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FoodyVille: Food Puzzle Mania 1.2.8
[ STORY ]FoodyVille needs your help. Some startup shops in this town are atrisk of closing. You will be visiting FoodyVille as a popularrestaurateur. Your mission is to complete puzzles and fulfillquests to make these food shops successful. You start by helpingout the coffee shop and the pizza shop. Unlock the juice shop andthe burger shop as you progress through the game. Satisfy hungryfoodies that are visiting the town by serving them the food itemsthey crave. Beware of the Mayor's brother (aka the CEO of Evo FoodCorp). Shops at FoodyVille are competitions to his business and hewill try to stop you from making these new shops successful. Willyou help save these shops? Come and meet foodies and join the funtoday![ GAMEPLAY ]Simple, Fun, and Casual: FoodyVille is not a typical cook some foodor run a restaurant type of food game. It is a unique match puzzlefood game. Simply drag and drop to match food items to play.However, unlike other match games, the match choices are bounded bythe available food item on the left side of the screen. Some levelsmay challenge you to make smart moves. The game is easy to learnand to play but it does become quite challenging and addictive asyou progress through. Fulfill quests to complete levels, earn coinsto upgrade the shops, and unlock in-game items and special effects.Numerous quests and puzzles await! Is your finger ready? Are you upfor the challenge?FoodyVille: Food Puzzle Mania Features:- A food story between two brothers- 100 levels of puzzles and quests- Customers/moves and time modes (drag and drop as quick aspossible!)- Unlock delicious food items/shops and special effects- Upgrade shops and make them restaurants!- Numerous food related achievements (with Google Play GameServices integration)- Free to play*- WIFI connection is not required to play***This game is free to play but also contains in-app-purchase andadvertisements. In-app-purchase is optional. To prevent accidentalpurchases, you can enable purchase authentication within yourGoogle play app( Also,please note that advertisement viewing uses internet connection.Data charges may apply based on your service plan. Please contactyour service provider for more details.**Online services such as in-app-purchase and advertisement viewingwill not be accessible during offline.Visit Quest Monkey Games' official web page or the official Facebook page at to get the latest newsand info about this game.
The Chameleon Orb: Color Match 1.1.0
A mysterious orb is helping a chameleonincubate its eggs. To start the incubating process, the chameleonneeds your help by turning the eggs to match the color of the orb.Moreover, the orb will display the color of the eggs that are readyto hatch. Please beware that the eggs are fragile and break easilyif a wrong move is made. The goal is to match colors and hatch eggswithout making a mistake and score as high as possible. Thechameleon will evolve slowly into a dragon as the scoreincreases!The Chameleon Orb is a simple color matching game that requiresfocus, speed, and accuracy to play. Beat your own scores and get onthe local top 10 scoreboard or become the best and climb to the topof the global leaderboard*.[Gameplay]Simply tap/press the color eggs to change their colors to match theorb. Beware, do not tap/press the eggs that is already matching thecolor of the orb unless it is ready to hatch. When hatching eggs,you want to make sure there is no color that matches the orb. Youonly get a limited amount of time to complete each puzzle (theamount of time you get depends on the type of the puzzle and yourscore). A point is earned when all eggs match the color of the orbwhile incubating or when all eggs are hatched (or none can behatched) during hatching. That’s all you need to know to play. Getready to challenge yourself!Note: If you are a fan of the classic version of this game(chameleon blocks/tiles), you can switch back to the classic modein the options menu.*The global leaderboard is a service provided by Google Play GameServices. To use the service, you will need to have internetconnection and sign in to your Google Play account. Google PlayGame Services can also be signed in or out in the high scores menu.Your scores are automatically uploaded to the leaderboard if youare signed in. If you do not wish to upload your scores, pleasemake sure Google Play Games Services is signed out in the highscores menu (the game controller icon with the status off).You can get the latest news and info on our official webpage or on our Facebook page at