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Ted by Dawn 1.0.1
Proteus Pixel
Ted by Dawn is a humor laden throwback to classic actionplatformers such as Mega Man and Metroid. The game focuses heavilyon spastic platforming action complete with boss fights, spikes,and plenty of fire. Ted by Dawn follows the story of Ted Carcass, areclusive survivor of the apocalypse. Ted is a rugged man, a man'sman ,a beard supporter, whiskey drinker, shotgun aficionado, andreluctant savior of the human race. On a routine supply run to thelocal tavern, Hunter's Haven, Ted runs across a scientist. After anunfortunate skirmish with some fellow redneckians, Ted is left toescort his newly acquainted friend across the wasteland to find asuitable laboratory to synthesize a cure for the horrible mutagenthat has ravaged the land. Along the way, Ted will meet with hordesof zombies, mutants, savage survivors, and apparently, flamingpants.
Flappy Crow Bird Free 1.0.4
Proteus Pixel
Guide your little Black Bird through the hazards of over-piped citylife.