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Clash of Diamonds: Bubble Pop 1.0
Let’s play Clash of Diamonds: Bubble Pop, thenumber one bubble shooter game with pinball bonus games! Combineand match in this challenging and very addictive bubble games. Thisblaze mania happens in a medieval setting, surrounded by diamondsballoons. Would you like to enter this bubbles shooter game? Growyour score with pinball bonus and become king in this buster bubbleshooter game!Clash of Diamonds: Bubble Pop:+ Many Challenging & Addictive Levels+ Medieval Diamonds Buster+ Pinball Bonus Games+ Facebook Social IntegrationEnter the medieval blaze and start. Aim your diamonds on each otherand pop them all. Combine balloons in a perfect way and achieve thepinball bonus feature. Shoot bubbles and balls until you reach yourhigh score. You can make your own challenge, but our challenge inthe game can be hard to master. Although, it’s easy to learnplaying this mania of Clash of Diamonds: Bubble Pop.Feel the buster, feel the vibe in Clash of Diamonds: Bubble Pop.Amazing music surrounds you in the clash of bubbles, the medievaltemple of pop. It’s very addictive, not in the last step since youcan improve your score with the greatest pinball machine ever made.Sparkling diamonds popping through the roof when you pop them.Blaze the maze of bubble shooter games and achieve victory aftervictory. No bubble games are safe for you, since you’re the bubbleshooter king. Begin playing in Diamond Pop and enjoy it longtime!How To Play?Aim your balloon or diamonds into the air and shoot bubbles throughthe roof. Combine and win in this addictive crazy bubble game.Succeed the challenging missions and achieve a pinball bonusmania.Be ready for this bubble shooter! Enjoy amazing and addictivebubble games for hours, pop all diamonds through the roof and winthe clash of bubbles before you’re out of moves.. Can you win thismania and blaze the world? Enter Clash of Diamonds: Bubble Popnow!Thanks for playing our game. Rate our game to support us and likeus on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Save The Jelly Pet! 1.0
Wanna play with cute jelly pets? Wanna savesome animals love? Oah, puppies. Let’s do this!Welcome in the world of candy, the wonderland of sweetness. Youwant to rescue all the lovely zoo citizens, but are you able tosave the jelly pet before it’s too late? Let your puzzle skillsspeak for you and defend the tower with courage. Block busting funis just a download away with unique challenges divided over thecandy forest. Release the puppies from their cages and free thecaptured jelly pets. Ready for this puzzle game? Tap now andexperience happy moments with sweet pets!You need to tap each block group to make it disappear, clear thewonderland of evil and celebrate the happy moments. Use some rocketpower if you’re almost stuck, conquer all unique challenges andachieve animals love from the complete forest zoo. Normally, notiger, lion or elephant will show up here. Only sweet little jellypets are allowed to enter the animal kingdom of candy. But they’restuck in cages. Rescue and collect all cute puppies, tap the boxesand make the jelly disappear. Animals belong in the forest, not incages. Right? Match and play like a king / queen, your puzzleskills are needed to solve this situation. Use some peace rocketpower to achieve a colorful wonderland and give some love to thepuppies and candy pets!Save The Jelly Pet:+ Many Levels With Unique Challenges+ Match & Tap Gameplay+ Social Integration+ Rescue Sweet Candy Puppies+ Forest Animals LoveTap the candy block group to erase it and unlock a block bustingfun experience. Rescue the jelly pet, save the jelly pet and feelthe animals love. Who doesn’t want that? Defend the tower againstevil and free the captured puppies with rocket power. Release thepuzzle skills that are required for these unique challenges. Solvethis puzzle game with success, be happy and enjoy the forestzoo.Save The Jelly Pet is completely free to play but some in-gameitems will require payment, such as lives or gold coins. Let’srescue candy cuties! Love puppies in this candy wonderland!You can support our game by giving a positive review. We love that!Follow us here:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Forest Animals Photo Adventure 1.5
Welcome to the forest animals story. Join Annon her journey through the woods of blossom, trying to catch a picof all the wild animals that you will run into. Ann is a good girlfrom scouting, daughter of the forester, and knows the riddles ofthe wilderness because of her scouts school adventure. She ran intodifferent funny animals already, for example a fox, owl, duck,bunny and even a crocodile! Ann tells her story often to kids fromscouting, they love exploring the woods of blossom too!You can join Ann in this matching game and make pictures of allsort of cute animals in the wilderness. All you need in this photogame is mastering of the camera and some match 3 puzzle skills.Come and learn this scouting matching game with Ann, ran intodifferent wildlife like a bird, frog, squirtle or fox in thisamazing forest life photo adventure. Ready to match 3 or more wildanimals and take a picture?Forest Animals Photo Adventure:- Wildlife picture game: meet like fox, duck, bunny orcrocodile!- Swap forest animals and match 3 or more in this mania!- Woods of blossom: perfect game for kids that love pets!- Many levels for exploring and mastering the wilderness withAnnThis photo adventure is the scouting journey that many guys andgirls are dreaming about. Every kid loves pets and wild animals,and now you can go on this trip to the woods of blossom and startexploring wildlife in the wilderness yourself during this matchinggame. The forester allows you to go into the forest animals areaand try to catch some pics of a fox, camel, frog, bunny or bird.Who knows what you can spot when mastering your match 3 puzzleskills. This match game suits the dreams of all scouts and kids.Playing in the woods of blossom watching forest animals mania andwildlife instead of home pets. Go on this puzzle adventure, it’sfunny! Bunny!How To Play:This match 3 puzzle game is a matching game first class. Join Annand go into the forest animals mania. Follow her scouting rules andmake pictures of all duck, fox, frog, bird or crocodile that youmeet during this journey. Swap and match 3 or more while exploringand mastering your wildlife photo adventure. Enjoy and havefun!Follow us here:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVGNOTE: Forest Animals Photo Adventure is completely free to play,but some in-game elements such as lives or gold may requirepayment.
Cake Splash: Sweet Bakery 7.120.4
Look at this sweet cake splash, full of candy pop sweets. Connectthe candy cupcake in this line puzzle game and win! Start a chainand candy pop explosion. Join the cook in his sweet bakery andcombine everything! Win this candy puzzle game! Cake SplashFeatures: + More Than 99 Delicious Levels + Sweet Bakery World Map+ Candy Match ReactionS + Cake Splash Blast Adventure CONNECT THECANDY Get in the cook’s seat and connect the candy. Make thegreatest cupcake and most delicious candy pop happening. CREATE ACHAIN Enter this sweet cake splash and start a chain full ofmouthwatering sweets, include each cookie and bakery cupcake andwatch an amazingly sweet reaction. CANDY PUZZLE GAME FOR KIDS It’ssimple to learn, but can be hard to master. This is why it’s aperfect candy puzzle game for kids. Everyone will be able to swap,switch sweets and make a bakery blast. COOKIE, CUPCAKE, COLORCOMBINE Start the line puzzle game, combine every cookie / cupcakeor color and win the match 3 contest. Join the cook in this linepuzzle game full of candy pop practices. Combine and swap until youmatch 3 or more sweets in the right way. Manage a reaction full ofcolor in our sweet bakery. Match 3 or more sweets in the bakery andmake the cook happy, connect the candy in this candy puzzle game.If you fail, the cook won’t be that happy.. maybe evendisappointed. You don’t want a jelly chain mess, but you do want anepic candy pop adventure. Match the sweets, connect the candy andwin a blast in this sweet cake splash with a jelly chain. Thesweets line puzzle game ‘Cake Splash: Sweet Bakery’ is online andnow open for fun. Help the cook with his sweet cake splash contest.Sign in with Facebook and play with friends, send gifts to eachother and win together in this candy puzzle game. Matching candieslike a real cook in this cupcake matching game. SWEET WIN anddelicious moments to remember forever! Can you play with friendsand become cook hero? Support Cake Splash: Sweet Bakery by givingus a positive review and rating, we would appreciate it. Follow ushere: http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG Instagram: Follow usnow: https://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg
Sky Rider Hero: Crazy Aliens 1.0
Help Ben, the sky rider hero againstthegalactic crazy aliens in space. Reach the three stars and winwarsagainst galactic crazy aliens. Will you become the hero ofriddles?Help Ben and beat the hive! These sweet little monsters arenotthat bad, they just have to be in control. Help Ben by swapandcombine sweet crazy aliens and become sky rider hero numberone.Blitz!Ben is a colorful sky rider hero and ready to solve someriddleswith you by swap and combine until it reaches the hive ofthismatch-three puzzle game. Hero games or alien games like thisarehere to blitz the hive of crazy aliens during wars in thestarspace. Feel galactic in this match-three puzzle game and winwithspecial moves this connecting tile puzzle game.Sky Rider Hero: Crazy Aliens has some galactic star features:CONNECTING TILE PUZZLEYou need to swap and combine like a classic connecting tilepuzzle.Be a hero and solve those riddles.BLITZ THE HIVEHelp Ben and storm the wars. Blitz the hive of the crazy aliensandwin the colorful star cup.SKY RIDER HERO CONTESTPlay with friends from Facebook and win the sky rider herocontestsagainst your fellow heroes. I mean, be like Ben. Begalactic.Win.SWEET GALACTIC WARS IN SPACEPlay those sweet alien games and win the connecting tile puzzleofthe day. Play with the sweet little monsters with Ben, theskyrider hero of all fairy tales. Will you live your dream of beingastar?Join the club of sweet alien games and hero games. Solve theriddleswith colorful crazy aliens and blitz the hive of evilspace.Experience the classic matching and connecting tile gameplayin thismatch-three puzzle game. Conquer and be amazed withcolorful riddlesduring these sweet wars.It’s time to turn into a real sky rider now. Be friends with Benandwork together against evil space. Join the connecting tilepuzzlelevels and take the challenge to the next level. Solve allriddles,reach your goal and launch the rocket! Be a star andwin!This alien games is completely free to play, but some in-gameitemssuch as lives or gold may require real payment. Enjoy thespacebattles, beware for taking them into wars.Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars. You can alsofollowus on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Slots Machines: Casino Frenzy 1.0.6
