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Clash of Diamonds - Match 3 Jewel Games 11.1452.148
Clash of Diamonds - a jewel world with classic jewels match 3puzzle games. Match and pop jewels with dazzling combinations infun challenges to solve all levels and complete the quest! How toplay: - Crush magic gems and jewels in special quests - Match 3diamonds or more similar jewels tiles on the board - Swap colorfuljewels and become the best sweeper prince - Best classic jewelgames on the market - Jewel world with great jewel games - Classicmatch 3 free games of diamonds - Try your best to make supercombinations and release boosting super match powers - Pass thelevels in less moves to get a higher score Features: - Completelyfree games in a dazzling jewel world - Best match 3 games foradults and kids - Wonderland of gems and jewels and diamonds -Popular jewel games on the Android market - More than 5 millionplayers already - Easy to play and hard to master - Match 4 jewelsin a row to create sparkling effects - Match 5 jewels or gems for adazzling blast Our sparkling puzzle adventure in the princewonderland is ready and craving for you to solve the jewels quest.Swap gems and diamonds to become the sweeper prince. Solve everyquest in this jewel world that’s filled with challenging jewelgames and be the best! Let’s play Clash of Diamonds now and enjoymatch 3 free games!
Curse of the Pharaoh - Match 3 11.1338.92
The ultimate match-3 game in an ancient Egypt jewels world withaddictive adventures! Curse of the Pharaoh is an exciting adventurematch 3 game with colorful diamonds, jewels and gems that blastwith crunching effects. Many well designed puzzles are hidden inthe Egypt wonderland for you. Explore the whole world and unlockall bonus levels around the pyramids in this jewel saga. Can youwin them all? ★ More than 1000 puzzles to solve ★ Challenging bonuslevels with free rewards ★ Magical boosters to blast your score ★Best jewel games online right now ★ Addictive theme and storylineMatch 3 or more jewels, gems or diamonds in a row to clear theboard. Create lightning crunching effects when you match 4, andmake matches of 5 to get a huge mega jewel! Colorful stones thatyou need to combine for higher scores and executive wins. Makecombos of special jewels together and solve the puzzle in your ownway! Can you break the Curse of the Pharaoh? His well designedpuzzles are hard to master, but he did make it easy to learn. Andit’s fun to play too! Get your free bonus every day you play andstay updated with new levels on a weekly basis! Jewel games you canplay offline? Curse of the Pharaoh is designed to play online tobenefit from special game features. There’s no time limit, so enjoythe game for hours!
Juice Fruit Pop - Match 3 Puzzle Game 11.800.19
Juice Fruit Pop is a very addictive match 3 game. Become the mostdelicious and juicy fruits star possible in this forest fruitwonderland. This puzzle game will get the best out of you. Enjoyand crush the best splash experience you’ve ever had!Swap andswitch fruits in this festive connect lines puzzle game. Connectlines and bring bananas, strawberries and oranges together withtheir apple puzzle game family. Free the captured fruits or dropthe juice! Beware for the evil flies, they’re splash monsters!Sounds like a very addictive adventure, and so delicious! Will youbecome the best fruits star we’ve ever seen online? You can beatthe scores of your friends and walk through this deliciouswonderland as a juice fruit pop king. The monsters are not welcomein this village mania, you are the fruit color hero. No festivefruit color will be untouched in this juicy wonderland, this partygets real with banana, orange, strawberry, cherry, pear and manymore! This match 3 game is tasty, juicy fruit color is gettingfamous. Solve challenging levels during this adventure, invite yourfriends to play this mania also and get on top of the charts.You’re the fruits star in this match 3 game. A very addictiveadventure is about to start, the sugar splash experience you’vealways dreamed of.Juice Fruit Pop Features:+ Play in English,Russian (Russia), French (France) and Dutch. More coming!+ MoreThan 350 Splash Levels+ Delicious Juicy Wonderland+ Facebook SocialIntegration+ Easy To Learn, Hard To Master+ Amazing Fruit Match 3GameEnter the delicious juicy wonderland and start your campaignthrough more than 350 levels of challenging gameplay. You caninvite your friends with Facebook, so they can play too! This match3 puzzle is easy to learn, but can be a bit hard to master. Butthat’s the challenge, right? Get yourself ready for this amazingfruit match 3 game and become king.You are almost ready for JuiceFruit Pop: Match 3 now. This connect lines puzzle game is easy tolearn, you as fruits star can do that mania too. Enter thedelicious juicy wonderland and start the fruit sugar splash, a veryaddictive apple puzzle game! Free the fruits, drop the juice andget every banana, strawberry, cherry, pear or other and make it adisco juice fruit pop party!Help us by rating our game with a lotof stars. You can also follow us onFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/puzzlegamesvghttps://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg
Dragon Evolution Match & Merge 7.110.6
Triple Dragon Evolution 2016 is an addictive puzzle game aboutmatching three or more dragons in the city and evolve into thegreatest dragons world in this age. Combine and transform this nestof flying dragons to their destination. It’s time for Triple DragonEvolution. Let's merge them and grow!We introduce you TD, one ofthe best match 3 games online right now, with lots of challengesand the greatest puzzle game adventures. Merge and grow theseflying dragons world citizens and be part of this very addictivecity. Combine and turn the fallen town back into an amazing city.Can you reach the castle on top of the world? Train your dragon bymatching three or more of them and grow into the nexttransformation. It’s your turn in this original puzzle game, one ofthe most exciting TD dragon games to play in this age!Triple DragonEvolution has some unique features that you can enjoy. We releasesome of the most amazing things to use in this wonderland to mergeall of them.ADDICTING PUZZLE GAMETransform flying dragons into evenmore amazing creatures. Can you even believe what’s comingout?ORIGINAL TRIPLE DRAGON EVOLUTIONStart with eggs, grow bluedragons and turn them into any cute monster! Transform and mergeeggs in this nest into the greatest family ever seen in the dragonsworld.FACEBOOK FRIENDSConnect to Facebook and enjoy TD with manybenefits with friends. Send gifts, receive lives and help friendsthrough the triple city. Combine and transform faster than yourfriends!Triple Dragon Evolution invites you to combine and grow aflying dragons family. Take them out of their nest and train yourdragon in the TD field until it turns into some epic cute monster.The greatest experience for you as a player by matching three ormore and triple their abilities. Go into their town and get thecity back together. This original puzzle game is ready for sometriple dragon evolution action! Enter the dragons world now andmerge!Having fun with TD? Share it with a review! Follow us onFacebook for the latest news andupdates:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVGInstagram:Follow usnow: https://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg
Halloween Monsters: Match 3 11.300.12
So SPOOKY! It’s time for a real halloween party with magic PUMPKIN,spooky jewels and mysterious skulls! Imagine the scary masks anddark fantasy. Feel the fright, feel enchanted and SCREAM! Wear yourperfect costume and enter the grave of the vampire. Start thismatch 3 puzzle game experience today and be spellbound until thecandy HALLOWEEN PARTY is over! This casual match 3 puzzle game isall about, dohh, Halloween Monsters. It’s a brain teaser of thehighest standards that you need to finish. Use magic boostersduring the scary journey through this creepy kingdom. It can bedark out there, use the moon to find your way through. Get yourhalloween CANDY resources and make the pumpkin thrill happen. Swapthose spooky jewels and win the game. Will you be HAUNTED by themonsters and end up in the tombstone, or will you survive the magicFRIGHT night and play trick or treat again with your screamingfriends? Conquer the zombies and spiders in this matching game,don’t become one of those scary haunted pumpkin. HalloweenMonsters: Match 3 - Enjoy the amazingly rare ENCHANTED gameplay -Play with SPOOKY JEWELS & Candy Skulls - Listen to SCARY soundsof dead & blood - Travel during this journey through HAUNTEDplaces - Use MAGIC boosters and beat your CREEPY friends Play thisbrain teaser match 3 puzzle game with your friends! Feel enchantedduring your journey through the mysterious kingdom. Halloween candyis all over it, waiting for you and your dark magic fellows.Release the monster in yourself and be scary and creepy here. Fityour pumpkin costume and match 3 or more halloween monsters! Usemagic boosters to thrill the rankings, become spellbound around themoon! Play with the spooky jewels like you never did before! Thisgame includes EPIC sound effects, that might make you feel frightand scary! Listen to the music and experience the creepy gravemoments within this mighty magic ghost town. Travel through thehaunted kingdom full of tombstones, skulls, pumpkin and spookyjewels. Overcome the different challenges including to get the mostcandy in town and moves/time limit levels! Be ready and enchantedin this ghost town experience with the scary but most epichalloween monsters in the whole kingdom. Let the magic happen withthe pumpkin jack booster and use your fantasy and imagination. Thismatch 3 game is epic to play, you better start playing the spookyjewels now! Scream out loud, it’s zombie time! You can support ourHalloween Monsters: Match 3 game by giving a positive review. Welove that! We also love candy. Follow us here:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG NOTE: Our game is completelyfree to play, but some in-game elements such as lives or gold mayrequire payment. Instagram: Follow us now:https://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg
Harvest Hero - Free Match 3 Games 9.360.24
Harvest Hero is a charming match 3 puzzle game with lots ofchallenging levels! Explore the hay scapes around the farm withamazing boosters and win!Why would you download Harvest Hero?•Fresh and colorful match 3 puzzles• Challenging and unique leveldesign• Easy to learn, but hard to master• Multiple languagesavailable to play• Optional Facebook connection for free gifts andleaderboards• Swipe hay, veggies, fruits, eggs and many more!GET ONAN ADVENTURE AROUND THE FARMBecome the best sweeper at the farm.Make lines of 3 or more to clear the board. Matching 4 or 5 itemsin line will create various special effects. All charms arevegetables like crops, onions, carrots, tomatoes, corn and manymore. TIME TO HARVEST LIKE A HEROBlast veggies and fruits in thegarden around the farm. Heroes are born on the farm! Classicmatching games like Harvest Hero are hard to find these days. Itdoesn't need your friends to continue playing, you can just play aslong as you want! Everyone looks for a relaxing casual match 3 gamelike this.Stop matching sweet treats, candy or cookies.. it's timefor healthy fruits and vegetables! Fresh colors and challenginglevels will give you the best story. Explore the scapes around thefarm now and match some hay and fruits together. Let's go!
