elements of a perfectprincess game: cute sounds, colorful graphics and an easy butchallenging gameplay.
Princess Juliet Rescue Game 0.9
Join Princess Juliet in this new adventure game! She must save herbeloved friend, Koobs. He was kidnapped by the ugly Troll and youare the only one who can help Juliet to save Koobs.You have tocomplete 3 different levels, testing your memory skills, spot thehidden objects and adventure spirit. In this princess game you willhave to prove your skills and you will need to be very focused onyour mission of saving Koobs.First you will have to find severalhidden objects in order to move to the next stage. Then you willsolve a cute puzzle and you will get a magic key that will give youaccess to the next level.After that, you will have to find all theobjects hidden in the forest, so that you can create a way to geton the other side of the road, where Koobs is held hostage by theugly Troll. Things aren't that easy, so you will need to find a mapthat will show you the exact path to the place where you will findKoobs.The final stage is where you must overcome your fears anddemonstrate to all that you are brave and powerful! You will getinside the Troll's house and you will set Koobs free. You must movefast, you don't want to run into that ugly Troll!Have fun playingthis awesome adventure game and make sure you save your best friendlittle Koobs. He needs you more than ever, so don't let him down!
Pony game - Care games 0.9
Today princess Juliet is in the mood for a ride with one of herbeloved pony. Join her in this adventure and you have a blast! Thisis a fun pony game and you enjoy every minute of our pony princessgame!In our pony game, first you will have to choose between fourbeautiful pony: Pony-Trixie, Pony-Daisy, POny-Spot, and Pony-Rosie.Then, you need to take good care of princess pony, clean the pony,feed and select a great equipment in order to take the pony out fora ride.Ohh, no! It seems that an evil wizard has stolen yourbeautiful pony! Must do all it takes to get him back. PrincessJuliet needs your help so that she can be reunited with her cutepony. You must overcome several obstacles that will reveal the pathto the place where the evil wizard is keeping your pony. So,complete the fun tasks of hidden objects, memory game, mix andmatch magic potions and escape adventure together with PrincessJuliet. After you find where the pony is held hostage by thewizard, you must find all the objects to build your way out of thewizard’s territory. You have to cross over on the other side whereyou will be safe and no one can harm Juliet neither her pony!Ineach level of our pony game you can find fun mini-games like : -puzzle minigames- care game- run game- logic minigamesHave funplaying this pony game! This amazing princess game will definetlyget you hooked like no other game!
Juliet Island Adventure - princess game 0.7
Welcome to most exciting and new adventure princess game of Julietand her dearest friend - Koobs!Get ready to be hoocked by thisamazing adventure princess game! It has all the elements of themost magical and beautiful princess game! You must challengeyourself to go on the secret island so that you can find elfstreasure that will change your destiny. You must help PrincessJuliet find the stolen elfs chest with gold! The ugly Troll managedto steal and hide the elfs treasure very well, but you must provethat you have what it takes to find it!Princess Juliet needs yourhelp : find clue in order and get to the place where our chest withgold is kept by the Troll. You won't be alone in this adventureprincess game, Koobs is there for you to help you when you are inneed.First, you have to discover a way to get on the secret islandwhere our treasure is. You are on a pirate ship and you have tofind clue and several hidden objects in order to escape from thepirate boat. Once you escape from pirate boat and get safe toisland, your mission is : find clue and put together the mappieces, map that will lead you straight to the place where you findthe precious chest with gold, so use your detective skills in thisfind the objects game. You have to face one more escape challengebefore you discover the chest treasure. You need to create a pathto cross on the other side where the chest treasure is and afterthat you will have to use your skills to find a way to get to thechest treasure!Have fun playing this adventure princess game anduse your skills to find clue and one of the most wanted andprecious chest treasure in the world!
Girl escape games - fun girls 1.0
Princess Juliet is in trouble and she needs your help in thischallenging sewer escape game! Her princess life isn't easy, thereare so many wicked characters that want to harm her, but you musttake care of her and rescue her every time she is in danger. Areyou ready for another fun princess escape game?This princess rescuegame is all about finding the right elements that will help youtake Juliet away from the dirty sewer, escape the germs whokidnapped her and take her to safety. For this sewer run game youwill need to be very focused and look carefully for the hiddenobjects. Find the right elements, solve fun puzzle games, look forthe secret code and escape the dirty room.Here you are face-to-facewith the nasty germs! You must eliminate all evil germs in order toget to the door and escape this sewer game. Find the right cleaningproducts very well hidden and destroy those germs!This is one ofthe most amazing and challenging adventure games of Princess Julietand you are able to be a part of it! Have fun playing this greatprincess escape game!
