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Temple Classic Run OZ 1.1
Temple Classic Run OZRun in classic temple to escape fromthemutants of modern age. This is first opportunity for you tobecomethe classic hero of modern age after plucking the diamondnecklacefrom the mutants. Story reminds you the adventure movie ofrunningin temple defining the brevity of classic legends. Run as alegendand solve the problems of common people fighting withdragons.Running lost in classic temple is totally different gamefor in thedomain of endless runners. Endless Classic run is thestory ofmutant age creating problems for the common people run fastafterplucking the gold necklace and escaping from the templeevils.Surfin the city of magicians to find the clues with specialsuperheroGOLDSMITH of the biggest gold treasure of the world. Youare onethe most adventurous mission and you have to dash as fast asyoucan! Control the GOLDSMITH save yourself from the goldminemonstersattacking to kill the hero.Temple Classic Run defines themodernendless games with a new story and classic scenes of oztemple,frozen shadow & horror magical city. Collect the gems inyourway to beat the dungeon death in the endless gold run game.Playalso as a girl MariClassic to find the hidden treasure fromthemagical city . MARIClassic is really as fast as you think. Huntthetreasure keys as a GOLDClassic or MariClassic and run away fromthedungeon mutants of the world. Run as a GOLDClassic heroorMariClassic princess & finally gets Your hands on thetreasurebut then has to navigate a maze of booby traps in order toget outalive. Mysterious ancient gold mine is full of danger,vibrantlava, surface collapse, drop rocks and a variety of traps.Rush,surfs, drag up to jump, drag down to slide, turn left or righttochange the lane, avoid hitting obstacles, advance bravelyandescape the chase of the jungle monster successfully. FeaturesofTemple Classic Run - Endless Adventure - Endless Runner - RuntoReclaim your Gold treasure keys- Tilt to Move & Swipe toJump-Unique and facile gameplay- Magnificent music and sounds-Detailedenvironment - Detailed models- Endless Runner with greatgraphicsand fun animations- Epic 3D visual effects, exquisiteanimationeffect- Simple but fun operations, tap or steer tocontrol- Variousobstacles to challenge the limit of yourimagination - Collectcoins to store your energy and boost yourskills-Temple Classic Run2018- Magical,dangerous and stunninggolden temple map to exploreBycompleting daily tasks andachievements, you will get more powerfulmagic items. What’s more,you are able to obtain abundant coinbonus if you surpass previousrecords. Those coins will help you toupgrade your roles anditems.Enjoy the classic game with a classicrun and a classic Escapefrom the dragons of ancient temple
Lost Jungle Run 1.0
Lost Jungle RunPlay as a jungle hero to fight for the treasureofdiamonds with the jungli animals of jungle. You are lost injungleand find a big diamond treasure mix with all minerals.Finally youfind the key of gold run and monkeys of jungle are hereto fightwith you. Lost jungle run is the real running adventurewith fullof wild action. This is time to become the real hero ofwild animalrun simulator game. Lost jungle run is the best runningsimulatorgame for the 21st century of artificial intelligence.Jungle issurrounded by dungeon temples and you have to save yourlife afterescaping from dungeon temple with your running efforts.Jungle herois like angry jungle running game moving in the ancienttemples ofEgypt.The game play starts as an endless runner in thistemple Wildrun simulator game.Dash fast is the secret in thistemple brave oz& fast endless running game. Run as Fast , Findthe temple dash& Escape from the Dash! Find the temple dashsecret with yourskills of running to escape from oz castle injungle. Lost JungleRun Oz Features:-the environment changes as yourun-test yourreflex-stunning optimized HD graphics-upgrade skillswith hardearned coins-intuitive and sensitive touch controls-fly ina hotair balloon-more coins and gems-explore different locationsinmysterious world-Jungle running lost Temple-Run for your lifeintemple To be a real runner-Push your speed to the limit-Run leftorright to avoid the obstacle-Slide or jump indangeroustraps-Complete task to get reward.-Upgrade the props toget morescoresPrincess, super hero or other characters to choose
Endless Run lost kingdom 1.0
