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QUIZDOM - Kings of Quiz 5.70
Tired of playing slow and boring trivia games? Here is your chanceto try something new and exciting. Quizdom - Kings of Quiz is thenew hype! A fast, addictive and social trivia game, that millionsof players across the globe have already loved! Play againstcountless other players to prove your smarts or take part inexciting Tournaments to win prizes! IT’S FAST! Choose opponent andquestion topics and start the game! No hassle! Answer correctly andas fast as you can! Clock is ticking! IT’S ADDICTIVE! The more youplay, the smarter you get. The more you learn, the more games youwin and collect points! Level up and climb up the leaderboard. Makeit to the top and become the King or Queen of Quiz! IT’S SOCIAL!Challenge your friends or play against random opponents. Inviteyour friends via your social media, to join and play against eachother! Chat with them or get to know other like-minded people fromall over the UK. IT’S YOU! Submit your own questions and see themin the game, with pride. Or create your own groups in the topic youlove, and invite people to play. HOW CAN I PLAY? Choose youropponent! You can challenge your friends or play against randomopponents. Choose categories! Everyone is equal. You choose 2categories, your opponent chooses another 2. 19 topics to choosefrom: from Geography and History to Celebrities and Food. All set!Start the game! The game is played in 4 rounds of 4 questions each.It’s exciting, huh? Prove your smarts! Answer correctly and as fastas you can, to beat your opponent. You have got only 18 seconds totap on the right answer! Adrenaline is pumping! Win the game &play again! ***NEW GAME MODE: TOURNAMENTS! Choose tournament! Fancyexciting general knowledge tournaments or topic specific ones? Wegot ‘em all. Check the Tournaments list regularly, as newTournaments go LIVE every week. Answer correctly and fast! The morecorrect answers you get and the faster you play, the more pointsyou get and the higher you climb up the ranking. Check your currentranking! Finish your play of the Tournament and see your results.How many correct answers did you get? How fast did you finish? Whatis your current ranking? Beware! As more players take part in theTournament, rankings change so you have to check regularly! Are youamong the winners? After the Tournament closes, the final rankingis revealed! Congratulations! WANT MORE? If 10 simultaneously opengames are simply not enough for you, you can become a PRO player.Buy one of the available PRO games packages and get: - More opengames: up to 100 simultaneously open games, at any given moment.For every game you complete, 1 PRO game is taken from your package(excluding the games cancelled by the opponent). - More stats - Nobanner ads If your mastery is shinier than gold, then join the GOLDmembers community. With the monthly GOLD subscription, you get -Exclusive access to the GOLD group, with up to 100 simultaneouslyopen games, at any given moment, and higher difficulty levelquestions, that count for more game points. - More stats - Nobanner ads *** The GOLD subscription is currently available in theGreek version only. It is valid for one month. If it is notcancelled up to one day before expiration, then it is automaticallyrenewed for one more month. This is valid for all subscriptions.Terms of use & privacyhttps://apps.quizdom.com/mobile_sites/usa/terms_main.html Havequestions? Send to hello@quizdom.com Learning has never been somuch fun!
Quizdom Business 4.0
Quizdom for Business!If you would like to get an invitation, then please send anemail to hello@quizdom.gr
Quizdom - Wer weiß mehr? 5.00
Primetime TV, 2 Mio. Spieler, 20000 Ratings,4.5 Sterne: Die aus dem Ausland bekannte Quizapp ist jetzt auch inDeutschland erhältlich!Von Angela Merkel und Gerhard Schröder, über Heidi Klum und StefanRaab, zu Albert Einstein und Max Planck: Um König von Quizdom zuwerden, brauchst Du ein breites Wissensspektrum. Beweise DeinKönnen und stürme den Wissensthron.WISSEN IST MACHT, ZIEH IN DIE SCHLACHT● 16 Wissensfragen, 4 Runden abwechselnd, 1 Sieger!● 15 Kategorien. Du gegen den Rest!