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Bus Coach Driving Simulator 3D 1.0.2
Description: Public transport service is in it's worst condition.City is under the need of public transportation. People needs acoach bus transportation service and a luxury tour bus service. Areyou ready for your driving test and perform the duties of a realbus driver and meet the requirements of city bus transportation? Sodon't wait and be a city coach driver in this real bus driver 3dgame. Bus Coach Driving Simulator 3D is a 3d real bus driving gamewith an objective of passengers pick and drop for all coach drivingand bus driving games lovers. If you are looking for a realisticbus simulator or bus parking simulator, there is nothing betterthan Bus Coach Driving Simulator 3D. This is a unique type oftransporter sim and one of the top bus simulator 2017 and you are abus transporter in this city bus driving game. There is a lot ofcoach bus driver games but Bus Coach Driving Simulator 3D is one ofit's own kind. You have to drive a modern coach and a modern bus inthis fully crowded and populated city to meet it's transportationneeds. Your duty is just to drive and drop in this coach bussimulator, means you drive your bus and drop your passengers attheir required places. You have to follow driving directionsbecause safe driving is required at any cost so that you can avoidtraffic accidents and drop your passengers safely. Bus CoachDriving Simulator 3D is a transport simulator offering a luxury bustravel with new luxury coach buses and executive coach buses, it isoffering cheap coach tickets and very strict coach bus schedule.You can rent different buses, a mini coach bus, a motor coach busor a luxury charter bus for coach bus trips. Bus Coach DrivingSimulator 3D is a complete transport simulation. While playing BusCoach Driving Simulator 3D your duty is to safely pick passengersfrom different bus stations and drop them at their requireddestinations. You must provide your passengers a safe journey whiledriving this commercial bus. There is lot of bus stops in thispopulated city and you can pick passengers from each of them. Thereis no need of untrained drivers to drive these furious busesbecause there is lot of traffic on roads and you must avoid roadaccidents for your passengers safety. You must be a professionalbus driver to drive this mega bus as a tour bus for your tourists.You have to drive an autobus or an autocar, so go out and drive ahead carefully this national express. You can challenge a freeridecompetition in this bus sim 2017. Parking in the city is notallowed everywhere, so park your bus at specific parking area.Fasten your seat belt, switch on your bus engine and start yourdrive. Reach at specific bus station, pick passengers and then dropthem at their desired destination. So What are you looking for now?Stop wasting your time in searching of bogus games and download ourBus Coach Driving Simulator 3D. Start your journey and be anawesome city driver. Features: Mega and furious buses for realdriving experience. Modern city environment. Real passengers forpick and drop to feel u like real transporter. Challenging missionsto meet city transportation requirements. Hd graphics and 3Dsounds. Endless fun. We will be very thankful for your kindfeedback, ratings and reviews. Hope you enjoy Bus Coach DrivingSimulator 3D.
com.qre.impossible.tracks.car.stunts 2
Are you ready to perform driving stunts and the role of a stuntman?Start your crazy monsters drive tour by driving top speed car onthese crazy impossible and tricky tracks and be a real car stuntrider. Drive these legendary mid-air stunt cars on impossibletracks with crazy rivals and prove yourself a real stunt hero.Impossible driving on impossible road and high quality asphalttracks is waiting for you, so start your journey of crazy stuntsextremely hard roads. If you are looking for crazy impossibleracing tracks and racing stunts games then Impossible Tracks CarStunts is specially designed for you. It will offer you a thrillride, extreme car stunts on dangerous tracks and car jumping stuntson impossible path. Luxury Vehicles Stunt car drivers and racers,take part in this stunt car challenge and get ready for recklesscar stunts by playing this car 3d stunt simulation on sky highimpossible tracks. This nitro car stunt game is fully loaded withmodern stunt, Impossible Car Crash Stunts and extreme stunts toprovide you a thrilling adventure. Improve yourself by taking partin trial stunts and be a high speed car racer. Becoming a stunt cardriver, perform like a combo stunt rider in grand auto stunts andcelebrate your success in longest car racer-jump. Impossible TracksCar Stunts is a unique grand auto jump game offering you Off-RoadAdventure Drive thrill mid-air wreck stunts and race car driverstunts, You must be very careful while playing this car jumpingstunts on fantasy stunts, a stunt car driver testing the use ofairbags for his safety. Deliver your expertise on impossibleDriving Tracks and become a stunt car driver school as this is aneed for stunts most wanted. So why are you waiting? Don't wasteyour precious time in search of irrelevant games and just downloadOffroad Driving Impossible Tracks Car Stunts to fulfill yourdesires. Stuntman, start your impossible tracks drive tour whiledriving this top speed car on tricky tracks and be a real stuntrider of the scary drive. Features of Impossible Tracks Car Stunts:Thrill Ride, Crazy Stunts & Impossible Path. High QualityAsphalt Tracks. Legendary Stunt Cars. Addictive & ChallengingMissions. High Definition Graphics and Real Engine Sounds. QuickRat Entertainment will be very thankful for your kind feedback,ratings and reviews. Download Impossible Tracks Car Stunts and haveunlimited fun and thrill.