Jurassic Dino Digger Dash 1.3
Special treasures? Where? I only need to succeed in this watergame? That sounds like an amazing puzzle adventure for dinosaurlovers like me. Let’s play! RAWR!Dig your way through the jurassicwonderland of dinosaur games. Dino Digger is here for you and fullof diamond and special treasures. RAWR! Your duty will be mining.Mining until the aqua juice is on the bottom. Collect 3 stars oneach gold level to become the best miner ever seen. Gemseverywhere, dig your way to them!Control the flow in this dinodigger dash water game. Match each equal diamond and pop them offthe field. Remove stones so the water can float down. Miningthrough the wonderland of jurassic dino digger dash. Dirt isnothing to you, stones can be harder. Collect eggs and splashtablets. Pop on different diamond gems and free the water, let itfloat juicy. RAWR!Jurassic Dino Digger Dash Features:+ Wonderlandof Dinosaur Games+ Match 3 Or More+ Mining Diamond & SpecialTreasures+ Dig Your Way For Water Game+ RAWREnter the wonderland ofdinosaur games by playing Jurassic Dino Digger Dash. You need tomatch 3 or more equal diamonds and pop them. They disappear and theaqua juice will continue floating. Your duty is mining diamond andspecial treasures to gain points and stars. You’re the miner here,right? Dig your way through the gold it so the water will find itsway also.Jurassic Dino Digger Dash, it can be the number one indinosaur games available. You can be the digger of all dreams, theminer with the biggest special gold treasure. Get all diamond andfree the captured tablets. And now? I guess it’s time to play withdinosaur. RAWR!Do you like playing our games? Support us by ratingour game or like us onFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVGInstagram:Follow usnow: https://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvgRAWR.
Ocean Splash - Match 3 Adventure World
Ocean Splash: Epic Jelly Fish is a very addictive chain reactionpuzzle game. You need to match 3 or more and connect them in aline. Play your way through the ocean with the help of our belovedmermaid around atlantis, the hidden city in the sea. It’s fun toplay, combine all jelly fish in a row and connect in a line.Adorable and epic jelly fish heroes are ready for some ocean splashaction. Are you ready to match 3 or more and connect for an amazingchain reaction?Embrace your challenge and free the captured fishesfrom the monsters in the sea. Play with friends and save the marineanimals as your duty. This line puzzle game only starts now, beprepared for this very addictive line puzzle game.Hightlights ofOcean Splash:+ Adorable & Amazing World Map+ Boosters ->Line Puzzle Game With Power Ups+ Epic Jelly Fish Colors+ Play WithFriends -> Facebook Connect+ Easy To Learn, Hard To MasterJumpinto the water of the sea and enjoy the adorable and amazingunderwater world of Atlantis. Combine, swap and splash your marinefriends, connect every epic jelly fish in the sea and win thechallenge with an amazing chain reaction. Use boosters during youradventure to complete quests that are hard to succeed. The lovelymermaid is on your side to support you mentally. No monsters willswitch to your screen, only lovely epic jelly fish friends. Match 3or more and start a chain reaction of juicy blasts. Free thecaptured fishes from the monsters of the sea, enjoy ocean splash tothe fullest!Get ready to start the new adventure -> OceanSplash: Epic Jelly Fish. It’s up to you now. Combine, connect andfree the captured fishes as your duty. Match 3 in a row or more andstart an epic chain reaction. Play friends friends in this linepuzzle game, swap the screen and play your way through thisatlantis underwater world. Splash! Adorable!Support us and followus by liking our Facebook page:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVGInstagram:Follow us now:https://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg
Birds: Free Match 3 Games 11.820.29
Birds is a cute and addictive birds match 3 puzzle game that youcan enjoy playing for hours. Rescue the birds and make them happy!Match 3, 4 or 5 in a row to create special combo's and boosters forhuge effects and win! Let’s enjoy hours of endless fun in thispuzzle adventure. You can fly away and flap with all the differentwildlife birds to the most beautiful destinations. While you’reenjoying amazing bird sounds! Join our world of birds and win match3 puzzle games in this bird land. Features: - Amazing world mapwith wildlife - Facebook connection for friends and high scores -Enormous amount of levels to play - Swap, flap and tap the birds -Classic match 3 puzzle video games gameplay - Free match 3 games toplay Help us by rating our match 3 games with a lot of stars. Youcan also follow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Clash of Cards - Classic Solitaire Games Tripeaks 11.800.39
Clash of Cards, it’s time to make this solitaire card game yourpersonal daily challenge! Explore the tripeaks deck in our ancientwonderland. Your job? Match a card in this classic matching gameand use the joker when you need to. Remove all cards from thepyramid table and you’ll win! Start playing Clash of Cards:Solitaire NOW.YOUR DAILY CHALLENGE+ Explore All Ancient WonderlandCampaigns+ Classic Solitaire Card Game Experience+ Pyramid orTriPeaks Gameplay+ Trigger Boosters On The Deck+ Daily Challenge,Daily FunEnter our magical ancient wonderland and explore all thecampaigns. Many levels are ready for you, remove all cards duringthis classic solitaire card game experience. Use the joker, use thedeck, win this clash of cards pack. The gameplay is known aspyramid or TriPeaks, but we have a unique flavour. Do you best andtrigger boosters to complete the deck. Will this be your dailychallenge from now on?How To Play?You’ll have a deck with cardsthat you can use in your mission to clear the field. Match a cardwith the next or previous card. For example, remove all cards fromthe field. A king can be removed by using a queen or an ace. Usejokers and boosters when you’re so close but almost out of moves!The pyramid or TriPeaks have no mercy. Learn the basics of the gameinside.CLASH OF CARDSExplore the ancient wonderland and finish alllevels. Can you make it to the end?PYRAMID OR TRIPEAKS?Thisgameplay is known as the TriPeaks or pyramid gameplay, but most ofall it’s solitaire.ANCIENT WONDERLAND CARD GAMELove the graphicsand gameplay in this classic solitaire matching game. It’sbeautiful!DAILY CHALLENGEYou can come everyday to improve yourscores and win new levels. Complete all campaigns!This puzzle gameis free to play but some in-game items may require payment withreal money. Support this game by giving us a positive review and /or rating. Like us for the latestnews:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVGInstagram:Follow us now:https://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg
Fluffy PJ Trolls Friends: Match 3 Puzzle Game 11.700.26
Welcome in the crazy puzzle party of plush! This dream forest isfull of walking pet and you can find fluffy doll friends foreverhere. The new acres are ready to pop and you are the only one thatis good enough to win all match 3 games! Don’t trolls them, thewildlife can react grumpy.. ;) Many challenges are waiting to trollin the dream forest of the walking pet friends. Pop with plush andwin all match 3 games possible! The fluffy doll friends forever arehappy animals to see you and they get excited! No walking pet hasever regret the new acres of happiness. Score a certain amount ofpoints, swap bomb in the dream forest, explore the crazy puzzleparty and pop with plush pets! Features: + Many challenges andgreat match 3 games + Beautiful dream forest full of fluffy dollfriends + Pop with plush on the new acres + Enjoy a crazy puzzleparty with friends from Facebook + Swap bomb or plush to troll themThe dream forest is full of challenges that you really need toplay! Exciting match 3 games all around the new acres, full ofwalking pet friends as wildlife animals. Pop the plush creaturesand create a crazy puzzle party that you will remember for years!Don’t troll the fluffy doll friends forever, they will catch youback. Or they will work against you and swap bomb into your newacres. Let’s pop the plush and make the dream forest happy again!Win all match 3 games and you will become the best fluffy dollfriends forever! Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars.You can also follow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Arabian Nights: Bubble Shooter 7.120.13
BUBBLE POP GAMEWelcome to the most magic bubble shooter gameonline. Shoot bubbles for our genie, with his magic lamp. Aim yourarrow on your target and become a shooting star from your dreamsduring the famous Arabian nights. Burst high with a pinball gamefor bonus! Do you satisfy our spirit?Arabian Nights Features:♦ 99+Bubble Shooter Free Levels♦ Pinball Game For Bonus Points♦ BubbleCharacter: Pop Bubbles♦ Special Balloon Bomb Powers♦ Matching WithFriends Through FacebookEnter the world of all arabian nights andlet our genie spirit be your bubble shooter game guide. His geniemagic lamp will be our cannon, shoot bubbles on your target and useyour arrow like a jinn. Pop all ‘matching with friends’ bubbleswith one big balloon burst and reach the target score. More than 99shoot bubble games are ready to match some balloon bubbles. Achievea pinball game for arcade bonus points that pops score even higher!Use the flipper well, you have a flipper on both sides to let themagic happen and become a shooting star. The pinball game for thearabian nights pops it all!Start matching with friends! Match 3 ormore bubbles to pop them out, make sure that you target well,genie. Red with red, blue with blue like a real matching colorgame. But what’s that? The jinn uses magic bombs to make it evenharder to pop all bubbles fast! Take enough time in this bubbleshooter game to achieve the required stars and match colors likeit’s rainbow time. Target to burst perfectly with our genie magiclamp and let bubbles fall into the highest pots. The more ballsfall, the more bubbles you have in pinball game for bonus points topop with your flipper. You can connect in this arabian nightsbubble shooter game with Facebook to start matching with friends.The arabian nights were never that close like in this bubbleshooter game. Join the genie magic lamp and win!If you want to knowthe latest news and games, you can follow us here:Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVGInstagram:Follow us now:https://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg
Pirate Treasures - Jewel & Gems Puzzle Pop 1.1
Jewel Pirate is one of the most amazing diamonds matching games andpirate games online full of jewels! Can you help the water goingthrough beneath the hidden treasures? You need to tap the gems tomake sure that you as gem miner will succeed in your mission tofree the captured digger treasures. Shuffle the gems and steal thetreasures!Diamonds, diamonds, three in a row. JEWELS EVERYWHERE.Youcan see this as a very addictive match-3 game, but it’s not thelike the usual. This is not a classic matching game with jewels,it’s a new born PUZZLE ADVENTURE! Grow in your role as a real JEWELpirate on treasure island. You are the gem miner that should tapthe gems in this dig game. Get your digger treasures ship with flagand make it through endless PIRATE games full of amazing puzzleadventures.Jewel Pirate Features:+ Amazing Hidden TreasureWonderland+ Different Than Classic Match 3+ Become The UltimateStar As A Jewel Pirate+ More Than 100 Puzzle AdventuresFeel like areal jewel pirate in this amazingly beautiful treasure island, ajewels wonderland that’s the dream of many people. Get the boat andsail through the islands. You can do that in your dreams, but nowyou can also do it on the dash! Explore the amazing hidden treasurewonderland, that’s full of sparkling diamonds. No swipe, no swap,no shuffle. Tap the gems during this matching game. It’s not likethe usual match 3 pirate games, it’s even better! There are manypuzzle adventures on this treasure island, just waiting for you tobe explored. Have you enough skills to succeed as gem miner in thisjewels dig game? Become the ultimate star as a jewel pirate of thisisland and help the water through the dash. Free the captureddiamonds and WIN.Support ‘Jewel Pirate’ by giving many stars. Youcan also like our Facebookpage:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVGInstagram:Follow us now:https://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg
Harvest Hero 2: Farm Swap 9.420.27
Heroes, it is time for harvesting in this crazy farm fruit gardenfull of coloring vegetables. The wildlife is going like a maniawith farming here. Harvest Hero 2: Farm Swap is one of the greatestfunny farm games online and full of various puzzles and quests.Coloring vegetables is fun to match and harvesting wildlife itemsis super! Will you be a legend in this match 3 puzzle game?Experience the super vegetables in the crazy farm fruit garden andswap like the greatest harvest hero ever!Be ready for 2017 heroes,it’s time for farming and harvesting veggies and wildlife. Swapcoloring vegetables as a legend and start the mania now. It’s funto match in various puzzles and quests and super addictive! Do youhave the needed skills for the crazy farm fruit garden?Harvest Hero2: Farm Swap:+ Various Puzzles and Quests+ Fun To Match ColoringVegetables+ Crazy Farm Fruit Garden World+ Swap And Match 3 PuzzleGame+ Become Heroes of Funny Farm GamesWill you become the bestprofessional farmer in 2016, or the runner up professional farmerin the mania of 2017? Train your farming skills in super funny farmgames and have fun to match coloring veggies and harvestingwildlife. The crazy farm fruit garden heroes are ready for somecompany of a real harvest hero in this match 3 puzzle game. Let’sswap some veggies, heroes!As a upcoming legend, you need to havefun to match super veggies in the crazy farm fruit garden. Be theharvest hero that’s needed to be on top of the charts, legend.Start harvesting wildlife, playing with super veggies and farmingvegetables and fruits. This match 3 puzzle game is your perfectmania to practice. Enjoy and become a professional farmer in 2016or 2017.Start to swap and match 3 puzzle game elements in funnyfarm games like this. You can be the legend, but you have to do ityourself. Succes, match and feel like super heroes! Harvesting andfarming is the only job you have. Become harvest hero!Help us byrating our game with a lot of stars. You can also follow us onFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVGNote: This game iscompletely free to play, but some items such as lives and gold canrequire real payment.Instagram:Follow us now:https://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg
Forest Animals Photo Adventure 1.5
Welcome to the forest animals story. Join Annon her journey through the woods of blossom, trying to catch a picof all the wild animals that you will run into. Ann is a good girlfrom scouting, daughter of the forester, and knows the riddles ofthe wilderness because of her scouts school adventure. She ran intodifferent funny animals already, for example a fox, owl, duck,bunny and even a crocodile! Ann tells her story often to kids fromscouting, they love exploring the woods of blossom too!You can join Ann in this matching game and make pictures of allsort of cute animals in the wilderness. All you need in this photogame is mastering of the camera and some match 3 puzzle skills.Come and learn this scouting matching game with Ann, ran intodifferent wildlife like a bird, frog, squirtle or fox in thisamazing forest life photo adventure. Ready to match 3 or more wildanimals and take a picture?Forest Animals Photo Adventure:- Wildlife picture game: meet like fox, duck, bunny orcrocodile!- Swap forest animals and match 3 or more in this mania!- Woods of blossom: perfect game for kids that love pets!- Many levels for exploring and mastering the wilderness withAnnThis photo adventure is the scouting journey that many guys andgirls are dreaming about. Every kid loves pets and wild animals,and now you can go on this trip to the woods of blossom and startexploring wildlife in the wilderness yourself during this matchinggame. The forester allows you to go into the forest animals areaand try to catch some pics of a fox, camel, frog, bunny or bird.Who knows what you can spot when mastering your match 3 puzzleskills. This match game suits the dreams of all scouts and kids.Playing in the woods of blossom watching forest animals mania andwildlife instead of home pets. Go on this puzzle adventure, it’sfunny! Bunny!How To Play:This match 3 puzzle game is a matching game first class. Join Annand go into the forest animals mania. Follow her scouting rules andmake pictures of all duck, fox, frog, bird or crocodile that youmeet during this journey. Swap and match 3 or more while exploringand mastering your wildlife photo adventure. Enjoy and havefun!Follow us here:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVGNOTE: Forest Animals Photo Adventure is completely free to play,but some in-game elements such as lives or gold may requirepayment.
Candy Legend 2.6
Become The Legend Of Bubbles!Welcome to this sweet candy shootgame. Delicious POP! Can you protect the jelly sugar paradise fromthe evil Hungry Harry? Rescue all the jelly marbles from theirfinal splash, connect the candy pop and start a sugar chain. Becomethe number one legend of bubbles within Candy Legend paradise.Imagine, would you save your marble cookie during war?SweetFeatures:★★★★★ Delicious Jelly Graphics★★★★★ Play With Friends-> Facebook Integration★★★★★ Booster Blast -> SparklingPastry Powerups★★★★★ 99+ Marble Jelly ChallengesA hero of bubbleswill be born soon in Candy Legend paradise to win the war. Matchingsugar, matching muffins, connect the candy shoot game elements foran epic chain mars. Match 3 or more to make them blast away. Allpastry bubbles should be removed to complete the pop quest andreceive free mars boosters. Delicious! Protect the paradise fromevil Hungry Harry and save your cookie during this marble war!PLAYWITH FRIENDS IN CANDY LEGENDYou can sign in with Facebook toreceive daily bonus, send lives and compare your scores withfriends. Play with friends and become the hero of bubbles in theuniverse, from mars to earth!CONNECT THE CANDY POP IN A DELICIOUSWAYControl the Jellion and aim on the jelly bubbles. Match 3 ormore, set up a cookie chain and concoct delicious wins.SWEET CANDYSHOOT GAME SOUNDSShoot bubbles of sweets and cookie, enjoy the cutesounds. The Jellion loves a muffin, get them for him! “Woooah, amuffin!”SWEET BLAST MUFFIN PRESENTSComplete quests in Candy Legendparadise and receive free boosters / power ups. Match 3 or more andblast sweets away in a chain! Delicious POP!What to do now?Startyour cute journey. Become the hero of bubbles of this sweet candyshoot game. Connect the candy in a way that no one can challenge.Match 3 or more marble sweets in this candy legend paradise. Aimwith the Jellion on the jelly marbles and blast them. Play withfriends to challenge even more and win the quests to receive freeboosters. Splash! Delicious chain, protect the cookie paradise fromevil Hungry Harry. Win the war!Support us by giving Candy Legend apositive rating & review. Follow us for the latest news andgames:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVGInstagram:Follow us now:https://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg
Unicorn Forest Fruit Match 3 8.380.12
Do you love unicorns? We do! Let's help in unicorn forest withspecial and fun to play match-3 levels. This puzzle is yours!Dashcascades of the finest charms in unicorn games like unicorn forest:match 3 puzzle. This free travel through the unicorn forest of theflying horse is an amazing and exciting adventure travel wheresolving every match 3 puzzle is the main thing to do. Enjoycascades and the finest charms and dash them all!Features ofunicorn forest:+ Easy to learn, hard to master+ One of the finestunicorns charms of all unicorn games+ Connect with Facebook to playwith friends and family+ Solving every match 3 puzzle in this freeadventure travel+ Great unicorn games for kids and children too+Super fun match 3 puzzle to train your brain gamesPerfect game forkids? It has perfect unicorns, but the game is easy to learn andhard to master. A great challenge to everyone! Experience theadventure travel with a flying horse in all kind of challengingunicorn games in this match 3 puzzle game. Dash cascades of thefinest charms and start solving all puzzles in the unicornforest.Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars. You can alsofollow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Gem Rescue: Save My Gold 1.5
Start your GOLD mine journey now! Take a look at the treasure map,go in your mine cart and gather all DIAMONDS during this puzzleadventure. Use fireworks and get gems, be the real nuggets deal inthis GEM RESCUE game: Save My Gold. Make sure our little girl gettheir diamond gems from daddy.Gem Rescue Game Features:♦ 99+ LevelsAlready♦ Special Boosters To Save My Gold♦ Social Integration ofFacebook & Google♦ Daily Gifts, Play With FRIENDS & More♦Challenging To Master, Quite Easy To Learn♦ Eye-catching &Colorful Nuggets Treasure MapYou need to MATCH two, three or moreis even better, treasure blocks of the same color to remove them.SAVE my gold and start your gem rescue game & PUZZLE ADVENTURE.Already more than 99 levels are waiting for you in our gold minerjourney. Check this nuggets treasure map of Gem Rescue town andsave my gold by tap the diamonds blocks. Remove nuggets withFIREWORKS if you collect enough stars. All diamonds want out;rescue me, rescue me! TAP the diamonds and load all gems in yourmine cart. This match 2 puzzle game is ready for the next king orqueen. Match three or more diamonds blocks is even better. Benefitfrom social integration with Facebook and Google. Get DAILY BONUS,invite friends, send gifts, follow friends’ progress and more. Youcan play with friends to make it more easy to learn for yourself.Use special BOOSTERS, save my gold nuggets as a real gold miner.Start the journey of your dreams, become king or queen ofdiamonds.Enter this gem rescue game, even the treasure map is fullof nuggets; COLORFUL and eye-catching! Your mission is to SAVE mygold, but it’s not online mine. It’s for the little girl, make herproud! The diamonds are screaming ‘Rescue me!’, you can’t leavethree or more unanswered. Not even one gem rescue DIAMOND should beuntouched. Tap the diamonds and put them in your mine cart, goldminer. Use fireworks, gems and special boosters to succeed!Inviteand play with friends, benefit both and make it to the top. Acceptthe challenge in this amazing puzzle adventure. This puzzle gamewill make your day!Support us by rating our game! If you want toknow our latest news and coolestgames:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVGInstagram:Follow us now:https://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg
Flower Blossom Jam - Fun Match 3 & Free Match Game 11.600.21
