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Man Photo Editor 5.0
Do you want hair style, Moustache, beard, cap, sunglasses, andtattoos all in one app? Here we have Men photo editor app which isa complete pack of boys & men’s photo editor.  Category: ✿Hair style Photo Editor. ✿ Moustache style Photo Editor. ✿ Beardstyle Photo Editor. ✿ Tattoos style Photo Editor. ✿ Tie style PhotoEditor. ✿ Goggles style Photo Editor. Have fun with dashing MenPhoto Editor. Men photo editor app is excellent and funnyphoto editor designed for man & boy, who are interested to bein a stylish look regularly. This is a collection of amazing hairstyles, beard style & Moustache styles. For men and boys thisapp is the best face changer and make over application. Apply lotof image effects, Moustache and beard styles and hair styles. Lookmore handsome, smart and dashing by adding new trendy hair styles,Moustache, beard, cap, sunglasses, tattoos and tie. Trydifferent-different hair styles before going for hair cut. If youhave less hair or bald head then now you can add our hair stylesand just change your look in few second. Moustache & Beardstyle Moustache & Beard Face Editor provides you a fashionbeard booth to let you have any kind of beard you want in yourface. Your friend will be surprised at your bearded photo. Man& Boy Hairstyle You can change whatever hairstyle as you like,long hair, short hair, Messy hair, curly hair etc. You can designyour own haircut before going for haircut. Hair Color Changer Inaddition, you are able to change the hair color using the ColorChanger. There are more than 15 fashion hair colors for you tochoose such as Golden Red, Ocean Blue, Light Blonde, Brown, SeaGreen etc. It's a perfect men hair salon for hair dye and hairdesign. Sunglasses Amazing collection of sunglasses to complementyour hair and moustache styles.  How to Use Men photoeditor  1. Select your photo from gallery or take picture fromcamera. 2. Crop the photo to any size you want. 3. Select yourfavorite beard, hair, Moustache and sunglasses. 4. Drag it to theright position and then Multi touch to resize or rotate it to fityour face. 5. You can change the color of the hair and moustache.Men photo editor is the best man hair style, Moustache style andbeard style app. Download Now and make your photo more handsome,smart and dashing.
Update Software 2019 - Update Apps & Game 24.0
Check & Update all your Installed Apps with 1 Click, Free AppUpdate Checker App Software Update Check App will help you to checkfor all pending updates, downloaded apps, system apps at regularbases. APP FEATURES ☞ Get All Pending App Updates with 1 Click ☞Updates for Downloaded Apps ☞ Updates for System Apps ☞ View theplay store version of installed apps ☞ Check for permissions givento any app ☞ Batch Uninstaller The app displays the followinginformation ☆ The current version of the app ☆ Update version ofthe app ☆ Package id of the app ☆ App title ☆ Installation date ofthe app Smart Feature ☆ Smooth User Interface ☆ Easy to Use ☆ FreeApp with full Feature ☆ Small Apk Size Now Update Apps or UpdateSystem Pre-Installed Software and Uninstall App in just a fewseconds via this ultimate app. You can choose the latest softwareaccording to user reviews and know which is the best and mostsuitable for you. Your Phone might have 100+ Apps Installed and youwill always want to have all those apps up to date on your device,for this you don’t need to check multiple times for apps update onplay store. You can simply get all the list of newly updated appsusing Pending Updates feature. You just need to open theapplication and click on the app you want to update from the applist. The list is divided into downloaded applications, systemapplications & pending updates.To get the best performance fromyour Android phone, you should make sure you're running the latestsoftware. This Software Update App will keep checking the updatedversion for all your installed apps and will notify the app havingupdates on play store.