Coast Lifeguard Beach Rescue 1.3
Start your rescue training by playing this helicopter rescue gameand fight for the survival of your people. Coast Lifeguard BeachRescue is an amazing emergency rescue game and you will be animportant part of beach rescue team. Ready for your rescue duty!There is a large number of visitors on the beach and many emergencycasualties and accidents are happening there. People needs a coastguard to make sure their safety. They are waiting for their rescuehero. Be a part of beach rescue lifeguard team, rescue patients andstart your beach duty. There is a need of ambulance service and youhave to perform the duties of ambulance driver. Remove dust fromyour bathing suit, rescue swimmers, boaters and other people byplaying this killer rescue game. There are three types of rescueoperations, so ready for the duties of rescue ambulance driver,rescue boat driver and rescue helicopter driver. This is rescuetime, get ready to drive a fast water boat and complete your rescuemission. There is a significant increase in accidents and peopleare waiting for ambulance rescue, show your strength by providingthem an immediate ambulance duty. City ambulance service is unableto meet rescue requirements, so ready for boat rescue for thesafety of your people. Coast Lifeguard Beach Rescue is an emergencyrescue 3d game packed with helicopter rescue mission and you areplaying as helicopter rescue hero. Drop your patients from coast tocoast with complete safety and call doctor for their treatments.Beach is covered with ambulance rush, you will play this beachlifeguard rescue game as 911 ambulance rescue driver and proveyourself as lifeguard rescue hero. Call ambulance service to dealwith casualties and make your boat a lifeboat for these injuredpeople. You are well known of every corner of this beach, so tagyourself as a beach finder, do justice with every person and makesure this sea for all. Now don't hesitate and join these rescueheroes in action. So what are you waiting for? Download thishelicopter rescue game and free yourself from playing irrelevantchopper games. Join beach rescue team, provide ambulance serviceand be a helicopter rescue hero. Features of Coast Lifeguard BeachRescue: Play as Rescue Ambulance Driver, Rescue Boat Driver &Rescue Helicopter Driver. Challenging & Addictive HelicopterRescue Missions. Realistic & Beautiful Beach Environment. RealPeople for Rescue Operations.
USA Truck Driver Simulator 3D 1.1
Get ready for grand truck offroad pickup truck Driving, as we areoffering you a big cargo transport simulator Mountain Driver.QuickRat Entertainment is back with their brand new mountain offroadtruck cargo driving game "USA Truck Driver Simulator 3D" loadedwith big trucks impossible mission with 4wheel and offroad.Be aoffroad hilux cargo truck driver with 4 wheel offroad trucking!USATruck Driver Simulator 3D is an offroad cargo truck simulator andmission impossible 3d truck driving game packed with hill truckcargo drive. Being a USA truck driver your duty is to drive moderntrucks and big trucks on impossible truck tracks to meet PickupTruck Driving Simulator requirements. You may have to pick-up anddrive an American 18 wheeler or 8 wheeler truck and controllstaring to become a fantastic USA trucker. You must be careful forimpossible tracks drive while loading wood log on this big rigdriving simulator.Be a cargo transporter driver!Real Wood CargoTransporter is offering you a 6x6 truck simulator offroad ondangerous hill climb train. Drive these truck 4x4 big vehicles andbe a legend of autovelox hard driving. You must be careful throughoffroad forest during tow truck drive, show your parking skills andtag yourself as most wanted USA trucker parker. Consider yourself abig rig driver as you have to manage this big transport whileforest driving on uphill mountain. You have to reach onconstruction site in very short amount of time, harbor crane isoperatin there, bridge builder and river road builder is waitingfor their delivery, don't make their wait so long and reach at yourdestination on time but be careful while driving on 6x6 OffroadTruck Driving.Be a legend truck driver!USA Truck Driver Simulator3D is an American truck simulator or you can say big cargotransport simulator specially designed for mad truckers and trucklegends. You have assigned the duties of a transport driver, bigrig driver or simply it's better to say USA truck driver whileplaying this grand truck driving or truck cargo driving game.Trucklegends, why are you looking for truck tracks simulator, truckoffroad and euro truck driver games. USA Truck Driver Simulator 3Dwill blow your mind because it has impossible tracks drive.Featuresof USA Truck Driver Simulator 3D:Big Trucks To Drive.ImpossibleTracks Drive.Offroad Hill Side Driving.Uphill Mountains.HD Graphics& Real Sounds.Quick Rat Entertainment will be very kind foryour feedback and reviews.
