Proware Research Apps

Unblock Solver 1.0
Solver for "Unblock" type games such asUnblock Me FREE, Traffic Jam....Most puzzles get the best solution less than 1 second(test withXoom).
Glow Movie 2 1.1.1
"Glow Movie"is a fun painting App, especiallysuitable for kids doodle creation.Children can be on the phone to draw interesting and bright glowpicture.And after the completion of works can be play back like amovie.Finished works can be saved as a picture.
Teach Your Kids Writing 1.0.1
Follow the track, you can teach yourkidswriting and drawing.Your can also create your own books, let you kids followyourhandwriting, learn to write your characters.
Baccarat Card Counting 1.0
Baccarat card counting method principleisbased on the remaining cards for each card shoe number tocalculatethe results of the game out of the chance to improve theoddsbet.Rate of return equal to 100% of the gamblers and the casino,saidtie, when more than 100% indicates that gamblers begantoprofit.In addition you can use the system to support direct computerratebets, but also can use this system to study variousdistributionpoints card off the results.