3G 4G Converter - Volte Checker 1.21
All smart devices these days can automatically switch between 2G or3G network mode if there is no 4G coverage available. But theproblem happens when devices don't automatically switch to 4G LTEmode even though there is 4G coverage available. This is where thisapp shines. This app lets you manually select and changes yourpreferred network type with just one tap. Plus, this 4G Switcherapp is totally free. The 4G Switcher app comes with many othersmart utility features. 3G to 4G Converter provides multiplefunctionalities. Following features are included in one single app:📱 Get Device (Phone) Info such as IMEI Number, Model Name, AndroidOS Name, Phone Resolution, API level, Hardware Info & Brand. 💾Get Sim information such as SIM Number, Country ISO, SIM OperatorCode & Operator Name. 📶 Get WIFI connection details: Linkspeed, Frequency, IP Address, Netmask, RSSI, MAC Address and SSID.📲 Mobile Network Switcher: Switch your mobile network from 3G to 4Gand 4G to 3G with one tap. 3G to 4G Switcher will directly redirectto the page where you can manage your network settings. 📱 MobileNumber Tracker: Get information on any Indian mobile number bysimply typing the 10 digit phone number. Get information likeCountry, Location & Network. 🌍 Internet Speed Test: Get yourphone internet downloading and uploading speed. Can check internetspeed for both Mobile Data OR WiFi. Free Internet Speed Meter. Why3G to 4G LTE Converter ☞ Small APK Size. ☞ Free App with No InAppsPurchases! ☞ No Extra Permission required ☞ Smooth & Clean UINote: This app does not modify any hardware settings to change from3G to 4G Network, This just lands on Phones network settings pagewhere you can switch your desired network.
File Manager : Backup & Restore 4.0
File Manager is the best File Explorer for smart phones. With FileManager, you can easily manage your files and folders in yourdevice. Manage your files (file explorer) like you do on yourdesktop or laptop using Multiple Select, create folder, rename,cut, copy, move, and delete files. File Manager helps you handleall your all files whether they are stored in your device storageor SD card. View Images, Videos, Music, Apps, Doc & PDF,Compress File, Downloads, Internal & External Storage detailsat single screen. Key Features ☞ Manage Files, Folder & Storagewith File Manager: - You can manage your all files (Audio, Music,Video, Image, Picture, WhatsApp image, Documents, PDF, Downloads& Folders) in your local device storage and SD Card. ☞AppsBackup & Manager: - Now no need to download same Applicationagain and again by consuming your data Pack, Take backup of all theinstalled app save it to local file & installed them againwhenever you want without Internet. You can also bulk uninstall theapp through this feature. looking for Phone Change and want torestore all the old Messages in your new Phone. Why File Manager★Small Apk size. ★Free app with no Inapp! ★Ultimate UI ★Easy to use★Light & smooth ★Simple & clean
Automatic Call Recorder - Free ACR for Android 1.15
Automatic Call Recorder - ACR is a simple and smart auto phone callrecorder ACR app that records calls from both sides with amazingsound quality. Now, never miss an important detail. ACR offers aunique set of features which will allow you to record any callautomatically. You can synchronise to the cloud as well. TheAutomatic Call Recorder app lets you record calls and manages themefficiently. WHY AUTOMATIC CALL RECORDER - ACR ☞ It Records Callsin 🎙HD Sound Quality Clear HD quality call recording on both sides☞ Auto Call Recorder ACR works automatically you don't have to anyto before recording any new calls ☞ Add your Own Notes📝 You can addyour own text to remember any important phone calls & use thesearch feature. ☞ After recording a call you can share, play,delete and rename call recordings in multiple audio formats. Withthe ACR app, never forget an important detail. ☞ Ongoing CallNotification🔔 ACR allows you to view ongoing call duration &stop call recording from Notification bar during Incoming orOutgoing Calls. ☞ Record Selected Contact’s👥 Now you can selectspecific contacts, call whom you want to record and ignore therest. ☞ Dual SIM device support With ACR, now you can record callsfrom multiple SIM cards in case you have a dual SIM phone.☞Auto⛔Delete Recordings This feature will help you to delete oldcall recordings automatically after a specific duration. ☞ MobileNumber Tracker Auto call recorder also has a mobile number trackerfeature that tracks the location and network used by a user. ☞Cloud Backup & Restore Now you can save you call recordings onGoogle Drive & restore the same on other devices you when you'dlike to switch to a new device. ☞ Password Security🔒 Secure yourcall recordings with password security & stop unwanted peoplefrom viewing & listening to your personal calls. ☞ Auto CallRecorder does not support calls from WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype,Viber, etc. ☞ Auto Call Recorder app will not be able to recordcalls on Wi-FI, VOIP, SIP OR any internet calls. Some phones do notsupport call recording properly. This is due to the capabilities ofdifferent chipset/CPU or Android version each brand/model have. Ifyou have any questions or suggestions please send us an email tocare.qsoftmobiledev@gmail.com. We would be happy to answer. Thankyou for using our Auto Call Recorder App. Note: Currently AutomaticCall Recorder does not support VOIP Calls(Call make via WhatsApp,Skype..) We are working on this feature & introduce thisfeature in ACR very soon.
