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Flower Book: Match-3 Puzzle Game 1.194
🌼 Flower Book is a free match-3 puzzle game. A new puzzle game for2021! Educate yourself about the blooming world of flowers whileenjoying a match-3 casual game! 🌸 Restore and decorate thetree-house to help gnomes and see the beauty of nature! 🌸 Getsurprising rewards for completing daily challenges! 🌸 Power-upcombos, incredible boosters, and tons of levels in a fun game ofmatching! 🌸 Solve puzzles, collect flower cards, learn fun factsabout real plants. 🌸 Complete flower boutique tasks to get moredividends! 🌸 Learn symbolic language of flowers! Team up withadorable garden gnomes to collect common and rare flowers, get ridof bugs and customize tree-house! Solve various puzzles with quickthinking and smart moves through levels to make beautiful flowersblossom, and then keep them in your book. Play through a hugeselection of matching puzzle levels but watch out for weeds! Matchelements to prune weeds and eliminate bugs and the wicked slug soyour florets can blossom. Customize your tree-house, do business inthe flower boutique and have fun! Do you like to decorate yourhome? Love ecology? Don't like pests? Want to know historic factsor better understand the symbolic meaning of flowers? Escape into aworld of floral folklore and learn interesting facts about yourfavorite plants: rose, columbine, dwarf iris, sunflower, mayflower,apple, peach and many others. Then plant these real plants in yourreal garden using real fertilizer and enjoy the blossoms! Learnabout the required types of soil, amount of water, sun or shade,temperature, natural (manure) or artificial fertilizer a particularplant likes or dislikes to cherry you with the best blossom.Download Flower Book match-3 for free and watch fantastic flowersbloom on your screen! Enjoy modern gorgeous graphics, beautifuleffects and learn fun facts in a new 2021 puzzle app. Flower Bookgame is completely free to download and play but some game itemsmay be purchased for real money. Flowerz! Casual fun! Match3!Garden gnomes! What's not to love? Our flower encyclopediacurrently includes the following U.S. state and territory flowersand several Europe plants: American Dogwood, American Beauty Rose,Apple Blossom, Bitterroot, Black-Eyed Susan, Bluebonnet, CaliforniaPoppy, Camellia, Carolina Lily, Cherokee Rose, Columbine, CoastRhododendron, Dwarf Iris, Forget-me-not, Goldenrod, Hibiscus,Indian Blanket, Indian Paintbrush, Iris, Lady's Slipper, MagaFlower, Magnolia, Mayflower, Mirabilis Jalapa, Mock Orange, OrangeBlossom, Oregon Grape, Pasque, Penngift Crownvetch, Peach Blossom,Peony, Purple Lilac, Red Clover, Rose, Saguaro Cactus, ScarletCarnation, Sego Lily, Sunflower, Trillium White, Violet, WildPrairie Rose, Yellow Elder, Yellow Jessamine, Yucca, Sagebrush, RedPoppy, Cornflower, Lily of the Valley. Facebook:facebook.com/FlowerBookGame Instagram:instagram.com/flower_book_game