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Lollipop Castle Defense 1.6
Protect your castle from the monsters.Shoot colored candies insweet monsters, do not let them run into the wafer castleBuy stuffin shopYou can buy:★ The road to the castle★ Hats for PrinceLollipop★ Costumes for Prince Lollipop (soon)★ The eyes and glassesfor Prince Lollipop (soon)Frequent updates (new hats, roads, etc.)^__^Do not miss a new update to the Lollipop Сastle DefenseHow toplay:- Click on the jelly cannon to shoot colored lollipop on candymonsters- Do not miss. If will not remain colored lollipop, you cannot shoot- Do not forget to buy hats for Lollipop in the store(soon there will be more)Hats in shop:- Android fan Hat- Lollipopharlequin Hat- Santa hat- Crown King Lollipop- Lollipop Elf GreenHat
QUIZ for Battle Royale (Unofficial) 5.40.2
This is a UNOFFICIAL Quiz for Fortnite Battle Royale players! Therewill be questions about Vbucks, skins, emotes, dances, locations,stats, secrets, battle pass and and much more. Prove that you are areal connoisseur of Fortnite. More questions will be added soon.Soon we want to add new languages. Stay with us. The game is inearly access This is an Unofficial Community Driven Fortnite Appand has NO affiliation with Epic Games™ Legal Notice Epic Games,Inc. Epic, Epic Games, the Epic Games logo, Fortnite and theFortnite logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of EpicGames, Inc. in the United States of America and elsewhere. Allrights reserved.
Stranger Things 1.1.3
What are these weird things? What are they needed for? You cantryto answer these questions in our quiz! We will add differentgamemodes. Perhaps in the future, add the Battle Royale gamemode!Alsowant to add a wiki Be sure to try our other epic games ;)
Royale Quiz - Attractions 1.1.2
Only 2% can complete the game the first time. Prove you're agenius.Early Access In this quiz there are monuments from Russia,France,China, USA, England and many other countries. In the futurewe planto add the Battle Royale game mode.
Battle Royale Quiz 6.22
This is a Quiz for Battle Royale players! There will bequestionsabout skins, emotes, dances, locations, stats, secrets,battle passand and much more. Prove that you are a real connoisseurof BattleRoyale. More questions will be added soon. Leaderboardswill beadded soon. Stay with us. The game is in early access Tryour otherepic games.