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Video Mp3 Converter 1.0
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Video Mp3 ConverterVideo Mp3 Converter is a free tool, which can extract audio fromyour video files.Video Mp3 Converter is a powerful MP3 audio extraction tool. Withthe Converter - Video to MP3 you can easily convert your video intoMP3 or other audio formats.Features :* User interface under Material Design, simple, concise.* The converting speed is very fast.* Video formats: MP4, 3gp, flv, wmv, avi, etc.* Audio formats: mp3, wma, m4a, wav, aac, etc.* Bitrate: 48 kb/s , 64 kb/s, 128 kb/s, 192 kb/s, 256 kb/s.* One key to play the mp3 or any other audio file which extractedfrom the video.The converting operation is very convenient:1, Select a Video that you want to convert.2, Select an audio format (MP3, wma, m4a, wav) and a certainBitrate.3, Add metadata information for MP3 format and others(optional).4, Click "Convert" button to start Converting .
Clean Memory - Clean Master 1.0.1
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Clean Memory - Clean MasterClean Memory - Clean Master is a premium android application whichremove junk files and boost memory of a android phone.Daily use of Clean Memory - Clean Master can boost your androiddevice up to 50%.Clean Memory - Clean Master is very easy to use, It can removehidden junk files with just one touch. Clean Memory - Clean Masteralso helps in increasing your phone battery life by uninstallingunwanted applications and closing background applications.FEATURES Clean Memory - Clean Master :★ Clean Ram, Clean application running★ Storage - Delete all junk files with just one touch.★ Phone Booster - Boost you phone up to 90%. Longer Battery lifeand well organized phone.★ App Manager - Manage all application with just one touch.★ Memory Booster - Boost you ram device and memory.★ Detail device - You can view your information device and androidsystem.Why you should use Clean Memory - Clean Master :★ Nice design for user★ Free to use and forever like that★ Works well on many different devices
2048 Christmas 1.0.2
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2048 ChristmasThis 2048 puzzle game is a fun, addictive and a very simplepuzzle game. Join the numbers and get 2048 tile, and even 4096 and8192 tiles!HOW TO PLAY 2048 puzzle game:Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the tiles. When two tileswith the same number touch, they merge into one. When 2048 tile iscreated, the player wins!2 → 4 → 8 → 16 → 32 → 64 → 128 → 256 → 512 → 1024 → 2048 → 4096 →8192 → ....Please give us feedback in comments if you like this 2048 gamepuzzle, we will address it!Features :- Cute sound, you can turn if off also in this 2048 gamepuzzle.- Game is automatically saved.- High score, get 2048 or even 4096 and 8192 tiles!- Leaderboard in 2048 puzzle game- Share 2048 game with friends, 2048, 4096 and 8192 tiles!- Completely native.- Clear and simple UI- Game works for android 2.2.* and above devices- Supports all devices including tablets- And finally! We ADDED the possibility to play until not only2048, but 4096, 8192 and even LIMITLESS.If you like this 2048 puzzle game, please rate it 5 star.Internet permission is asked for ads.Enjoy the fun in 2048 game puzzle, 4096 and 8192!
Lịch Vạn Niên - Bính Thân 2016 1.0
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★★★ Lịch Vạn Niên - Bính Thân 2016 ★★★Phần mềm Lich Van Nien 2016 - Binh Than 2016 không thể thiếu chochiếc điện thoại của bạn. Một người bạn đồng hành tin cậy cho cảnăm may mắn và thành công!Lịch Vạn Niên 2016 có nhiều tiện ích như xem thông tin ngày, giờhoàng đạo, ngày tốt xấu, hướng xuất hành, tuổi xung...Các Tính Năng Nổi Bật:★ Xem Tu vi 12 cung hoang dao (horoscope) hàng ngày★ Xem mật ngữ 12 chòm sao hàng ngày★ Giao diện đơn giản, mang đậm bản sắc dân tộc★ Xem Lich Van Su 2016★★★ Lịch Ngày :- Xem lịch âm, dương- Xem can, chi của ngày, tháng, năm- Xem giờ hoàng đạo trong ngày- Xem tuổi xung, tiết khí, hướng xuất hành trong ngày- Xem thông tin về ngày Tam nương, nguyệt kỵ, tứ tuyệt...★★★ Lịch Tháng :- Xem ngày âm, dương theo Lịch Tháng- Xem giờ hoàng đạo trong ngày- Xem ngày hoàng đạo, hắc đạo trong tháng★★★ Đổi Ngày Âm - Dương★★★ Xem Sao trong NămCám ơn các bạn đã sử dụng và ủng hộ chúng tôi. Hãy đánh giá 5sao để ứng dụng ngày càng phát triển!Perpetual calendar ★★★ -★★★ calm 2016Software perpetual calendar 2016 - 2016 Binh Than indispensablefor your phone. A trusted partner for both the lucky and successfulyear!2016 perpetual calendar watch many facilities such as informationdays, hours zodiac, good and bad days, user exodus, age pulses...Hot Features:★ View 12 zodiac horoscope (horoscope) Daily★ View constellation secret language daily 12★ Simple interface, imbued with national identity★ View Van Lich Su 2016★★★ Calendar Date:- See the lunar calendar, the positive- See defendants, spending days, months, years- View zodiac hours a day- View the age pulses, more gas, user exodus of the day- View information on baking sheet date, moon rider, great quartet...★★★ Calendar Month:- View Day negative, positive according Calendar Month- View zodiac hours a day- View Day zodiac, black director in January★★★ Change Date Yin - Yang★★★ See Stars in the YearThank you for using and supporting us. Take a 5-star review forapplications is growing!
Call Recorder HD 1.0
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Call Recorder HDCall Recorder HD has material design, so beautiful.FEATURES :• Grouping recordings by date or by contacts• Password protection of recordings (Version 2.0)• Auto or Manual (Premium) call recording• Record phone calls• Exceptions• Auto delete old recordings• Marking recordings as saved so they don't get auto deleted• Multi select, delete, send• Edit info about recordings• File type 3GP, MP4• And many more...Enjoy!
Scan QR & Barcode 1.1
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Scan QR & BarcodeScan QR & Barcode is the fastest QR / barcode scanneroutthere. QR & Barcode Scanner is an essential app foreveryAndroid device.Features :- Scan QR & Barcode with one touch- Scan QR code : open the website from your QR Code- Scan Barcode : open the google or amazon to viewyourproduct- Histories : this app supported save product you scan- Fastest scan QR & BarcodeEnjoy!