Kids Educational with Juliet 0.2
Hello kids! We would like to present you one of the most excitingkids educational game. In this kids educational game you need touse your skills and escape from a restaurant where you are trappedwith Princess Juliet. In our kids educational game you solve braingames, logical games, spot the difference games and other fun kidseducational. In the first level you can see how Princess Juliet andher good friend Koobs remain trapped inside the restaurant after anEarthquake. They need to find a way to open the seif in order toescape. All the clues need to be put together like in a brain gamesand to find the way out. On one of the walls you will find apainting that covers a hidden objects try. Solve this brain gamesand you will get a clue that will help you finish the first levelof this kids educational game. In order to succeed to move on findthese objects: a sponge, an ax, some coins,a glass and a jug. Allof them are hidden in brain games and each object you find willhelp you find the next one. In the second part we escape therestaurant's kitchen. Fix the kitchen cabinet and put all thedished inside to find the first clue. Explere the kitchen to finishall brain games. We hope that this adventure with Princess Julietwill captivate and motivate you to become the winner. PrincessJuliet is waithing for you in all her escape adventures, kidseducational game and many more.
Princess Juliet Wonderland : Logic games for kids 0.2
Solve logic games for kids with Princess Juliet in her newWonderland adventure.Our princess needs your help to find clues inthese logic games for kids.She and her best friend Koobs enter theWonderland by mistake and they wish to return home , but they aresubjected to all kind of intelligence tests and skill tests.In thisadventure you have to solve fun logic games for kids to receive allkind of clues and to be able to get through the adventure of ourprincess.If you can finish all the 3 levels in Princess JulietWonderland , the 2 friends will arrive to their castle where theyshould be safe and they will be grateful to you.Game features:-solve fun logic games for kids with Koobs and Princess Juliet- playthree skill games for little kids- one memory game with PrincessJuliet- hard escape adventure for our Princess JulietThank you foryour confidence and allowing your kids to play the logic games ofPrincess Juliet and we will be waiting for you in futureadventures.
Mystery Clue Juliet 0.2
As you know, in Princess Juliet's adventures, the Troll is thenegative character and that's why he steels the elves 's gold andhides it in his castle. Who could reveal this kids mystery games?None other that Juliet's best friend Koobs. When the elves come toask for Juliet's help she does not linger and she gets involved inthe best clue game to find out where is the Troll's castle, andwhere did he hide the treasure. You are the one who needs to helpJuliet in this best clue game. The path true the forest is verydangerous but full of hidden clues. To finish this kids mysterygames we need to defeat our fears and help out friends find theTroll castle. After you enter the castle, you must to move veryfast in order to find the hidden treasure. Inside troll castle youwill find many best clue games and the Troll is watching you. As inmost of kids mystery games, the key is hidden inside a safe and youhave to solve a clue game and get it. After they find the treasure,Juliet and Koobs must find a way out of the castle. Koobs finds asecret door inside the basement but it is locked and you need tosolve another clue game to open this basement door. If you succeedto finish all this tasks you will complete one of the mostcaptivating kids mystery games from Princess Juliet's adventuregame series.As you already know, in Princess Juliet's adventuresand her friend: Koobs, the elves and Meatball, you need to use yourthinking skills to solve the mysteries of the game and help ourlovely cartoons characters.