Lucky you! Come and join many players inSlotsMachines: Casino Frenzy! Lots of free slots with bonus gamesarefull of excitement! Play now and have fun with completedifferentslots, the royale experience of casino games and the luckywheel offortune. Is this your lucky experience with bonus gamesuntil themega jackpot?Join now and play fun free slots like Roman Empire,PirateAdventure, Arabian Nights, Racing Madness, Egyptian Magic,MysticBurlesque, Sea Life, Super Sports, Amazing Cities and RoyalCasino!The mini jackpot is fun, but the mega jackpot isamazing!Slots Machines: Casino Frenzy:+ Free Coins Bonus Every 2 Hours+ Daily Spinning Wheel Bonus (Wheel of Fortune)+ Exciting Mini Bonus Games In All Free Slots+ Variety of 10 Themed Casino Slots Machines (PiratesAdventure,Amazing Cities, Royal Casino and many more) !+ Thrilling Casino Slots Features: Mega Symbols, Sticky Wilds,FreeSpins and Re-Spins+ MEGA Jackpot: Amazing Casino Style Jackpot Bonus with ExtraHighPrices+ Play Slots Machines: Casino Frenzy with yourFacebookfriends!+ Send free coins and beat your friends in our special liveslotstournaments!+ Total Rewards Social, Exclusive casino slots VIP rewardsprogram.Show your loyalty, earn big rewards for your loyalty andongoingcasino slots game play.Bring the Vegas casino slots experience to the palm of yourhand,a great experience! Play and have fun with bonus games andlots offree spins and free slots. Is this your lucky day? Join nowand playfun free slots like Roman Empire, Pirate Adventure,Arabian Nights,Racing Madness, Egyptian Magic, Mystic Burlesque,Sea Life, SuperSports, Amazing Cities and Royal Casino!Lucky clover, do you win the mini jackpot or MEGA jackpot? Or doyouhave fun while beating your friends in special liveslotstournaments? Play now and get free coins bonus every 2 hours!Youcan also get lucky in the daily spinning wheel bonus, the wheeloffortune. Try one of the 10 themed casino slots machineslikePirates Adventure, Amazing Cities, Royal Casino and getexcitementmini bonus games in all free slots! Match mega symbols,stickywilds and achieve free spins!Win the MEGA jackpot with complete different slots withbonusgames and share it with your friends from Facebook. Send freecoinsand beat them in special live slots tournaments for realexcitementfun! Thrilling casino slots features are ready for you toplay.Show your loyalty and win bigger prizes every day!Help us by rating Slots Machines: Casino Frenzy with a lot ofstars.You can also follow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVGIMPORTANT:Slots Machines: Casino Frenzy is intended for people of 21andolder, and is for entertainment purposes only. You cannot winanyreal money or goods. Any practice and/or success in thegamedoesn’t imply future success for gambling with real money.SlotsMachines: Casino Frenzy is free to play, but in-game itemscanrequire real payment.Puzzle Games - VascoGames doesn’t manipulate anythingaccordingto tournaments and their outcomes in any way. Results ingame arefully based on player choices and some luck. This game isnotsponsored, endorsed or associated with Google Play.
Chef Kitchen Cooking: Match 3 7.100.4
Welcome to puzzle chef kitchen cooking, a sweet and delicious match3 matching game. It’s all about free candy man called Antoine!Collect recipes and be a real crazy cooking chef. Make lots oftreats in the puzzle chef kitchen cooking room and start the feverwith friends! Super tasty and delicious sweet treats. Go! Thismatching game is fun to play, the dash and fever are endless whenyou play with friends. Yummy! You need to match 3 or more delicioussweet treats for finishing recipes with the cooking chef. Becomethe best crazy puzzle chef with kitchen cooking fever! What is sosweet in chef kitchen cooking? - There is free candy man, to playwith. Go! The tasty and delicious sweet treats in this game areendless and there is lots of free candy man. - One very addictivematch 3 matching game To start the fever dash in this deliciousworld, you need to start the match 3 matching game. - Play withcrazy friends You can connect your match 3 matching game withFacebook to play with friends. Go send crazy lives and be the bestcooking chef. - A delicious wonderland of candy Get crazy in thisyummy and delicious wonderland of candy. The fever dash will be sosweet! Your job in this match 3 matching game is to assist Antoineand to make crazy matches as puzzle chef kitchen cooking andprepare recipes for delicious sweet treats. Get to the wonderlandof candy and start the fever dash now! Yes! This crazy cooking chefis ready for real yummy recipes. Go now into the puzzle chefkitchen and make some noise! Help us by rating our game with a lotof stars. You can also follow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Fruit Yard: Match 3 Mania 7.260.5
Welcome to the wonderful fruit yard for the sweetest fruit matchgame in the new acres. Train your brain game strategy to become thebest puzzler in the puzzle garden. This match 3 mania is going tobe wonderful if you crush fruits in the best ways! Swap to makejuice and get festive feelings on the new acres of fruit yard! Manypeople want to crush fruits and are therefore in the garden offruit yard, because that is where the magic happens! Wonderfulmoments with juice after a match 3 mania has come. Don’t rush, buttrain your brain game strategy to get the most out of the puzzlegarden. This fruit match game is ready for every puzzler to getinto! Are you the sweetest juice lover that will take this fruityard to the next level? Let’s crush fruits in the garden of the newacres! This fruit match game is popular for many puzzler. They likeespecially: - a wonderful world with the sweetest juice - a magicgarden for a train your brain game - a chance to connect withFacebook and play with friends - a puzzle garden in the fruit yard- a way to enjoy free time and crush fruits You can get into thiswonderful world of fruit and crush fruits for a long time. Anendless amount of levels is available to play in this train yourbrain game. Get into the magic garden of this match 3 mania andjuice all the new acres for the sweetest effects! Connect your gameto Facebook and enjoy it even more with friends and more extrabenefits. This fruit match game is ready, so are you? Enjoy freetime and crush fruits to the fullest! Juice everywhere in the fruityard, let’s crush fruits in this fruit match game and get the mostamazing and wonderful rewards now! Help us by rating our game witha lot of stars. You can also follow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Star Zap: Birds Match 3 Game 7.200.3
Ready to play a new match 3 adventure inthesky? Dance between the moon and stars while you experiencefunpuzzle games in Star Zap. Get a star blast and reach the skyandhigh score in the clouds!Features of Star Zap:- Amazing fun puzzle games- Wholly new match 3 adventure- Powerful powerups and star blast moments- Login with Facebook for a great time with best friendsLots of amazing levels are ready to be played by you andyourbest friends. You can play this alone and have lots of funwhileclassic matching gameplay is around. Use powerful powerupsandachieve star blast moments. Are you ready to live again?Play with best friends or alone and reach the sky with the moonandstars for an amazing star blast. Always want to play the mostnewmatch 3 experience? Play fun puzzle games with us and have agreattime in the clouds!The new match 3 experience are perfect for everyone to play,nomatter if you’re young or old. Enjoy the most beautifulmomentswith the moon and stars and get an epic star blastexperience withyour best friends.Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars. You can alsofollowus on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Fall Fever: Match 3 Game 7.240.3
Welcome to Fall Fever and to the most wonderful time of the year.Enjoy this autumn puzzle during the rainy and windy days. Save theforest for the happy forest animals that are there blast, splashand crush the leaves on the ground. Make them go out of their homesto collect all the leaves, their treasures in winter time. Unitewith your friends to drop high scores like a baker drops baguettes.Solve the puzzles in fall fever now! Play through endless freegames in this challenging match 3 game. Match 3 puzzle levels aremade especially for you as the hero of the happy forest animals.Crush the leaves for them and make sure they have enough food forthe winter and will survive the autumn after creating a fall fever.Match and keep matching! Match 3 game features: - Help the happyforest animals through the fall fever and winter - Keep matchingfor epic match 3 puzzle experiences - Exciting match 3 game playwith hundreds of challenges - Train your brain and solve thepuzzles - Connect with Facebook to unite with friends - Rescue thehappy forest animals by crush the leaves and items - Autumn puzzlewith autumn-themed looks Connect now with Facebook and unite withyour friends for amazing fun. Epic moments! Solve the puzzles andtrain your brain for the sake of fun. Amazing effects while tilematching happens. This autumn match 3 puzzle is very popular inthis time of the year. Help the happy forest animals to get theirfood ready for winter. Be a hero and rescue all of them. Will yoube the best match 3 player in their fall fever? Help us by ratingour game with a lot of stars. You can also follow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Fruit Jam Splash: Candy Match 9.340.13
Wow, delicious! Taste the Fruit Jam Splash experience and use magicmatch three to win the riddle of candy match. Every berry and cropare there to blow in this mania of equal fruits. Roar the frozentreat of your choice and reach the highest mountain! Can you enjoythe fun and delicious fruit match 3 puzzle adventure together withyour friends? Have fun and blast around in this colorful joy! FruitJam Splash: Candy Match Enjoy the delicious magic match threegameplay. What are the unique points of this amazing colorful game?Explore them all now and start playing right ahead! FRUIT MATCH 3PUZZLE ADVENTURE Have fun with every riddle in this delicious game.Lots of equal fruits in this mania. Start this puzzle adventure andwin the frozen treat. MAGIC MATCH THREE Explore the possibilitiesto blow in Fruit Jam Splash. It’s endless! Use your magic matchthree gameplay experience and reach the highest high score.CHALLENGING RIDDLE OF CANDY MATCH The fruit match 3 puzzleadventures includes an amazing amount of challenges. Every riddleis unique, do the candy match challenge in the best way. Don’t goalone on Fruit Jam Splash, this fruit match 3 puzzle adventure.Connect with Facebook and make the journey together with yourfriends and family. Blow rows of equal fruit and reach the frozentreat in the delicious wonderland. Win every riddle, collect theberry and crop and roar the high score. This mania is endless,Fruit Jam Splash is the perfect addition for you. One of the mostdelicious magic match three games online and for sure one of themost addictive candy match experiences that you’ve ever seen. Startthis fun and colorful fruit match 3 puzzle adventure NOW! Dodelicious tasks in Fruit Jam Splash: Candy Match by magic matchthree gameplay. Swap 3 or more in a row and blow boosters likemania. Release the frozen treat and swap all equal fruit. Do thebest fruit match 3 puzzle adventure moves and win! The riddle isendless, get ready for it. It’s delicious, colorful and addictive!Connect with Facebook and face the riddle with all your friends andfamily. You don’t have to do it alone. Enjoy this fun one! Help usby rating Fruit Jam Splash, our fruit match 3 puzzle adventure,with a lot of stars. You can also follow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG Note: Be aware of thepossibility of children activating in-app-purchases by accident.You can prevent accidental purchases by activating the parentalcontrols and purchase authentication in your Google Play account.
