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Frequent Flyer 2.1
Purple Square
Take to the skies as you weave your way through ever morechallenging obstacles!Tap once to select your ship, and you're off!Just tap the screen to propel your ship upward and release to letit fall.Frequent Flyer is a simple, fast-paced, skill-based gamewhich brings a new challenge with each flight- Collect coins topurchase ship upgrades or one of eleven other unlockable ships!-Compete globally to be the Farthest Flyer with daily, weekly, andall-time leaderboards!- Ascend and become a true Frequent Flyer bycompleting *all the achievements!Music:"Call to Adventure" KevinMacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: ByAttribution3.0http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/Definitely visitincompetech.com. He has a lot of other top quality music outthere.Assets:Almost all of the graphics assets are from Kenney. TheKenney donation pack is an excellent source of assets for manydifferent types of game and is even licensed CC0 .
Redundant Watch Face 3.0
Purple Square
Do you know how to read a watch? Then this watch face is for you!Prove to your friends how much of an excellent watch reader you arewith this clever watch. Designed with you in mind, the redundantwatch face features advaced face-rendering techology which gentlystimulates the brain's watch reading region and allows for muchquicker mastery of watch faces! Watch, how in as little as 25glances a day you too can be tranformed into a watch reading guru!"I used to have just a 1 o'clock reading level, but after only 1week with the Redundant Watch Face I'm reading at a 5 o'clocklevel!"Tim - Omaha, NE Thanks for the sharing Tim. This all soundsso wonderful! I can hardly believe that all of this can be yoursfor just one easy payment of $2.99!!! What's that?! I'm being toldthat just today we have a special introductory price of $0.99!!!Will you look at that folks. That's over %50 off retail! You betterget it while you can! Supplies could run out any minute!
Stock Market Watch Face 3.0
Purple Square
Follow your stocks on your Android Weardevice!This app exists because there weren't any other apps withthisfunctionality. We'll need to wait for someone with biggerpocketsto come along and give us reliable real time data andintradaycharting on our wrists.Disclaimer:This app retrieves data from public APIs with a delay. Theaccuracyof this data is not guaranteed. This app is forinformationpurposes only and should not be used for investmentdecisions.
HearthDB: Hearthstone Cards Last Version
Purple Square
This app is no longer being actively developed because we've made aMUCH better app with a lot more features! HearthTracker: ElephantsGuide -https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.purplesquare.elephantsguide
Working Memory: List Widget 5.0
Purple Square
With this list widget you can keep all your notes and todo listsright on your homescreen. Whether you need a to-do list to rememberimportant tasks for work, or a grocery list to remember what'sneeded for dinner this week, Working Memory: List Widget can handleit. Features:★ Add, remove, and reorder tasks right from thewidget!★ Need multiple lists? We've got you covered.★ Use whatevercolors you want, even the ugly ones!That's it. No complicatedmenus, no unneccessary screens. Just your list on your homescreenright where you can see it.★How do I use a widget?★- Long press onan open space on your home screen- Select 'Widgets'- Find thewidget you're looking for (e.g. Working Memory)- Drag it on to thehome screen★How do I resize a widget?★Once you've added the widgetto your home screen, long press it to bring up the resizinghandles.
Fish 0.37
Purple Square
Rhythm based game that is played by moving the device around. Has aglobal high score list. Is basically just super awesome, and Ireally like it; so try it!REQUIRES GYROSCOPE!