Princess Food Cooking v1.1.6
Food games are a fun way to pass the time and Princess Food Cookingis one of them. All begins where you own a food shop and your jobis prepare fast food for your clients. They will tip you regardinghow perfect the food is and serve it in the available time !Thefirst level like in most of the food games , allows you to cookburgers , hot-dogs , fried eggs and serve juice ! Of course you canupgrade your plate , juice maker , pan and other cooking tools fromthe beginning.The second level , if you unlock it , you have tocook pasta and spaghetti with bacon , meatballs and parsley !Alsoyou have to be fast and cook the meat before the time runs out andalso serve it to your clients.The third level is more dedicated tomeat lovers so here you have to cook pork ribs , fries , rice ,salads and other steaks. All the tools upgraded in the previewlevels will also be available in higher levels so it helps you cookbetter and faster !The fourth level is a special one withtraditional burritos and other mexican food ! Princess Food CookingFEATURES:In this fun cooking restaurant game with princesses, youstart with a fast food shop. You are cooking burgers and cookinghotdogs and if you earn enough money you can buy a new restaurantand unlock new recipes. Make burger really fast you will get abigger tip. In our restaurant game, at the second level, you canstart to cooking italian pasta recipes and other types of pasta forthe hungry customers. Our food games is the same, cook fast andlearn pasta recipes so you can earn money for each dish youproperly cook, At level 3 you are ready to prepare all type ofsteaks. All the upgrades achieved in the previous levels, burgerrestaurant and pasta restaurant, are available in all levels. Thefinal level of this food games is the most difficult. The tacorestaurant is very popular in America and this is the reason whyyou will have a lot of clients. In order to cook taco and nachos,in this fun princess game, you need to move and cook fast so yourcustomers are happy.Some of our food game recipes include usualcooking dishes but also some international cooking disheslike:burger cooking , hotodog cooking , pasta , steak , italianfood or even mexican food cooking like tacos and burittos.Do youthink you are up to handle this restaurant cooking game and reachto level 4 ? Hope you enjoyed playing our food games and if youwant more features for Princess Food Cooking Shop game please leavea comment
Kids Carnival Princess Juliet 0.5
Welcome to the most amazing kids games. The main character in thismemory game is Princess Juliet, the famous princess from mostpopular princess games you have already seen so far.Our main goalis that you have a lot of fun and spend a wonderful time withprincess Juliet in this fun kids games.Koobs was kidnapped by theevil clown and you need to help Juliet figure out where he ishidden and save him. We have to solve a few memory games but we aresure that will be fun and solve all of them.In the first part ofthese kids games you are in the House of Horror, riding a littletrain and trying to solve the first memory game. Here you meetterrifying characters like witches, vampires, werewolves andmummies. Make sure you don't get scared and you focus and solve themysteries from our fun games for girls.Find all the missing piecesof the map hidden in the first level of our princess games forgirls where it is needed to find out who kidnapped Juliet's friendand move on in our adventure for kid 4 year old.At the end of firstlevel, recommended for kids 5 year old, you see from this map thatan evil clown kidnapped Koobs and the kids games will take you tothe Mirror Room. After Mirror Room you visit the Tarot Cards roomand the Wheel of Fortune. Here you also need to play a few kidsgames to reveal other mysteries. When you spin the Wheel of Fortuneyou get a memory game that will require all your attention to besolved. At Tarot Cards we need solve the witch puzzle which isanother kid memory game. In Mirror Room is required to spot thedifferences and this will be very simple because you already playeda lot of princess games for girls.The only clue we will reveal tohelp kid 4 years old and kids 5 years old is that a flower ismissing from the princess's dress.In last level of our kids games,the most difficult one, you will find princess Juliet's friendafter you solve yet another kid memory game. The main problem isthat throughout the level there are two other clowns that arewatching you, and we need to hide from them while you search forthe clues that will help you find Koobs.These princess games arevery entertaining and the 5 years old kids can compare it with hideand seek, that we all played in our childhood.In clown's tent youwill find several locked monsters and Koobs is in one of the cages.To get the key from evil clown you have to find 3 balls and arifle. You will use the rifle to practice target shooting on theclown. When you hit the target the clown will fall into the waterand we will be able to get the key and free Koobs from its cage.Ourkid memory game it's recommended for any kid 4 years old , 5 yearsold or older. All kids love our Princess Juliet games for girls soyou will certainly love our princess games too.