Unicorn Forest Fruit Match 3 8.380.12
Do you love unicorns? We do! Let's help in unicorn forest withspecial and fun to play match-3 levels. This puzzle is yours! Dashcascades of the finest charms in unicorn games like unicorn forest:match 3 puzzle. This free travel through the unicorn forest of theflying horse is an amazing and exciting adventure travel wheresolving every match 3 puzzle is the main thing to do. Enjoycascades and the finest charms and dash them all! Features ofunicorn forest: + Easy to learn, hard to master + One of the finestunicorns charms of all unicorn games + Connect with Facebook toplay with friends and family + Solving every match 3 puzzle in thisfree adventure travel + Great unicorn games for kids and childrentoo + Super fun match 3 puzzle to train your brain games Perfectgame for kids? It has perfect unicorns, but the game is easy tolearn and hard to master. A great challenge to everyone! Experiencethe adventure travel with a flying horse in all kind of challengingunicorn games in this match 3 puzzle game. Dash cascades of thefinest charms and start solving all puzzles in the unicorn forest.Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars. You can also followus on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Flower Blossom Jam - A Match 3 Puzzle Game 11.600.21
Happy to see you in the colorful flower shop of Tailor. This flowergirl has a flower shop that needs some gardening to bloom and growcolorful flowers. Help the florist in the spring with match-3 andswap lots of weeds in a blossom jam chain! Link colorful flowersand reap the greatest together. An oriental blossom swap is readyto continue. Help Tailor in her flower shop and feel happy andbloom! Summer vacation deserves some great and colorful bloom. Timefor a flower power chain! Help Tailor out and finish all the tasksin the garden. Tailor has a flower shop in a flower garden foryears, but now she needs some help during the summer vacation. Growcolorful flowers fast and gardening weeds takes time while she reapin the spring. Flower power is necessary to bloom in a perfect way.Escape from reality and help Tailor in her flower shop. Will youstart the blossom jam chain for this flower shop? Help the florist,match-3 or swap flowers and bloom this blossom jam! Red, blue,green, yellow, orange or rainbow! The blossom jam flower shop ofTailor needs gardening to grow colorful flowers. Reap the weeds tobloom in a magical way. Flower power is almost there, all you needto do is help the florist. Why is this blossom jam flower shop soaddictive? ✿ Lovely flower girl with flower power Tailor is adedicated florist and is addicted to swap and link to grow colorfulflowers. Help Tailor out and finish all the tasks in the garden! ✿Challenging gameplay to escape reality with match-3 Grow colorfulflowers by match-3 or swap blossom jam objects. Link the mostbeautiful weeds. ✿ Escape reality with flower power Enjoy thesummer vacation with oriental blossom jam chain. Link and bloomweeds for the flower girl, help the florist in the garden. Red,blue, green, yellow, orange or rainbow! ✿ Share scores and bloom onFacebook with friends Make a chain for the flower shop and helptailor to finish all the tasks. This blossom jam is coming tospring. Tailor is ready to get some friends to help the florist.Swap and match-3 delicious weeds, remove the dirt and spring abloom or blossom jam in the garden. Link crazy flowers. Red, blue,green, yellow, orange or rainbow! The rainbow chain of plants isready to bloom. Link now and escape reality with crazy flowerpower! Help Tailor by rating her blossom jam flower shop with a lotof stars. Thanks for playing and have fun long time! Follow us onFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Kitty Cat Adventure: Match 3 7.200.2
Meow, my name is Kitty Cat. Welcome to this big adventure of mylittle puzzle cats. They’re a bit lost from their normal cat lifeand need a chef to prepare the street food in a purrfect way. Willyou take care of the kittens and become the ‘Chef of street food’that Kitty Cat needs? As a chef you’re job is to prepare the streetfood for all my little puzzle cats out there. Match 3 puzzleobjects is your main task. Matching cookies, fish, meat and candiesis so much fun! Delicious charms are ready for a new chef in theircat life. Me as Kitty Cat will be your personal assistant and willtake care of you during this big adventure with kittens. The puzzlecats live in a beautiful kingdom, I call it our fantasy wonderland.It’s amazing, delicious and full of cookies, fish, meat andcandies. So. Become our ‘Chef of street food’ and change their catlife into a purrfect big adventure. Meow. Kitty Cat Adventure Keys✔ Match 3 Puzzle Cats Challenges The beautiful kingdom of thekittens is full of really challenging matching levels. It’s easy tolearn, but it can be hard to master. Can you solve all of the bigadventure challenges? ✔ Chef of Street Food Step in the cat life ofKitty Cat and become the number one chef of street food that weneed. My little kittens’ food is a bit lost. Match 3 puzzle objectstogether and make delicious meals. ✔ Purrfect Food Join my littlekittens before you get lost in our fantasy wonderland. You can findcookies, meat, fish and candies. And many more! Rescue the milk forthe little pets, prepare them for the real cat life. Meow. ✔ BecomeFriends with Puzzle Cats Ask your facebook friends to help us inthis Kitty Cat Adventure also. You cannot rescue the kittens andpets on your own.. You will get lost for a little in their fantasywonderland. Help the puzzle cats together! It’s time to become‘Chef of street food’ for all my little kittens in this beautifulkingdom now. The big adventure is about to start and all match 3puzzle cats need you in their cat life. Swap cookies, meat, fishand candies in a purrfect way. Let’s help us in Kitty CatAdventure! Meow. Help us by rating Kitty Cat Adventure with lots ofstars. We would appreciate it. A big ‘Thank you!’ to all the peoplethat are playing already, purrfect! You can also follow us.Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG Instagram:http://www.instagram.com/PuzzleGamesVG Note: Be aware of thepossibility of children activating in-app-purchases by accident.You can prevent accidental purchases by activating the parentalcontrols and purchase authentication in your Google Play account.
Euro Soccer Tournament - Match 3 Puzzle Game 7.100.6
Welcome to Euro from the makers of Frozen Fairy: Match 3 cascade,one of the greatest soccer match 3 games of the year. Be part ofyour dream and team in the league for becoming champion in Paris,France. Score a goal hattrick with balls and be the soccer starhero of the stadium in Euro Soccer 2017. ⛹ The Euro is happening inFrance, the place to be during the soccer 2017 matchcentre. Do somegreat soccer match 3 gameplay and score a goal hattrick with ballsin this very addictive puzzle game! You’ll be the hero in Paris,France and take the cup home The hero of the champion dream andteam in the league.The whole stadium full of fans will explode ofhappiness and fun! Become champion and soccer star for yourcountry, no matter if it’s France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Belgium,Italy, Portugal, England or any other participant. You’re thecollector of stars to become hero of the stadium when you score agoal hattrick with balls for your dream and team in the league!Take the cup home in this soccer match 3 game, an amazing but veryaddictive puzzle game! Euro: - Multi Language: English, Dutch,German, Russian, French and Spanish - Many Challenging Levels inthis Soccer Match 3 Game in Stadium, League, Dream and Team of 2017- Support your favorite Dream and Team in the League: France,Spain, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, England or anyother - Score a Goal Hattrick and be Hero and Champion Soccer Star- Super Exciting Soccer 2017 Gameplay Experience - Amazing and VeryAddictive Puzzle Game Play Euro: Soccer Match 3 with your friendsand family. Connect with Facebook and send free gifts! It doesn’tmatter if you support France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Belgium,Italy, Portugal, England or any other participating country. Youcan all be champion in this league with the team of your dream inthis amazing and very addictive puzzle game. Take the cup home!Enter the stadium in Paris or any other stadium in the league andbecome the soccer star hero! Play with soccer match 3 balls, match3 or more in a row and win the champion cup in this Euro SoccerMatch 3 puzzle game in 2017.
