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Tilt Arena 1.3
Tilt Arena is a retro arena shooter (thinkGeometry Wars!) with sleek vector graphics and a zero buttoncontrol scheme designed to get your fingers out of the way: justtilt!Game mode: SurvivalAll about having a ton of weapons, using them to blow stuff upspectacularly, and changing them often. Grabbing weapon pickupsincreases the score multiplier so don't get too attached toone.Note: The permission to access identity and phone calls is forScoreloop's online leaderboard. That system is changing soon sothis (overly scary) permission is thankfully temporary.
Delver 0.86b
Priority Interrupt
Delver is a first person action roguelike dungeon crawl withcrunchypixels. Take the role of an adventurer that tries theirfate in thedark dungeons (and probably dies horribly). Fightmonsters, grabloot, horde potions, and level up! Quest for theYithidian orb atthe darkest depths of the dungeon and attempt tobring it back tothe surface. Getting to it may be the easy part.Levels are randomlygenerated in each playthrough - you'll neverknow quite what'saround the corner. Features: * Permadeath - onceyou're dead, you'redead * Randomized levels - never the same gametwice * Loot hoarding* Chunky pixels! Developmentlog: Follow meontwitter: ---- Recent Changes 0.8.6*Holiday update! All new art and sound. 0.8 * New areas! 0.7c /0.7b* Fix for audio crash on some devices * Fix for door crash *Fixfor ladder shading RPG roguelike dungeon crawl