Juliet in animal zoo escape 0.3
Hello kids and girls, welcome in our new zoo escape adventure :Princess Juliet zoo escape .Join Princess Juliet in a new zooescape adventure! This animal game adventure has it all from wildanimal like: monkey, lion,giraffe,zebra and great mini-games, tofun and challenging tasks. We find mini-games like : animal puzzlegame , animal diference games, princess animal games and a lot ofgame for girlsThis time, you must help Juliet find her cute kitty,which got scared and ran away. She ended in the gorilla's cage,which keeps her very close because she thinks the little kitty isher baby. Princess Juliet must overcome some fun animal game tofind the real baby and take back her kitten.Enjoy playing thischallenging cute and fun animal game .Go finish this zoo escape.You are the one and only, that can help our beautiful princessrescue her kitten. Koobs, her best friend is with Juliet, helpingher to solve this fun animal game in this difficult mission in thiszoo escape game.
Prison Escape Game 1.1
Join princess Juliet in a new great escape adventure! You are herhelper, and you must prove you have what it takes to save her. Youmust overcome several obstacles, but nothing can stop you formsaving our beloved princess! Prove your skills and strength in thisawesome princess escape game.Once more, Juliet was kidnapped by theugly and she needs to find a way to escape the ugly prison. Be apart of this fun prison escape game, fulfill the 4 exciting stagesin order to escape that dark place, find the hidden objects, hidefrom the evil troll and build a raft to avoid the crocodiles. Thisis an escape game especially designed for little girls and notonly, it has great adventures and tasks that will keep youentertained. This lovely princess game is an escape game combinedwith multiple missions, challenges, that will make you love thisgame for girls. Escaping this dangerous prison might seem difficultat first, but you will overcome all the obstacles you will findalong the way. Have fun playing this fun princess escape game andshare this wonderful game experience with your friends!Features:-original story- great graphics- custom made sounds- autenthiccharacter- dynamic gameplay- 3 age levels
Museum Memory Game 0.4
Our princess and her friend Koobs are living a new adventurein ournew memory game! She took Koobs and together they went to themuseum to explore this mystic world. The ancient world always was amystery for Juliet and she wanted to know more about thisfascinating period. This is a new escape memory game, so preparefor a great journey with your favorite princess, Juliet. Follow theinstructions, discover all the clues and have fun playing thisgreat escape memory game for girls! This museum memory game willget you hooked like no other museum adventure and you will findthis memory games fun and exciting!You can find features like :original story, custom made sounds , memory games,awesome graphic,vivid colors and cute sounds.To solve the mysteryes from museum wemust be carefull not to miss any clue. Your mind must work at fullcapacity to solve all the memory games and to reveal museummystery. Keep in mind the advices that Koobs gives you, he isalways carefull and has good ideas that will help you solve themystery insede the museum. The most common challenges in thisadventure will be the memory games but you will also have puzzles,difference games and other challenges for children of all ages.Will Princess Juliet, Koobs and you succeed to reach the end ofthis adventure?
Princess Party Girl Adventures 1.0
Welcome to the one of the most beautiful and new princess gamesthat you have ever played with Princess Juliet. As you alreadyknow, in our princess games you'll meet our beloved heroes - Koobsand Juliet - and you'll enjoy some wonderful adventures andmisteries with them. But enough with that, let's see what ishappening in our new princess games. The first adventure is CastleParty. It's going to be a great party at our princess castle, whereeverybody is invited. But one of Juliet cats is running away andshe is very naughty. You have to help Juliet catch all the cats tomove to the next level. Everything is ruined in the dining room andas in other fun girl game, we must clean that place. Then you willselectively collect the garbage, using the instruments you have andwhen everything looks clean, you will move on to the kitchen.Another beloved part in this fun girl game is the kitchen part.Here, we should gather all the ingredients to make a cake for theparty. We must follow Koobs advices because he will give us cluesin cooking cake level which happens in the castle kitchen. In lastand most loved level from our fun girl game we have to help Julietto dress up properly for the party that is going to begin verysoon. We will choose one of the three princess outfits that we haveand then we will choose the perfect accesories to dress-up Julietand be stylish as in all our best princess games.If we follow thesteps exactly, our adventure from the most new princess gamescontinues with another game: Winter Adventure. The troll kidnapsKoobs and we need to find clues to see where is our friend hidden.Koobs and the elf are riding the sleigh and they get to a housefull of all sorts of sweets, candies and cakes. They are lured bythe troll to get in the house and then held prisoner until PrincessJuliet gets there to set them free. In first level, Juliet needssome elements to build a sleigh and then goes in the search for thetwo friends. She will be helped by the squirrel, the reindeer andthe snowman to find the objects that are missing. Each one of themwill give her a useful clue or they will test her. Even though itis about a skill party girl game or a memory girl game, theprincess will need your help to build the sleigh. The next thingyou have to do is to find the secret code of a hollow and top setfree the golden fish that will help us get to the house where ourfriends are held prisoners. But there are many other animals thatwill give us clues to help finish the mission. In last level, atthe troll house, we will make a trap for him. We need to finddifferent sorts of candies, sweets and cakes while the troll isaround the house, guarding his sweets. You should make sure youhide from him when necessary to finish our best party girl gamewith Juliet.We hope you enjoy all our princess games and have funwith our beloved heroes and their adventures!