Share File : WiFi File Sharing App 1.0.13
Share File With Share File, you can easily share and receive filesfrom any Android device at breakneck speeds. This app enables youto share music, photos, videos & apps, etc whilst beingoffline. Share file of any type at any place at any time, withoutusing mobile data. No Cables or Internet Connection required. Shareit from device to device without the Internet. Sending files havenever been easier than this. Plus it's totally free. It is thefastest way to share your photos, videos or audio files, installedapps, games or any other documents and zip files between twoAndroid devices. Share files of up to 1-2 GB of data in mereseconds while being OFFLINE without any losing quality. 💎[Mainfeatures]💎 Transfer & share files of any kind Quickly sharepics 🖼️, videos, music, installed apps or any other files betweenmobile devices anytime and anywhere in a matter of seconds. Sendanywhere without the Internet🌏 Share files without using mobiledata or connecting to the network at all. Fast Transfer Speeds 🚀Transfer up to 1 GB of Movies/files to your friends in seconds Filesharing without Size Limitation Share Music, pictures, videos,movies, apps, documents and other file types of unlimited filesize. Friendly UI Share File is a file sharing app designed in away that allows you to manage all your stuff in a very fast &efficient way. Supported languages: English, French, Portuguese,Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Korean, German, Arabic
No Crop DP - Full Size Profile Pictures 1.7
No crop DP allow can create full size profile pic which you candirectly use as your profile DP without cropping the originalimage. It not only just resize the your DP but also gives youvariety of option though which you can make you DP more attractive.Key Feature of No Crop DP ☞ Use Blur background for your Dp ☞Create DP without cropping ☞ Click Image from Camera or Pick fromGallery ☞ Choose background from multiple colour option for your DP☞ Get all profile pic in HD ☞ Manage Image brightness as per yourneed ☞ Use rotate feature for you DP adjustment With No Crop DP youcan create as many DP by picking image from Gallery or Capturingyour Selfie, Once you have created your DP you can set it as yourDP any time directly from the app. No Crop DP is a simple and easyto use app which any can use to make there DP more attractive. WhyNo Crop DP ★ Small APK Size. ★ Free App without In Apps! ★ No ExtraPermission required ★ Smooth & Clean UI
QR & Barcode Reader: Create own QR Code 1.5
QR Code Reader is an easy to use app to scan QR & Barcodes forany real world product OR any Online product. You can create yourown QR and Barcode using this App for your business and personalneed. Scan QR & Barcode is smart & easy to use app which issupports all Android Phones!! Features ☞ Scan any offline Real workproduct ☞ Scan any QR & Bar Code from Laptop OR Mobile ☞ Readerall kinds of QR code ☞ Scan all kinds of Barcodes ☞ Simple &easy to Use ☞ Fast scan ☞ No Internet connection required forscanning. ☞ Flashlight supported for low-light environments. ☞ ViewSaved Scan history ☞ You can also any QR image present in phonegallery ☞ Share QR code result in private Mode QR Code Reader notonly just scan any QR & Barcode but you can also create you ownQR Code and Barcode from this app, You can simply go Create sectionof the app and click on type of product for which you want tocreate QR and after entering all the files you can crate you own QRcode at one click. This app allows you to create following kinds ofQR and Barcode from it. Calendar, WiFi, Address, Email, Product,Contact, SMS,URL,Text, Geolocation To scan any QR & Barcode youhave to just open this app and place the QR app camera in front ofyour product this all will automatically identify your product andwill tell you its scanned result in just few milli-seconds. WhyScan QR & Barcode ★ Utility app for All ★ Easy to use app withattractive UI ★ Free App ★ Small Size APK ★ No Internet Required ★Battery battery and power consumption ThankU for showing interestin Scan QR & Barcode app & don't to provide your andsuggestion to our support mail id.
