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Kungfu Ninja Turtle 1.0
In Kungfu Ninja Fighting game, you willbetransformed into the ninja turtle rescue his master.You have to go into the lair of the villainous ninja floodsandviolent. they will attack you, your mission is destroying themalland win to save his masterThere are 4 characters with different skills to choosing.Beproficient in skills such as cutting, low kick, high kick,jumpkick to destroy opponents.The game has a lot of gameplay with increasing difficulty levelsforyou to try, you have to win to go to the next screen play.Please download Kungfu Ninja Fighting now andplayimmediately.
Street Battle 3.0
The best action game 2016!
Classical Lode Runner 1.0
Escape from monster, collecting gold on the way. As soon as youwill collect all gold at level, you will be able to get on thefollowing level. Available all 150 levels.Let play to enjoy!
Grand Rambo 3.0
This is the best classical action game in the world.