Escape games - princess girl 0.7
Your favorite princess, Princess Juliet, is ready for a newadventure and you must join her in this great Frozen story game.She must safe her beloved friend, Koobs.The evil wizard worked hismagic powers and put under a very powerful and dark spell the wholekingdom! The castle is now completely frozen, and the wicked wizardfreezed Koobs also. It is your job to help Juliet find Koobs,defrost him and save his life! After you complete this task, youmust find a way to recreate a magic spell in order to bring backthe eternal spring! This won't be easy, but you are the only onethat is capable to help our little friend in this magic princessgame.Have fun playing this fun frozen escape game! This is theplace where fantastic things happen and you will be able to havefun with adorable characters, defeat the wicked evil and bring backjoy and happiness in the kingdom.Don't forget to tell your friendsabout this incredible adventure. This is the ultimate frozen escapegame for girls, with an exciting story and awesome challenges.Enjoy!
Juliet Recipes - Cooking games 0.1
Play one of the most realistic cooking games in which you will cooka delicious fast food recipe : hot dog.There is nothing better thana good old classic cooking games where you will cook step by step adelicious fast food recipe , the bread and add deliciousingredients like fried onion , milk and spices.Learn to prepare aclassic old-style homemade recipe step by step by playing ourcooking games in ten levels.If you like fast-food but you are not abig fan for hamburgers this cooking games is the perfectchoice.Remember the combination and order of ingredients by readingeach level's instructions and don't do more than three mistakes oryou will have to start the kitchen cooking from the beginning.Onetasty fast food game recipe in a couple of small cooking gameswhich will teach you how to become a great kitchen master in yourown house.This fast food recipe is from the american traditionalkitchen so try to be a great chef for all cooking games and prepareit perfectly by taking care not only of the meat but also themixture of ingredients added besides the hot dog but don't forgetthat the bread has to be crunchy and tasty too for a greattaste.Use the mixer and the bowl to add the ingredients and preparethem by using the kitchen tools we have provided you with.Preparethe dough for the buns by cutting the bread , preparing the doughmixture and than bake it in the oven.Search for all items in ourfast food game until you find them and use them in the correctorder to complete the hot dog game.The hotdog is a delicious mealor treat any time of the year and you can learn how to cook it byplaying our small fast food game.
Hidden Objects Detective 1.1.0
Dear fans , are you ready to discover the mysteries and clues butalso help Princess Juliet by playing these hidden objectsgames?This game is part of the detective games series by PrincessJuliet in which you have to test your observation skills inincredible landscapes and backgrounds!Find hidden objects in allplaces by being very careful and using your detective gamesskills.It's a fun idea and it gets you playing a mistery game ,being part of our detective games team where you find images in aforest, hidden objects on a beach, living room, kids bedroom andeven in a house that seems detached from a story.All the otherobjects have to be found by you, trying to have fun with thisdetective games and discover them playing our Princess JulietSeries and find hidden objects to get stars and unlock the nextlevels. These are not only fun and hidden objects games but arealso very educational for kids trying to be a detective and improvetheir attention skills.Improve your skills and attention by playingthis hidden object games and also find clues so that you are ableto point to the criminal at the end of each level.
