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Eternal Soldier: Monster Defense Shooting 6
Eternal Soldier: Monster Defense Shooting: A shooting gamethattells the story of a veteran soldier who died on thebattlefieldand is now trapped in purgatory fighting hordes ofdoomed creatureswho want to punish him. As a great soldier who doesnot acceptdefeat you must defeat waves and waves of creatures bytestingtheir abilities. Various types of creatures: In EternalSoldier:Monster Defense Shooting the creatures come from theportals, havedifferent characteristics, types of attacks andabilities, all haveonly one goal, to punish you. This game hassimple creatures aswell as powerful creatures, giant monsters andcursed wizards thatappear randomly with each move. Offline andAddictive: - EternalSoldier: Monster Defense Shooting is an offlinegame. It requiresexcellent shooting skills, headshot skills andreasonable tacticsfor using Dash, grenades and health picku-ups. -Ride the waves ofcreatures, earn gold and buy new weapons andupgrades. You can alsomake your soldier stronger by buying skillupgrades. FPS game withrealistic graphics made in Unreal Engine 4.Use the scenery to youradvantage by throwing enemies into the lava.Explode whole hordeswith grenades. Use your ammunition with cautionnot to run out ofattack. Collect gold by annihilating the creaturesand use it tobuy whatever is needed to destroy enemies. Free FPSgame, downloadand survive forever against the damned creatures!