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Connect Plus 1.0
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Connect Plus-Swap through a tap !Gone the era where geographical separation was a barrier and nowit’s just milliseconds to connect to millions of people acrossseveral metres of stretch. With this artful app you could stay intouch with all your circles in diverse platforms simultaneously. Itnot only provides the ease of managing your various e-mails fromgmail, yahoo, rediff etc but also to check out the buzzing hot newsfrom the social networking sites you are logged in. Stop scrollingand searching your phone across screens and get back to all youracquaintances with a single swap through a tap. With many optionsround the corner for you to get linked, this app stands unique byconnecting conveniently and quickly within moments.Your today's dream is tomorrow's technology. So share yourideas, thoughts, feelings or views at once by using this app with anudge which will set the gears of change. The world gets small andit is in your hands through this unrivalled app. Simply putting,this could be your 'manager' for all your internet chats.Get Linked! Get Gained !HIGHLIGHTS:• Want to text? All messengers come handy to the need.• Busy managing with disparate emails? We bring you access to allthe best emails in the market having an one time sign in.• Fascinated to tweet or post something you found intriguing?Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and social networks are there to sharesimultaneously.• Drop all your files at the Dropbox, GDrive including all cloudmessengers with less efforts for use, share and backup.• Provides you an option to choose between the usage of Browser orvia App.• Saves your precious time without scrolling for lookup.• Simple to manage, serves as your PA(Personal Assistant)• Integrated ease of use over diverse platforms• Simultaneous manipulations can be done with multipleaccounts.• Lightweight handy application.
Distributed Java Tutorials 1.0
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Distributed Java TutorialsFraction the work! Finish the job!Too much of workload? First thing we do is to split and allocateto various ordinates. Similarly a computing paradigm designed tofacilitate the communication of systems that are deployed ondiverse platforms is Distributed Java where you could collaboratebetween multiple OS, programming languages and computing hardware.Sound complex, but very simple to execute. “Multiple locationsunified job “supporting interoperability is the apt way to expressthe workflow.A very effective tool comes in hand, better than referring booksbecause it provides the best explanations in consolidated formfocussing people from all domains to learn the concept quickly andeasily. Anywhere Anytime learning is possible with Drive back upfeature. Super easy views and scrolls with good UI for comfortableaccess. Now, distribute and discuss to get the excellentdeliverables.“Communicate & Coordinate the Components”The app covers the following topics with program examplesDistributed Programming techniques• Java RMI with program example• Web Services with program example• JAX-RPC with program example• CORBA with program examplesDistinguishing Features:• Option to send file and share it with friends using Bluetooth, Cloud platforms[ GDrive, Dropbox] and Social Messengers[ What’sApp, Facebook, Hike etc]• Option to save the material to your drive for instant remoteaccess and back up.• Integrate it with PC to print it with ease.Special Features:• Well illustrated Examples• Implementation of the procedure portrayed elaborately• Execution Requirements and steps are mentioned completely fordirect trial• Demonstration of the application with screenshots• Source Code available• Detailed simple explanation for complex concepts• Light Weight• Handy User Guide Tutorial• Diagrammatic Description of Abstract Methods• Saves time of searchingSuggestions are welcome. Please mail: pugazh.cse@gmail.com
Super SMS Share & Backup Tool 4.0
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Halt Here, Before You Long Press To Copy,Paste But Just Make A Tap To Connect. Want to share something fromyour inbox to" all "your contacts in facebook messenger, whatsapp,hike, telegram, dropbox and much more? Langoured to "copy paste"this every single time for every share?"ONE TAP "is just enough through this enthralling app to shareyour messages or contacts effortlessly. And the list doesn't endthere; you can communicate to people not only in messengers butalso in the cloud platforms (google drive, hangouts, gmail) and viabluetooth too, when you are left with no access to Internet.Another fascinating attribute, includes creating a back up thatwill empower us to retrieve the bygone messages by creating aspecial folder in the desired location in your phone. This mayprove competent for diverse applications like tracking data and aeffective repository to hold your notes.With one single press you can broadcast anything you intend totell or it becomes a timely aid during any emergency situation toconnect to your friends instantly within a second through onepodium. Not only lets you forward the message but also to add/editits contents. It also features regional languages like tamil, hindietc.TOP FEATURES1. Share your inbox messages, fresh messages & mobile contactsto online messengers like whatsapp, fb messenger, hike, hangouts,and telegram.2. Faster way to share your inbox messages, fresh messages &mobile contacts to your friends, family, group members etc3. Easy to backup your inbox messages, fresh messages & mobilecontacts to sdcard in text format4. Easy to share your inbox messages, fresh messages & mobilecontacts to gmail app.5. Easy to share your inbox messages, fresh messages & mobilecontacts to bluetooth enabled devices at any time.6. This SMS Backup Tool allows you to easily share mobile contactsto online messengers like whatsapp, hike, fb messenger, telegram,etc.7. Save inbox messages, fresh messages & mobile contactsdirectly to Cloud Dropbox.8. Save inbox messages, fresh messages & mobile contactsdirectly to Cloud Gdrive.9. 21 emergency text templates are added for 3 languages-English,Hindi & Tamil.10. All these SMS features are free of cost. Enjoy :-) :-) :-)Hope this SMS tool will be very useful to your android smartphones.Suggestions are welcome. Please mail: pugazh.cse@gmail.com
AU Calendar Holidays 2015
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This app gives the complete information aboutAnna university calendar holidays 2015. Hope it will be very usefulto students, staff members and affiliated colleges of Annauniversity in tamilnadu.Features1. Clear information about list of holidays in 2015 (monthwise)2. Dual languages support (tamil & english)3. Instant sharingWith one touch, you can easily share holiday details of any monthin 2015 via social messengers like Hike, Whatsapp, Telegram,etcSuggestion are welcome. please mail: pugazh.cse@gmail.com