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Spring Fairy - Tap Run 2.2
It is a simple game to spend your timecatching up!Try to avoid obstacles and get a high score!Meet the various fairies!Let's hit the road!You can pick out a new fairy every time you collect 200eggs!(Free!)Warning) If you delete this game. you lost save data. We don'trestoration save data.. Sorry.Fantasy, Fairy Tale, Girl, Fairy, Running, Jump, Obstacle,Running, Forest, Challenge, Tap, Record, Shooting, Killing Time
Devil Evolution 5.0
The Devil Princess Is Dangerously Endangered! Stop the manyhumanKnights from coming in! Please summon a powerful devil andprotectthe princess in crisis! Combine the same demon to summon anew andpowerful demon! Block more people and grow them into morepowerfuldemon! When you are bored, you can operate it simply andfunny.Have fun! Bug reports and other
Necromancer 5.7
- A dangerous necromancer girl started her adventure! - Let'sreviveeverything! - Let's find more powerful monsters and levelup! -Minimal RPG! - A really good game when you have free time!CAUTION)When you delete a game your save data will be lost.Languages)English, Korean # Necromaner # Necromaner girl's littleadventure!Facebook #Just Playwith Auto. # Recreate various monsters If you go aroundthe stage,you can meet various monsters. My summoner is variousmonstersranging from cute squirrels, rabbits to dragon, angels,and ancientgods! # Raise your skills. Increase your huntingefficiency by usingappropriate skills, such as lightning,blizzards, pushers, andattack buffs. # Additional Level UpSummoning monsters of thehighest grade (G) will register with theHall of Fame. Monstersregistered in the Hall of Fame can growbeyond the level limit. Keepyour favorite monster stronger! #Infinite Boss Dungeon Challengethe boss. Or try to avoid bossingaround and feel the pleasure ofMole hunting! Warning: Games arejust small. Report bugs and
Dragonian : How to tame your dragon 7.9
# An office worker is kidnapped, ending up in another dimension,andis contractually obligated to a dragon? # Lure mighty monsterstoyour side! # Level up our hero, and the guardians, with theblessingof the pretty Ms. Dragon! # Protect the crystal againstendlesswaves of monsters! # Get awesome equipment for your hero!#Strategically level up your hero with each prestige! # Commandavariety of monsters! All in-game monsters can be turned intoyourguardians! Strategically choose guardians, and enhancemonsterswith stronger gems! # Upgrade your hero's equipment to makehimstronger! Try on equipment of your choice! Have funenhancingequipment! # Acquire various skills! Use your lightning,blizzard,increased movement speed and ATK buffs, for maximumhuntingefficiency. # Additional Level-ups You can level up G-tiermonstersbeyond their level caps to make them even stronger! Makeyourfavorite guardians G-tier!! # Time Attack DungeonSuccessfullydefeat monsters within the given time! Get items forenhancingequipment! # Unlimited Boss Dungeon Challenge bosses andmake themyour guardians! Enjoy hunting in a pack with yourguardians as youcollect different bosses! #Befriend the Dragon!Give meat andreceive more powerful assistance in return! # MonsterStorePurchase random monsters from the monster store! Maybe some ofthemcan't be found out in the field! Send Bug Reports or otherFeedbackto: prismathunderdev@gmail.comFacebook:
Pocket Adventures of TDH (Tank, DPS, Healer) 2.4
⚔️ A simple RPG for those who are tired of complex anddifficultRPGs! Welcome to the small world where TDH (Tank, DPS,Healer) goon an adventure. -A light and breezy game that isn't even30MB. -@A game that can be played without an internet connection. -An easyand casual Idle RPG with no steep learning curve. -@ A freeindiegame where you don't have to compete with others. -@Recommended tothose who wish to play their way. - An indie gamedeveloped by asingle person. 👀 A healing and fun experience with 3adorablecharacters -@ A blue-haired tank who will be your shield🛡️-@ Amage DPS who utilizes cool flame magic🔥 -@ A healer whosupportsthe team with holy power🙏 Sometimes it's quite nice tojustabsentmindedly follow these 3 on their adventure. ✨ Cutegraphicsand vibes - One-man developer indie game vibes that can befeltthrough its distinctive graphics -@ 5 beautiful maps - 7cuteanimal buddies - 7 types of cutesy costumes for our braveTDH(Tank, DPS, Healer) warriors Change costumes for your TDH(Tank,DPS, Healer) warriors according to the purpose and situation.Eachcostume has different skills. 🌀 Customize your skills - Combine23skills however you'd like - Experience powerful fireskills,thunder skills, and dash attacks -@ Survive against bossesby usingthe heal skill - Enjoy gameplay that suits your life stylewith thetraining mode skill and berserker mode skill You can makeyour ownskill combos to suit your play style. There is no oneanswer. If itfits your style, go for it. 🕹️ Easy gameplay -@ Thereis nocompetition. Just enjoy it at your own pace. ⛺ If you desireagrander adventure What if you did or didn't enjoy the game?Werecommend you try Prisma Thunder's other cute adventures.Thetravels of a cute necromancer girl (Raising a Necromancer)Theadventures of a poor white-collar worker and a dragongirl(Dragonian : How to tame your dragon) Cute devils survive inhell(Devil Evolution) Report any bugs or send any