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QAudio Manager ★ ROOT ★ 3.0.1
ROOT is required for thisapplicationDoes not support Android 5.0+!This application installs the libraries and files needed forQAudioPanel to work, as well as installing the applicationitselfQAudio is an audio filter that makes your music more "3D-like" and"Surround". It also has options for bass, which makes your bassmore fluid and noticeable.With the full installation you will get QAudioPanel installed, withboth Android 2.3 and 4.0+ versions, so you can tweak your soundmoreQAudio is made to be as close to SRS sound as possible, builtfrom the ground up, for high quality sound on your device!Manage QAudio MenuWant QAudio on an app that doesn't support it by default? Noproblem. With the full installation (free), you get to do thisusing a simple UICREDITSBPaul of XDA for the original porting, thread here:http://goo.gl/vxTwEzhuhang of XDA for the no-distortion version, thread here:http://goo.gl/A8RtGExplanation of permissionsNetwork - To download the files (duh)
MBLauncher - Minebuilder Mods 3.7
You must have Minebuilder installed to use this. It is not analternativeGet Minebuilder here: http://www.space-walrus.com/games/Minebuilder/get/androidWelcome to MBLauncher, where you can easily install and switchmods for MinebuilderLike the Aether Mod* for one world and the More woolmod** for another?Switch between them quickly and easily with this app!Note: This app DOES NOT let you use more than one mod atonce!How to use:Download the app, and open it. Watch the showcases that guide youto install mods then follow them (if they don't show, tap the "Add"circle to add a mod)Tap a mod for more details and to start the game with itFor world options, including the option to change its game mode,open the drawer by tapping the icon (top left), then select yourworld from the list and change some options, it will get savedautomaticallyWarning: On slower devices, starting Minebuilder may take a longtime. This is because they take time to copy the files beforestarting. Just wait, it will start eventuallyAnd no, this app does not delete your "pickchers"* http://www.space-walrus.com/topic/94/aether-mod-122** http://www.space-walrus.com/topic/340/mrcats-new-more-colours-mod-119-new-blocksCreated by Quinny898 (MB forums mod) with some help fromIkkerens (MB developer/Forum admin)
England Traffic 1.2
England Traffic has two modes of view, by mapor by road list.Map:With a map powered by Google Maps, you can use your location andfind incidents and roadworks around you quickly and easily. Reddots signify incidents, with yellow signifying roadworks.Road list:Travelling a long distance and want to check your route forroadworks? The road list makes this easy, simply pick an A-road ora motorway from the list and view all the current incidents androadworks. SimpleIn a bad signal area? Map won't load? The road list uses lessinternet than the map, allowing for faster checking. In fact, allthe internet the app uses is when it starts, so even if you go intoa bad signal area, you can still view the road list.WidgetWith a widget, you don't even have to start the app to view thelatest* traffic information, you can get it straight from yourhomescreen. Simply add the widget to your homescreen and it willflick through the incidents on roads around the country, tap oneand it will open the app, for you to select it and view more*Widget refreshes every ½ hour, or when the app is openedNote that as the Highways Agency is the source, this app reliessolely on them for information. They only publish information onroads they manage, which is the motorway network and major A-roads.I cannot add roads or information, there are no other opensourcesFeature image is licenced under CC by Wikipedia user"Snowmanradio"
Photo Pinner 1.5
Ever wanted to show someone just one photo,butthey end up going through your whole album?Photo Pinner solves that, using the inbuilt features ofAndroid5.0+Simply select a photo in your favourite gallery app, share ittoPhoto Pinner and press the pin button. Android will take careofthe rest - you can even make it go to the lockscreenbeforeunpinning!Photo Pinner is totally free, free from ads, has a tiny filesizeand needs no permissionsIt also supports basic pinch zoom features, and viewsinfullscreen
Speak! - Simple & powerful TTS 2.0.1
Speak! is a text to speech client for Android devices running 3.0+.It is made for both phones and tablets, adjusting for each. It ismade to be as simple as possible, enter text, and press the speakbutton. Easy access to quick options such as favourite phrases,history and volume are on the screen for easy access, with amaximum of a couple of taps. Speak! is also powerful. You canchange all the settings in the Android text to speech engine;pitch, speed and the voice, meaning it will suit any language. Youcan also set it to save the last spoken text - this means that itwill remember the last thing you told it to say and enter itautomatically when you start the app again