com.qre.mounted.police.horse.chase.crime.city 1.1
Police Horse Quest Criminal Chase Crime City is a free horse gamehaving unlimited fun and it’s for all those people who are insearch of crime city chase and criminal horse chase games, horseriding games for horse rider. City robbery is catching fire in yourgrand city. City is now a home of criminal crown. Cops are unableto control crime city street gang wars and vendetta crime. How willyou react in this vendetta crime criminal city? You are a part ofbrave and special police force group and you must finish crime intown. Get ready to play Police Horse Quest Criminal Chase CrimeCity and perform criminal chase with angry horse. Get ready to be apart of report crime marion and crime city chase. Get ready tofinish criminal robbery by mounted police horse criminal chase,vendetta crime and grand mafia gangsters. Join real horse ridingtraining, be an expert horse rider and start your crime operation .Mounted police horse and start horse rush horseback riding. Be asmart horse rider and take part in this most thrilling MountedPolice horse chase adventure of the season to test your ridinghorse skills. You must train your dream horse dog to its best sothat no one can survive from your horse attack. Some gangsters andcriminals are performing their activities in the form of policeofficers but they are bloody fake officers, smash cop of this kindand protect your people. Take part in police pursuits and copschase to smash cops heat with the dead bodies of these gangsters.Be a horse farm owner but be careful because horse horse trackingis of much importance. Improve your horse riding skills with crosspaths. This is star riding and your are a star rider, take controlof your uncontrollable horse and make horse stable. Be unique inthis horse rush and prove that your riding horse abilities are outof the box and no one can compete you in this horse world. You area star in making horses stable and controlled. Don't waste yourtime in search of Horse Derby Quest games, derby horse racing games, flying horse games, horse stunts games. Be a real horse lover,ride this wild horse and start your horse run adventure with thisinteractive horse game. Police Horse Quest Criminal Chase CrimeCity is a horse heaven and it will definitely end your horse questand horse derby quest. Features: Take Part In Adventure Horse Run.Real Horses For Riding. Real People As Gangsters And Police Cops.Non Stop Action. Modern City Environment.
NYC Crazy Driver Taxi Duty Modern Taxi Driving 1.0.1
Get ready to be a city taxi driver and start your taxi service.NYCCrazy Driver Taxi Duty Modern Taxi Driving is offering pick anddrop to their passengers on time with complete safety. If you everhave played a role of modern taxi driver or crazy taxi driver, thendon't hesitate and start your car driver duty and cab service tomeet city transportation needs. Drive on fastlane road to avoidunusual late because of terrible city rush. New York taxi serviceis facing an unusual crazy car rush and there is an immediate needof large number of yellow cab to fulfil passengers transportationrequirement.NYC Crazy Driver Taxi Duty Modern Taxi Driving is ataxi sim offering speed taxi driving and modern taxi driving toit's users. Being a New York city taxi driver, you have to drive anairport taxi and sometimes an offroad taxi to become a pro taxidriver. So get taxi classic and be ready for a taxi crazy drive andfor the duties of a taxi driver online by getting this taxicabdriver app. Driver San Francisco call taxi for his passengers ashis own taxi is out of form, it's a golden opportunity for newdrivers like you to start their fast taxi service. Yellow taxi NYCis very famous among passengers, so try to improve your cabs to getmore and more passengers.NYC Crazy Driver Taxi Duty Modern TaxiDriving is offering safe auto and easy taxi experience for it'spassengers and citizens. Because of unusual traffic crashes, thereis no cab near public transport stations, people are offeringridesharing to one another and they are waiting for some taxiservice, don't waste your precious time and reach at the specificspot to start your journey. A passenger is standing on the road andcalling his friend, saying there is no taxi near me, just reach atthat point where he is standing and pick him up and drop him to hisdesired location.So why are you wasting your time? Just downloadNYC Crazy Driver Taxi Duty Modern Taxi Driving, start your taxiservice and become city taxi driver.Features of NYC Crazy DriverTaxi Duty Modern Taxi Driving:Modern CityModern Taxi CabsHeavyTraffic On RoadsReal PassengersHigh Quality Graphics &SoundsQuick Rat Entertainment will be very thankful for your kindfeedback, ratings and reviews.This is all about NYC Crazy DriverTaxi Duty Modern Taxi Driving. Enjoy your ride!