Happy to see you in the colorful flower shop of Tailor. This flowergirl has a flower shop that needs some gardening to bloom and growcolorful flowers. Help the florist in the spring with match-3 andswap lots of weeds in a blossom jam chain! Link colorful flowersand reap the greatest together. An oriental blossom swap is readyto continue. Help Tailor in her flower shop and feel happy andbloom! Summer vacation deserves some great and colorful bloom. Timefor a flower power chain! Help Tailor out and finish all the tasksin the garden.Tailor has a flower shop in a flower garden foryears, but now she needs some help during the summer vacation. Growcolorful flowers fast and gardening weeds takes time while she reapin the spring. Flower power is necessary to bloom in a perfect way.Escape from reality and help Tailor in her flower shop. Will youstart the blossom jam chain for this flower shop? Help the florist,match-3 or swap flowers and bloom this blossom jam! Red, blue,green, yellow, orange or rainbow!The blossom jam flower shop ofTailor needs gardening to grow colorful flowers. Reap the weeds tobloom in a magical way. Flower power is almost there, all you needto do is help the florist. Why is this blossom jam flower shop soaddictive?✿ Lovely flower girl with flower powerTailor is adedicated florist and is addicted to swap and link to grow colorfulflowers. Help Tailor out and finish all the tasks in the garden!✿Challenging gameplay to escape reality with match-3Grow colorfulflowers by match-3 or swap blossom jam objects. Link the mostbeautiful weeds.✿ Escape reality with flower powerEnjoy the summervacation with oriental blossom jam chain. Link and bloom weeds forthe flower girl, help the florist in the garden. Red, blue, green,yellow, orange or rainbow!✿ Share scores and bloom on Facebook withfriendsMake a chain for the flower shop and help tailor to finishall the tasks. This blossom jam is coming to spring.Tailor is readyto get some friends to help the florist. Swap and match-3 deliciousweeds, remove the dirt and spring a bloom or blossom jam in thegarden. Link crazy flowers. Red, blue, green, yellow, orange orrainbow!The rainbow chain of plants is ready to bloom. Link now andescape reality with crazy flower power!Help Tailor by rating herblossom jam flower shop with a lot of stars. Thanks for playing andhave fun long time!Follow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Euro Soccer Tournament - Match 3 Puzzle Game 7.100.6
Welcome to Euro from the makers of Frozen Fairy: Match 3 cascade,one of the greatest soccer match 3 games of the year. Be part ofyour dream and team in the league for becoming champion in Paris,France. Score a goal hattrick with balls and be the soccer starhero of the stadium in Euro Soccer 2017. ⛹The Euro is happening inFrance, the place to be during the soccer 2017 matchcentre. Do somegreat soccer match 3 gameplay and score a goal hattrick with ballsin this very addictive puzzle game! You’ll be the hero in Paris,France and take the cup home The hero of the champion dream andteam in the league.The whole stadium full of fans will explode ofhappiness and fun! Become champion and soccer star for yourcountry, no matter if it’s France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Belgium,Italy, Portugal, England or any other participant. You’re thecollector of stars to become hero of the stadium when you score agoal hattrick with balls for your dream and team in the league!Take the cup home in this soccer match 3 game, an amazing but veryaddictive puzzle game!Euro:- Multi Language: English, Dutch,German, Russian, French and Spanish- Many Challenging Levels inthis Soccer Match 3 Game in Stadium, League, Dream and Team of2017- Support your favorite Dream and Team in the League: France,Spain, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, England or anyother- Score a Goal Hattrick and be Hero and Champion Soccer Star-Super Exciting Soccer 2017 Gameplay Experience- Amazing and VeryAddictive Puzzle GamePlay Euro: Soccer Match 3 with your friendsand family. Connect with Facebook and send free gifts! It doesn’tmatter if you support France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Belgium,Italy, Portugal, England or any other participating country. Youcan all be champion in this league with the team of your dream inthis amazing and very addictive puzzle game. Take the cup home!Enter the stadium in Paris or any other stadium in the league andbecome the soccer star hero! Play with soccer match 3 balls, match3 or more in a row and win the champion cup in this Euro SoccerMatch 3 puzzle game in 2017.
Marble Farm 1.1
It’s 2015. The marble farm life is ON, and you can join this puzzleadventure soon. Stop the raccoon from stealing our vegetables, he’sa bad raccoon. All marbles are treasures to us in this classicmatching game. The marble farm thief needs to be stopped beforewe’re running out of food. Will you join? Please help us with ourexclusive marbles.Marble Farm Thief 2015 Features:+ More Than 99Playgrounds+ Farm Thief Family Membership+ Raccoon+ ExclusiveMarble Mania Farm Marbles+ Classic Matching Game Puzzle Adventure+Evil RaccoonWalk upon the marble mania playground and stop theraccoon like the real thief in 2015. You have more than 99playgrounds to show the exclusive family your skills. Don’t panicif you don’t make it once, real thiefs will solve it anyway. Thisclassic matching game puzzle adventure is about to get real. Theraccoon is the marble farm thief alias bad guy. You are the goodguy, what means that the marbles will stay because we have faith.Defeat the evil raccoon when you play with exclusive and deliciousmarble mania farm marbles.MARBLE FARM THIEF 2015The ranch is there.An evil raccoon is watching the puzzle adventure place, looking forveggies for an epic classic matching game. Talks to his farm thieffriends about how to get the treasures. Now we would love you tojoin us, protect the vegetables against real marble farm thiefs in2015. This classic matching game is the puzzle adventure thatyou’ve been looking for. Marble games to become legend. What willyou become in this exclusive marbles wonderland? Support us byrating our marbles game positively, we love stars. For our latestgossips:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVGInstagram:Follow usnow: https://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg
Gem Havoc: Diamond Adventure 1.4
Welcome to Gem Havoc, the most epic match 3 puzzle adventure tomatch tiles. Battle, duel and become real heroes of strategiccombat. Make different combinations and defeat evil monsters duringthis diamond puzzle. Win the last epic boss fight or win during anonline duel match. Collect every diamond gem during this addictiveonline duel match.Gem Havoc Features:+ Challenging Strategic CombatLevels+ Match 3 Puzzle Adventure+ Battle And Compete With Friends+Story Mode, Arcade Mode & Multiplayer+ Defeat Evil MonstersTheworld of Gem Havoc is full of formal heroes but they became bad andmonsters. You’re the only one left and need to defeat evil monsterswith matching tiles moves. Collect every diamond gem and makedifferent combinations to attack, defend and heal. A very addictiveand epic war is coming on, heroes! Enter the strategic combatlevels of this match 3 puzzle adventure and battle against peopleall over the world or compete with friends in a personal duel. TheGem Havoc wonderland diamonds has never been more epic andaddictive before. Write your own heroes story by winning each bossfight and grow into the sky.How To Play:Swipe and match 3 or moretiles to (special) attack, defend, heal or charge yourself. Thebattle is on as long as it needs. Gem Havoc is an endless strategiccombat full of epic heroes who became bad one day. Become betterduring every boss fight while making different combinations withall gem and diamond. Upgrade your character in an epic way and makesure it’s ready to defeat evil monsters with strategic combatmoves. Are you ready now?Support our games by giving us goodratings. Also you can like us onFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVGInstagram:Follow usnow: https://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg
Cake Splash: Sweet Bakery 7.120.4
Look at this sweet cake splash, full of candy pop sweets. Connectthe candy cupcake in this line puzzle game and win! Start a chainand candy pop explosion. Join the cook in his sweet bakery andcombine everything! Win this candy puzzle game!Cake SplashFeatures:+ More Than 99 Delicious Levels+ Sweet Bakery World Map+Candy Match ReactionS+ Cake Splash Blast AdventureCONNECT THECANDYGet in the cook’s seat and connect the candy. Make thegreatest cupcake and most delicious candy pop happening.CREATE ACHAINEnter this sweet cake splash and start a chain full ofmouthwatering sweets, include each cookie and bakery cupcake andwatch an amazingly sweet reaction.CANDY PUZZLE GAME FOR KIDSIt’ssimple to learn, but can be hard to master. This is why it’s aperfect candy puzzle game for kids. Everyone will be able to swap,switch sweets and make a bakery blast.COOKIE, CUPCAKE, COLORCOMBINEStart the line puzzle game, combine every cookie / cupcakeor color and win the match 3 contest.Join the cook in this linepuzzle game full of candy pop practices. Combine and swap until youmatch 3 or more sweets in the right way. Manage a reaction full ofcolor in our sweet bakery. Match 3 or more sweets in the bakery andmake the cook happy, connect the candy in this candy puzzle game.If you fail, the cook won’t be that happy.. maybe evendisappointed. You don’t want a jelly chain mess, but you do want anepic candy pop adventure. Match the sweets, connect the candy andwin a blast in this sweet cake splash with a jelly chain.The sweetsline puzzle game ‘Cake Splash: Sweet Bakery’ is online and now openfor fun. Help the cook with his sweet cake splash contest. Sign inwith Facebook and play with friends, send gifts to each other andwin together in this candy puzzle game. Matching candies like areal cook in this cupcake matching game. SWEET WIN and deliciousmoments to remember forever! Can you play with friends and becomecook hero?Support Cake Splash: Sweet Bakery by giving us a positivereview and rating, we would appreciate it. Follow ushere:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVGInstagram:Follow us now:https://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg
Solitaire: Frozen Dream Forest 11.840.21
Welcome and explore ‘Solitaire: Frozen Dream Forest’ as theultimate pyramid tripeaks card game now! Get into this new dailychallenge in an ancient frozen wonderland and shuffle. The wildlifeis hiding for the snow, waiting for your help to come by! Classicmatching cards is your job for the animals during the journeythrough the frozen dream forest. Climb the pyramid of cardadventures and overcome every shuffle obstacle. Welcome in thedaily challenge of Solitaire: frozen dream forest!Main features ofthis addictive card game:+ Pyramid or tripeaks gameplay+ Explorethe ancient wonderland in the frozen dream forest solitaire+ Easyto learn gameplay, but hard to master for getting all stars+Connect with Facebook for fun with friends+ Shuffle and match epiccards in this card gameEnjoy one of the best and popular card gamesonline! The frozen dream forest of solitaire is full of animals,hidden for the snow and cold ice. Can you rescue the animals fromthe frozen cards and shuffle the sun back? It's easy to learn buthard to master. Connect with Facebook friends and have fun andbenefits like sending gifts and more! The pyramid or tripeaksgameplay is popular for everyone that likes solitaire. Start toshuffle now and do classic matching actions with all cards in thiscard game adventure!How to play:Your deck of cards is full of king,queen, ace or numbers, and you need to match them. Get into achallenge for the animals in the frozen dream forest and win thesolitaire card game for them! The wildlife will be thankful foryour puzzle game skills. Let's do this! NOTE: This solitaire puzzlegame is free to play but some in-game items may require paymentwith real money. Support us by giving us a positive review and / orrating. Like us for the latestnews:https://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Capitalist Millionaire Match 3 7.280.11
