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Chezz: Play Fast Chess 2.0.1
Play chess in an all-new way! Chezz breaks the rules to create thefastest, most frantic new way to play the classic board game. Playfree chess online Challenge yourself in a game that lets you moveall the pieces at the same time. Fight online PVP battles in realtime with other players, or solve hundreds of levels in adventuremode. Pieces change on each game board and can be upgraded. Fastlike checkers, intense like chess. Play the ultimate board toaction game conversion. Become the ultimate king or queen and jointhe Chezz revolution today! Chezz Features: Chess Tactics meetAction Gameplay in a fun chess new game * Queens, Kings, and allpieces move at the same time * Upgrade your army for fastermovement * Checkers speed with chess moves! Matches can end in 30seconds or less! * Board game strategy with unique twists acrosshundreds of levels King Yourself in Single Player Adventure Mode *Can you beat every level to be king or queen of the city? * Upgradequeens, knights, and your entire army to increase speed andmovement * Customize pieces with unique skins and colors * Unlockachievements & rewards Challenge other players * Real chessonline multiplayer * PVP combat with both players moving piecessimultaneously * Chess becomes a frantic, 1-on-1 army battle * Playmultiplayer chess with friends New Challenges and New ways to play* Traps to avoid on the battlefield * King protect and other newgame modes * Board setup changes with every level
Blasty Bubs: Brick Breaker 1.4.0
Brick breaker meets pinball. The angle and gravity are the key. Aimthe balls carefully in this new brick breaker game to destroy theblocks! Combine powerups for maximum destruction! Challengeyourself and your friends in a crazy chaotic innovative brickbreaker. Calculate your shots' angle to beat your score Blasty BubsFeatures Original brick breaker mechanic * Play Down-Top with anawesome gravity effect! * Use the bumpers to give your ball asecond chance! Use powerups to maximize the blast! * Multiply yourbubs with the Splitter! * Pass through bricks with the Ghost! *Destroy the shields with the Explosive! * Combine all 3 powerupsfor maximum effect Destroy the blocks * Aim and fire your bubs toblast everything * Destroy the blocks and make combos to score morepoints Different block abilities and properties * Can move anddisappear! * Time your shots perfectly! * Blocks are even armedwith powerful shields and armors for you to destroy * Differentstyles * Different shapes (square, circle, triangles) Meet the Bubsfamily in this innovative Pinball game! * Unlock new unique balls!* Special specs, stats, and properties on every ball! * Every bubhas special specs, stats, and properties! Challenge yourself andyour friends * Can you beat your score? Try new balls and anglestrategies to improve your score * Will you score higher than yourfriends? Share your highscores and replays on social networks(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even via SMS!) BBTAN meets Pegglein Blasty Bubs! Simply a pinball breaker!
Canyon Crash: Fall Down 1.3.1
Canyon Crash is an endless fast falling game Dive in the canyonwith your heroes and beat your high score! Fall down as fast aspossible to dodge the laser Fall down as deep as possible tocollect better gems COLLECT GEMS AND UNLOCK NEW CHARACTERS! * Gemshave 5 different qualities, dig deeper to find them all * Unlocknew characters when you achieve high scores * Choose between 20different heroes to free fall and crash the blocks! * Upgrade yourcharacter to unlock better gems qualities DODGE, DIG OR DIVE, IT'SALL UP TO YOU! * Master Canyon Crash with all the heroes andfamilies to beat your friends and control the leaderboards! *Powerups change your dive style in the Canyon * Dodge, dig or divethrough the moving block lines to continue your falling course *Dodge the laser with the help of the powerups! EASY TO PICK UP, ANDFUN TO MASTER! * Tap left and right to control your hero preciselyand dodge the blocks in your free fall down the canyon * Simple tapcontrols. Tap and hold to move your heroes faster on the blocks *Reactive controls made for a fast game * Control your ball fallthrough the blocks even in the last effort! Canyon Crash is anendless fast game, beware! How deep can you get in this new endlessfalling game? Visit us on Facebook and Twitter:https://twitter.com/QuickByteGameshttps://www.facebook.com/QuickByteGames
Laps Fuse: Puzzle with numbers 3.1.2
Match together tiles of similar color and maximize your score byconnecting the highest numbers possible. Beat the leaderboards andshare your score with your friends !