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Mastermind-Brain Training Game 3.1
You think you're smart? Prove how smart youreally are with Mastermind-Brain Training Game the best codebreaker ever! Download this awesome logic game and have fun puttingthe symbols in their places!6 symbols to combine!6 attempts to succeed!Green circle = right symbol, righ place.Yellow circle = right symbol, wrong place.Transparent circle = wrong symbol and place.4 game modes: 5, 10, 20, and endless.The objective of Mastermind-Brain Training Gameis to break the code by combining symbols. There are six differentsymbols: a Joker, Spades, Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts, and a star. Youhave to reveal the secret combination before you run out ofattempts. The lesser attempts you use, the more points youget.Each player has 6 attempts to crack the code and find the rightplaces for the symbols. Green circle indicates that the symbol isin the right place while the yellow circle indicates right symbolin the wrong place. Transparent circle indicates both the wrongsymbol and the wrong place. So, are you ready to test your logicand win as many points as you can!An awesome code breaker for kids and for adults! Great news for allfans of puzzle games and brain teasers! Another mind game has beenrevived with a fun twist! Instead of finding the right combinationof colors, like in the classic Master Mind game, inMastermind-Brain Training Game you have to combine thesymbols to find their right places!This free educational game is a great brain teaser for kids becauseit provides them with a chance to train their logical and cognitiveskills. Moreover, it will get them a lot of fun! It is suitable forkindergarteners, preschoolers, and elementary students. Both kidsand adults will be entertained with this awesome learninggame.Mind training and 'brain coach games' are usually educational gameswhich improve recollection and thinking. Playing these cognitivegames is very useful and fun! Players get to challenge themselvesall the time and use their brains to find the solution to thelogical problem. By observation and thinking, users of thisapplication train and improve their intelligence and thinkingskills!You can benefit a lot from playing brain games, solving crosswordsand other puzzlers! Not only that you'll have a lot of fun, butyou'll also get your brain cells to work and, in time, you'll seethe improvement!Mastermind-Brain Training Game contains the symbols whichare similar to those in cards: Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades andJoker, with the addition of the star symbol. It also resembles cardgames and slot machines in design, although the gameplay iscompletely different!
Puzzle Kids Games - Jigsaws 2.0
Welcome to the jigsaw world! A brand newjigsaw puzzle is here! Suitable for toddlers, kindergarteners, andpreschoolers, Puzzle Kids Games – Jigsaws will make yourday! Download it now and let the fun begin!★★★★★★★Five colorful jigsaw pictures to solve;Drag and drop one piece into the marked area;Use help if you want to see the whole picture;Solve all free jigsaw puzzles and get cup rewards;If you're looking for crossword puzzles or similar brain games, youshould definitely try one of the best time killers ever! Not onlythey'll have fun completing beautiful jig saw puzzle they like themost, but it will also benefit their motor skills and cognitiveabilities! Besides that, all the children simply love to playpuzzle games!Puzzle Kids Games – Jigsaws – a brand new jigsaw puzzle forchildren of all ages! If you choose these free games, your littleones will be entertained for hours completing these excellent brainteasers!Your child will be thrilled after completing puzzle pictures ofkids who are playing in a park, swinging on a swing or sliding atthe playground! Even adults will have lots of fun putting puzzlepieces together and evoking their sweet childhood memories!There are lots of tools that enhance children's abilities, such aseducational games that enhance memory, concentration, and focus!They all focus on developing particular skills such as creativityand competition. However, mind games have proven to be the mosteffective when it comes to kids learning.Let's get jigty! Of all memory games for kids, this puzzlemakerwill have good effects on their brain developing processes and helpthem learn lots of useful information while also having fun.Putting logic puzzle pieces together and completing the cute puzzlepictures of kids eating ice cream, candies or other sweets, andplaying in the park or on the playground will put a smile on yourchild's face!This puzzel is a great replacement for going outside to play on arainy day! Just have your children call their friends and they canplay Puzzle Kids Games – Jigsaws together! Fun isguaranteed!Math is fun and so is language! All the children find playingmemory games so amusing because of their bright colors andinteresting shapes! But this free Android™ game is so much morethan just fun! Finding the right place for each of the piecesteaches children that a whole is made of parts and buildsvisual-perceptual skills, develops attention, concentration andthinking skills.Basic jigsaws with a small number of pieces are perfect toys forbabies and toddlers, while the more demanding ones, with greaternumber of pieces are entertaining hobbies for adults. Finding theright place for jigsaw puzzle pieces and completing the wholepicture will not only make little boys and girls happy, but it willalso make their mothers and fathers proud!Seeing that your child learns new things and gains new skills willmake you extremely happy and give you the feeling ofaccomplishment, and you'll know that you're doing somethingright!Jig puzzle app is an amazing learning tool for preschool orkindergarten. So if you're looking for a fun pastime for yourtoddler or preschooler, opt for Puzzle Kids Games – Jigsaws,it is a collection of five fun puzzle games appropriate for thewhole family! You surely won't regret your choice!