Real City Street Storm Racing Need For Drift 1.0.2
Fasten your seat belt to fulfil your driving fantasy and real carexperience. Get ready to drive turbo supercars and race againstyour speed rivals.Real City Street Storm Racing Need For Drift is aturbo drift 3d car racing game offers you real speed gt cars andspeed cars to drive on asphalt tracks. This extreme racing is anopen challenge for all speed hunters, so make your turbo-chargedsupercar ready and take part in battle racing. You will be a partof high speed race, show your line race skills and prove yourselfas city car drift racer. Racing in car is not an easy task, anexpert and high skilled racer need for that purpose, so buckle upyourself for high speed drag races and show your rivals that youare an underground racer.Real City Street Storm Racing Need ForDrift is a new speed car game designed for every city car driverand there are no limits for challenges and thrills of bet racing.Drive for speed and become a payback drifter. It's a high-stakesracing competition, race power autos and pop the top to become awinner of this adventurous journey. Drive as fast as you canbecause this speed will become your affecting speed and it willhelp you for winning this racing competition. It's a singles fastcompetition because it's a one to one challenge for all racers, nowlet see who will win this thrilling challenge.So what are youwaiting for and why are you wasting your most precious time insearch of irrelevant turbo drift 3d car racing games? Download thisreal battle racing and city car drift racer game and fulfil yourdriving fantasy.Features of Real City Street Storm Racing Need ForDrift:Drive High Speed Race Cars & Turbo SupercarsRace WithReal Speed Hunters & Racer RivalsModern Racing EnvironmentHaving Asphalt TracksHighly Addictive, Challenging & ThrillingRacing MissionsHigh Quality GraphicsHigh Quality Racing SoundsQuickRat Entertainment will be very thankful for your kind feedback,ratings and reviews.Download Real City Street Storm Racing Need ForDrift and have endless fun!
Forklift Truck Cargo Transport Simulator 1.1
Welcome to construction city!Forklift Truck Cargo TransportSimulator is a forklift truck driver and forklift operating gameoffered by Quick Rat Entertainment.If you are looking for extremeforklifting and cargo transport games then Forklift Truck CargoTransport Simulator will definitely be your final choice. Being afork lifter driver, your duty is to drive powered pallet trucks andforklifter loading trucks to meet construction tasks and forkliftchallenge. You have to get your hands dirty with differentconstruction machines like construction cranes, dumper trucks,bulldozers and construction excavators. This is a supermarket cargotransport and you have to drive supermarket transporter truck tobecome cargo transporter tycoon.Forklift Truck Cargo TransportSimulator is a construction sim and forklift simulator where youhave to deal with high rugged heavy forklifter to become an offroad cargo forklifter driver and driver cargo. Driving athree-wheel counterbalance forklifter, pump trucks and teletrucksis not an easy task, you have to work side by side by sideloadersand reach trucks to cargo destination on time. Load crates, boxesand other cargo stuff on lifter and deliver it to cargo truck fordelivery purpose. Time is very important, so make it as fast aspossible to meet cargo delivery requirements.So what are youwaiting for and why are you wasting your time in search of cargotransport games, forklift operating games and forklift drivinggames? Download this Forklift Truck Cargo Transport Simulator andhave a never ending fun. It's best ever forklift truck cargosimulator.Features of Forklift Truck Cargo Transport Simulator:Bestever forklift truck cargo simulator and cargo transport game.Enjoyextreme forklifting challenges.Highly challenging cargo deliverymissions.Very addictive forklift driving and parking tasks.Highquality graphics and real 3d sounds.Quick Rat Entertainment will bevery thankful for your kind feedback, ratings and reviews.DownloadForklift Truck Cargo Transport Simulator and have never ending funof this forklift operating game!