Find The Difference Juliet 1.2.0
In these find the difference games we need to use our mind and tryto solve as many mysteries as possible in each level in the braingames.Throughout our brain games you must visit places where ourPrincess Juliet and Koobs were before. You'll walk in rooms likethe kitchen or the castle and we will also arrive on the beach, inthe enchanted forest or the Gold mine of the elves.This is one ofour first find the difference games in our series of princess braingames, and you need logical skills to finish all 50 levels andsolve differences.Throughout the difference games you should noticethat sometimes is easier to spot the difference but you will alsofind some that are not that easy to see. Don't get discouragedbecause Koobs and Juliet will help you with all kind of power ups,advice and hints that will allow you to finish each level of thishard difference games.We are sure that all the girls who loveprincess games will find our difference games a real challenge. Itis very resembling with the brain games that challenge your mindskills and it is recommended for 4 years old kids because itstimulates their mind. We expect you to use your logical skills inour newest brain game with Princess Juliet. You will be fascinatedby the adventures of our princess and her friends, and we assureyou that more princess Juliet difference games will follow.With our4 powerups of show one difference , zap time , add some time oreven skip current level you will find it easer to finddifferences.In all 50 levels you have to find the difference andtap on it to earn more time and points so it is easier for you inthe next levels.
Fun Koobs - Jumping Skill
Welcome to our newest fun games: Fun Koobs -Jumping Skill. In our best fun games you need to use your skillsand chase the troll by jumping from one floor to another withoutfalling off.In this adventure of Koobs and his friend, Princess Juliet, thetroll stole elves s treasure and he is trying to escape theprincess's castle, but Koobs starts chasing him to recover thetreasure.Our hero is risking his life in this best fun games in order torecover the elves treasure because they are friends for a very longtime. They have helped Koobs and princess Juliet in many adventuresthat ended well thanks to thejump game that the elves solved.Koobs fun games is one of the newest jump game for kids of allages. It is fun and interactive at the same time and it will testyour reflexes thru some fun games that Koobs needs to solve inorder to recover elves treasure.How far do you think you can go our jump game, where Troll wants toflee with the elves s treasure? Troll gets some help from the badwizard who will create some hard situations for you and will do allhe can todistract you so you don't catch Troll or the treasure.You must focus in best fun games and gather all the gold that Trollleaves behind him when he runs. Try to climb as many floors aspossible to catch Troll and keep an eye on the missing walls fromthe floors levels.If you fall you have to start all over againin this jump game for kids.
Room Escape - Princess Juliet 1.0
Welcome to the latest adventure of Princess Juliet and her friends:Room Escape - Princess game. As you already know from our princessgame series, Juliet must find all type of clues that will help herfinish each level of princess game. There are puzzles everywhere somake sure you are very careful.In this room escape Juliet istrapped inside the mall with her friend Koobs. They went shoppingand, as every girl does, she forgot to keep an eye on the clock andnow the mall is closed and she got stuck inside. What can they do?Now they need to find the right clues that will help them finishthis room escape princess game.First part takes you in a fancyclothes store full of beautiful items. After they find the key, thescarf, a hammer and a mirror in the clothes department of mall,they must hurry and enter the next level of this room escape, thisis the fast food kitchen.Here among all that tasty food anddelicious treats you will certainly have some difficultiesfinishing this fun level of the room escape princess game. Butdon't give up because Koobs will be right beside you and he willgive you some important advice and will help you find all theneeded clues. Take a look around and inspect each corner.In thefridge you will find the bell pepper and this is one importantclues, for the other clues you have to use your intuition and yourmind skills. Don't get discouraged and keep your eyes open becausethe right answers are under your very nose.In the final level ofour room escape game you will find yourself in the furniture shopand your task is to find the hidden objects that will allow you toget on more step closer in finishing the game. Every challenge hasa timer but i am sure that you succeed in completing this adventurewith Princess Juliet and her friend Koobs.