Panda Bear: Pearls Risky River 7.260.7
Let’s meet Pearl the adorable panda bear inthe forest! Pearl love to go on a match 3 puzzle adventure to getnew flower, butterfly and bamboo. Pop love on pearls risky riverand face the fun part of getting on an super cool match 3 puzzlegame.Pearls risky river can be a bumpy ride sometimes in the forest,it’s a risky road to pop on. Help our adorable panda bear withpower-ups and feed the most delicious flower, butterfly and bamboo.This puzzle adventure is perfect for you to pop love, let’s saveour adorable panda bear on pearls risky river in the forest!Panda Bear:+ Very Addictive and Cute Gameplay+ Feed Pearl with Butterfly, Flower and Bamboo+ Match 3 Puzzle Game+ Challenging Puzzle Adventure World Map+ Pop Love and Powerful Power-upsJoin pearl now on pearls risky river and start your puzzleadventure on this risky road. Prepare for a bumpy ride with ouradorable panda bear. Feed pearl the panda bear with butterfly,flower and bamboo in this match 3 puzzle game. So delicious! Poppowerful power-ups to gain even more food and reach the end of thechallenging puzzle adventure world map. Can you survive in theforest?Connect your game with Facebook and play with friends. Don’t poppowerful power-ups on this risky road alone, pop love! Reach thehighest score and feel like a butterfly in this flower popexperience! Match 3 or more in a row in the forest on pearls riskyriver and survive with our adorable panda bear in this match 3puzzle game.Are you ready to start collecting bamboo, butterfly and flowerfood? Feed pearl the panda bear and feel delicious and amazing!Save and pop power-ups for the sake of love! Start his match 3puzzle adventure now for free and enjoy playing for hours. It’s theperfect game for kids, but players of every age will enjoy playinglong time!Note: this game is completely free to play but some in-gameelements such as gold can require real payment.Help us by rating Panda Bear: Pearls Risky River with a lot ofstars and pop love in this delicious and very addictivequest!You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVGhttp://www.instagram.com/PuzzleGamesVGNote: Be aware of the possibility of children activatingin-app-purchases by accident. You can prevent accidental purchasesby activating the parental controls and purchase authentication inyour Google Play account.
Capitalist Millionaire Match 3 7.280.11
Welcome to the money match 3 puzzle adventure in this amazingtycoon. Become the capitalist millionaire of your dreams bycollecting all diamonds and cash coins. Can you dash the gold rushand live the dream for going to the shopping mall? Start clickingnow and make cash coins as much as possible. Let’s match 3! What isso cool in capitalist millionaire? + An amazing money match 3puzzle adventure + An exciting gold rush to collect diamonds andcash coins + A tycoon for capitalist millionaire lovers + A greatway to play with friends from Facebook You can enjoy the newestfeatures in capitalist millionaire. Have a wonderful and colorfultime in this money match 3 puzzle adventure by matching, swipingand switchen the greatest gold rush objects. Collect diamonds andcash coins to earn the highest score. Connect your game to Facebookto play with and against your best friends and family. Lovers ofthis game will say it is amazing and a great way to spend freetime. Collect diamonds and cash coins is fun to do and the colorfuland amazing effects are worth it! It can be hard to master, but atfirst it will be easy to learn how to play. You need to match 3 ormore objects about money during the gold rush. Find your waythrough the levels of this puzzle adventure and become the biggestcapitalist millionaire in the city. The shopping mall will beaffordable with all the money match 3 high scores that youachieved. Start to collect diamonds and cash coins now and win!Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars. You can also followus on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Fluffy PJ Trolls Friends: Match 3 Puzzle Game 11.700.26
Welcome in the crazy puzzle party of plush! This dream forest isfull of walking pet and you can find fluffy doll friends foreverhere. The new acres are ready to pop and you are the only one thatis good enough to win all match 3 games! Don’t trolls them, thewildlife can react grumpy.. ;) Many challenges are waiting to trollin the dream forest of the walking pet friends. Pop with plush andwin all match 3 games possible! The fluffy doll friends forever arehappy animals to see you and they get excited! No walking pet hasever regret the new acres of happiness. Score a certain amount ofpoints, swap bomb in the dream forest, explore the crazy puzzleparty and pop with plush pets! Features: + Many challenges andgreat match 3 games + Beautiful dream forest full of fluffy dollfriends + Pop with plush on the new acres + Enjoy a crazy puzzleparty with friends from Facebook + Swap bomb or plush to troll themThe dream forest is full of challenges that you really need toplay! Exciting match 3 games all around the new acres, full ofwalking pet friends as wildlife animals. Pop the plush creaturesand create a crazy puzzle party that you will remember for years!Don’t troll the fluffy doll friends forever, they will catch youback. Or they will work against you and swap bomb into your newacres. Let’s pop the plush and make the dream forest happy again!Win all match 3 games and you will become the best fluffy dollfriends forever! Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars.You can also follow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Juice Fruit Pop 2: Match 3 1.05
Welcome in the fruit blast wonderland, hero. Play with fresh andcolorful Juice Fruit Pop fruits, so yummy! The super deliciousfrutti splash effects are countless. Be the star of the wonderlandand splash sweet and juicy lines as a real hero. This is a veryaddictive match 3 puzzle game that you simply cannot miss! Orange,bananas, strawberries, every kind of sugar sweet is here for you.The fresh splash effect of fruit mania heroes is endless in thissuper candy match game. Are you in for some delicious fruits starfun? Let’s get yummy juicy fruits! Juice Fruit Pop 2: + Sweet FruitBlast Experience + Amazing and Delicious Splash Effect + VeryAddictive Match 3 Game Play + Swap & Combine Candy Match Game +Play with Facebook Friends It’s time to start playing Juice FruitPop 2 soon! You should be prepared and get ready for the super starblast that’s happening when you play this. Get an orange, cherry,blueberry or pear and match 3 game fruits and get juicy splasheffects! So delicious, yummy! Swap and combine all the differentfruits and become the star or hero of this game! You can also playwith your friends on Facebook. Battle and be sweet! Are you readyfor Juice Fruit Pop 2, or do you need some final facts? Let’s dothis fruit blast! More than 400 fruit splash levels are ready foryou to play. Swap, combine and match 3 game play fruits to becomethe hero. Do you like some sweet frutti bananas? Or strawberries?Get them now and play with them! Super splash effects when youconnect lines of the same fruits. Be the cherry on top, the cherryon top of the super sweet cake. Yummy! You’re ready for this sweetjuicy fruit splash match 3 game now. Swap and combine the mostdelicious and yummy fruits like bananas, strawberries and cherry’s.Connect them in this fruit mania adventure, so fresh. Enjoy! JuiceFruit Pop 2 is completely free to play, but some in-game items suchas lives or gold coins can require real payment. Help us by ratingJuice Fruit Pop 2 with a lot of stars. You can also follow us onFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG Instagram: Followus now: https://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg
Happy Hay Farm World: Match 3 9.320.9
Welcome to happy hay farm world, one of the greatest farm gamesonline and created by the makers of Harvest Hero and Harvest Hero2! Are you ready to reap the happy hay and feed the animals on thefarm? Let’s do this summer games farming experience and havingsummer fun with egg friends! Swap, switch and feed every cow, pig,goat, dog or cat and party all day long! Why would you play thisamazing match 3 puzzle adventure? - It’s a perfect day for happyhay - An extraordinary farm world where only happy farm friends canlive - Many colorful challenges in summer games for summer fun -Start farming like you can the best - From the makers of HarvestHero What is better than playing fun to play summer games in thehappy hay farm world? The makers of Harvest Hero have made a supersummer fun game again with farming. Feed the animals on the happyfarm and make it the best place with your egg friends. This amazingmatch 3 puzzle adventure is ready to be played by millions ofpeople. You need to match 3 or more animals and feed every singlecow, pig, goat, dog or cat on the happy farm that wants to be eggfriends with you. The happy hay farm world is ready for the mostexciting farming experience. The summer fun in these summer gamesis great to play. Swap, switch and connect animals. Help us byrating our game with a lot of stars. You can also follow us onFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Birds: Free Match 3 Games 11.820.29
Birds is a cute and addictive birds match 3 puzzle game that youcan enjoy playing for hours. Rescue the birds and make them happy!Match 3, 4 or 5 in a row to create special combo's and boosters forhuge effects and win! Let’s enjoy hours of endless fun in thispuzzle adventure. You can fly away and flap with all the differentwildlife birds to the most beautiful destinations. While you’reenjoying amazing bird sounds! Join our world of birds and win match3 puzzle games in this bird land. Features: - Amazing world mapwith wildlife - Facebook connection for friends and high scores -Enormous amount of levels to play - Swap, flap and tap the birds -Classic match 3 puzzle video games gameplay - Free match 3 games toplay Help us by rating our match 3 games with a lot of stars. Youcan also follow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Candy Match 3 Game 7.340.8
Play the sweetest candy match 3 puzzle game in our beloved anddelicious candy world. Try the deliciously sweet taste of ice creamlollipop and be hooked! Milk monsters candy match 3 game is createdby Puzzle Games - VascoGames, the maker of the popular andaddictive Clash of Diamonds. The milk monsters candy match 3 puzzlegame has the sweetest candies and ice cream divided over the candyworld with a deliciously sweet taste. Swipe and match lollipop anddelicious candies all over again and all of that for free! Are youready for some amazing brain teasers to crush your sweetest candiestogether? The colors in this colorful candy world are endless. Andso deliciously sweet taste! Be ready for the perfect candy match 3puzzle game for you: MILK MONSTERS! Let’s solve the puzzles in thisvery addictive challenge and play with lollipop and ice creamforever! Features of the milk monsters: - Connect with friends fromFacebook - Swap SWEET CANDIES in this candy match 3 puzzle game -Play various challenges and different levels in the CANDY WORLD -Sweetest colorful wonderland with a sweet taste of ice cream - Usethe milk monsters as boosters to BOOST your score - Many UNIQUElevels - Easy to learn but hard to master the milk monsters Playthis candy match 3 puzzle game whenever you want, there’s no placeyou cannot play! In the bathroom, bedroom, living room or outside.Nothing is too crazy for the milk monsters in the candy world. Jointhem and match candies like never before. Can you taste the sweetice cream already? Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars.You can also follow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Paradise of Runes: Puzzle Game 7.300.8
Come now and play in the story of jewel thattakes place in the paradise of runes. Welcome and get your puzzlefriends to do these gems together! An amazingly beautiful and veryaddictive match 3 puzzle game is about to go down. Let’s do thesegems!Why the paradise of runes?♦ Very addictive match 3 puzzle game for you and your puzzlefriends♦ Beautiful wonderland that’s called the paradise of runes♦ Write and make your own story jewel of perfection gems♦ Matching gems and runes for epic scoresGo into the paradise of runes and play your classic match 3 puzzlegame tactics. You need to match 3 or more in a row to collect gemsand remove obstacles. You can match 4 gems in a row to createspecial items and match 5 gems to make a mega special booster! It’ssuper amazing!Come and unite your puzzle friends with us to write a story jewelabout all the crazy gems you match. Swap and connect to make themgo off the board. The paradise of runes has it all, waiting for youand your puzzle friends to come and play! Try our very addictivematch 3 puzzle game now and get the most beautiful gems!We would love to have you here. Connect with Facebook to inviteeven more buddies to play. It can be easy to learn, but honestly itcan be very hard to master. Time to go and get it. Have fun!Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars. You can also followus on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Sweet Dreams - Match 3 Puzzle Game 1.1
Swipe tiles and solve puzzles with this relaxing match 3 puzzlegame in bed. Welcome in ‘Sweet Dreams: Little Heroes’. The placefor a star to escape and explores all dream house in the marvelousuniverse of valley. Take a deep dive and take kitty on your journeythrough an amazing fantasy world. The baby girl goes on adventurewith kitty and takes the deep dive to sweet dreams. She wants tobecome little heroes and win the match 3 puzzle game. As a babygirl, she explores this coloring game with courage and a bitfantasy. Will you join her in valley and guide her as a star? Thismatch 3 puzzle game is perfect for all ages, that’s why even a babygirl can escape into this marvelous universe and explores treasureswith her deep dive. They will become little heroes if they succeed.She will be a star, and her kitty will be living in a dream house.Will you help them in this coloring game through valley and givethem sweet dreams? Sweet Dreams: Little Heroes + Match 3 PuzzleGame + Baby Girl on Adventure + Escape In An Stunning Fantasy World+ Lots of Challenging Levels To Become Little Heroes + Escape TheDream House And Take a Deep Dive Start your coloring game now.Reach the dream house in valley through an amazing match 3 puzzlegame experience. Help the baby girl and her kitty in this marvelousuniverse and reach every star that she explores. Take her intosweet dreams and become little heroes! It’s time to take the deepdive into this marvelous universe. Our baby girl wants to escapefrom reality and she explores every star outside the dream house invalley with you. But she needs your help. Take kitty with you inthis coloring game and become little heroes now! Enjoy! SweetDreams! Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars. You canalso follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVGInstagram: Follow us now: https://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg
Triple Candy Evolution Town 7.100.1
Welcome to the most original puzzle game about candies: triplecandy evolution town. Enjoy the most beautiful and tasty graphicsas long as you try to build the largest city out of sweets andtrees. How bigger the tree, how higher the score. Match 3 or moresweets trees to make the larger candy evolution and combine severaltasty game items. Do you like playing building games? Then grow,make more and build your own town in this sweet city builder! Howit works: Start the city builder puzzle game with three bushes fullwith candy, while you try to match 3 or more that are next to eachother. Matching and combining more in a line makes it go to thenext stage in this triple candy evolution town. Craft and matchthree bushes to make a candy tree, match 3 trees to make a house offood and match 3 houses to even create a castle made of candy!Grow, make more and more to reach the castle! Be aware that thispuzzle game is not easy, you might need to overcome severalobstacles in your way during the journey to build your own candycity. Dangerous wildlife can block you from making new matches andto create the most beautiful triple candy evolution town in one ofthe most addictive building games. Overcome dangerous wildlifeobstacles, grow and make more progress all the time. Create greatexperiences and share your best city builder outcomes! Features ofan addictive puzzle game: - No classic matching, but innovative butaddictive gameplay - Beautiful graphics to make a delicious candycity - Build your own triple candy evolution town - Fill the tileswith blocks of tasty trees and craft magic castles - Challenginglevels with dangerous wildlife enemies - Connect with Facebook forendless fun with friends - Share your score and beat your friendsscores - Tasty building games challenges - Multi language supportLet’s match 3 or more tasty trees of sweets and create the mostmouthwatering city builder experiences so far. Your triple candyevolution town is not far from started yet, you can start wheneveryou want and build your own beautiful dream world. Play this puzzlegame and create the best! Let’s grow! Support our city builder andall of our other puzzle games by leaving a positive feedback and/orrating. Follow us for the latest news:http://www.facebook.com/puzzlegamesvghttp://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg
Solitaire: Frozen Dream Forest 11.840.21
Welcome and explore ‘Solitaire: Frozen Dream Forest’ as theultimate pyramid tripeaks card game now! Get into this new dailychallenge in an ancient frozen wonderland and shuffle. The wildlifeis hiding for the snow, waiting for your help to come by! Classicmatching cards is your job for the animals during the journeythrough the frozen dream forest. Climb the pyramid of cardadventures and overcome every shuffle obstacle. Welcome in thedaily challenge of Solitaire: frozen dream forest! Main features ofthis addictive card game: + Pyramid or tripeaks gameplay + Explorethe ancient wonderland in the frozen dream forest solitaire + Easyto learn gameplay, but hard to master for getting all stars +Connect with Facebook for fun with friends + Shuffle and match epiccards in this card game Enjoy one of the best and popular cardgames online! The frozen dream forest of solitaire is full ofanimals, hidden for the snow and cold ice. Can you rescue theanimals from the frozen cards and shuffle the sun back? It's easyto learn but hard to master. Connect with Facebook friends and havefun and benefits like sending gifts and more! The pyramid ortripeaks gameplay is popular for everyone that likes solitaire.Start to shuffle now and do classic matching actions with all cardsin this card game adventure! How to play: Your deck of cards isfull of king, queen, ace or numbers, and you need to match them.Get into a challenge for the animals in the frozen dream forest andwin the solitaire card game for them! The wildlife will be thankfulfor your puzzle game skills. Let's do this! NOTE: This solitairepuzzle game is free to play but some in-game items may requirepayment with real money. Support us by giving us a positive reviewand / or rating. Like us for the latest news:https://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Sweet Jelly Jam Blast: Match 3 7.220.4
Welcome to jelly jam splash, one of the most delicious and tastymatch 3 puzzle games for you. Crush all the sweet candy and caramelbefore the soda takes over. This gummy game is breathtaking andwill take you into a wonderland that’s going to be your new crush!Make a trio of strawberry sweets and make them happy faces. Thesweet candy is tasty and juicy for you. Will you match 3 or moreand make a trio to blast and crush? Join jelly jam splash now andhave fun forever! The delicious match 3 puzzle game jelly jamsplash has great breathtaking features, it’s too gummy and soyummy! What’s so delicious and tasty here to switch and swap?Endless juicy challenges Crush all caramel and make this gummywonderland into something colorful and tasty. Lots of challengesare ready. Easy to learn, but hard to master later on the blast. Abreathtaking wonderland of candy The jelly jam splash happens in acandy wonderland that is super delicious and full of strawberrysoda. Yummy! Join now and be amazed! Addictive match 3 puzzle gameSweet and juicy objects to match in jelly jam splash. Switch, swapand match 3 or more! Play with friends to blast Connect withFacebook for friends and fun with soda. Make a trio of deliciousobjects and crush all together! Join and play jelly jam splash nowto experience one of the most addictive and tasty match 3 puzzlegames. So yummy, way too gummy! Switch and swap sweet candy with orwithout soda into a breathtaking strawberry blast. Try to crush alldelicious candy in this tasty wonderland. Super gummy, oh, soyummy! Enjoy this match 3 puzzle game for free. Your job is to makea trio of sweet candy to remove the caramel that is blockingstrawberry soda. Crush them all and the result will bebreathtaking! Switch, swap and match 3 to gain delicious wins! Helpus by rating our game with a lot of stars. You can also follow uson Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Jewels of the Jungle: Match 3 7.200.2