Angry Dinosaur City Attack Simulator 3D 1.1
How it feels like to be a human attacking beast and angry monster.Unleash the beast and enjoy the thrills of vicious power and rageof jurassic Dinosaur Simulation. Angry Dinosaur City AttackSimulator 3D is an extreme survival game and angry wild beastsimulator where you have to play the role of a giant 3d DinosaurSimulation and smash city. Crazy dino in city is a real crime incity but this is best dinosaur simulation packed with non stopaction of dinosaur world attacking instincts, wild beasts,herbivores and carnivores. It's a dino city attack, bloodthirstydinosaur smash down the cities with its claws and sharp teeth. Thisdinosaur offers you to live the life of furious angry wild dinosaurand predators reptile swamp monster and demolish the entire city.You only will be the cause of this destruction as you are playingthe role of a real dino attack and huge dinosaur predator indinosaur world. Angry Dinosaur City Attack Simulator 3D is a dinosim grand city simulator packed with survival fight of prehistoricbeasts, angry vicious dinosaurs and attack wild animals. You willenjoy city hunting dino attack, beasts hunting hunger and angryswamp dinosaur in this wild dinosaur simulator game. It's awildlife simulator alligator rampage as city arena is under attackof spinosaurus, ankylosaurus, stegosaurus and velociraptor. Sodownload this prehistoric animals zoo simulator tycoon andexperience the adventure of wild tyrannosaurus rex and carnotaurusand rampage. So what are you waiting for and why are you wastingyour time in search of jurassic wilds 3d dinosaur games,tyrannosaurus Rex games and spell war games? Download this newfrenzy Angry Dinosaur City Attack Simulator 3D game and haveunlimited fun. Features of Grand Angry Dinosaur City AttackSimulator 3D: Experience what it feels like to be a real dinosaur.Live the life of wild beasts and angry monster. Addictive and bestever dino attack simulation. Quick Rat Entertainment will be verythankful for your kind feedback, ratings and reviews. DownloadAngry Dinosaur City Attack Simulator 3D and have endless fun ofthis angry wild beast simulator!
com.qre.offroad.uphill.bus.soldier.duty 1.0.1
Looking for army bus games? Quick Rat Entertainment is offering abrand new US Army Coach Bus Driving simulator loaded withimpossible tracks offroad bus driving, mountain offroad bus parkingand US military transport vehicles. Get ready for offroad armydrive transport service and US army heavy equipment transport.Being 4x4 bus driver, you have to drive prison bus and US militarybus to offer US army transportation to stalker duty soldier, USarmy soldiers and special forces commandos. Drive army transportbus on uphill road and steep mountain road and accept this americanbus parking uphill challenge. Be careful of dangerous mine anddeadly tracks while crossing US army military bus check post andsafely provide drive and drop service to special force armycommandos towards territorial army and US army military base camp.This hill bus milltery driving is specially designed for army mancommando offering army transporter and uphill bus parking, soldierdriving, military safety driving and army driving training course.4 wheel drive bus and military armoured is very tricky to drive, sobe very careful of caoch bus driving on asphalt off-road, uphillmountain, uphill bus drive and road uphill. Offroad Uphill US ArmyBus Driver Soldier Duty is a military us driving bus training gameand US army training school game where american soldier have todrive army coach bus on uphill winding road, uphill highway anddamaged roads uphill. It's an extreme off-road hill climb gamewhere army soldiers getting on bus and you have to perform armyvalues soldier duty. Don't act as an off-duty soldier, instead actas a battlefield soldier and drive army military war truck andimpossible bus coach. This coach bus sim offering you coach busdriving with off-road bus and modern army bus for military prison.Give army truck drive for prisoners military and enjoy the fun ofdriving up a hill. So what are you waiting for? Download this armybus transporter simulator and start your Army Bus Driving. Featuresof Offroad Uphill US Army Bus Driver Soldier Duty: Play as an armybus driver and member of battlefield soldiers. Challenging &addictive transportation missions. Real army soldiers and prisonersfor Military Coach Transporter. Download Offroad Uphill US Army BusDriver Soldier Duty and enjoy!
Emergency Driver Simulator: Rescue City Hero 1.0
Are you ready to be emergency ambulance driver and emergencyfiretruck driver?Get your hands dirty with modern fire trucks andstart emergency rescue mission. Complete your 911 driving schoolrescue training and start your rescue duty.Emergency DriverSimulator: Rescue City Hero is a city ambulance rescue duty gamepacked with ambulance driving, emergency landing and rescueoperations. Being an American firefighter and 911 emergency driver,your nyc job is to provide ambulance service for traffic rushaccidents and become a town hero. This emergency simulator game isfully loaded with high speed police chase, high speed car chase,luxury police cop city modern driving and emergency police chase.You have the responsibility of city rescue, ambulance duty andfirefight on your shoulders, so get yourself ready for paramedicrescue missions,emergency parking new york city and rescue dutydriving. Being a member of rescue squad and emergency squad, youhave to handle different rescue vehicles and brigade truck driving.So download this firetruck rescue and firefighter rescue game andbe a part of rescue heroes and police pursuit.Emergency DriverSimulator: Rescue City Hero is a police vs crime driver and policecriminal chase game offering city traffic rush driving, criminalescape and gangster chase. Get your rescue equipment ready andstart 911 rescue as a fireman. Your emergency response time must beas short as possible to become san mateo city hero and ny cityfirefighter. So enjoy the adventure of police rescue, fire rescue,emergency medical rescue and on-duty ambulance driver and protectyour big city. Call ambulance for super hero squad and enjoy thethrill of police car chase.Emergency Driver Simulator: Rescue CityHero is ny city police officer car driver game and fire truck herocity game offering police chase crash, emergency room and rescueambulanza. Protect this hero city and superhero city and become alifeguard for your citizens.So what are you waiting for? Downloadthis new york city ambulance rescue duty game and start your rescuemission.Features of Emergency Driver Simulator: Rescue CityHero:Play as 911 emergency driver and provide ambulance service toyour citizens.Challenging & addictive city rescue missions.Realpeople for rescue operations.Download Emergency Driver Simulator:Rescue City Hero and enjoy!