Fishing Koobs - Fish Games
Welcome to the newest one tap real fishinggames for kids of all ages. Princess Juliet is sending Koobs togocatch fish for oneof the biggest parties that ever took place at her palace.You need to help Koobs in this best fishing games and make sure hecatches a great variety of fishes becausethe menu for the castle party must be diverse. The most famousknights and the most beautiful princesses from allover the kingdom will attend this party and we need to play thisone tap game real fishing game like a truefisherman.Koobs is not a fisherman, but is Juliet's best friend and hevolunteers for this real fishing games although he isnot used to fish, so far ourhero never went fishing and this is why he needs your help on catchfish.At the beginning of our one tap game you will have a few types offish that you can catch with your fishing rod,but aftereach level you complete in the best fishing games you will have theopportunity to unlock new types of fish thatwillbring you a higher score.In the best fishing games you test your reflex and your amateur orprofessional skills to catch fish. This is anice one tapgame and will keep you captivated in order to complete one taskafter the other.Catch fish of all color and sizes and keep your eyes opened and tryto catch the treasure chest that will appearfrom time to time because it will bring you the highest score. Donot get close to the mine because it will makeyour real fishing games session a lot more difficult.When you play sport fishing games we will see that when you catchfish you will get a number of points and thepoints willadd up in your account and these points will help you unlock thenew species of colorful fish. Carp fishing andbass fishingis also fun weather you like winter fishing or summerfishing.Real fishing games is a relaxing activity and you can become thebest fisherman.
Cut Rope Skill - Logic games
Our cartoon hero , Koobs invites you to playour fun logic games.Koobs loves candys and he needs your help to collect as many as hecan in this fun game.Your job is quite simple but it requires logical thinking and a lotof skill in cut rope because all you haveto do is cut rope and gather candy. As you will see, this 24 levelsfun game, Koobs needs to catch all candysin his basket. The candy is tied with a rope and it swings. Helpour cartoon hero cut rope when candy is above his basket.It is very possible that when you cut rope the candys will not landin the basket and this is why you need to useyour observation skills and make sure you do not fail. If you do itis not a big deal because you can start thisfun game all over again. As you complete each level of the bestlogic games, Koobs will become more and more happyandthe difficulty of game will increase. Candy will swing faster andyou have some obstacles as well.Do not get discouraged because the best logic games will help yougain more experience for this cut rope game.Watch carefully the direction of candy and let it swing until itstands above Koobs 's basked.You can also establish the right trajectory of the candy by usingthe surrounding objects and then cut rope.You will complete all the levels of our latest fun game in no timeand our cartoon hero will be very proud.We hope that this best logic games will entertain you and you playit withe pleasure because it will enhance yourthinking skills. Get three stars for each level and become be ourbest player in our fun game.Enjoy your best logic games adventure with our super cartoonhero!
Candy Match Puzzle
The newest princess puzzle game of ourlovedJuliet is Candy Match and Blast. In this candy matchgamesyouneed help princess Juliet to candy match jelly and candy blast in12moves. These 12 moves are available inall missions.In each level of the candy puzzle game make sure you candymatchanother type of candy in order to finish thelevel and start a new challenge.You get to choose from 5 types of colorful candy that need tobematched in a single line. You can matchlines made out of 3 candies, lines of 4 or 5 candies. When youplacethem on the same line the candies willexplode and other candies will take their place creatingnewcombinations and possibilities.It is very simple to continue the candy blast whenever you match3or more similar candies. Go ahead and enjoycandy mania and have the best time.Candy match and get a candy sugar rush whenever you seecandyswallexplode. Finish each mission and become best player of thiscandypuzzle game. You may not always get the chance tomatch 5 candies but keep your eyes opened and match 3 or morecandyto get the ultimate candy blast. PrincessJuliet and her friends will keep you guided throughout theentirecandy mania. Do not waste any more time andstartbest candy puzzle game.Don't forget that you need finish each mission in 12 moves souseyour skills to get best score.Candy match , candy blast and have fun in our last princesspuzzlegame with Juliet and koobs !