No Crop for Instagram 1.3
No Crop for Instagram is a smart pic editing which provide youoption to post any pic to <>Instagram Feed OR Instagram Storywithout cropping the real image, You can pick any pic from yourPhone Gallery or capture new pic using Smart Selfie Camera presentin the app. Key Feature ☞ Post full size Instagram Story ☞ Postfull size Instagram Feed without Cropping ☞ Post any Feed or Storyfrom the app ☞ Use Blur background for your Instagram Post ☞ PickImage from Camera or Pick from Gallery ☞ Choose background frommultiple colour option for your DP ☞ Manage Image brightness as peryour need ☞ Use rotate feature for you DP adjustment Why No Cropfor Instagram ★ Small APK Size. ★ Free App without In Apps! ★ NoExtra Permission required ★ Smooth & Clean UI Kindly email uswith any bugs/problems/feature requests which you want this app,You can share your feedback on care.qsoftmobiledev@gmail.com
Color Call - Caller Screen, LED Flash 3.0
Are you boring with the default call screen themes? Or do you wantto change your old call screen themes?  With this ColourCall Screen app, you can get rid of old style phone theme now.Phone Call Screen App provides the extensive collection of callscreen theme with amazing style. You can select your own callerscreen flash theme and simply apply it on you incoming call. ColourCall Screen Features  ☞ Amazing Colourful Caller Screen forincoming calls with effects.  ☞ Directly Receive OR DisconnectCalls from Colour Call Screen ☞ Use all Phone Call Screen forFREE!! ☞ Makes your caller screen fancy with Stunning call screenthemes. ☞ Low energy consumption, battery friendly ☞ Flash Blinkingalert for all your incoming calls & SMS. ☞ Flash Blinking alertfor all your downloaded & system apps notification. ☞ Simpleand Easy-to-Use phone call screen. Why Colour Call Screen? ☞Customise your caller screen with stylish call themes. ☞ Make yourincoming calls screen more visible. ☞ Never miss your importantcalls & SMS with flash alert feature. 
LED Torch ☞ This featureis very helpful specially when you are in dark and you can easilyfind any little thing. This easy torch has a power button to(ON/OFF) only a single click. LED Flash Alert

 ☞ Get blinkingflash alert once you receive a new call or SMS. 
☞ You can regulateflash speed and times to blink as per your need.
 ☞ You can ON/OFFthis feature as per your requirement. 
☞ Get blinking flash alertwhen your receive any message from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram,Gmail or any App. 
☞ You can select your own app list for which youwant blinking flash notification.
 ☞ You can enable disable DNDfeature as per your need.
Video Status Downloader 2.0
Download any Status Video to your phone and keep it as long youwant to in your phone Do you also want to download others peopleStatus video but can’t find any option to do so, Video StatusDownloader provides you very easy way to through which you can view& download any status videos posted by your friends or family.HOW DOES THE VIDEO STATUS DOWNLOADER WORKS? ☞ Open the app and tapon video status ☞ Click on Download Button ⬇ placed at top right ☞Download Completed 😊 Its Thats Simple!! Now you keep this video aslong in your phone as long you want to keep it & you can alsoshare OR Post this video as your own status directly from this appKEY FEATURES OF VIDEO STATUS DOWNLOADER ☞ Download Status Video ☞Download Status Image/Pic or Gif ☞ Post downloaded Image/Video toyour own status ☞ Share downloaded status Video/Image using varioussocial media channels ☞ Free App with No limits on Download &Share
WAStickerApps Happy New Year 2019 Stickers 2.0
WAStickerApps have collection of 150+ sticker to with new yourownstyle.WAStickerApps Happy New Year 2019 Sticker Pack app allowsyouto say new your in Large Text Sticker App 🌟High Quality to wishNewyear 🌟WASticker for WhatsApp 🌟Happy New Year 2019Stickers🌟Laughing Stickers 🌟New Year Greeting cards 🌟Santa ClausStickers 🌟New Year Greetings 🌟150+ Sticker Collections 🌟Best SmilyStickers🌟Christmas Emoji 🌟Christmas Gift Stickers 🌟Santa ClausStickerCollections 🌟Thanks Giving Stickers 🌟Easy to use app forall🌟Download All Sticker for Free! Note: The "WhatsApp" nameiscopyright to WhatsApp, Inc. This Stickers Pack for WhatsApp Appisnot official WhatsApp application and not associated withWhatsAppInc.
