Psyberspace Games Apps

PsyberShot VR 1.0
Do you want to get fully immersed in your mobile gaming? Strap onyour virtual reality goggles and feel like you're really in thisgame.This is just a test app for an upcoming game, Tell me what youthink and be honest. Note: Phone must have a gyroscope and you musthave a wireless controller.If you think it needs improvement, letme know how.Thank you for considering Psyberspace Games andenjoy.Keywords: virtual reality, vr, psyberspace games, fps, firstperson shooter, third person shooter, shooting games, free games
Psyber Space Arcade Lite
Engage yourself in the epic battles of this 3dspace shooter and relive your old favorite classics in a newway.
PsyberShot Zombies VR FPS 1.0.1
Get immersed in this vr first person shooter for virtual realitydevices like Durovis Dive ect. These corpses aren't like yourtypical undead. They only get stronger the longer you play. So takethem out fast and keep your eye out for floating coins $$ You mayuse them in the store to buy ammunition and revives. You can playusing a bluetooth controller and your VR headset. Or choose mobileto have on screen controls. If you wish to enable gyro whileplaying, your phone must support gyroscope. But it will still workif you turn the gyro off and use the touch controls to turn. Pleaseleave your feedback and tell me what you think. I am a lonedeveloper with help from others who would like to see what peoplethink of what I can make at these beginning stages of my work. Thisgames was tested on Droid RAZR HD, Droid Turbo, and Galaxy S4. Besure to set your resolution to your desired setting so the layoutwill fit your phone..Game Level Design- Mitch Boglin(PsyberSpaceGames)Programming- Mitch Boglin(Psyberspace Games)- GatewayGamesEnemy Design-Nathan DavisSpecial thanks to Soomla forproviding store
Psyber Space Arcade 4
Relive classics in a new way in a 3d environment with power ups,different ships, and an in game store. Use your earned credits tounlock new fighters and stay stocked and ready for battle.10different ships to use and they all have unique abilities.
PsyberShot CTF VR FPS 1.0.2
Have fun trying to capture the flag in this most amazing firstperson shooter, VR experience. You can play using a bluetoothcontroller and your VR headset. Or choose mobile to have on screencontrols. If you wish to enable gyro while playing, your phone mustsupport gyroscope. But it will still work if you turn the gyro offand use the touch controls to turn. You can customize and setupyour rounds how you want them in the settings menu. Thank you andenjoy your appPlease leave your feedback and tell me what youthink. I am a lone developer with help from others who would liketo see what people think of what I can make at these beginningstages of my work. This games was tested on Droid RAZR HD, DroidTurbo, and Galaxy S4. Be sure to set your resolution to yourdesired setting so the layout will fit your phone..Game LevelDesign- Mitch Boglin(PsyberSpace Games)- Snail Rush- CarlosWilkesProgramming- Mitch Boglin(Psyberspace Games)- Gateway Games-Carlos WilkesSpecial thanks to Soomla for providing storekeywords :virtual, reality, first person shooter, psyberspace, 3d, immersion,CTF, capture the flag, vr, durovis dive, google cardboard
Form Stardust Demo 1.2
Form Stardust is an open galaxy simulator. Complete with full solarsystems including stars, planets, and moons ready for yourexploration. The galaxy is randomly generated so it will bedifferent every time. Giving you a new experience with each play.You don't have to worry about loading screens and wait timesbecause this simulator generates itself on the fly. Your spaceshipis also randomly generated and has many optional views.