Pskov Creative Apps

Larisa Krasilnikova 1.1
This App gives details for Larisa Krasilnikova and Partners,Moscow, who provide business services inside the RussianFederation, for companies and individuals from outside thecountry.Search for low-cost and effective solutions for yourbusiness;– Identification of company's hidden internal resources isa priority;– Maximum participation in the implementation process ofmeasures for the company's internal business processesoptimization;– Systems approach to solving set tasks allows totouch major areas of the company's internal business processesduring the implementation period of measures;– Individual approachto companies on the principle – every company is unique;–Cooperation with the competent specialists with many years ofexperience both in large companies and small and medium-sizedbusiness.ACCOUNTING SERVICES:Topical Quotations" Why does a smalltax increase cost you two hundred dollars and a substantial tax cutsave you thirty cents?" – Peg Bracken" It takes time to succeedbecause success is merely the natural reward for taking the time todo anything well." – Joseph Ross" All you need is to look over theearnings forecasts publicly made a year ago to see how much careyou need to give to those being made now for the next year." –Gerald M. Loeb BOOKKEEPING SERVICESWe are all looking for ways tocut down expenses during unstable economic situation. The leadersof small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly resorting toexternal specialists for accounting services. In this regard, Iexpand sphere of provided services. Now you can take advantage ofaccounting services performed by qualified external specialists.Prices for this type of service are set in rubles. This will helpto avoid fluctuation of prices for services.
Roofing Reindeer 1.0
In this game, the challenge is to land Santa's reindeer and hissledge on the upper level roofs! Click on the screen to keepSanta's sledge in the air! But don't fly too high, or he'll falldown - and avoid those lower roofs and pipes, or it's game over!!
Jump That Fence 1.2
In this game the player has to negotiate the fences with theirhorse! Tap the screen to make the horse and rider move upwards - orallow the horse and rider to drop - to avoid the fences from thetop and bottom of the screen. The fences vary in height - so itstricky to avoid them!Tap the screen to start the game - then see ifyou can improve on your high score!!
Hull City Guide 1.2
Pskov Creative
Guide for visitors to the city of Hull, in the UK. Cover variouscategories, such as Hotels, Attractions, Activities and more!Addresses of places of interest are supplied, and also includes anoffline map which is zoom-enabled. In 2017, Hull will be the UKCity of Culture, so a guide is a must for visitors to the city!
AnastasiyaWaterColours 1.3
This App displays a selection of beautiful and effusivewatercolours from the talented artist Anastasiya, based in StPetersburg, Russia. Each watercolour can be seen full-size, byclicking on the icon in the list. Contact with the artist can bemade by clicking on the "Anastasiya on Twitter" button on thesecond screen.
The Moon on a Stick 1.3
The Moon on a Stick - App for an Arts and Crafts shop in Hull, UK.This app gives information and updates about the store, includingcontact details, latest products, and also dates and informationfor crafts' courses.The store produces a wide range of goodsin-house, from cards to jewellery, as well as other companies'products. The store is based in the city of Hull, UK, which is the2017 City of Culture.
Rally Slalom 1.0
Player has to avoid floating bars by moving car using movement ofphone!! In this game, the phone's accelerometer is utilised toprovide movement to the car - the orange bars floating upwards onthe screen have to be avoided. See if you can avoid all theobstacles! If the player "dies" - then tap on the icon to startagain!Easy to play game, for everyone!
Alan's Taxis 1.3
Alan's 1st Choice Taxis - Mini Buses believe that the key to beinga successful and well reputable taxi firm is reliability.We willalways be a name you can rely on to get you where you want on timeand as quickly as possible.As a local firm, we know the area welland use Sat Nav to ensure we never get lost, so you can restassured you will always end up where you need to be.With mini busesto hire, we are perfect for those big nights out or booking a daytrip - our services are available 24 hours a day, so you can trulyrely on us.We will match or try and beat any price.Make Alan's 1stChoice Taxis - Mini Buses your 1st choice:All our drivers are fullylicensed and CRB checked for your extra peace of mind.With over adecade of experience in the taxi trade, we have a wealth ofknowledge of the local area and the quickest routes so you cantrust us to get you to the right place.24 hour taxi hire servicesare at your disposal - we are always here for you.We provide taxiservices along the BB12 post code including: Padiham BurnleyAccrington Barley Fence Higham Read Simonstone Wheatley LaneClitheroe Whalley Great Harwood
WEENG -GmbH 1.0
This App is for businesses interested in the services of WEENGGmbh,in GermanyIt provides details concerning design andsub-contract work on electronic circuits, digital and analogue.Thecompany are capable of supplying a large range of electronics basedservices, as outined in the App.They offer additional expertise inthe field of electronic system engineering, working very closelywith our clients on developing and manufacturing effectivecustomer-specific solutions.Their clients are involved in a widerange of industrial environments including: automotive engineering,bio-technology, medical technology, optics and industrialcontrols.Their engineering design services have resulted inproducts with quantities ranging from single "proof-of-concept"prototypes to over 250,000 pieces per year.