Brick Breaker Best King
We are happy to present you our newest skillgame for kids called Brick Breaker Koobs King. As you may imagine,it is a brick game and a break bricks games where you need to helpKoobs and Princess Juliet to brake bricks. Quite simple and superfun. All you got to do is press play.This game is the perfect opportunity to try and improve yourintuition and concentration. It is a combination of logic and skilland of course a high dose of intuition. You have to hit the balland brake bricks as fast as possible. Fun brick game isentertaining and you can be the best brick breaker or king brickbreaker if you finish the game.Use your intuition and skills to make Koobs the best brick breaker.The game has 56 levels and each level brings you a new form ofalignment in this brick game. At first a simple row and then moreand more complex setups. As you brake bricks in this brick game youcan see some special power-up fall down from the wall of bricks.Make sure you catch the power-ups and see what special features youwin. The power-up will fall down at the same time the ball fallsdown and you need to catch the both of them.The power-up can increase or decrease the speed with which you hitbricks in the brick game, it can enlarge or shrink the supportingbar and it can give you the ability to stop the ball and aim it ata certain bricks block. You also have a fireball that can penetrateany type of brick, shield power up that will stop the ball fromfalling and a magnet power up. You might also get a multiplyingball power up and a machine gun power up that will shoot a repeatedfire towards the bricks. Use your skills and concentration tobecome a professional player with Koobs king brick breaker andJuliet.The game is very entertaining because you also will have differenttypes of bricks. Colored ones, bricks that are more difficult todestroy and some special bricks that will not brake but it willhelp you to aim for the other bricks. Koobs and Juliet will watchyou carefully and hope that you get a high score in each level. Youhave 3 lives so make sure you do not make any major mistakes. Ifyou lose all your lives you are going to have to play the levelfrom the beginning. You lose the points earned but you will be ableto continue from the last level played. You unlock new levels ofthe break bricks games as you finish the previous level. It willtake a little amount of patience but you will surely enjoy thedynamic of the break bricks games. At the end of each break bricksgames will will have the satisfaction of succeeding and this isvery good for a skilled player and a king brick breaker.We hope that we managed to draw your attention and you will try ourbreak bricks games because it will being you the right dose ofadrenaline and relaxation at the same time and you get the chanceto be best brick breaker. Have fun!
🍔 Restaurant Gold - Serving games 1.4
Restaurant Serving Games with Princess Juliet is the ambition ofour princess to join the world of restaurant game. Since foreverJuliet was attracted by the art of cooking and forever she wishedto cook her own food recipes and serve it to her belovedfriends.Restaurant serving games category is very loved andappreciated by the kids everywhere and if we add Princess Julietand her friends to these restaurant serving games concepts, we willsurely have the winning combination.After perfecting her foodskills by cooking all kind of dishes for her friends , PrincessJuliet decided to open her own restaurant where she will be able tocook for all her friends and serve food for them at the most famouslocation in the kingdom : Restaurant Serving games with PrincessJuliet.Juliet leaves nothing to the will of chance and she wishesthat her food recipes are perfect cooked every day , the serving isfast and all the customers will be happy and they will really wishto come back to her restaurant.Like in most restaurant servinggames , you need to help our princess organize her restaurant gameand the food serving , get upgrades to be able to serve fast andearn more money at the end of each day having a great restaurantmanagement plan.Every day you have a limited number of hours inwhich you have the restaurant open and you can serve a limitednumber of clients.The better you manage the restaurant serving ,the more you will start to earn and get all kind of upgrades foryour restaurant from the speed of the food cooking to the waitingtime of the clients and even the tips earned.All these things willhelp you having a great restaurant serving and you will definitelyplease even the most picky clients.Game features:- upgradeablerestaurant serving capabilities- easy and funny restaurant gamesmodes- impressive animations with beloved characters- timelinedserving gameplay- well organized shop features
Princess Juliet House Escape
One beautiful house escape game : Juliet HouseEscape is the type of game that makes you put your brain inmotion.The main mission in our kids logic games is very simply and youmust escape the abandoned house in which the dog , Meatball ,entered after you throwed the ball.If you love to play a princess game , Juliet house escape comeswith a new approach and combines two different action styles ,detective skill and kids logic games.These two styles of brain games and escape games combined make theadventures of Princess Juliet even more captivating and beloved bya very large audience.In the first level of house escape which we'll call living roomescape , you need to find the key from the locked door and onlywith that we can go further in our beloved princess game.The key is hidden in a chest that is also closed with a lock forwhich you have to open a drawer where you should find an ironcrowbar ! Complicated kids logic games right ?To open the drawer we need other clues but we shall not tell youabout those and so you must test your detective skill.To keep the mistery in this house escape game and let you enjoy ourprincess Juliet game we will only tell you that there are two morelevels full of mistery in which you have to start thinking and findclues that put together can help you accomplish the house escapegame.Princess Juliet house escape is a game for kids all ages startingfrom 6 years old to older kids up to 10 years old or eventeenagers.We recommend for all princess game lovers to try any of PrincessJuliet's adventures and they will surely love this kind of girlescape games that you will love to play.We hope you will like this game and we will surely meet you againin the next adventures of Princess Juliet.