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Bullet Cars:Death Race 1.0
Race your dream car in the ultimate test:adrag race along deserted city streets. This Racing Gamecombinesstunning, high-defining graphics with addictive game-playto createa new type of racing experience.Game Features:> Multiple Tracks - choose different road environments toraceyour dream cars.> Multiple Cars - Upgrade to different road grip cars to playtherace.> Fine tune performance with Top Speed, Acceleration,Tires,Suspension.> Both Automatic and Manual Simulation options are build.> Stunning Graphics for iPhone and iPad.
Cube Hero 1.1
Let's challenge yourself to see how far our little Cube Hero cango!Don't forget to collect lollipop on your way to unlock new hero& stay on the game!◉ How to play?1) Hold your finger down onthe screen to stretch out the stick2) The longer you hold, thelonger the stick will stretch out3) Release your finger when thestick is in the right length so it lay on the platform4) You canearn extra point when you lay the stick right at the centre of theplatform◉ How to collect lollipop?Simply tap once on the screen toflip the hero to the bottom of the stick to grab the lollipop. Tapagain to get him back to the top.Be careful, our cube hero willfall down if the stick is too short and too long.Good luck, MyHero!
Alex In The Farm Land 1.0
Welcome to the Farming Land.It is anaddictiveweed farming game where Alex generate income by growingstrains,cakes, clothing and beer, Sell these to customers forprofit. Enjoythe world where building your own ‘empire of a weedfarm’ is themain goal, but don’t get too relaxed with growing! Makesure youserve your customers on time before they get impatient.Features:• A smoking experience that encourages you to chill-out,growweed strains and do well at the same time.• Providing a complex economical system which will renderyouractions into profit or loss.• A stunning setting, in a world with hand-drawn images, set inalarge area for you to build on.• Lifelike soundscapes and relaxing reggae music to accompanyyouwhile you build your Farming Land.
Counter Terrorist Squad 1.0
Soldier-on as your own one man army inthisamazingly fun shooting game! Take out enemy troops likeawell-trained sniper and dominate in your counter terroristefforts!You are the only one left. You are the only soldier left whocanstand up and free the world of the terrorist threat thatisendangering your world. Do you have the skills?This awesome first person shooting game will challengeyourabilities to move and shoot with speed and accuracy of asniper.Cool graphics and fantastic game effects are what this gameis allabout! Trek your way behind enemy lines, take up yoursniperposition, and start shooting enemy soldiers with yourperfectedshooting skills. Good luck soldier, the rest of your worldiscounting on you!Counter Terrorist Squad - One man Army Features:• Fun first person shooter• Awesome sniper missions that will challenge you• Amazingly cool graphics and effects that put you inthescene• Improve your virtual marksmanship skills in the many levelsofplay• Cool game-play that emphasizes the brilliant shooting physicsanddesign• Professionally designed and expertly created shooting gameappthat you will loveKeep track of your progress and challenge your friends tobeatyou.Keep a sharp eye for the enemy and a sniper-steadytriggerfinger.Good luck soldier!
Dragon Survival -Best App 2014 2.2
NOW WITH NEW UPDATES!*** Absolutely fun & addictive game of the year ***Critics around the world are raving about the Firebreathing,sonic blasting, electrifying dragon action of DragonSurvival!If you like dragons, castles and amazing medievaladventurefantasy games:Download Dragon Survival now!Dragon Survival is an awesome game that challenges you tokeepyour dragon alive and thriving!Lost on Mangoura Island, your dragon that goes by the name ofHubu,is caught in a world of adventure, survival, and a quest forallthe treasure and power ups and bonuses that you can snatch-upinyour claws! Grab the lightning bolt power-ups for hyperspeedingyour dragon, get the shields of survival to increase yourchancesof surviving impacts, snatching up sonic blast power willdestroyon-coming objects, and redeeming the red revival hearts willgiveyou one more chance to defy a heartbreaking dragon death!This professionally developed and expert designed gameboastsamazing game play and great graphics. This fantastic game ofdragonadventuring is perfect for all ages of adventure gaming fans.Withso much to offer, Dragon Survival will have you entertainedandchallenged for hours on end! This modern classic dragonadventuregame is destined to be a favorite of gamers around theglobe!Dragon Survival-Best App 2014 Features:• Fun game• Amazing dragons• Great graphics and game play• Fantastic medieval fantasy gaming• Easy to understand and simple to use controls• Professionally developed and expert designed gaming• All ages family appropriate quality gaming thatwon’tdisappoint• Challenging and rewarding game play that offers hours ofgamingfun• Awesome power ups and bonuses that help you move and battlemoreeffectively• Fantastic game effects and high quality audio that addgreatatmosphere to the game• Did we mention superb DRAGON ACTION!Dragon Survival delivers you to the fantasy realm ofMangouraIsland for an adventure that you won’t soon forget! Getyourfriends and family playing and multiply your dragon actionfun!Everyone loves the excellent game play and superbartisticbackgrounds and characters. Enter the world of dragonscales, sweetbonuses, powerful fireballs, and swinging tails! Fromthe times oflegendary beasts, this game offers you a chance to stepout of timeand space and into a world of adventure, myth, andlegendarygaming. Join Hubu on the adventure of a lifetime and findout whythe critics are raving madly about this game, that can onlybecalled epic fun and flawlessly designed.Do you have what it takes to breath fire and battle theobstacleslike a professional dragon handler? Dragon Survival inthis game isall about sonic blasting, electrifying speeds,defensive shields,and being able to revive your dragon when thingsgo badly but morethan anything, dragon survival is about the funand thrilling gameplay that you will totally love!Welcome to Mangoura Island, where the dragon adventurebegins!Join in the fun and adventure with Hubu and all thatthisintriguing island has to offer everyone who dares to step intotheIsland adventure and survival! Start your epic journey of funanddeath defying feats!Download Dragon Survival - Best App 2014 now!