All Video Downloader 2019 1.2
The All Video Downloader 2019 app allows you to easily downloadvideos, images and social media clips from social webs appsautomatically as well as manually in HD quality. You just need totap on Copy Link of respective video/image you want to download andit will automatically start downloading the video. To manuallydownload just copy the link and paste it in the app and click onthe DOWNLOAD VIDEO button & the video will get downloaded in afew seconds. All Video Downloader 2019 is a mobile videodownloading app through which users can easily download videos& images from social media apps with ease. The powerfuldownload manager allows you to pause and resume downloads, downloadin the background and download several files at the same time. Playthem offline with the built-in video player. Features of the AllVideo Downloader App: • Easily download videos and images in HDquality. • Share your downloaded images and videos via social mediaapps. • Watch downloaded videos & images offline without mobiledata or Wi-Fi. • No buffering while watching videos on videodownloader. • Easy to use as it downloads any image & videoautomatically. • Downloads videos and images from social media webs@lightning fast speeds. • View downloaded images and videos withoutlaunching the app. • Customize settings for auto download. • Withthis app you will able to filter images, videos and images &videos from particular social media. 💎 Works Automatically:💎 Step1: First, install and launch the The All Video Downloader 2019 App.Step 2: Go to social media apps, tap on Copy link of a video youwould want to download (Image & Video). Step 3: Download willstart automatically. Step 4: During downloading, The app icon willappear on the screen if you click on it, you will land on the Appscreen meanwhile downloading is in progress or complete. Step 5:After completion of downloads, a prompt will appear on the screenwith Play and Cancel buttons. Step 6: You can easily disable thisprompt if you Go into the settings and Disable Complete DownloadingNotification. Note: If you repost or share videos & imageswithout the allowance of the belonging possessor, we are notresponsible for any intellectual property violation that resultsfrom an unauthorized repost of a video. The All Video DownloaderApp is not associated with any social media(Instagram, Facebook,Like, Tumblr, Pinterest) apps. It is only a tool which helps you todownload videos and images.
Download Stickers 1.3
Want to create your own Stylish Emoji, Love WAStickers,TextEmotions, Dancing Stickers for WhatsApp? Stickers ForWhatsAppprovide you collections of best quality of Stickers whichyou candownload and use it for FREE. Stickers For WhatsApp have allthecollection of top quality sticker which you can use forBirthday,Christmas or New Year Wishes, Either your current mood isHappy,Sad Stickers For WhatsApp have all kind of stickers in fromwhichyou can download and use it in WhatsApp keyboard, Just makesureWhatsApp stickers feature is enabled to make this app working.WhyStickers For WhatsApp ☞ Amazing & Cool Sticker for allyourOccasion and all Mood ☞ Get all stickers for FREE!! ☞ One taptoeasy sharing any sticker with the friends on WhatsApp. ☞Highquality & funny stickers for WhatsApp. ☞User-friendlyinterface of this funny and hilarious sticker forWhatsApp. ☞ Bestcollection of love, happy, sad, curious, angry,surprise, funny,new year and many more stickers for WhatsApp.Sticker Category ✔Love ✔ Angry ✔ Text Emotions ✔ Latest GamesStickers ✔ Hitman ✔Zombie ✔ Dancing ✔ Gratitude ✔ Christmas GiftStickers ✔ SantaClaus Stickers ✔ New year Stickers How To Use Step1. Open TheStickers For WhatsAppapp. Step 1. Click on the + icon ofanycategory which you want to apply on the WhatsApp. Step 1. ClickonADD button of whatsApp Prompt. Step 4. Click On WhatsApp EmojiiconAnd share any stickers with the friends. NOTE The "WhatsApp"nameis copyright to WhatsApp, Inc. This Stickers Pack for WhatsAppAppis not official WhatsApp application and not associatedwithWhatsApp Inc.
OCR Text Extractor – Scan Text from Image 1.0
Still using DOC Scanner to scan documents? With our OCRTextExtractor app you can bring physical documents to life byscanningand digitizing the text within the document. OCR TextExtractor isa highly accurate and advanced OCR (Optical CharacterRecognition)app that lets you scan and extract text from anyphysicaldocuments, business cards, posters, notices & evendetecton-screen text and convert it into live text on your phonewith onetouch. Main Features of OCR Text Extractor : • Scan &Extracttext from physical documents. •Edit & Copy extractedtext foruse in other apps. •Share the extracted text anywhere.•Translatethe extracted text into 100 different Languages fromaround theworld using Google Translate. •The app uses Google’s ownTEXT APIto recognize printed text in 18 languages. • Automaticallyopensphone dialer or mailing app upon clicking on a phone numberorE-Mail address respectively. You can use OCR Text Extractor toscanbusiness cards and it will scan & extract all theinformationon it and sort it systematically. How to use OCR TextExtractor *Open the app and tap on the camera icon to startscanning. * Eitherselect an image from your gallery or click animage with yourcamera. * Adjust the image to perfectly fit the areaof text youwish to scan. * Let OCR Text Extractor do the rest. *Edit, Copy,Share or Translate the extracted text. LanguagesSupported Catalan,Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German,Hungarian,Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian,Spanish,Swedish, Tagalog, Turkish
Stay Focused - Control Your Phone Addiction 👩‍💻 5.0
This app aims to limit your phone usage & to increase yourproductivity. Reclaim your life! Features: Track your App Usage:gather the time you spend on your apps in your preferred sortingorder. Track & Limit Phone Unlocking: get the number of timesyou checked the phone. You can set a phone to unlock limit so thatyou get notified when you exceed it. Phone Activity Timeline: get achart of all your activities on your phone in a timeline view. AppUsage Manager: you can launch, uninstall and check for updates foryour apps. Most Used Apps: your apps get ranked by time spent andthe number of times launched. It shows a list of your most-usedapps on the notification bar. Over-use Reminder: notifies you whenyou spend too much time on your phone or apps. Track App UsageHistory: keep track of launch times & exit times and the timespent on an app. Usage Graphs: get a breakdown of your app usagethrough interactive graphs. You can filter by date to get thesummary of your activities. Phone Addiction Level: Based on yourusage data this app will calculate how addicted you are to yourphone. You could be Highly Addicted, Addicted, Habitual or Ideal.Get App Details: It tracks and lists the details of your apps. Youcan check the installation date, version, data usage of app &last launch Etc. Stay Focused is the easiest & most efficientway to monitor your everyday phone/app usage. This app helps youmeasure and control the time you spend on your phone. You can alsotrack additional things like no of phone unlocks, data consumed byan app and times launched. Why you need the Stay Focused app? Yeah,smartphone addiction is a thing and it’s much more common than youthink. Did you know that an average individual spends 2 hours 22minutes each day consuming media on their smartphones? This timecould also be used to engage in more productive activities thatcould be more rewarding in the future. Plus, smartphone use alsoimpacts your concentration and focus. A single notification couldlead to a 30-minute binge and we realize that it is very difficultto control smartphone use. Hence, we built this app to makemanaging your phone activity a little easier. Other useful ToolsFeatures It also has many useful utility features such as AppRecovery, Batch Uninstaller, Software Update, Phone & SIMdetails.