Welcome to the money match 3 puzzle adventure in this amazingtycoon. Become the capitalist millionaire of your dreams bycollecting all diamonds and cash coins. Can you dash the gold rushand live the dream for going to the shopping mall? Start clickingnow and make cash coins as much as possible. Let’s match 3!What isso cool in capitalist millionaire?+ An amazing money match 3 puzzleadventure+ An exciting gold rush to collect diamonds and cashcoins+ A tycoon for capitalist millionaire lovers+ A great way toplay with friends from FacebookYou can enjoy the newest features incapitalist millionaire. Have a wonderful and colorful time in thismoney match 3 puzzle adventure by matching, swiping and switchenthe greatest gold rush objects. Collect diamonds and cash coins toearn the highest score. Connect your game to Facebook to play withand against your best friends and family. Lovers of this game willsay it is amazing and a great way to spend free time. Collectdiamonds and cash coins is fun to do and the colorful and amazingeffects are worth it! It can be hard to master, but at first itwill be easy to learn how to play.You need to match 3 or moreobjects about money during the gold rush. Find your way through thelevels of this puzzle adventure and become the biggest capitalistmillionaire in the city. The shopping mall will be affordable withall the money match 3 high scores that you achieved. Start tocollect diamonds and cash coins now and win!Help us by rating ourgame with a lot of stars. You can also follow us onFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Finding Fish Crush - Match 3 Puzzle Game 7.300.7
Welcome to Finding Fish Crush, the ultimate sea adventure aboutseashells and cute fish! Start the mania of ocean animals andmarine reef wildlife. Let’s match 3 or more cute fish in a row andcollect all seashells from the board. Can you succeed the findingfish frenzy and collect all seashells in the aqua world? It’sshowtime in this puzzle adventure!Finding Fish Crush:+ AddictiveMatch 3 Sea Adventure+ Fish Frenzy Mania+ Cute Fish &Seashells+ Aqua Marine Wildlife+ Facebook Friends ConnectionInstallnow and experience the addictive match 3 sea adventure yourself.The mania is full of cute fish and seashells for you to find. Gointo the reef of aqua marine and explore the wildlife of the seaadventure.Invite your friends into this amazing match 3 puzzleadventure and escape from reality. Play together and collect allseashells that are possible. Can you get them all? Enjoy super cutefish and win the Finding Fish Frenzy!Start the mania of wildlifewith your friends and enjoy free time like never before. Popular toplay and even easy to learn. This puzzle game is the perfect gamefor kids. Have fun with hours of gameplay with cute fish andseashells. Have fun now every day with Finding Fish, your numberone daily challenge in this sea adventure puzzle!Help us by ratingour game with a lot of stars. You can also follow us onFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Sweet Jelly Jam Blast: Match 3 7.220.4
Welcome to jelly jam splash, one of the most delicious and tastymatch 3 puzzle games for you. Crush all the sweet candy and caramelbefore the soda takes over. This gummy game is breathtaking andwill take you into a wonderland that’s going to be your new crush!Make a trio of strawberry sweets and make them happy faces. Thesweet candy is tasty and juicy for you. Will you match 3 or moreand make a trio to blast and crush? Join jelly jam splash now andhave fun forever!The delicious match 3 puzzle game jelly jam splashhas great breathtaking features, it’s too gummy and so yummy!What’s so delicious and tasty here to switch and swap?Endless juicychallengesCrush all caramel and make this gummy wonderland intosomething colorful and tasty. Lots of challenges are ready. Easy tolearn, but hard to master later on the blast.A breathtakingwonderland of candyThe jelly jam splash happens in a candywonderland that is super delicious and full of strawberry soda.Yummy! Join now and be amazed!Addictive match 3 puzzle gameSweetand juicy objects to match in jelly jam splash. Switch, swap andmatch 3 or more!Play with friends to blastConnect with Facebook forfriends and fun with soda. Make a trio of delicious objects andcrush all together!Join and play jelly jam splash now to experienceone of the most addictive and tasty match 3 puzzle games. So yummy,way too gummy! Switch and swap sweet candy with or without sodainto a breathtaking strawberry blast. Try to crush all deliciouscandy in this tasty wonderland. Super gummy, oh, so yummy! Enjoythis match 3 puzzle game for free.Your job is to make a trio ofsweet candy to remove the caramel that is blocking strawberry soda.Crush them all and the result will be breathtaking! Switch, swapand match 3 to gain delicious wins!Help us by rating our game witha lot of stars. You can also follow us onFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Kitty Cat Adventure: Match 3 7.200.2
Meow, my name is Kitty Cat. Welcome to this big adventure of mylittle puzzle cats. They’re a bit lost from their normal cat lifeand need a chef to prepare the street food in a purrfect way. Willyou take care of the kittens and become the ‘Chef of street food’that Kitty Cat needs?As a chef you’re job is to prepare the streetfood for all my little puzzle cats out there. Match 3 puzzleobjects is your main task. Matching cookies, fish, meat and candiesis so much fun! Delicious charms are ready for a new chef in theircat life. Me as Kitty Cat will be your personal assistant and willtake care of you during this big adventure with kittens. The puzzlecats live in a beautiful kingdom, I call it our fantasy wonderland.It’s amazing, delicious and full of cookies, fish, meat andcandies. So. Become our ‘Chef of street food’ and change their catlife into a purrfect big adventure. Meow.Kitty Cat Adventure Keys✔Match 3 Puzzle Cats ChallengesThe beautiful kingdom of the kittensis full of really challenging matching levels. It’s easy to learn,but it can be hard to master. Can you solve all of the bigadventure challenges?✔ Chef of Street FoodStep in the cat life ofKitty Cat and become the number one chef of street food that weneed. My little kittens’ food is a bit lost. Match 3 puzzle objectstogether and make delicious meals.✔ Purrfect FoodJoin my littlekittens before you get lost in our fantasy wonderland. You can findcookies, meat, fish and candies. And many more! Rescue the milk forthe little pets, prepare them for the real cat life. Meow.✔ BecomeFriends with Puzzle CatsAsk your facebook friends to help us inthis Kitty Cat Adventure also. You cannot rescue the kittens andpets on your own.. You will get lost for a little in their fantasywonderland. Help the puzzle cats together!It’s time to become ‘Chefof street food’ for all my little kittens in this beautiful kingdomnow. The big adventure is about to start and all match 3 puzzlecats need you in their cat life. Swap cookies, meat, fish andcandies in a purrfect way. Let’s help us in Kitty Cat Adventure!Meow.Help us by rating Kitty Cat Adventure with lots of stars. Wewould appreciate it.A big ‘Thank you!’ to all the people that areplaying already, purrfect!You can also follow us.Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVGInstagram:http://www.instagram.com/PuzzleGamesVGNote: Be aware of thepossibility of children activating in-app-purchases by accident.You can prevent accidental purchases by activating the parentalcontrols and purchase authentication in your Google Play account.
Bunny's Frozen Jewels: Match 3 11.400.6
Be jewel king in Bunny’s frozen jewels match 3 game and pop withpals! This jewel match game is the next addictive challenge in arow. Connect the diamond block in the wonderland of the bunnies andbecome the jewel king in this crush match 3 game 2017! Let’s invitesome friends to join you and pop with pals!Features:• Best newcrush match 3 game 2017• Be jewel king and connect the diamondblock• Pop with pals in Bunny’s frozen jewels• Addictive andcolorful jewel match game• Receive free gifts and daily bonuses•Best match 3 games for everyone with addictive challengesWelcome inthe winter wonderland of the bunnies. Swipe, swap and match Bunny’sfrozen jewels and become the jewel king. This is the new hit crushmatch 3 game 2017! Do you want to try it out? Invite some friendsto make it even more fun and pop with pals to decide who is thejewel match master. Connect the diamond block in the winterwonderland and win all challenges in Bunny’s frozen jewels matchinggame. This crush match 3 game is the best new game of 2017 and youcan try it out now! Pop with pals and experience timeless fun asthe jewel king of winter wonderland.It’s time for diamonds and morediamonds in Bunny’s frozen jewels! Write your own story and have alot of fun!PS: Maybe you’ll find some easter eggs in the snow .. ?;)Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars. You can alsofollow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
PANDA BEAR - Match 3 Puzzle Adventure 10.260.8
Let’s meet Pearl the adorable panda bear in the forest! Pearl loveto go on a match 3 puzzle adventure to get new flower, butterflyand bamboo. Pop love on pearls risky river and face the fun part ofgetting on an super cool match 3 puzzle game.Pearls risky river canbe a bumpy ride sometimes in the forest, it’s a risky road to popon. Help our adorable panda bear with power-ups and feed the mostdelicious flower, butterfly and bamboo. This puzzle adventure isperfect for you to pop love, let’s save our adorable panda bear onpearls risky river in the forest!Panda Bear:+ Very Addictive andCute Gameplay+ Feed Pearl with Butterfly, Flower and Bamboo+ Match3 Puzzle Game+ Challenging Puzzle Adventure World Map+ Pop Love andPowerful Power-upsJoin pearl now on pearls risky river and startyour puzzle adventure on this risky road. Prepare for a bumpy ridewith our adorable panda bear. Feed pearl the panda bear withbutterfly, flower and bamboo in this match 3 puzzle game. Sodelicious! Pop powerful power-ups to gain even more food and reachthe end of the challenging puzzle adventure world map. Can yousurvive in the forest?Connect your game with Facebook and play withfriends. Don’t pop powerful power-ups on this risky road alone, poplove! Reach the highest score and feel like a butterfly in thisflower pop experience! Match 3 or more in a row in the forest onpearls risky river and survive with our adorable panda bear in thismatch 3 puzzle game.Are you ready to start collecting bamboo,butterfly and flower food? Feed pearl the panda bear and feeldelicious and amazing! Save and pop power-ups for the sake of love!Start his match 3 puzzle adventure now for free and enjoy playingfor hours. It’s the perfect game for kids, but players of every agewill enjoy playing long time!Note: this game is completely free toplay but some in-game elements such as gold can require realpayment. Help us by rating Panda Bear: Pearls Risky River with alot of stars and pop love in this delicious and very addictivequest!You can follow us on Facebook andInstagram:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVGhttp://www.instagram.com/PuzzleGamesVGNote:Be aware of the possibility of children activating in-app-purchasesby accident. You can prevent accidental purchases by activating theparental controls and purchase authentication in your Google Playaccount.