com.qre.Coast.Lifeguard.Beach.Rescue.Duty 1.0
Gear up your survival skills to enjoy the most adventurous,thrilling and lifesaving adventures as the open waterrescuers in the aquatic environment as the memberof American lifeguard beach rescue team. As a ship fullof people lost its way in a storm and got on the wrong path a lotof people jumped off in the water to save their lives and wait forthe  emergency services to help them with their muchneeded rescue aids. Keeping in mind the nationallifeguard standards of the beach rescue duty team,this is the best coast guard games to introducethe emergency fast drives. The beach lifeguard rescue teamalways show competency in lifeguard readiness and quick aid byrescue boat driver or other means. Wear your bathing suit as rescueswimmers, boaters, so the Beach Rescue Team or lifeguard team sendsthe beach lifeguards of beach rescue lifeguard team to the accidentlocation instantly. Coast Lifeguard Beach Rescue Duty game has anurgent requirement of rescue boats as a beach finder, rescuecans,lifeboat, rescue tubes, rescue boards and mostimportantly rescue teams so you are going to bethat rescue hero. Rescue buoy on beach duty and Spinal boardsare also present to help in the rescue process. Conduct along beach search and rescue mission implement somegood rescue techniques and lifeguarding techniques torescue patients from the distressed swimmers, the activedrowning victims and the passive drowning victims. Thecoast guard beach ensures the presence of beach rescue lifeguardduring all night hours as well with fast water boat . Makeyour hovercrafts and inflatable boats ready andget to rescue duty. Coast Lifeguard Beach Rescue Duty is thebest beach rescue simulator for any lifebuoy inthe boat rescue. Coast Lifeguard Beach Rescue Duty offersvarious types of rescue missions so either be part of beachrescue human chain or the member of Americanfirefighters or give the ambulance driving test tobecome an ambulance driver or Ambulance Rescue Driver. You have great rescue training to perform ambulance duty orambulance rush, With passing time the people are getting injuredand more accidents are taking place at the spot so get ready forthe most dangerous fire fightergames and firefighter simulators. Be the most activemember of the fire service department and workfor fire prevention with the use of fireextinguisher. If firefighting is your domain then bethere, get ready for the firefight and learn e firebrigade truck driving to accelerate the adventure. Boostup your active fireman qualities. Being the best coast guardgames and ambulance game this game “Coast LifeguardBeach Rescue Duty “offers the thrill of emergency fastdrive in the emergency ambulance while blinking thewarning lights. What is the wait for now? Start your cityambulance rescue simulator, gear up the surf lifesaver mode on while hooking the beach and being the most eagerrescue boy for the hassle created in waterrescue lifeboats. Emergency medical services should beprovided to all the victims in the shortest time possible so getgoing. Game Features Attractive and captivating Beach EnvironmentsHigh Level Challenge Scenarios Different Rescue Missions Smoothcontrols to make your journey exciting HD Quality sound effects forthe great driving experience
Transform Robot Car Future Cargo Truck Simulator 1.0
Welcome to the world of giant robot, alien and monster. You aregoing to encounter some mysteriously thrilling adventure comingyour way in the form of a winged creature and your survival issolely up to your Heavy Truck driving skills. This unexpected alieninvasion has created a chaos in your city, everyone is running fortheir lives. They are spreading violence and evil in the walledcity. There seems to be no escape. Now you have to wear your robotsuit and get into some serious super robot attack against thesewinged monster.Transform Robot Car Future Cargo Truck Simulator isone of those police robot Transport robot Games in which you willbe a cargo loaded truck driver, truck robot car racing heavy truckaround the city while helping people escape the giant monster.Being a scientist you have made various colossal robot which areprogrammed to help out the civilian in such situations for savingthe world. You are going to be a part of robot transport infuturistic robot wars. You have tactfully given them multi robottransforming of muscle car robot machines which enable the warriorrobot into a truck drive future cargo when the need arise. In thishuman versus monster gameplay robots airplane pilot fight the motorvehicles and the muscle car robot will be your mainweapon.Transform Robot Car Future Cargo Truck Simulator is a freetruck game 2018 where the robot truck driver will experiencedriving all sorts of transformer vehicles and even police plane.You will be a part of the most modern special technology offuturistic robot car transformation. You would have to TransformRobot Car when the giant creature is creating panic in the city.While choosing from the extensive range select the big futuristicsteel robot. Make