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WiFi Hacker Prank 1.2
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WiFi Hacker application will allow you to findthe password of any WiFi network within the range. This applicationis just a prank. It only pretends hacking into secured WiFinetworks. Anyone can use it to trick friends and family. Yourfriends gonna think that you can hack into their private wifinetwork. You can trick anyone with the help of this app.Just run this app within the range of their network and selecttheir wireless network name. Fake password will be displayed. Thiswill pretend that the secured network has been hacked.Disclaimer - WiFi Hacker Prank is only a fun app. It is not areal hacking application. It is just a breaking simulation; allpasswords generated are random.
Simple Sales Tax Calculator 1.2
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This is a very simple sales tax calculatorthat requires the price and the rate of sales tax. The app wouldsave the sales tax rate and it will show you the resultantcalculated price of the product. You can get the full price and theamount of tax on your item. It’s a good app usually required whileshopping. When you're finished with shopping you can send the sumto the calculator and easily calculate the price including saletax.
Lie Detector Prank Game 1.1
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Lie Detector Prank Application is just for funpurposes with your friends and family. Get fun with this decisivespy tool. This app simulates a voice scanner for detecting lies.Make fun of your friends, kids or others by getting them to thinkyou can detect if they are lying to you. Just install this cool appand you can start interrogating your friends on parties and otheroccasions. It will be more fun with some funny questions.STEPS TO USE:1- Press finger on the scanner appearing on the screen. Thescanner will scan your fingerprint2- Laser Xray beam will go through your finger.3- App will detect either you are true or false.Disclaimer: This app is just a fun game and it is neither a reallife lie detector nor a real voice scanner.
Free Click Counter 1.0
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It’s a simple application. It is applicableinmany ways.All you have to just press the button to increase counter.Counter value will last until pressing reset button.Features:- Offline- Sound effects- Save the value- Previous value view- One click count- Decrease number option- Animated digits
Easy Resume Builder 1.2
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Resume Builder is the few easy steps processtocreate and build a perfect resume (CV) for you.Through this app you will be able to make your resume via yourphoneinstead of using computer which saves time and nodifficultformatting will require. Resume Builder generates yourresume [or]CV both in PDF and DOCX (MS word) formats. Afterbuilding yourresume, you can share that resume/cv with youremployer/friendsusing email, blue tooth, or other modes.This app provides following categories to add in your resume:• Contact Information• Personal Details• Upload Picture• Educational Details• Experience• Project Details• References of ease• Other Skills and Details
Kids Learning and Tracing 1.2
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Teach your kids to trace the lettersandnumbers. This app also help in pronunciation of letters andnumberswith visual images. Discover a new way for learning to writeandpronounce the English Alphabet letters for your children.Thislearning app brings the opening for kids to learn to write26letters of the alphabet and numbers in the amazing andfunway.Main feature:• Learn Alphabet(A-Z) & Numbers(0-9) - Read andWrite(Tracing)• Tap the button to repeat the letter and word.• Easy and simple user interface.• Offline.