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Russian Talking Alphabet 1.2
Russian Talking Alphabet (ABC) for children. He says the name ofthe pressed letters. In the game mode asks the child to show theletter and verify that they are pressed.
Кот Муркиз рассказывает сказки 1.4
Кот Муркиз расскажет 6 маленьких сказок: 1. Курочка Ряба; 2. Репка;3. Пузырь, соломинка и лапоть; 4. Теремок; 5. Колобок; 6. Зайкинаизбушка. Cat 6 Murkiz tell little tales: 1. Speckled Hen; 2. Repka;3. Bubble, straw and bast; 4. Teremok; 5. The Gingerbread Man; 6.Zaykina hut.
Horoscope Compatibility 1.0
Horoscope zodiac signs compatibility.Compatibility shows a smiley:-Funny smiley - good compatibility- Sad Smiley - bad compatibility-Angry smiley - very bad compatibility- Smiley in love - a very goodcompatibility
Алфавит - Раскраска 1.0
Русский алфавит (азбука) - раскраска для детей. Говорит названиянажимаемых букв.Russian Alphabet (ABC) - coloring book forchildren. The title says the pressed letters.
Coloring 1.1
Coloring for kids. Consists of 100 images.
Find differences 1.1
Find 10 differences in twenty pictures
Who online VK 1.2
The application allows without authorization in the social networkVKontakte see who of your friends is now online.
English for kids 1.0
The application consists of 20 pictures and 260 words
English alphabet 1.1
English alphabet for children. He says the name of the pressedletters.In the game mode asks the child to show the letter andverify that they are pressed.