sure that the fast driven robot cars do notsuffer from power outage or else it will not get transformed tofulfill its mission. The robot car transformation has to be monitortimely to get the best results.Transform Robot Car Future CargoTruck Simulator is also a car transporter game where you will beexperimenting with all sorts of trucks including the duty trailertruck, multi transporter truck, future cargo truck but beware ofthe monster’s allies, they are out on a truck demolisher andlifters to destroy or haul truck. You are an experienced euro truckdriver so you are aware of the rules of euro driving academy. Makesure you break no rules during this Multi Robot City Transport.Enjoy this adventurous Robot City car Transport game.GameFeaturesFuturistic RobotsHeavy Transforming, SpeedyvehiclesRealistic Backgrounds and Vehicles.Easy and simplecontrolsHD quality AudioEnhance Car driving tactics and skills
com.qre.bank.robbery.crime.survival 1.0
NYC Bank Robbery Crime survival Escape Plan brings to you the bestcrime games of all times. The undercover police officer and thesecurity guards trained in martial arts, shooting and doing counterstrikes are on high alert, as there is going to be a grand robberyin city according to the police spy. The mafia gangsters and cityrobbers are actively persuading orders of the crime lords. Apeaceful city has changed into a crime city by the most wantedcriminals. The super cop is expected to chase city robbers, shootout the gangster’s car, and give forceful reply to gangster strikeaction. The urban crime is at peak, it’s time to control thisgangster revenge on the poor citizens. NYC Bank Robbery Crimesurvival Escape Plan is a wild combo of Gangster Games, car thiefsimulator, Gangster City Simulator, best crime games and PrisonEscape games. The Highway Patrol station has undergone a violencesituation, as the shooting up rival gangs started unexpectedly.Both of the intention to rule the city streets and play crime. Minigang wars started at the station which was later controlled by thepoliceman arriving in super-fast police cars during the highwaypatrol. But the terrorist mafia managed to car rush and escape. Thecrime mission was mid-way stopped. Then mass surveillance wascarried out by the police to identify the crime gangsters, previousSurvival robbery escape and gang lord in the city fight. The lordshad planned the clans of criminals to strike at the disputed areapatrolled by the state trooper to counter criminal attacks. But thePolice Chase in City after these mafia stopped such acts fromtaking place. NYC Bank Robbery Crime survival Escape Plan calls outto the real racer of a police force, who can be active in the grandchase of police, decrease the Crime Cars robbery criminal case, andshoot the street robbers, prevent bank heist from happening andstop the car snatcher. The city decorated in the criminal theme hasto be saved now. The Street Driver is also professionally trainedby the mafia as the Traffic Sniper, for traffic hunting and trafficsnipping while driving the gangster car hence increasing the streetcrime. For every sniper attack, the policeman has to do CounterAttack and gorilla counter attacks. Don’t let the terrorists breakout escape plan get successful. They will try to escape even ifthey are handcuffed to a car .You have to end these Crime Games bygiving them no chance of survival escape. The plus point is thatthe police cop car is faster than the robber jeep for king escapeand fight. NYC Bank Robbery Crime survival Escape Plan invites youto lead crime operation to end the world of theft, bank heist,hostile takeover cases, and other gangster crime. The criminalmastermind ruling the ganglands has increased the ratio of policecorruption, after the drug bust, very tactfully police dispatchinghas been done faraway locations. There is no chance of hero escape.The Crime Cars Street is increasing in the rate of violence afterthis act. The city battle has changed into a devastating situationwith city crime increasing day by day. Game Features Thrilling andadventurous levels Realistic weapons and shooting 3D enemies toshoot at Smooth and easy game controllers HD quality audio andvideo
Coast Guard Lifeboat Beach Rescue Operation 1.0
Get ready for the ultimate water fun at the beach with someamazing,adventurous lifesaving incidents where you will be the onewho hasto take charge and control situations.Coast Guard LifeboatBeachRescue Operation brings to you some crazy vehicles like fastwaterboat, lifeboat, Rescue Firefighter, city ambulance, airambulanceand may other rescue aids such as the rescue tubes,rescue boards,spinal boards and lifebuoy. AN incident at the beachmade the peoplefall in trouble, the huge ship somehow caught fireand people had tojump in the water to escape the disastroussituation. The open waterrescuers and the beach lifeguards werecalled at the place instantlyto carry out the Lifesaving activityaccording to the nationallifeguard standards.The water rescuemission being carried out inthe Coast Guard Lifeboat Beach RescueOperation puts out openchallenge for the brave people to comeforward and save the life ofdistressed swimmers and Passivedrowning victims. The firefightersare on a helicopter tour to lookout for the fire emergency. Areport has been sent to the firestation and 911 Rescue, after whichthe Helicopter Rescue Missionstarted. The High Angle Rescue iscarrying out their harbor patroland law enforcement duties verydiligently. The Swift water RescueTeam and the Dive Team are on aRescue Boat Operations, where theyare providing a Search andrescue, Life-Saving Service.Coast GuardLifeboat Beach RescueOperation is an Emergency Rescue 3D andamazing emergency rescuegame. The duty of Rescue Team and coastguard beach teams is toprotect the people and save their lives. Abeach rescue human chainis in the water who are aiding each otherin order to save thevictims. In this Coast Guard games every BoatRescue official isconducting his Beach Rescue Duty responsibly.Long Beach Search andRescue operations are being carried out coastto coast. The rescuehero is well trained in possessing thesurvival skills, lifeguardingtechniques and rescue techniquesbefore letting them into thelifeguard team. The beach duty is atough job.Coast Guard LifeboatBeach Rescue Operation has awell-qualified and well equipped teamto carry out this insanelycrazy rescue mission in given rescuetime. May it be a rescueambulance driver or a rescue boat driver,rescue swimmers orboaters everyone is in a state of panic and hurryto rescuepatients. All hovercrafts, Lifeboat, and ambulance serviceare atyour disposal to perform the rescue duty. All the surf lifesaverswear your bathing suit and dive into the waters as a beachfinder.The Boat Rescue team along with the rescue training team isat thelocation performing ambulance duty in a desperate ambulancerushsituation.Game Features3d beach environments andbackgroundsUpdatedvehicles and gadgetsSmooth and user-friendlycontrols Excitingmissions and levels to play
com.qre.modern.robots.war 1.0
Welcome to modern robots survival city battle game in which youwillfight as real robot. Get ready to fight in the superhero cityandbecome crime fighter? Modern war machines are available toselectand play with them. You will fight with other strong robotswhichperforms surprise attacks in the city. You just have tounlock thebig battle robots to survive in the city where metalmilitary robotsfighting machines have attacked. Super developedartificialintelligence to give you real feel of robot fightingshow. Save thecity buildings from destruction by the big fightingrobots andbecome speed hero of the future. Everyone knows that infuture thebattlefield bots will be used in the wars to shootoutthe enemies.You will just have to practice for countries’survival. Superherocity is attacked by the giant robots, play foryour future survival,and play for your peoples. It is just likefictional war withtactical maneuvers to kill the enemy robots.Start playing the robothero game from the simple jumping andshooting robots, use mechrobot fighting maneuvers strategy, clearthe challenging missions,collect coins to unlock the giant robotsand become battlingwarrior. Be the strong robot to become lastspeed hero of the lastepic battle and fictional war. Multiplegames with differenttransforming robots are available on the playstore but theartificial intelligence of this modern robotssurvival city battlegame is really awesome to give you the realfeel of future warrobots fighting show. If the strange robotsattack the monster city,the first thing you would have to do is tounlock your legend policecop robot and kill the enemy robots withsurprising attacks. Fightwith the backup of dangerous criminalsand mafia in the big citywith future robots? Do you want to fightas monster robot? If yes,it’s your time to show your amazingshooting, boxing, machinesfiring and city attacking skills. Youare equipped with modern warenemy shooting weapons. In the era ofmodern robot battle, enterinto the robot battleground, play thechallenging ultimate steelbattle robot fighting game as a realrobot. Your duty as city robotis to kill, crash and destroy allthe other metal military robots byusing kicks, punches, gunbullets and shooting missiles towards evilrobots. It is the timewhere you as military armor have to kill warmachines for survivalbecause the enemy robots are showing no mercy.Make prisoners ofthis ultimate battle free by fighting robots withbest city combatskills. Improve your robots combat skills byplaying this modernrealistic robots game. Features of Modern RobotsSurvival CityBattle Game: Multiple robots to fight with enemiesChallengingmissions to play and complete Surprising enemy attacksadventureRobot battle city with huge buildings to protect Free toplay andenjoy Modern war weapons to kill war enemies Improve yourrobotkung-fu fighter skills Now, don’t wait just install thisfightingrobot game and enjoy the modern robots survival citybattle. Giveyour positive feedback after playing this intricatetacticalmaneuvers game. It will help us to improve the quality ofepicrobots battle.