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Tomatina Defense TD 1.0.5
The world’s most famous tomato fight now hasits very own official game: welcome to Tomatina Defense!The participants of La Tomatina are out of control and aretrying to seize all the world’s tomatoes. Keep these rebelTomatineros at bay by pelting them with a barrage of tomatoes inthis new and exciting tower defense adventure: 15 stages packedwith fun and tons and tons of tomatoes which will give you adifferent taste of the real Tomatina of Buñol!Key features:· 3 worlds (Buñol Park, Buñol Streets, Buñol Mountains)· 15 levels with different strategies.· Fight off waves of Tomatineros with differentcharacteristics.· 5 unique defenses.· Earn coins and improve your defenses!· Keep away great hordes of rebel Tomatineros.· Unlock the expert mode in each level.· Discover the special level of each defense and fire amazinggolden tomatoes!