Cute Cat Charms: Match 3 7.200.2
Be a cat star in the secret life of kitties and experience theevolution of a virtual pet from paws to kitty! They’re not talking,but mmm, they’re so meow! Let’s blast cats figuratively and trainyour brain with the most exciting match 3 puzzle game this year. Anaddictive puzzle as ‘cute cat charms’ can really be a good game forkids and children, but is also super fun everyone else! Solve thecute games and connect all fancy kitties blocks. Meow as acat!Features of ‘cute cat charms’:KITTY WITH PAWSTrain your brainwith help of virtual pet kitties with paws! Solve the addictivepuzzle not alone, but get company and be friends with fancy kittiesall over the cute games with cats.BLAST CATSConnect, switch andblast cats in this exciting match 3 puzzle game. Mmm, cute catcharms is so meow!FANCY EVOLUTION STARBe a star in this addictivepuzzle game for kids and make a fancy evolution for yourself. Trainyour brain in this secret life and blast cats!PURRRFECTFRIENDSConnect the cute games with Facebook and play with yourfancy friends. Talking to each other in real life about cute catcharms. Mmm, sounds like a pawsible evolution!EXCITING MATCH 3PUZZLE GAMETrain your brain in this addictive and exciting match 3puzzle game that takes you from cat reality into this secret life.Kitty can use the help to solve the cute games in this addictivepuzzle game for kids.It’s time for a real star to make an cute catcharms evolution from a virtual pet in this secret life to atalking star with paws like many kitties want to be! Blast cats andsolve the puzzles to connect kitties. Meow! Cute games like thisare very popular so you can be a real star in this! Mmm, doesn’tthat sound cattastic? Start talking about this virtual pet game forkids with fancy friends and start an evolution in the secret lifeof kitty and her kitties in cute cat charms!Stop talking about catsnow and start playing cute games in this exciting match 3 puzzlegame! Train your brain to be a star. Mmm. This addictive puzzle forchildren can be played by everyone, it is so pawsome! Solve thepuzzle by connect and matching blocks. Blast cats and paws for thekitties and connect like a star!Help us by rating cute cat charmswith a lot of stars. You can also follow us onFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Fruit Jam Splash: Candy Match 9.340.13
Wow, delicious! Taste the Fruit Jam Splash experience and use magicmatch three to win the riddle of candy match. Every berry and cropare there to blow in this mania of equal fruits. Roar the frozentreat of your choice and reach the highest mountain! Can you enjoythe fun and delicious fruit match 3 puzzle adventure together withyour friends? Have fun and blast around in this colorful joy!FruitJam Splash: Candy MatchEnjoy the delicious magic match threegameplay. What are the unique points of this amazing colorful game?Explore them all now and start playing right ahead!FRUIT MATCH 3PUZZLE ADVENTUREHave fun with every riddle in this delicious game.Lots of equal fruits in this mania. Start this puzzle adventure andwin the frozen treat.MAGIC MATCH THREEExplore the possibilities toblow in Fruit Jam Splash. It’s endless! Use your magic match threegameplay experience and reach the highest high score.CHALLENGINGRIDDLE OF CANDY MATCHThe fruit match 3 puzzle adventures includesan amazing amount of challenges. Every riddle is unique, do thecandy match challenge in the best way.Don’t go alone on Fruit JamSplash, this fruit match 3 puzzle adventure. Connect with Facebookand make the journey together with your friends and family. Blowrows of equal fruit and reach the frozen treat in the deliciouswonderland. Win every riddle, collect the berry and crop and roarthe high score. This mania is endless, Fruit Jam Splash is theperfect addition for you. One of the most delicious magic matchthree games online and for sure one of the most addictive candymatch experiences that you’ve ever seen. Start this fun andcolorful fruit match 3 puzzle adventure NOW!Do delicious tasks inFruit Jam Splash: Candy Match by magic match three gameplay. Swap 3or more in a row and blow boosters like mania. Release the frozentreat and swap all equal fruit. Do the best fruit match 3 puzzleadventure moves and win! The riddle is endless, get ready for it.It’s delicious, colorful and addictive! Connect with Facebook andface the riddle with all your friends and family. You don’t have todo it alone. Enjoy this fun one!Help us by rating Fruit Jam Splash,our fruit match 3 puzzle adventure, with a lot of stars. You canalso follow us onFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVGNote: Be aware of thepossibility of children activating in-app-purchases by accident.You can prevent accidental purchases by activating the parentalcontrols and purchase authentication in your Google Play account.
Happy Hay Farm World: Match 3 9.320.9
Welcome to happy hay farm world, one of the greatest farm gamesonline and created by the makers of Harvest Hero and Harvest Hero2! Are you ready to reap the happy hay and feed the animals on thefarm? Let’s do this summer games farming experience and havingsummer fun with egg friends! Swap, switch and feed every cow, pig,goat, dog or cat and party all day long!Why would you play thisamazing match 3 puzzle adventure?- It’s a perfect day for happyhay- An extraordinary farm world where only happy farm friends canlive- Many colorful challenges in summer games for summer fun-Start farming like you can the best- From the makers of HarvestHeroWhat is better than playing fun to play summer games in thehappy hay farm world? The makers of Harvest Hero have made a supersummer fun game again with farming. Feed the animals on the happyfarm and make it the best place with your egg friends. This amazingmatch 3 puzzle adventure is ready to be played by millions ofpeople.You need to match 3 or more animals and feed every singlecow, pig, goat, dog or cat on the happy farm that wants to be eggfriends with you. The happy hay farm world is ready for the mostexciting farming experience. The summer fun in these summer gamesis great to play. Swap, switch and connect animals.Help us byrating our game with a lot of stars. You can also follow us onFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Solitaire Halloween Game 11.340.8
Explore the scary world full of classic matching challenges insolitaire halloween game. One of the best and most scarifying matchpuzzle games online! Check the deck in the pyramid tripeaks andmake sure you’ll win the match. This solitaire card game is readyfor you to play so you will have fun for hours! Enter the enchantedworld of magic skulls and pumpkins now! Amazing game to spend timeon during halloween. Yes, the perfect halloween game to play withclassic matching gameplay. The pyramid tripeaks is ready and youneed to match the good cards in the deck and win our solitairehalloween game! Features: + Endless fun in super many classicmatching challenges + Addictive match puzzle for solitaire cardgame lovers + Pyramid tripeaks deck with high quality artwork +Enchanted world full of magic skulls and pumpkins + Solitairehalloween game for young and old + Play this puzzle game withfriends via Facebook + Swap ace, king, queen and more in thecorrect order + Let the magic happen Connect your friends with youvia Facebook and send lives to each other. Help your best friendsin their match puzzle and create the best classic match decktactics possible. If you love to play pyramid tripeaks gameplay youwill love to be enchanted by the magic world of this halloweengame! Are you ready for an epic magic solitaire card game? Let’s dothis and get scary! Note: our free solitaire card game ‘SolitaireHalloween Game’ is completely free to play, but some in-gameelements such as gold can require real payment. Help us by ratingwith a lot of stars. You can also follow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Juice Fruit Pop 2: Match 3 1.05
Welcome in the fruit blast wonderland, hero. Play with fresh andcolorful Juice Fruit Pop fruits, so yummy! The super deliciousfrutti splash effects are countless. Be the star of the wonderlandand splash sweet and juicy lines as a real hero. This is a veryaddictive match 3 puzzle game that you simply cannot miss! Orange,bananas, strawberries, every kind of sugar sweet is here for you.The fresh splash effect of fruit mania heroes is endless in thissuper candy match game. Are you in for some delicious fruits starfun? Let’s get yummy juicy fruits!Juice Fruit Pop 2:+ Sweet FruitBlast Experience+ Amazing and Delicious Splash Effect+ VeryAddictive Match 3 Game Play+ Swap & Combine Candy Match Game+Play with Facebook FriendsIt’s time to start playing Juice FruitPop 2 soon! You should be prepared and get ready for the super starblast that’s happening when you play this. Get an orange, cherry,blueberry or pear and match 3 game fruits and get juicy splasheffects! So delicious, yummy! Swap and combine all the differentfruits and become the star or hero of this game! You can also playwith your friends on Facebook. Battle and be sweet! Are you readyfor Juice Fruit Pop 2, or do you need some final facts? Let’s dothis fruit blast!More than 400 fruit splash levels are ready foryou to play. Swap, combine and match 3 game play fruits to becomethe hero. Do you like some sweet frutti bananas? Or strawberries?Get them now and play with them! Super splash effects when youconnect lines of the same fruits. Be the cherry on top, the cherryon top of the super sweet cake. Yummy!You’re ready for this sweetjuicy fruit splash match 3 game now. Swap and combine the mostdelicious and yummy fruits like bananas, strawberries and cherry’s.Connect them in this fruit mania adventure, so fresh. Enjoy!JuiceFruit Pop 2 is completely free to play, but some in-game items suchas lives or gold coins can require real payment. Help us by ratingJuice Fruit Pop 2 with a lot of stars. You can also follow us onFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVGInstagram:Follow usnow: https://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg
Candy Match 3 Game 7.340.8
Play the sweetest candy match 3 puzzle game in our beloved anddelicious candy world. Try the deliciously sweet taste of ice creamlollipop and be hooked! Milk monsters candy match 3 game is createdby Puzzle Games - VascoGames, the maker of the popular andaddictive Clash of Diamonds.The milk monsters candy match 3 puzzlegame has the sweetest candies and ice cream divided over the candyworld with a deliciously sweet taste. Swipe and match lollipop anddelicious candies all over again and all of that for free! Are youready for some amazing brain teasers to crush your sweetest candiestogether?The colors in this colorful candy world are endless. Andso deliciously sweet taste! Be ready for the perfect candy match 3puzzle game for you: MILK MONSTERS! Let’s solve the puzzles in thisvery addictive challenge and play with lollipop and ice creamforever!Features of the milk monsters:- Connect with friends fromFacebook- Swap SWEET CANDIES in this candy match 3 puzzle game-Play various challenges and different levels in the CANDY WORLD-Sweetest colorful wonderland with a sweet taste of ice cream- Usethe milk monsters as boosters to BOOST your score- Many UNIQUElevels- Easy to learn but hard to master the milk monstersPlay thiscandy match 3 puzzle game whenever you want, there’s no place youcannot play! In the bathroom, bedroom, living room or outside.Nothing is too crazy for the milk monsters in the candy world. Jointhem and match candies like never before. Can you taste the sweetice cream already?Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars.You can also follow us onFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Slots Machines: Casino Frenzy 1.0.6
Lucky you! Come and join many players inSlotsMachines: Casino Frenzy! Lots of free slots with bonus gamesarefull of excitement! Play now and have fun with completedifferentslots, the royale experience of casino games and the luckywheel offortune. Is this your lucky experience with bonus gamesuntil themega jackpot?Join now and play fun free slots like Roman Empire,PirateAdventure, Arabian Nights, Racing Madness, Egyptian Magic,MysticBurlesque, Sea Life, Super Sports, Amazing Cities and RoyalCasino!The mini jackpot is fun, but the mega jackpot isamazing!Slots Machines: Casino Frenzy:+ Free Coins Bonus Every 2 Hours+ Daily Spinning Wheel Bonus (Wheel of Fortune)+ Exciting Mini Bonus Games In All Free Slots+ Variety of 10 Themed Casino Slots Machines (PiratesAdventure,Amazing Cities, Royal Casino and many more) !+ Thrilling Casino Slots Features: Mega Symbols, Sticky Wilds,FreeSpins and Re-Spins+ MEGA Jackpot: Amazing Casino Style Jackpot Bonus with ExtraHighPrices+ Play Slots Machines: Casino Frenzy with yourFacebookfriends!+ Send free coins and beat your friends in our special liveslotstournaments!+ Total Rewards Social, Exclusive casino slots VIP rewardsprogram.Show your loyalty, earn big rewards for your loyalty andongoingcasino slots game play.Bring the Vegas casino slots experience to the palm of yourhand,a great experience! Play and have fun with bonus games andlots offree spins and free slots. Is this your lucky day? Join nowand playfun free slots like Roman Empire, Pirate Adventure,Arabian Nights,Racing Madness, Egyptian Magic, Mystic Burlesque,Sea Life, SuperSports, Amazing Cities and Royal Casino!Lucky clover, do you win the mini jackpot or MEGA jackpot? Or doyouhave fun while beating your friends in special liveslotstournaments? Play now and get free coins bonus every 2 hours!Youcan also get lucky in the daily spinning wheel bonus, the wheeloffortune. Try one of the 10 themed casino slots machineslikePirates Adventure, Amazing Cities, Royal Casino and getexcitementmini bonus games in all free slots! Match mega symbols,stickywilds and achieve free spins!Win the MEGA jackpot with complete different slots withbonusgames and share it with your friends from Facebook. Send freecoinsand beat them in special live slots tournaments for realexcitementfun! Thrilling casino slots features are ready for you toplay.Show your loyalty and win bigger prizes every day!Help us by rating Slots Machines: Casino Frenzy with a lot ofstars.You can also follow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVGIMPORTANT:Slots Machines: Casino Frenzy is intended for people of 21andolder, and is for entertainment purposes only. You cannot winanyreal money or goods. Any practice and/or success in thegamedoesn’t imply future success for gambling with real money.SlotsMachines: Casino Frenzy is free to play, but in-game itemscanrequire real payment.Puzzle Games - VascoGames doesn’t manipulate anythingaccordingto tournaments and their outcomes in any way. Results ingame arefully based on player choices and some luck. This game isnotsponsored, endorsed or associated with Google Play.