Download the beautiful temple of games and try this free to playmatch 3 puzzle adventure about the jewels of the jungle. Explorethe cubes as a real legend and survive this jewel game in the deepforest of gold! You can do anything legend, from matching cubes andjewels of the jungle to exploring the temple of gold in this match3 puzzle adventure. Will you try matching the puzzles in this greatchallenge? Reach the top of the temple in this jewel game and startmatching jewels long time in the deep forest! Explore all thefeatures that keeps puzzlers like you at our amazing quest. Are youreaching the top or not? Go into the jungle and become the legendof this match 3 puzzle adventure! Features: + New amazing puzzleadventure + Addictive match 3 jewel game in the deep forest +Matching puzzles with cubes and jewels of the jungle + Become thelegend of the temple Invite your friends via Facebook for anamazingly addictive jewel game and challenge who will be the legendof the temple. Can you do it? Will you be it? Let’s show it in thedeep forest of gold. Start playing some great gameplay moments andachieve super fun moments! Help us by rating our jewel game ‘jewelsof the jungle’ with a lot of stars. You can also follow us onFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Solitaire Halloween Game 11.340.8
Explore the scary world full of classic matching challenges insolitaire halloween game. One of the best and most scarifying matchpuzzle games online! Check the deck in the pyramid tripeaks andmake sure you’ll win the match. This solitaire card game is readyfor you to play so you will have fun for hours! Enter the enchantedworld of magic skulls and pumpkins now! Amazing game to spend timeon during halloween. Yes, the perfect halloween game to play withclassic matching gameplay. The pyramid tripeaks is ready and youneed to match the good cards in the deck and win our solitairehalloween game! Features: + Endless fun in super many classicmatching challenges + Addictive match puzzle for solitaire cardgame lovers + Pyramid tripeaks deck with high quality artwork +Enchanted world full of magic skulls and pumpkins + Solitairehalloween game for young and old + Play this puzzle game withfriends via Facebook + Swap ace, king, queen and more in thecorrect order + Let the magic happen Connect your friends with youvia Facebook and send lives to each other. Help your best friendsin their match puzzle and create the best classic match decktactics possible. If you love to play pyramid tripeaks gameplay youwill love to be enchanted by the magic world of this halloweengame! Are you ready for an epic magic solitaire card game? Let’s dothis and get scary! Note: our free solitaire card game ‘SolitaireHalloween Game’ is completely free to play, but some in-gameelements such as gold can require real payment. Help us by ratingwith a lot of stars. You can also follow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Solitaire: Frozen Fairy Tales 11.590.15
Have fun in the world’s most appealing free card games experience.Play patience to turn the snow and winter into some beautifulfrozen fairy tales, but now you can do it yourself also withinteresting tripeaks and free card games. It’s all included in ourbeautiful solitaire collection. Shuffle the cards in your deck andturn them into a winter wonderland. The piles of cards are intripeaks formation, full of jokers and king/queen or ace. But thereis snow! Start a gold rush and collect the golden cards in thissolitaire card game. Can you rewrite the frozen fairy tales to abeautiful story? Shuffle the deck now and let’s go! Your job inthis solitaire card game is to collect the golden cards before thepiles of cards is gone. Turn the winter and snow into beautifulfrozen fairy tales when you shuffle the deck. Jokers, king, queenor ace, they are all present in our solitaire collection of freecard games! Tripeaks is a famous and known way to play your freecard games, so you can enjoy playing and have the patience in agold rush. Many challenges are ready for you in this winterwonderland of our solitaire collection. The levels are easy tolearn, but can be hard to manage when you progress to higherlevels. You can invite your friends from Facebook to receive giftsand lives, so you don’t have to do it on your own! Shuffle jokers,queens, kings and aces across your deck to get the perfect setup tosolve the puzzle in all frozen fairy tales. Play all levels in thissolitaire collection and have the patience to turn the winterwonderland into beautiful frozen fairy tales. Help us by ratingwith a lot of stars. You can also follow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Balloon Match 3: Paradise Pop 7.220.2
Go into your hot air balloon and make the journey of your dreams.Create a super blast in the paradise pop arena and shoot allbubbles! Is this match 3 game your favorite soon? Find out and haveamazingly fun moments! This puzzle is also suitable as a kids game.Fun for kids! Features: • a perfect journey with your personal hotair balloon • a paradise pop arena for epic fun • a super blast tomake with balloon match 3 • a puzzle game to shoot bubbles andballoons • a way to connect with your friends from Facebook We wantto welcome you in our hot air balloon match 3 journey. You will beour special guest, perfect to create a super blast with all theballoons. The paradise pop arena is all yours, and it’s just fullof balloons! This puzzle is super fun and a great addition as akids game. Fun for kids and everyone else that just loves balloons!Help us by rating Balloon Match 3: Paradise Pop with a lot ofstars. You can also follow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Solitaire Card Collection Dash 9.260.4
Welcome to the ultimate solitaire cardcollection. There’s a fortune of hearts, kings and queens in thisclassic matching card game. Shuffle the cards in your deck andclear the pyramid with a single dash!Features of the most popular solitaire card collection:• an addictive way to spend your free time• a classic matching card game for everyone• a fortune feeling with millions of hearts, kings and queens• a tripeaks solitaire card collection to dash• a perfect way to shuffle cards• a way to connect with friends from FacebookLet’s get into this amazing popular way to spend your free time!This classic matching card game is amazing to play for everyone,for young and old. Shuffle the deck and match with the kings,queens, jokers and jacks. You can dash everything, everything. Thepyramid is ready for you to enjoy solitaire to the fullest!You can also connect with your friends from Facebook to have morefun! Share your progress, send free gifts and receive daily bonusesfor free! Are you in?You are almost ready to dash the solitaire card collection and playyour way through the fortune of tripeaks. The pyramid is ready foryou to shuffle cards on the deck and let your magic classicmatching play! Enter the kingdom now and match!Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars. You can also followus on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Super Icy Fruits Blast 7.220.3
Welcome to the frenzy of fruit in Super IcyFruits Blast, a free match 3 puzzle game where you can crush frozenfood and make it burst! Sounds good to you? Let’s go!It’s about ice cream and sweets. Do some classic matching withtiles and make sure you remove the necessary objects. Watch out!The frozen food can be sticky, you need to do it good! Make thefruit go burst and crush all the sweets for kids in this free match3 puzzle game.Why is it so nice to play Super Icy Fruits Blast?You have the chance to BURST fruit and CRUSH sweets while you’re ina FROZEN wonderland. The frenzy can start and continue as long asyou can help us! The mountains are covered with ICE CREAM and otherfrozen food.You need to MATCH 3 or more frozen food objects in a row or column,so they will disappear. Burst the fruit and crush the SWEETS in afancy frenzy. Classic matching with tiles in this free match 3puzzle game for kids. Everyone will love these Super Icy FruitsBlast puzzles! Play together with your FRIENDS from Facebook whenyou connect the game. Get a free bonus and send free gifts to them.Have so much fun in this fancy frenzy that you cannot almostbelieve it!Are you in to play some Super Icy Fruits Blast? We hope you are!The frozen food is waiting for a hero to melt it down and to burstthe fruit and crush the sweets. It’s YOU! Let’s go!Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars. You can also followus on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Tasty Candy Cafe: Match 3 Game 9.220.2
Have a great evening in the tasty candy cafe!Go for a drink and solve the puzzles to create an amazing feeling.It’s so yummy! Go at noon and explore a cozy and cheerful place topuzzle and match 3 game winnings. Are you ready for a real tastycandy cafe experience? Play now for free and do classic matchingfun with timeless fun!This puzzle game is full of crazy challenges in a cozy and cheerfulworld. So sweet that you will never want to leave and stop! Solvethe puzzles as a real brain trainer and feel the joy. The timelessfun is free to play for you. This match 3 game is ready. It’s easyto learn, but hard to master if you want 3 stars on each superchallenges. Try it out? Come and play in a yummy world in ourbeloved tasty candy cafe! It’s time for candy match fun!Features:• Super challenges in a yummy world of candy match• Creative levels for timeless fun• Invite friends from Facebook for more fun and free gifts• Cheerful and cozy surroundings for puzzle games at noon• Beautiful artwork and peaceful environmentGo into the tasty candy cafe to feel and experience the yummy worldof candy match fun! Come at noon and play this match 3 game withyour friends from Facebook. Enjoy the new possibilites and usepowerful boosters to get a higher score than your friends. Shareyour progress and challenge them to beat yours! Are you in? Let’splay!Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars. You can also followus on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Treasure Tiles: Match 3 Gems 9.240.4
