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Lexington Law - Credit Repair 6.0.25
Fix your credit with Lexington Law Firm. The Lexington Law app letsyou follow your credit repair progress. With access to a variety oftools, you can better understand, improve and protect your credit,from your mobile device. Lexington Law is an advocate for you, theconsumer. We want to make sure your credit is reported fairly andaccurately. If you’ve been denied for credit, then let us help youget back on the path to approval. Credit Repair Services Unlikeother credit repair companies, we obtain your credit reports fromall three credit bureaus - Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Thenwe work with you to establish challenge reasons for each negativeitem on your report. We send electronic disputes to the bureaus onyour behalf and also communicate directly with your creditors.We're absolutely confident in our proven credit repair process.We've helped successfully remove over 10 million inaccurate, unfairor unsubstantiated negative items from credit reports in 2017alone. On average our clients see 10.2 negative items or 24% oftheir presenting negatives, removed within the first 4 months ofservice. Note: As all legal cases are different these resultsshould not be expected and are not guaranteed. FICO® Score Many ofour service levels include a TransUnion FICO® Score to help youkeep track of your credit progress. FICO® Scores are involved in90% of US based lending decisions. Focus Tracks Our credit repairservices don’t simply dispute every negative item on your creditreport like some other companies. Rather we use your input and lifeexperiences to determine how to challenge each negative item. Weleverage several laws and consumer protections based on yourfeedback to achieve results. There are many protections forconsumers who’ve gone through a life event that may have affectedtheir credit such as divorce, identity theft, military service,medical bills and mishandled student loans. If you’ve gone throughone of these life events then our service is for you. CreditReports When you sign up with our service, we pull your creditreports for all three credit bureaus. We aggregate your creditreport items and present them in an easy to understand interface.Your credit report information is then used to dispute andintervene with the credit bureaus and your creditors. CreditMonitoring We monitor your credit using a set of credit monitoringalerts called ReportWatch. Our monitoring services not only alertyou when something changes on your TransUnion credit report butalso gives you information and advice based on the change. IdentityTheft Protection Lexington Law provides identity theft insurance upto $1MM. In addition, a few of our service levels include athorough set of identity protection alerts and monitoring servicesthat rival LifeLock. Digital Money Manager In addition to providingservices to fix your credit, we provide tools to help manage yourfinancial life. Similar to Mint, our digital money manager tracksyour income, spending, transactions, budgets, trends, debts and networth. About Lexington Law A trusted leader in credit repair forover a decade, Lexington Law, we help you understand your rights asa consumer in the credit space, and help you leverage those rightsto ensure that you have a fair, accurate, and fully substantiatedcredit report. We've helped hundreds of thousands of clients repairtheir credit, and we're confident we can help you too. Download ourapp today.