Pirate Puzzle Games for Kids 2.0
All hands on deck! Pirates are here! Provideyour kids with numerous hours of fun and learning with our brandnew educational game for toddlers, kindergarteners, andpreschoolers. Download Pirate Puzzle Games for Kids and letthe crazy amusement begin!☻☻☻☻☻☻☻Five different images of pirates to solve;Drag and drop the puzzle piece into the marked area;Use help if you want to see the whole picture;Solve all jigsaw puzzles and get cup rewards;This collection of free jigsaw puzzles contains five perfectlydesigned pirate pictures that will provide your kid with anexcellent learning activity. The design that this app offers iscolorful and interesting, so the kids will definitively loveit!Moreover, it is appropriate for all levels of education: forkindergarteners, for preschoolers and for toddlers. Of all learninggames, brain teasers, and memory tests out there, Pirate PuzzleGames for Kids is the best! Try it now and see foryourself!Get a little bit jigty! Grab some free time for yourself as yourchildren are concentrated on excellent pirate games for kids. Theywill enter the magical pirate kingdom while putting together thepuzzle pieces of scary pirates with all the accessories: pirateflags, swords and a treasure chest.Five colorful jigsaw puzzle games will enhance your kid's mentalactivity – toddlers will be fascinated by the combination of brightcolors in the logic puzzles while the small kids will want to hearstories about pirates and their lifestyle. Therefore, except forbeing fun brain teasers, these puzzle games for kids are alsoexcellent time killers for adults. Download this free puzzle apptoday and let the fun begin!In literature and film, these sailors are portrayed as everythingfrom evil savages, such as notorious Captain Hook, to benevolentsavants like captain Jack Sparrow. Historically, real pirates wereneither; they were hard-working mariners who had their own piratecode of conduct and a pirate captain as the leader of theircrew.They may have been thieves, but they stood by each other andlearned to survive harsh conditions on board. They were notoriousfor attacking rich naval ships and plundering their possessions.Nowadays, a stereotypical pirate is depicted as a man wearing aneye-patch, having a peg leg and a talking parrot on his shoulder.Accordingly, such pirates images can be found in our free gamessuch as Pirate Puzzle Games for Kids.Why should your little boys and girls play these brain puzzles forkids? First of all, crossword puzzles develop logic and encouragecritical thinking because they involve putting related piecestogether to form the big puzzel picture.Secondly, in the world of constant stimulation through televisionand shooting games, your kid needs some quiet activity when he orshe can contemplate and focus attention on a problem solvingactivity. Thirdly, learning can be made easy with educational gamesfor boys and girls.If you download this free collection of mind puzzles you will seethat they will evoke your children's interest in mighty pirates andtheir tales of conquest. Moreover, it will be a great thoughtprovoking activity for the whole family as well as a great familybonding experience.Download this excellent free puzzle game today and let your kidshave an amazing learning experience. If they like cooking games andcar games, they will also love these amazing jigsaws with PiratePuzzle Games for Kids!