Start your treasure hunt in the diamond journey. Help the princewith some mash and mix gameplay. A match 3 adventure of the highestlevel, gems so shiny for you and treasures for free! Make three ina row and do tile matching actions so you will win all diamondtreasures in our wonderland. Welcome to the puzzle game TreasureTiles! We need you. Your help will be necessary for the prince oftreasures, the king that had all diamond and gems in the past. Goon a treasure hunt journey and come back full of rich chests. Threein a row and you’ll win guaranteed a high score! Tile matching funwas never so easy to enter. Mash and mix treasures in your treasurehunt for fun! This match 3 adventure is ready for you, go and playthe puzzle game Treasure Tiles now! Features: • Popular puzzle gamewith tile matching fun • Addictive match 3 adventure that is easyto learn • Journey for a treasure hunt with diamond rewards •Facebook friends to help you win the treasures • Beautiful artworkand magic wonderland • Amazing sounds and music to get you going!Here you go. Make three in a row and your match 3 adventure isgoing, with gems or diamond treasures! Join the game and inviteyour friends from Facebook to cooperate. Send free gifts and get adaily bonus when you continue the treasure hunt every day! Be thehero of the prince with your brain training moves that will resultin amazing high scores and tile matching magic. Mash and mix alltreasures and win this puzzle game! Help us by rating our game witha lot of stars. You can also follow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Candy Bears - Free Puzzle Game 8.200.2
Tasty challenges in a never endingexcitingfree puzzle game! Start classic matching fun and win allthechallenges in the bakery on sweet road. Crush colorful objectswiththe candy bear and match 3 candies to remove them from thefield.Yummy and so sweet!Features of Candy Bear:• Help the candy bear• Have classic matching fun• Enjoy a neverending exciting free puzzle game• Match 3 candies or more to win!• Experience the bakery on sweet road and write yourownstory!• Invite friends for even more timeless fun• Send free gifts and receive a daily bonus every day you playthegame!• Sweet!Are you ready? The game is easy to learn, but the challenges canbehard to master. Let’s crush the colorful objects by match 3candiesor more in the field for the candy bear. This never endingexcitingfree puzzle game is so tasty and yummy, that you couldnever resistto go inside! And you will not regret it, since thisclassicmatching fun is so sweet!Come and play with us for the best time of your day. Enjoythelittle things in live by match 3 candies or more.Beautifulanimations are making your day. Win the challenges in thebakery onsweet road and crush it all!Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars. You can alsofollowus on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Valentine's Day: Match & Crush 9.200.2
What do you want to do on Valentine’s Day? Love is in the air andthat’s the perfect moment for valentine games. Match & crushwith colorful and lovely items such as hearts, gifts, flowers andcookies. A valentine connect game in the city of love, isn’t thatthe perfect and timeless fun to do on Valentine’s Day? Let’s getinto this matching game and crush candies all the way! Features: •classic matching games in the city of love • match 3 or more toclear the field • match 4 or more to create lovely boosters withextra power • match & crush candies to win all levels • funvalentine games to play on valentine’s day • invite friends to joinyou in this matching game Come and crush candies in the city oflove where the love is in the air. Invite your best friends to comeplay with you in this matching game. Match 3 to clear the field,but match 4 or more to create amazing boosters with extra power. Avalentine connect game like this is the perfect game to play onValentine’s Day. Let’s match & crush candies and colorfulobjects like hearts, flowers and cookies. Win all challenges andfeel amazing! Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars. Youcan also follow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Cupcake Crush: Match 3 Games 9.220.3
Play and enjoy this Cupcake Crush game today!Have fun with free match 3 games and brain teasers for a great day!Explore hundreds of challenging levels to smash and links thecolorful objects in the tasty puzzle field. Perfect game to play onvalentine’s day because it is so yummy! The jam is starting withclassic matching fun and crumble the whole world. Get ready forCupcake Crush!Start free match 3 games now and enjoy the challenging brainteasers during valentine’s day. The jam is about to start with youas local hero! Links the colorful objects and crumble along thetasty puzzle world. Yummy! Get into Cupcake Crush and have the dayof your life! Classic matching is what you need to do. Pump the jamand have so much fun in free match 3 games!Features:• Super fun brain teasers to play every day• Smash and crumble colorful objects until you trigger thejam• Unlimited playtime on valentine’s day• Classic matching in the free match 3 games• Facebook connect for fun with friends• Daily bonus for everyone that plays!Enjoy Cupcake Crush to the fullest with the daily bonus foreveryone. Just play everyday and receive free gifts! Invite yourfriends through Facebook and have even more joy! Smash the colorfulobjects and crumble into the jam of candy. It’s so sweet! Playtoday and win the brain teasers with unlimited classic matchingexperiences. Download Cupcake Crush and win!Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars. You can also followus on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Forest Blast: Diamond Match 3 9.240.4
Free puzzle game for matching diamonds and to be a star in thisadventure forest blast, the best and most addictive jewel smash in2017! Rush through the forest games for the best match 3 experiencenow! Play every free puzzle game to solve the puzzles in the bestway. Three match tactic is the most addictive and the fastest wayto be a star! Matching diamonds in an adventure forest blast is thebest match 3 gameplay to do! Enjoy now with friends or alone andhave a great time with so much fun! Features: • three match puzzlefor classic matching diamonds • best match 3 free puzzle game inthe world online • rush through the most addictive forest games tobe a star • have fun in a jewel smash 2017 experience • invitefriends from Facebook for free gifts and daily bonus Welcome toForest Blast: Diamond Match 3, the best match 3 you can get toplay. Matching diamonds and gems in this jewel smash 2017experience is super addictive and one of the best forest games tohave on your mobile. Every free puzzle game is waiting for you towin and solve all the puzzles before you run out of time or moves!Match 3, match 3 or match 5 in a row to create amazing powerfulboosters that have special powers. Use boosters and special powersto reach a higher score in the Facebook leaderboards with yourfriends! Get free gifts from your friends and a daily bonus everyday you play in a row! Feel like you’re the star of forest blast:diamond match 3 and solve the puzzles in all forest games beforeyour friends do. This free puzzle game is super fun and superaddictive, so matching diamonds and gems will be no problem foryou! Three match tactic to train your brain in a fun and best match3 game online right now. Will we see you on top of the Facebookleaderboard above your friends? Have fun now and play this freepuzzle game in a rush! It’s time for adventure forest blast! Helpus by rating our game with a lot of stars. You can also follow uson Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Bunny's Frozen Jewels: Match 3 11.400.6
Be jewel king in Bunny’s frozen jewels match 3 game and pop withpals! This jewel match game is the next addictive challenge in arow. Connect the diamond block in the wonderland of the bunnies andbecome the jewel king in this crush match 3 game 2017! Let’s invitesome friends to join you and pop with pals! Features: • Best newcrush match 3 game 2017 • Be jewel king and connect the diamondblock • Pop with pals in Bunny’s frozen jewels • Addictive andcolorful jewel match game • Receive free gifts and daily bonuses •Best match 3 games for everyone with addictive challenges Welcomein the winter wonderland of the bunnies. Swipe, swap and matchBunny’s frozen jewels and become the jewel king. This is the newhit crush match 3 game 2017! Do you want to try it out? Invite somefriends to make it even more fun and pop with pals to decide who isthe jewel match master. Connect the diamond block in the winterwonderland and win all challenges in Bunny’s frozen jewels matchinggame. This crush match 3 game is the best new game of 2017 and youcan try it out now! Pop with pals and experience timeless fun asthe jewel king of winter wonderland. It’s time for diamonds andmore diamonds in Bunny’s frozen jewels! Write your own story andhave a lot of fun! PS: Maybe you’ll find some easter eggs in thesnow .. ? ;) Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars. Youcan also follow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Birds 2: Free Match 3 Party 10.260.7
Birds 2: a free match 3 party for solvingpuzzles in Rio, the copacabana beach and other beautiful places inthe paradise of Brazil. Casual games like this are the best!Classic matching with modern fantastic effects! Smash your waythrough the paradise to find a jewel game in here. The paradise isnot filled with angry chicken, but with beautiful birds. Keep themin this free match 3 party in the paradise of Rio and start solvingpuzzles for the joy of jewel! Let’s show the copacabana beach andall surroundings that you are the best match king in thekingdom!Features:• Beautiful paradise of birds• Free match 3 party in Rio• No angry chicken but colorful bird• Solving puzzles to find a jewel• Social game with Facebook friends• Birds 2, the next edition and addictive puzzle after Birds1!Get ready for an amazing free match 3 party that you will notforget! Birds 2 is ready for solving puzzles with pace and find ajewel in the paradise of Rio. Don’t get angry, but enjoy themagical surroundings of Brazil and the copacabana beach. Are youready? Let’s keep this on!Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars. You can also followus on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Solitaire Adventures Card Game 11.920.5
Download and play the most addictive free card game and go on aworld tour in solitaire adventures! Explore the world as a realtraveler through Klondike in this classic solitaire card game. Thesky is magic and the air is a blast! Smash through the beautifulcrafted world map and match cards to solve the puzzles. Match 3 ormore cards in a row to clear the most difficult challenges!Patience can be the key, but sometimes all you need is to shuffle!Solitaire adventures is the next big thing online and you willexperience the joy! Get on a raft and travel through the world tourexperience while having a blast! This super addictive puzzle gameis the best free card game online right now. Come and play with usin this classic solitaire card game! Features: • Popular and veryaddictive free card game • Explore Klondike in a world tour througha beautiful crafted world • Have patience or smash and have a blast• Greatest classic solitaire card game in the world • Social gameto connect with Facebook for friends, free gifts and daily bonusPlay with friends from Facebook and explore the beautiful craftedworld together. Klondike is waiting for a match with a new travelerthat wants to have a blast! The world tour can start when youshuffle your cards for the first time. Match 3 or more cards tomake several cards in a row and solve the puzzles with a smash!This free card game is one of the best classic solitaire card gamesever made and will take you on a journey through a beautifulcrafted world full of addictive levels and unlimited challenges.Get ready and play now our free card game! Help us by rating ourgame with a lot of stars. You can also follow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Maya's Gold - Ruby Match 3 10.240.3
Welcome to Maya’s Gold, one of the best puzzle games and brand newruby match 3 puzzle game on the store! Become a diamond matchinglegend in this episode of Mayan adventures and create a crushmania. Go on a crazy trip through the forest to find Maya’s goldand become the matching diamonds legend of all time! So much fun!Features: • Brand new ruby match 3 puzzle game • Experience a crushmania in this episode of mayan adventures • Go on a crazy trip withfriends from Facebook • Free gifts and free daily bonus every dayyou play • Become the matching diamonds legend of the forest • Findmaya’s gold and feel like a billionaire! Searching for a fun gameto play in the free time during the day? Or in the evening? Try outthe brand new ruby match 3 puzzle game about mayan adventures!Maya’s gold is hidden in the forest so you need to go on a crazytrip in this episode to make the best of it. Become the matchingdiamonds legend in this crush mania and feel like a billionaire. Goon an adventure every day and receive a free daily bonus everydayyou play! Invite your friends from Facebook to make it a socialsuccess and send & receive free gifts every day. It’s time tostart your quest to Maya’s gold in this mayan adventures throughthe forest of magic. Start playing this brand new ruby match 3puzzle game and become the matching diamonds legend that we allwant to be! Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars. You canalso follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
Farm Charms Match 3 9.220.2
Match fruit and farm charms in super free match 3 games. Help ourcharming June to solve the puzzles and discover the new acres atthis funny farm! The garden is full of farm charms and fruit. Solveall the farmers match 3 free puzzles! Why farm charms match 3 game?• Hundreds special designed levels with unique challenges • Sweetcharming June helps you when you're stuck with radish • Popularfarmers match 3 free game on new acres of a funny farm • Super FREEmatch three games for endless fun puzzles • Possibility to connectwith friends via Facebook; leaderboards, free gifts • Free dailybonus that grows every day you play in a row Super free match threegames are ready to be played. Radish, melons, carrots and cornchallenging levels and our charming June will help you! Thisfarmers match 3 free games are special designed to challenge. It iseasy to learn, but later on it get hard to master. Match 3 radishor more, drop items, remove obstacles, collect veggies. There'senough radish in the garden for hundreds of levels! Have fun withthis farmers match 3 free games! Do you like playing Farm CharmsMatch 3? Support us by rating our game so we can keep the updatescoming. http://www.facebook.com/puzzlegamesvghttp://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg
Fashion Sparkle Match 3 9.200.1
Let's blast gems and solve the puzzles in Fashion Sparkle Match 3,one of the best and most popular fashion games online for free. Thenew fun games are full of tops, shoes, dresses and more. Becreative and match 3 or more stylish outfits together for a fashionsparkle! * Slam your way through a land of fashion, a world ofstylish outfits with shoes, pants, dresses and tops. Matching themtogether for new fun games. Solve puzzles by blast gems and win thequest of fashion. H I G H L I G H T S * Recommended match3 puzzlegame for all ages, kids and adults * Solve puzzles by matchingobjects such as shoes, pants, dresses and more * Be creative withsuperhero powers and boosters * Create a fashion sparkle forhappiness and joy * Invite friends from Facebook to cooperate withand win together * More than 200 unique levels to blast gems forstylish outfits * Slam the new fun games and have timeless joy Comeand play Fashion Sparkle Match 3 now for free and solve puzzles asa superhero. Create stylish outfits and win new fun games with aslam! Help us to keep the updates coming by rating our game here.Also you can follow us for the latest news and games:http://www.facebook.com/puzzlegamesvghttp://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg
Pirate Solitaire - Classic Solitaire Card Game 11.330.6
We dare you to be like pirates in this freakin mobile game. Playand match cards in this pirate solitaire card game, an adventurethat you will never regret! Shuffle and find the treasure on one ofthe tri peaks. Collect all gold cards and remove obstacles on youradventure through the sky pirate kingdom. Will you win like asuperhero? Or will you find the treasure like pirates do? Skypirate solitaire card game is about finding your treasure, asdetectives find their clue. Use gold cards like ace, king or queento crack the puzzles. Match hearts and spades to advance throughthe story and discover the whole world of pirates in this freakinmobile game. Solve the solitaire card game puzzles and shuffle thepyramid to win the treasure in this freakin mobile game. Be likepirates and win all unique levels in this new Sky pirate solitairecard game! Support us to keep the updates coming, we'll appreciateit and you'll love it! Don't forget to follow us here:http://www.facebook.com/puzzlegamesvghttp://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg
Crystal Oasis Magic Diamond 9.200.1
Do you love magic diamonds as much as we do?Wethink it's fantastic! This adventure game is a classicmatch-3puzzle in a crystal oasis, the number one place for shinyandsparkling gems!Start playing this free, simple and fun game with tilematchinggameplay. Match 3 magic diamonds in a row to remove themfrom thefield. Match 4 or more to unleash special powers or match5together for fantastic sparkling effects! Classic match-3puzzlechallenges are available in a crystal oasis. Can you findallcrystals and win this adventure game full of shinyobjects?- Match 3 magic diamonds in a row for ultimate fun- Match 4 for special powers and great powerups- Match 5 to unleash fantastic crystals for tilematchinggoals- Free and simple and fun to play- Classic match-3 puzzle gameplay- Dozens of challenging objectives: remove obstacles, bringdownobjects, collect crystals, win against evil in thecrystaloasis- Shiny worldmap and crystal kingdom- Tile matching fun game- Magic diamonds puzzle game- Social options to play with Facebook friendsFollow us for the latest news and tips:http://www.facebook.com/puzzlegamesvghttp://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg
Settlers Trail Match 3: Build a town 11.100.9
Settlers Trail is an adventure on the western frontier whereyouneed to build a town with your crew. Discover the countryside asareal settler and create the next gold rush! On your way fromOregonto California you travel into a village that needs a landmanager.Yes, they need you! They’ve missed the golden age and nowtheir oldcountry town is dilapidated, the buildings are old andbroken andthe bank has been robbed. In short; this settlement needsanevolution! Develop new buildings, harvest resources inchallengingmatch-3 puzzles and expand the village into a wealthycity. Yourcrew will help you to mine resources that you can use forbuilding.Collect wood, stone, iron and coal for growth in your oldcountrytown. Solve quests and puzzles to get rewards. Do everythingyoucan to grow your village. Can you take the ranch and make thetownsquare shine again? Features of Settlers Trail: ⬩ Solve puzzlesinchallenging match-3 levels to collect resources ⬩ Harvest landanduse collected resources to rebuild city buildings ⬩ Build atownwith a ranch, bank, saloon and many more ⬩ Explore the trail ofthefrontier settlers from earlier ages ⬩ Grow your city into awealthyvillage and relive the golden age Settlers Trail iscompletely freeto play, but you can buy some in-game items forreal. Leave areview if you like! We love to get feedback and arating onSettlers Trail because this helps us to keep improving andkeepbringing you updates.
Fairy Blossom Charms - Free Match 3 Story Puzzle 11.100.5
Hey you, welcome to Fairy Blossom Charms! What awaits you:excitingadventures, the restoration of a beautiful planet,friendlycharacters and exciting match-3 levels in this match 3story! Canyou help the sweet little fairies to rescue theirkingdom? Matchflower charms to let water flow again, build afantastic fairy talegarden! Fairy Blossom Charms happens in a magicworld with afantastic fairy tale. The kingdom of fairies needswater to flowand bloom, but the evil garden gnome and goblin havemade it stop.This new match 3 puzzle adventure lets you be asuperhero to blastthe evil powers and bring back color and floodflowers to thekingdom! • Unique gameplay - make match-3combinations with charms,grow flowers and enjoy a fun story – andall in one place! • Manyoriginal match-3 levels and puzzles tosolve • Decorate the gardenwith flowers and create a colorfulwonderland • Cute friends thatcan become your best friends • Match3 flowers on the new acres ofthe garden to make water flow • Match4 for fantastic powers as asuperhero in this fairy tale • Match 5to unleash unique gameplayto grow blossom with color • Blast theevil gnome and goblin withnew match 3 story levels • Build a gardenfull of fantastic flowersand live a fantasy in this magic world Doyou love helping thefairies in Fairy Blossom Charms? Rate our gameto let the updateskeep coming! Also, you can follow us here fornews andupdates:http://www.facebook.com/puzzlegamesvghttp://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg