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Crash Pollito 1.2.42
Roosty and Gus have always wanted to fly and what a better choiceto do it than a radio flyer without tires and a big horse kick, howfar can you reach in the addictive Crash Pollito?Fly through theair picking all the items to accelerate, bounce, refill yourturbine's fuel and more.Try to grab the special powers to go overlong distances in short time.Earn coins by making bigger scores andaccomplishing the achievements.Change your ship and your costumes,nothing has more style than a pair of sun glasses and flying in aUFO.Change the special powers that appear in the stage acquiringothers that go over longer distances.Equip some unique items thataccelerate more or give you more energy.***Cell phones with limitedhardware may not be able to run the game or experience some issuesand/or a bad performance while running it, I apology for thosecases, I make everything I can but I'm only one programmer/designer:)
Waketazo 1.0.0
Kike y Gus andan de chistosos disfrazándose solo para molestarte,rómpeles su mandarina en gajos a ver si así aprenden, ¡CUIDADO! nole pegues a quien no debes en este juego tipo wak-a-mole (el juegode pegarle a los topos con un mazo).Rápido usa tu jucio parapegarle solo a los "malos" y no le pegues a los "buenos" ¿porqué?pues por qué a las monjas no se les pega no seas manchado.Pégale alos especiales (tienen un aura blanca) para obtener diferentesbonus.Aumenta tu combo y llega a los jefes, si les pegassuficientes veces te darán tiempo y puntos extra.¿Ya derrotaste aljefe? síguele pegando para obtener puntos extra.***Los equipos conlimitaciones técnicas probablemente no podrán correr el juego o enalgunos modelos el juego no tendrá un desempeño óptimo, unadisculpa para estos casos, hago todo lo posible pero solo soy unprogramador/diseñador :)Kike and Gus walk humourous only botherdressing up, you them Break their mandarin segments to see if theylearn, BEWARE! who do not hit him in this game you should typewak-a-mole (the game to hit the moles with a mallet).Quick I useyour jucio to hit only the "bad" and do not hit "good" why? thenwhy the nuns does not stick to them do not be stained.Hit thespecial (they have a white aura) to obtain different bonus.Increaseyour combo and get to the bosses, if they hit enough times theywill give you extra time and points.Already defeated the boss?Follow him hitting for extra points.***The teams with technicallimitations will probably not run the game or on some models, thegame will not have optimal performance, an apology for these cases,I do my best but I'm just a programmer / designer :)