Circus Carnival - a match 3 puzzle adventure game 7.200.1
Enjoy lots of fun puzzle games in the little zoo on the new acresof circus carnival. Help Annie the elephant by matching animalfriends in this new match 3 challenge! Have a star blast whileyou’re in the little zoo and go completely insane to happiness!FUNPUZZLE GAMESMany new match 3 challenges are ready to be played.Will you win them all? Try it out!ANIMAL FRIENDSHelp Annie theelephant by matching animal friends for her in circuscarnival!CIRCUS CARNIVALExplore circus carnival, the little zoo onthe new acres where Annie the elephant is going crazy!STARBLASTInvite your buddies from Facebook to play with you and have astar blast together!Features:+ Many fun puzzle games to enjoy forlong time fun+ Invite buddies from Facebook for extreme matchinganimal friends fun+ Beautiful wonderlands on the new acres of thelittle zoo+ Welcome to the one and only real circus carnivalAre youready to help Annie the elephant out and start matching animalfriends together with YOUR buddies? Don’t worry, you can also playalone and have endless fun with a star blast!We just have one thingleft: welcome to circus carnival!Help us by rating our game with alot of stars. You can also follow us onFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Solitaire: Frozen Fairy Tales 11.590.15
Have fun in the world’s most appealing free card games experience.Play patience to turn the snow and winter into some beautifulfrozen fairy tales, but now you can do it yourself also withinteresting tripeaks and free card games. It’s all included in ourbeautiful solitaire collection. Shuffle the cards in your deck andturn them into a winter wonderland. The piles of cards are intripeaks formation, full of jokers and king/queen or ace. But thereis snow! Start a gold rush and collect the golden cards in thissolitaire card game.Can you rewrite the frozen fairy tales to abeautiful story? Shuffle the deck now and let’s go!Your job in thissolitaire card game is to collect the golden cards before the pilesof cards is gone. Turn the winter and snow into beautiful frozenfairy tales when you shuffle the deck. Jokers, king, queen or ace,they are all present in our solitaire collection of free cardgames! Tripeaks is a famous and known way to play your free cardgames, so you can enjoy playing and have the patience in a goldrush.Many challenges are ready for you in this winter wonderland ofour solitaire collection. The levels are easy to learn, but can behard to manage when you progress to higher levels. You can inviteyour friends from Facebook to receive gifts and lives, so you don’thave to do it on your own! Shuffle jokers, queens, kings and acesacross your deck to get the perfect setup to solve the puzzle inall frozen fairy tales.Play all levels in this solitaire collectionand have the patience to turn the winter wonderland into beautifulfrozen fairy tales. Help us by rating with a lot of stars. You canalso follow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Fruit Yard: Match 3 Mania 7.260.5
Welcome to the wonderful fruit yard for the sweetest fruit matchgame in the new acres. Train your brain game strategy to become thebest puzzler in the puzzle garden. This match 3 mania is going tobe wonderful if you crush fruits in the best ways! Swap to makejuice and get festive feelings on the new acres of fruit yard!Manypeople want to crush fruits and are therefore in the garden offruit yard, because that is where the magic happens! Wonderfulmoments with juice after a match 3 mania has come. Don’t rush, buttrain your brain game strategy to get the most out of the puzzlegarden. This fruit match game is ready for every puzzler to getinto! Are you the sweetest juice lover that will take this fruityard to the next level? Let’s crush fruits in the garden of the newacres!This fruit match game is popular for many puzzler. They likeespecially:- a wonderful world with the sweetest juice- a magicgarden for a train your brain game- a chance to connect withFacebook and play with friends- a puzzle garden in the fruit yard-a way to enjoy free time and crush fruitsYou can get into thiswonderful world of fruit and crush fruits for a long time. Anendless amount of levels is available to play in this train yourbrain game. Get into the magic garden of this match 3 mania andjuice all the new acres for the sweetest effects! Connect your gameto Facebook and enjoy it even more with friends and more extrabenefits. This fruit match game is ready, so are you? Enjoy freetime and crush fruits to the fullest! Juice everywhere in the fruityard, let’s crush fruits in this fruit match game and get the mostamazing and wonderful rewards now!Help us by rating our game with alot of stars. You can also follow us onFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Paradise of Runes: Puzzle Game 7.300.8
Come now and play in the story of jewel that takes place in theparadise of runes. Welcome and get your puzzle friends to do thesegems together! An amazingly beautiful and very addictive match 3puzzle game is about to go down. Let’s do these gems!Why theparadise of runes?♦ Very addictive match 3 puzzle game for you andyour puzzle friends♦ Beautiful wonderland that’s called theparadise of runes♦ Write and make your own story jewel ofperfection gems♦ Matching gems and runes for epic scoresGo into theparadise of runes and play your classic match 3 puzzle gametactics. You need to match 3 or more in a row to collect gems andremove obstacles. You can match 4 gems in a row to create specialitems and match 5 gems to make a mega special booster! It’s superamazing!Come and unite your puzzle friends with us to write a storyjewel about all the crazy gems you match. Swap and connect to makethem go off the board. The paradise of runes has it all, waitingfor you and your puzzle friends to come and play! Try our veryaddictive match 3 puzzle game now and get the most beautifulgems!We would love to have you here. Connect with Facebook toinvite even more buddies to play. It can be easy to learn, buthonestly it can be very hard to master. Time to go and get it. Havefun!Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars. You can alsofollow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Sky Hero & Friends- Match 3 Puzzle Game 1.0
Help Ben, the sky rider hero against the galactic crazy aliens inspace. Reach the three stars and win wars against galactic crazyaliens. Will you become the hero of riddles? Help Ben and beat thehive! These sweet little monsters are not that bad, they just haveto be in control. Help Ben by swap and combine sweet crazy aliensand become sky rider hero number one. Blitz!Ben is a colorful skyrider hero and ready to solve some riddles with you by swap andcombine until it reaches the hive of this match-three puzzle game.Hero games or alien games like this are here to blitz the hive ofcrazy aliens during wars in the star space. Feel galactic in thismatch-three puzzle game and win with special moves this connectingtile puzzle game.Sky Rider Hero: Crazy Aliens has some galacticstar features:CONNECTING TILE PUZZLEYou need to swap and combinelike a classic connecting tile puzzle. Be a hero and solve thoseriddles.BLITZ THE HIVEHelp Ben and storm the wars. Blitz the hiveof the crazy aliens and win the colorful star cup.SKY RIDER HEROCONTESTPlay with friends from Facebook and win the sky rider herocontests against your fellow heroes. I mean, be like Ben. Begalactic. Win.SWEET GALACTIC WARS IN SPACEPlay those sweet aliengames and win the connecting tile puzzle of the day. Play with thesweet little monsters with Ben, the sky rider hero of all fairytales. Will you live your dream of being a star?Join the club ofsweet alien games and hero games. Solve the riddles with colorfulcrazy aliens and blitz the hive of evil space. Experience theclassic matching and connecting tile gameplay in this match-threepuzzle game. Conquer and be amazed with colorful riddles duringthese sweet wars.It’s time to turn into a real sky rider now. Befriends with Ben and work together against evil space. Join theconnecting tile puzzle levels and take the challenge to the nextlevel. Solve all riddles, reach your goal and launch the rocket! Bea star and win!This alien games is completely free to play, butsome in-game items such as lives or gold may require real payment.Enjoy the space battles, beware for taking them into wars. Help usby rating our game with a lot of stars. You can also follow us onFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVGInstagram:Follow usnow: https://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg
Sweet Dreams - Match 3 Puzzle Game 1.1
Swipe tiles and solve puzzles with this relaxing match 3 puzzlegame in bed.Welcome in ‘Sweet Dreams: Little Heroes’. The place fora star to escape and explores all dream house in the marvelousuniverse of valley. Take a deep dive and take kitty on your journeythrough an amazing fantasy world. The baby girl goes on adventurewith kitty and takes the deep dive to sweet dreams. She wants tobecome little heroes and win the match 3 puzzle game. As a babygirl, she explores this coloring game with courage and a bitfantasy. Will you join her in valley and guide her as a star?Thismatch 3 puzzle game is perfect for all ages, that’s why even a babygirl can escape into this marvelous universe and explores treasureswith her deep dive. They will become little heroes if they succeed.She will be a star, and her kitty will be living in a dreamhouse.Will you help them in this coloring game through valley andgive them sweet dreams?Sweet Dreams: Little Heroes+ Match 3 PuzzleGame+ Baby Girl on Adventure+ Escape In An Stunning Fantasy World+Lots of Challenging Levels To Become Little Heroes+ Escape TheDream House And Take a Deep DiveStart your coloring game now. Reachthe dream house in valley through an amazing match 3 puzzle gameexperience. Help the baby girl and her kitty in this marvelousuniverse and reach every star that she explores. Take her intosweet dreams and become little heroes!It’s time to take the deepdive into this marvelous universe. Our baby girl wants to escapefrom reality and she explores every star outside the dream house invalley with you. But she needs your help. Take kitty with you inthis coloring game and become little heroes now! Enjoy!SweetDreams!Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars. You can alsofollow us onFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVGInstagram:Follow usnow: https://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg
Chef Kitchen Cooking: Match 3 7.100.4