Endless Run lost kingdom New Temple escape endless run game withthenew concept of running king and saving his kingdom. EnemyMagiciansare attacking his kingdom and he is the only brave tofight againstthe magicians and save his kingdom. All the storymoving around themagicians and king hero.Superhero king save hiskingdom afterfighting with the enemies and found a chemical whichis the reasonof death for the enemies.The most thrilling runningexperience nowcomes to the yellow brick road! Temple Magic EndlessRun kingdom Ozis a brand-new 3D endless run game. Get moreexhilarating jumping,turning, running, and sliding withcaptivating gameplay and numerousrewards. Experience all thethrills and fun without stepping out ofyour home! Exquisite 3Dvisual effects blend perfectly with superrhythmic music in thebackground, which will definitely soak you inthe gaming world! Tapmode or gravity mode, free to choose! Trustme, you will love thetemple magic adventure!Do you have what ittakes to survive in thedark and gloomy temples of Jungle Adventurekingdom? Collect coinsand complete missions while avoiding fallingdown ditches orsmashing into broken temple pillars.The game playstarts as anendless runner in this temple Wild run simulatorkingdom game. Dashfast is the secret in this temple brave oz &fast endlessrunning game. Run as Fast , Find the temple dash &Escape fromthe Dash! Endless Run lost kingdom Features: Endless RunlostkingdomRun for your life in temple and save kingdomTo be arealrunnerPush your speed to the limitRun left or right to avoidtheobstacleSlide or jump in dangerous trapsComplete task togetreward.Get daily challenge Upgrade the props to getmorescoresPrince, super hero or other characters to chooseEnjoytheEndless Run lost kingdom
Jungle Up Hill Racing - Racing Adventure 1.0
Jungle Up Hill RacingEver first game to feel the hill racingwithjungle adventureThe most addictive physics based car racing&bike racing game is coming!Jungle Up Hill Racing 3D is arealisticsimulation and racing game that you need to climb hillsbyovercoming the obstacles by an off-road vehicle. You shouldreachthe hill as soon as possible by collecting all the coins onyourway in the stage, and complete the stage successfully. 3DHillracing is really a new idea of climb racing adventure. Youfeelthirst while playing mountain jungle up hill racing.3DJungletracks and mountains are available first time in hillracingadventure. Jungle racing stunts are available also. Feel therealhill climb drive with 4x4 truck , 4x4 car and 4x4 bike. Drive4x4and 6x6 offroad vehicles through dangerous roads. Climbthemountains and conquer the extremely difficult dirt roadswithjeeps, truck, pick ups, SUVs and monster trucks.Jungle 4x4Racing,you can choose from a garage filled with tough offroadtrucks andcars, use them to drive drive anywhere! You have thefreedom todrive anywhere, do anything, and rule the offroadislandenvironment with your 4x4, so strap on yourself in, you're inforan offroad adventure in 4x4 Jungle Offroad Racing.Offroad jungleuphill racing is the simulation of an adventurous racing movie.Youare the hero of fastest jungle racing game.Jungle XtremeJeepUphill Racing 3D is packed with the following features: -Selectionof different Jeep - Unique Challenging Levels- Easy SmoothControl-Explore Adventure Offroad Environment- Cool Sound Effect-ThrillingGame Play- Full real HUD including revs, gear and speed.-ABS, TCand ESP simulation. You can also turn them off!- Explore adetailedopen world environment.- Realistic car damage. Crash yourcar!-Accurate driving physics.- Control your car with an arrows-Severaldifferent cameras.-offroad up hill racing 2018- jungleuphillracing 2018- jungle climb racing 2018- real racing 2018
Racing In Taxi 1.1
Racing In Taxi Its time to fasten your seat belt and get readyforthe city crazy taxi drive with extreme taxi cab driving skillstoescape and rescue mafia gangsters & robbery criminals.Anextreme crazy driving simulator concept with furious taxicabdriving in passenger pick & drop game.Racing In Taxi isamilestone in the genre of endless arcade racing. Sick ofendlessracing games with third person perspective? Racing in taxiis thebest mobile simulated racing game you have been looking for.Youdrive your car in cockpit view through the endless trafficandrealistic environment. Tilt your device to drag your carwhereveryou want, overtake traffic, earn coins and buy newcars.Racing InTaxi simulator Game Features: - Enjoy realisticsimulation andanimation!- Smooth car controls and addictivegameplay- PoliceEscape Challenging Levels of Driving & Racingin taxi - 20Missions full of explosive warfare combat action-Thrill of MafiaCriminals Chasing on your Taxi- Highly Additive& ImmersiveGame play- Real-time crime Racing, Simulation, Fast& Drifting-Race in Taxi through a real city environment-Complete Game PlayTasks to Move ahead- Show that you have the bestcab racer drivingskillsTry Racing in Taxi now to see how far themobile racingexperience come nowadays.
Temple Predator Run 1.0
Temple Predator Run This is an ultimate arcade game where you areamember of a legendary race of predator warrior run.Runningandescaping from predator enemies is an art of secret agent andsuperheroes.Run as secret agent hero and get the dice role keysoftreasure from the predators in the endless movie game. Snowtemplepredator run starts as an endless runner escaping from themonsterslike mutants. Mutants are very dangerous so escaping inthis secretagent temple game is really an art of running, jumping ,surfing,dodging and reaching your destination.You are an adventurerand inconstant look for hidden treasures, after long search you areluckyto find this temple full of gold and treasures. What youdidn'tknow is that the temple is also a home for a giant creature.Dashdown the temple rocks to escape from the giant monkey predatorsinthe temple jungle !!!Temple predator Run Features:-Besttemplepredator running game-Top 3D running game scenes-Smoothruncontrol-Amazing game rhythm-Turn left or right toavoid-Wonderfulbackgroud music-Deep dare cliff to jump over-Awareof dark treeshape shifter-More characters to choose -Upgradeproperties to getendless powerCollect gold coins, jump off rocks,slide cliff andrun for your life! Sprint through the stunning worldof secretisland lair, avoiding fiendish traps & pitfalls.Collapsingbuildings, lazers, lava and more will block your path,but they'reno match for Dash! Rush past wild obstacles in asuper-fast dash,jump over columns or broken trees, and slide fastunder dangeroustraps of snow temple predator run!.
Flick Kick Top league 2018 soccer games 1.0
Flick Kick Top league 2018 soccer gamesKick it old college withthelatest game in the Flick Kick top league 2018 series; Tackle,Pass,Shoot and More! Defeat Rivals! Win the League! BecomeaLegend!Flick Kick Top league 2018 soccer games -Excitement,Intense pressure and skills of playing Football (Soccer)is amoment - - away by converting kick into a goal with aflick.-Stunning 3D graphics- Better Play-ability- Realistic Kicks-Platesto practice exact shots.- Wind pressure to master against anaturalobstacle.- - Intuitive Flick Kicking: Control the angle andcurveof your kick with the flick of your finger. - The stadium:360degree wind with shifting severity. Anything from a light breezetogale force winds must be taken into account if you want tosucceed.
Driving Limits 1.1.1
Driving Limits defines the mobile standards of infinite arcadetyperacing games. Based on racing and overtaking vehicles both incityand highway traffic, this game features 4 enjoyable modesofracing. Head out and race as fast as you can to become the bestnewdriver in the world! Race the traffic and complete thechallengesto get real among the competition in Racing DrivingLimits. TrafficDriving Limits 3D brings to you one of the mostcompelling andsatisfying traffic dodging experience in the world!There are nolimits in Driving limits but only your racing skills!So drive asfast as you can, make sharp overtakes, do what youcannot do inreal life, and finally race to your limits. Free racerplay FreeRacing Limit Game - Easy to learn and play no speed limitand driveand Car Racing! - 3D Racing limit realistic stuntingLimit! - CarRacing cockpit view - endless arcade traffic racingGame - Are youtired of endless horizon racing games withthird-person View withDRIVING LIMIT! Street Racing in Traffic - OneOF RACING CAR RACINGVIEW! - Feel Like Gears Racing Car SimulatorGame 3D 2018 CarRacing game Free Now. - Infinite Racing CarinTraffic! is a gamedesigned for racing enthusiasts Race trafilimits. -please have totry this limit racing game and racing wheelsrunner racer speed.Once you join the nolimit game, here Racing youwill be addicted tothis racing car games. Street Driving Game HaveFun Drive fast cardriving make drifts on clear asphalt roads.Random racers will tryto Racing Car in racing Online cross your carin racing and winthis race but you have to race in car with highspeed, Are readyfor this Racing Limit - Car Traffic Driving 2018.