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Kungfu Thief Catcher 1.0
Kungfu Thief Catcher is a fighting game forfree, if you like martial arts: karate, boxing, silat, ...then this is your game.In the game you will admire the graphics space combined withmartial arts,right to charge extremely nice ... make you happy and feel like ina real game so.The match took place in various streets with extremely dangerousopponent, they're very crowded and martial arts is not bad.You have to move in conjunction with the right freight operationsto lower them as quickly as offline!You really become a grandmaster, a boxer. You play the game to havea clear experience and have moments of fun offline.I wish you happy gaming!
Tank battle 2015 1.0
Inspired by a version for the PC, World ofTanks Blitz is built specifically to optimize online gameplay onmobile and now supports your Android device.With more than 100 tanks impressive, stunning graphics and touchscreen controls intuitive, 2015 Tank battles really helps youeasily fought in fierce tank battle, full of fiery action in anywhere."Tank Battle 2015 is definitely a game worth playing if you wantto participate in the complex wars to present accurate tacticalthinking and quick reflexes."
Stair Up 1.0
The best touch games are often the simplestones. Stairs Up only knows two inputs and one goal. All you do isclimb as high as possible on a never-ending set of stairs. Tappingon the right side of the screen makes the character go one step up,whereas the many turns on the randomly generated staircase requiretapping the left side. Coins collected on the way can be used tounlock extras. That's it.This may sound stupid easy, but the controls are not thatintuitive. Due to the step/turn dichotomy instead of a directmapping to the left and right, it's easy to slip up. The turn isnot just a turn in place, but always comes with a step in the newdirection, which can get confusing at twisted segments.Download Stairs Up now! This is a fun game for everyone. Try it andenjoy!
Kungfu Ninja Turtle 1.0
In Kungfu Ninja Fighting game, you willbetransformed into the ninja turtle rescue his master.You have to go into the lair of the villainous ninja floodsandviolent. they will attack you, your mission is destroying themalland win to save his masterThere are 4 characters with different skills to choosing.Beproficient in skills such as cutting, low kick, high kick,jumpkick to destroy opponents.The game has a lot of gameplay with increasing difficulty levelsforyou to try, you have to win to go to the next screen play.Please download Kungfu Ninja Fighting now andplayimmediately.
RedHat Monkey 1.1
Red hat monkey is an action packed gamewhereyou help Red hat monkey, Jump and Fly to reach the cutelittleMonkey baby.Bring some Monkey jam packed action to your Android phone. Redhatmonkey games is fun for everyone and guaranteed to bring youhoursof fun.In order you need to overcome obstacles in the form of aprecipiceand other traps. But Monkey can’t jump for such a longdistance.Help Monkey overcome all obstacles using soap bubbles.Do you love playing with A cute Flying game ? ? If yourresponseis Yes, This Red hat monkey Red hat monkey will keepyouentertained. Here the Monkey offer you a never endingFlyingJourney on a virtual platform.This Monkey Jumper !!!! A new adventure is now open fortheMonkeys, the super Monkey is going to save his wife who wastakento the zoo, they need your help!Run around this amazing world and get as many coins asyoucan.Have fun in this classic game.Download Red hat monkey now! This is a fun game for everyone.Tryit and enjoy!Super Red hat monkey Features:- Easy to pick up but hard to master- Simple tap to control the game, at ease- Obstacles and traps to make the game harder- Beautiful funny Monkey emotion- Impressive Gameplay
Fairy Treasurement Break 1.0
Our classic game has been remixed formoreintense smashing actionGet the sensations of an arcade video game with FreeFairyTreasurement Break. Move the racket easily by touchingthescreen.- 54 free levels available !- 8 types of differents bonus by making combos : more the balltouchbricks quickly, more your booster increase !- Beat your score and try to get the 3 stars on each level
King Soldiers 1.0
King soldiers - help the hero fightmanyenemies on interesting levels full of various obstacles. Helptheheroes of this dynamic game for Android defeat cunningvillains,enemy soldiers, and other enemies. Move your hero throughthelevels. Make the hero jump onto platforms, traps, andovercomevarious obstacles. Each character has unique weapons likeassaultrifles, shotguns, powerful rocket launchers, and so on.Game features:Colorful graphicsSimple controlsDifferent charactersMany enemies
Cowboy Adventure 1.0
Cowboy Adventure is so easy but super fungamerunner.Let's shoot the monsters to collect coins and weapons. Make sureyouhave a safe distance. The great game is challenging CowboyAdventurestill easy to play.Let's shoot the enemies and clear the way cowboys.Cowboy Adventure game is challenging but still easy to play.PLAY FOR FREECowboys game is a free game never gets deeper joy. It costsyounothing to download and play the game to the end.HOW TO PLAYYou just aim and shoot at the target and make sure that you getthehighest score !!
Dragon Farming-Farm City 1.0
Build a magical world in Dragon Farm!Gainhundreds of dragons, breed them and make them level up in ordertobecome a Dragon Master!Train your dragons for battle and show off their strengthbyengaging in combat with other players!Enjoy a full experience playing on your Android phone or tablet.Nowyou can take care of your dragons anytime, anywhere!FEATURESPlay with your friends, send them gifts and visittheirislands!Enjoy the full experience playing on your Android phone andtablet.Now you can take care of your dragons anytime, anywhere!