● 100.000 aktuelle Fragen in 3 Ligen!NR.1 IN SÜDEUROPA, BEKANNT AUS DEM TV● Primetime TV-Show "Quizdom The Show" katapultierte sich auf #1der Zuschauerquoten● 50 Tage Platz 1 in den Google Play Charts der meistheruntergeladenen Apps● Kostenlos, mit minimaler Werbung und umfangreichenStatistikenQUIZDOM● ist die schnellste deutsche Quizapp● hat soziale Profile● hat täglich aktuelle FragenWER GUT IST, STEIGT AUF● Bronzeliga (für den Einstieg)● Silberliga (ab Level 40 in der Bronzeliga)● Goldliga (ab Level 40 in der Silberliga)DIE KATEGORIEN● Essen, Kochen, Medizin, Wörter, Zitate, Werte und Normen,Business, Celebrities, Geschichte, Politik, TV, Kino, Musik,Geographie, Sport, Wissenschaft, Tiere, Umwelt, ...KONTAKT● facebook.com/QuizdomGermany● twitter.com/QuizdomGermany● www.quizdom.de● Verbesserungsvorschläge setzen wir sehr gerne um - bitte einfachan hallo@quizdom.de schickenVIEL SPASS!Primetime TV, 2 millionplayers 20000 ratings 4.5 stars: The well-known foreign Quizapp isnow available in Germany!From Angela Merkel and Gerhard Schroeder, over Heidi Klum andStefan Raab, to Albert Einstein and Max Planck: To be king ofQuizdom, you need a wide range of knowledge. Proofs your skills andknowledge storms throne.KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, PULL IN THE BATTLE● 16 knowledge questions, 4 rounds alternately, 1 winner!● 15 categories. You against the rest!● 100,000 current issues in 3 leagues!NO.1 IN SOUTHERN EUROPE, KNOWN FROM THE TV● primetime TV show "Quizdom The Show" catapulted to # 1 ofaudience ratings● 50 days number 1 in the Google Play charts of the most downloadedapps● Free, with minimal advertising and extensive statisticsQUIZDOM● is the fastest German Quizapp● has social profiles● has daily topical issuesWHO IS GOOD, RISES● Bronze League (for entry)● Silver League (level 40 in the Bronze League)● Gold League (level 40 in the Silver League)THE CATEGORIES● Food, cooking, medicine, words, quotes, values ​​and norms,business, celebrities, history, politics, TV, movies, music,geography, sports, science, animals, the environment, ...CONTACT● facebook.com/QuizdomGermany● twitter.com/QuizdomGermany● www.quizdom.de● improvements we are very happy to - please simply sendhallo@quizdom.deHAVE FUN!
Quizdom - Kings of Quiz! 5.00
How smart are you?Play now a game of trivia against your friends and other studentsof your university. Find out who knows more! Find out who is thesmartest among you!In addition, you can upload your own questions into the game, ofany type (university celebrities, exams, ...), and after a 1 hourreview, we will put them live into the game!Social Media● facebook.com/QuizdomEnglish● twitter.com/QuizdomEnglish● www.quizdom.com● We are looking forward to implement your feedback - please sendit to hello@quizdom.comHave fun!
Lock Dots - Space Odyssey 3
The biggest space adventure since the inception of the Play Store.How far into the galaxy will you go?Tap at the right time to stopthe spinning dots.Stack as many circles as you can and get the besthigh score in the universe!Beware! The speed of dots will increaseafter a new circle is stacked.Easy to play but hard to master.Don't forget, proper timing is everything! How far can you go? GameFeatures:- Free to play- Endless gameplay- Integrated GoogleServices- Challenge your friends and beat their highscore
Pet Hop 1.3
• Tap to make your pet hop! • Avoid the spikes and keep yourpetsafe. • Beware! Spikes spawn randomly, so good coordinationandproper timing are needed. • Set a purr-fect highscore andchallengeyour friends to beat you. If they can.. Ready to show themhow itis done? Game Features: • Free to play • Endless gameplay•Integrated Google Services • Challenge your friends and beattheirhighscore
Quizdom Euro 2020 Edition 1.0.1
Quizdom Euro 2020 Edition is here! This app combines officialUEFAEuro 2020 questions and branded materials with the unique lookandfeel of the Quizdom brand. An easy-to-use exciting footballquizabout Europe’s next, big football competition: UEFA Euro 2020.Theaction is wrapped in Quizdom’s user-friendly approach togamingwith loads of exciting features. The app currently includes:Getinvolved in the action and bring your best football shoes tothebattle! The amazing gameplay will enhance your enjoymentandincrease your excitement for the forthcoming competition. UEFAandQuizdom can guarantee that the fun and the thrills are there.-IT’S FAST! Choose opponent and question topics and start thegame!No hassle! Answer correctly and as fast as you can! Clockisticking! - IT’S ADDICTIVE! The more you play, the smarter youget.The more you learn, the more games you win and collectpoints.Level up and climb up the leaderboard. Make it to the topandbecome the King or Queen of Quiz!