Welcome to puzzle chef kitchen cooking, a sweet and delicious match3 matching game. It’s all about free candy man called Antoine!Collect recipes and be a real crazy cooking chef. Make lots oftreats in the puzzle chef kitchen cooking room and start the feverwith friends! Super tasty and delicious sweet treats. Go!Thismatching game is fun to play, the dash and fever are endless whenyou play with friends. Yummy! You need to match 3 or more delicioussweet treats for finishing recipes with the cooking chef. Becomethe best crazy puzzle chef with kitchen cooking fever!What is sosweet in chef kitchen cooking?- There is free candy man, to playwith. Go!The tasty and delicious sweet treats in this game areendless and there is lots of free candy man.- One very addictivematch 3 matching gameTo start the fever dash in this deliciousworld, you need to start the match 3 matching game.- Play withcrazy friendsYou can connect your match 3 matching game withFacebook to play with friends. Go send crazy lives and be the bestcooking chef.- A delicious wonderland of candyGet crazy in thisyummy and delicious wonderland of candy. The fever dash will be sosweet!Your job in this match 3 matching game is to assist Antoineand to make crazy matches as puzzle chef kitchen cooking andprepare recipes for delicious sweet treats. Get to the wonderlandof candy and start the fever dash now! Yes! This crazy cooking chefis ready for real yummy recipes. Go now into the puzzle chefkitchen and make some noise!Help us by rating our game with a lotof stars. You can also follow us onFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Diamond Jewels: Match 3 Puzzle 7.220.2
It’s time for tile matching fun in Diamond Jewels! An amazing match3 puzzle full of brain training puzzles for you to solve! Be thereal gems sweeper in this story and win the race against the clockduring your diamond rush.Mystic diamond jewels all around you inthis mania of puzzles. You’re almost there to start tile matchingfun in one of the most amazing match 3 puzzle games online! Thestory begins, and you can write your own success! The diamond rushstarts on the clock and you start your brain training experiencewith endless fun. Solve the puzzles as the best gems sweeper andcollect all diamond jewels in this mania.Features of DiamondJewels:• Amazing match 3 puzzle with brain training challenges•Tile matching fun with your friends in this diamond rush• Solve thepuzzles as a real gems sweeper story• Win against moves and theclock in time• Benefit from friends with Facebook• Free gifts andfree lives from friendsJoin now the mania of diamond jewels andinvite your friends from Facebook to make more fun. Get free livesand free gifts from your buddies. Use powerful boosters and powerups to make more scores at once. The diamond rush is mystic for allpeople, but the story of a gems sweeper is never been more funbefore! Lots of puzzles are here for your brain training tosucceed. Play this amazing match 3 puzzle game now and win alldiamond jewels!Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars. Youcan also follow us onFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Triple Candy Evolution Town 7.100.1
Welcome to the most original puzzle game about candies: triplecandy evolution town. Enjoy the most beautiful and tasty graphicsas long as you try to build the largest city out of sweets andtrees. How bigger the tree, how higher the score. Match 3 or moresweets trees to make the larger candy evolution and combine severaltasty game items. Do you like playing building games? Then grow,make more and build your own town in this sweet city builder!How itworks:Start the city builder puzzle game with three bushes fullwith candy, while you try to match 3 or more that are next to eachother. Matching and combining more in a line makes it go to thenext stage in this triple candy evolution town. Craft and matchthree bushes to make a candy tree, match 3 trees to make a house offood and match 3 houses to even create a castle made of candy!Grow, make more and more to reach the castle!Be aware that thispuzzle game is not easy, you might need to overcome severalobstacles in your way during the journey to build your own candycity. Dangerous wildlife can block you from making new matches andto create the most beautiful triple candy evolution town in one ofthe most addictive building games. Overcome dangerous wildlifeobstacles, grow and make more progress all the time. Create greatexperiences and share your best city builder outcomes!Features ofan addictive puzzle game:- No classic matching, but innovative butaddictive gameplay- Beautiful graphics to make a delicious candycity- Build your own triple candy evolution town- Fill the tileswith blocks of tasty trees and craft magic castles- Challenginglevels with dangerous wildlife enemies- Connect with Facebook forendless fun with friends- Share your score and beat your friendsscores- Tasty building games challenges- Multi languagesupportLet’s match 3 or more tasty trees of sweets and create themost mouthwatering city builder experiences so far. Your triplecandy evolution town is not far from started yet, you can startwhenever you want and build your own beautiful dream world. Playthis puzzle game and create the best! Let’s grow!Support our citybuilder and all of our other puzzle games by leaving a positivefeedback and/or rating. Follow us for the latestnews:http://www.facebook.com/puzzlegamesvghttp://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg
Jewels of the Jungle: Match 3 7.200.2
Download the beautiful temple of games and try this free to playmatch 3 puzzle adventure about the jewels of the jungle. Explorethe cubes as a real legend and survive this jewel game in the deepforest of gold!You can do anything legend, from matching cubes andjewels of the jungle to exploring the temple of gold in this match3 puzzle adventure. Will you try matching the puzzles in this greatchallenge? Reach the top of the temple in this jewel game and startmatching jewels long time in the deep forest!Explore all thefeatures that keeps puzzlers like you at our amazing quest. Are youreaching the top or not? Go into the jungle and become the legendof this match 3 puzzle adventure!Features:+ New amazing puzzleadventure+ Addictive match 3 jewel game in the deep forest+Matching puzzles with cubes and jewels of the jungle+ Become thelegend of the templeInvite your friends via Facebook for anamazingly addictive jewel game and challenge who will be the legendof the temple. Can you do it? Will you be it? Let’s show it in thedeep forest of gold.Start playing some great gameplay moments andachieve super fun moments!Help us by rating our jewel game ‘jewelsof the jungle’ with a lot of stars. You can also follow us onFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Easter Egg Games Surprise Eggs 10.420.6
Easter games to swipe surprise eggs and match 3 easter eggs thisspring!Yes, it’s almost the spring holiday again! Be happy and feelhappy this Easter. Our colorful and wonderful match 3 game is fullwith challenging levels and very addictive gameplay. Collect thesurprise eggs on the beautiful world, use powerful boosters in theEaster games for free and help the Easter bunny with his rabbitfamily as a sweeper. It’s like magic! Clear the field of obstacles,enjoy the spring with colorful blossom and flowers. Will you matchthe butterflies, cookies and spring flowers into a blast of candy?Help the Easter bunny this holiday with all the match 3 puzzle gameadventure levels and find all the hidden surprise eggs.Why isEaster match 3 so egg-celent?🐇 Fun Easter games for free to playduring the holiday in spring🐇 Social game with friends for casualmatching as a real sweeper🐇 Swap, swipe and match sweet Eastereggs🐇 Discover hidden bonus surprise eggs on the beautiful world🐇Make matches of 4 or 5 for powerful boosters and power-ups🐇 Removechocolate for bunnies🐇 Holiday themed match 3 puzzle games forEaster🐇 Casual match 3 puzzle adventure with bunnies for you assweeperBe the swipe king in this Easter match 3 game. Can you winall levels for the bunny and find the hidden surprise eggs? Have ablast in this spring game with flowers, blossom and colorful gameobjects. Become the king and have so much fun! Enjoy this Eastermatch 3 game now!Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars.You can also follow us onFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Fall Fever: Match 3 Game 7.240.3
Welcome to Fall Fever and to the most wonderful time of the year.Enjoy this autumn puzzle during the rainy and windy days. Save theforest for the happy forest animals that are there blast, splashand crush the leaves on the ground. Make them go out of their homesto collect all the leaves, their treasures in winter time. Unitewith your friends to drop high scores like a baker drops baguettes.Solve the puzzles in fall fever now!Play through endless free gamesin this challenging match 3 game. Match 3 puzzle levels are madeespecially for you as the hero of the happy forest animals. Crushthe leaves for them and make sure they have enough food for thewinter and will survive the autumn after creating a fall fever.Match and keep matching!Match 3 game features:- Help the happyforest animals through the fall fever and winter- Keep matching forepic match 3 puzzle experiences- Exciting match 3 game play withhundreds of challenges- Train your brain and solve the puzzles-Connect with Facebook to unite with friends- Rescue the happyforest animals by crush the leaves and items- Autumn puzzle withautumn-themed looksConnect now with Facebook and unite with yourfriends for amazing fun. Epic moments! Solve the puzzles and trainyour brain for the sake of fun. Amazing effects while tile matchinghappens. This autumn match 3 puzzle is very popular in this time ofthe year. Help the happy forest animals to get their food ready forwinter. Be a hero and rescue all of them. Will you be the bestmatch 3 player in their fall fever?Help us by rating our game witha lot of stars. You can also follow us onFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Classic Solitaire Card Game 9.260.4
Welcome to the ultimate solitaire card collection. There’s afortune of hearts, kings and queens in this classic matching cardgame. Shuffle the cards in your deck and clear the pyramid with asingle dash!Features of the most popular solitaire cardcollection:• an addictive way to spend your free time• a classicmatching card game for everyone• a fortune feeling with millions ofhearts, kings and queens• a tripeaks solitaire card collection todash• a perfect way to shuffle cards• a way to connect with friendsfrom FacebookLet’s get into this amazing popular way to spend yourfree time! This classic matching card game is amazing to play foreveryone, for young and old. Shuffle the deck and match with thekings, queens, jokers and jacks. You can dash everything,everything. The pyramid is ready for you to enjoy solitaire to thefullest!You can also connect with your friends from Facebook tohave more fun! Share your progress, send free gifts and receivedaily bonuses for free! Are you in?You are almost ready to dash thesolitaire card collection and play your way through the fortune oftripeaks. The pyramid is ready for you to shuffle cards on the deckand let your magic classic matching play! Enter the kingdom now andmatch!Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars. You can alsofollow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG